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EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Reginae Carter & Bria Williams' "PAPARAZZI PRINCESSES" Promo Shoot

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 photo papgirls1_zps678dcc19.jpg

The 14-year-old daughters of Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan "Birdman" Williams aka "Baby" and Lil Wayne are adding their 2 cents to the family empire.  We've got Bria Williams and Reginae Carter's first official photoshoot for their brand new book under Cash Money Content...


The Instagram loving young & fun pre-teens have teamed up to pen a fictitious narrative of the adventures of two teen girls, called Paparazzi Princesses.  The youngins took their own experiences of the perks and disadvantages of growing up in spotlight, then wrote a book about it all.  But under fictitious names. It seems tobe the Cash Money Content theme as Evelyn Lozada did something similar with her "fictional" novel under the publshing company.

And since the girls have probably seen a lot of what goes on behind the curtain--especially with Reginae's mom Toya Wright starring in two reality shows--the novel is being written from a "fictional" standpoint.  Likely to protect the real life people involved.

Here's the synopsis: 

Instead of relying on Instagram and Twitter as most of their peers do, their story is told in their new novel "Paparazzi Princesses" through the characters of Kyla Jones and Promise Walker. On their journey to becoming their own women, the novel's main characters face their parent's high expectations, the pitfalls of being "unintentionally famous," and, most crucially, the trials and tribulations of high school, homework, crushes, and friendship that everyone goes through. A collaboration with author Karyn Langhorne Folan, it's bound to be a page-turner for teens and young adults everywhere.


Now check out their cute princess themed photoshoot:

 photo papgirls3_zps7f2b9074.jpg 

  photo papgirls4_zps86dec88b.jpg

Lil Wayne said about his baby girl's first book, "I've got to be honest. It's inspiring to see what these girls have done. It wasn't easy, and they did it all by themselves. 'Proud' doesn't even begin to describe how me and the 'Birdman' feel. I can't wait for everybody else to experience their story."


 photo papgirls5_zpsc9c00a1f.jpg


 photo papgirls6_zps7deaa9e3.jpg

 photo papgirls7_zps6719e29f.jpg  photo papgirls2_zps0fda0781.jpg 

Birdman said about his little princesses, "There's no better feeling than watching Bria and Reginae make this dream come true. They took an idea, worked extremely hard, and brought it to life. It's the kind of story that everybody can feel, and it's only the start of much bigger things for these two wonderful young ladies."

 photo papprin1_zps22353420.jpg

Paparazzi Princesses comes out June 4th.  Gotta love the youngins.

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They are styled real nice,

They are styled real nice, still look like Teens. Hope they are successful in what they do.
Trustnotone's picture

Birdman's daughter looks like

Birdman's daughter looks like a little Taraji P. Henson.
SassyFace11's picture

she doesn't look like her

she doesn't look like her mother to me...she looks like wayne in makeup and weave
litebrite's picture

how cute! if i was a tween I

how cute! if i was a tween I would be all up on it. hopefully there will also be a movie or a disney/nick show spinoff. good for them doing something positive. the girls are going to love it!
shuga's picture

Lol @ these grown people

Lol @ these grown people comments on here!! These 2 beautiful young ladies at 14 are writing a book...that is wonderful for them! All you ignorant people can think about is that Reginae has a weave!? I mean really!? Bria's hair has ALWAYS been long but that's neither here nor there. Some of you people need to get a life. If I were their parents I would be proud too...good girls and doing something great! Smh at you adults on here...
Prettygrlmika's picture

Being around CM back in the

Being around CM back in the day, I can say that Birdman and his brother Slim kept beautiful multi-racial woman on their arms. All their children's mothers had long hair and pretty faces. Due to the world we live in, I can understand the assumptions, but Bria is actually a woman of color with thick, long hair. Stop hatin' lol.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Thank you! You hit it right

Thank you! You hit it right on the head! And why does their hair even matter in this story...it was about them making a book...geez you judgemental people need to chill out!
Prettygrlmika's picture

Birdman's daughter has always

Birdman's daughter has always had very long real hair down her back since she was younger. I remember seeing pictures of her from back in the day when she was like 6-7 with hair down her back...Hers is real
Bow Down KEYSHIA COLE's picture

Oh black females and the

Oh black females and the obsession with what constitues beauty. Example; stitching the hair of another ethnic group to your scalps. Lol

Pretty girls and nice

Pretty girls and nice concept. First idea since the original Hot Boys from Cash Money that I can back.
JJFad's picture

Very cute and age appropriate

Very cute and age appropriate I love the princess dresses
Kelli99's picture

OH LORD!!!!im sorry no young

OH LORD!!!!im sorry no young people will be buying the books because of who there parents are :( I tell you,what's next??

Cute lil girls and I love

Cute lil girls and I love Reginae's nails. I didnt know that Birdman had a young daughter..Nice..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

nice to see they get to play

nice to see they get to play barbie doll their entire lives (beats worrying about real world crap....Lil' Kim <-- The leader of North Korea just pointed missles at us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I am so tired of these young

I am so tired of these young girls (and women) with these 18 inch weaves.
Somerknight's picture

Is it just me or does

Is it just me or does Birdman's daughter kinda look like Taraji P. Henson in that one pic? Idk... As far as the book, it seems like a predictable read. But it'll be a money-maker for their age group. Pretty girls too! I wonder if Reginae's fictious character will also have a father that's addicted to precriptions drugs? Or maybe that'll be overlooked... *shrugs*

In that closeup with the dark

In that closeup with the dark blue, Bria looks like she could be Taraji's daughter.
Laia's picture

I thought the same thing. LOL

I thought the same thing. LOL a young version
Just observing's picture

Wow. Such a blessing. These

Wow. Such a blessing. These young ladies are smart beautiful and talented. BLACK GIRLS ROCK. Obviously how their fathers make a living to support them has not tainted them at all. They appear to be well rounded young ladies. They (the parents) have done a good job of raising their own children now we should do the same. Don't put the blame on rap music for Boquisheea dancing like she work at Onyx at 5 years old and we sit back a laugh and cheer her on. Get real and get some more useful knowledge on Ultimate Female Cleaner on Facebook. All love
MRSCLS550's picture

Weaves down their backs

Weaves down their backs already...hmmmmm
BaddieBeyFans's picture

That's a good look for these

That's a good look for these two young ladies.
AnoniNYC12's picture

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