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MOMMY AND ME: Brandy & Sy'rai Iman Smith SPOTTED At Disneyland

 photo pier1.jpg

R&B starlet Brandy was spotted rocking a headwrap as she walked through Disneyland with her daughter Sy'rai Smith.  See photos of the pair at the happiest place on Earth inside...

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Tyler Perry's Temptation star Brandy was seen walking through the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland, with her daughter, Sy'rai Iman Smith yesterday.  And the actress had millions of reasons to celebrate since her latest film opened at #3 at the box office and made $15M this weekend. 

 photo pier3.jpg

Later, Brandy, who also stars on BET's "The Game", was all smiles as she and a friend nibbled on sandwiches and took a break from walking around the amusement park. 

 photo pier4.jpg 

Then, they all had a few thrills on the California Screamin' rollercoaster.  Fun times!



Supermodel Heidi Klum proved that she was a Supermother yesterday as she reportedly rescued her oldest son Henry from a dangerous riptide  on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Two of Heidi's nannies also got into trouble but were saved and helped back to land. Story.


Photos via WENN.com



Po baby looks just like her

Po baby looks just like her daddy....thank God mommy has money to dress her cute. And that extra note about Superwoman Heidi, the pictures show that she saved her son AND one of the nannies.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Is it me or does it always

Is it me or does it always seem like Brandy really doesn't want to be seen with her daughter? Why isn't her daughter sitting next to her on the roller-coaster? Why is Brandy walking so far in front of her? Why do we hardly ever even see her with her daughter?
Intysingsuga's picture

maybe because her daughter is

maybe because her daughter is big as hell and there isnt always enuf room for them to comfortably walk or sit next to each other. I haaaaate when big fat ass families walk side by side so no one can get past them. its like a wall of skin and more ppl need learn how to walk single file! lol....if u lived in nyc you would understand my frustration. big ass tourists from west bubblefuck, usa taking up the whole got dam sidewalk and pissing me off!!! woosah!
shuga's picture

LMAOOO!!!!!! Oh that is

LMAOOO!!!!!! Oh that is sooooooo wrong, but true. But in Brandy's case, maybe she just doesn't want her in the spotlight. Did you see what happened with Halle and her daughter the other day? The paps are relentless!
JewelryLover's picture

Brandy is in her mid 30s AND

Brandy is in her mid 30s AND been in the game for 20 years. Why is she an r&b "starlet", ybf?
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ATTENTION: If you have NOT

ATTENTION: If you have NOT seen Tyler Perry's Temptation movie...SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!! Crap movie.Horrible Acting (including Brandy).Terrible Production.Stupid Predictable Outcome. #Bleh!
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