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AND IT CONTINUES: Keyshia Cole Responds To The Dream Saying He Won't Work With Her Over Beyonce Diss

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Retract those claws ladies! The Dream & Keyshia Cole are going at it in the places where all mature adult conversations go down in this business.....The Breakfast Club & Twitter. Check out inside why Key Key and The Dream are getting sassy with each other over that Beyonce diss...

After Keyshia threw shade at Beyonce over "Bow Down," The Dream put on his cape and announced he will no longer work with Keyshia because of it. Guess that means the backlash for shading "The Queen" has begun.  Sigh.  We told you this would happen Key.

During the "Falsetto" singer's interview on The Breakfast Club this week, the team did what they do best--stirred the shady pot. They asked Dream how he felt about Keyshia going for his girl over "Bow Down" and slamming her for doing the song. After he responded saying he wouldn't be able to work with her after that, Keyshia had some words of her own to say on Twitter about not being fazed:

Dream not writing any songs for me is fine... Im on my 6th album... He's only wrote 1 song on 1 of my albums, which i did love, God Bless

That one song, if you're wondering, is "Hey Sexy" off Key Key's latest album Woman To Woman.  Dream's blacklisting plan may have backfired because I swear he just gave that song more pub than not....since no one even knew about that track in the first place.

Dream tweeted after Keyshia's response (and the public's response about his stance):

Really sooo no one is loyal to anything. People can't just say things about anyone and expect for their friends to be absent. I have nothin But Love for [Keyshia]. And if anyone feels they need to speak there mind please do. And no I'm not all that and their are great producers and writers around its But that has nothing to do with it. I think anyone who is commenting on where I stand should check ure friends, or Be checked by their friends. Cause I only know one Code

He continued:

Where they do that at? Be better people period. And be Positive and if u aint got nothin good to say then don't say nothin at all! Moving on got shit to do.

Well anyway, check the full interview below of what Dream Ruxpin told TBC:

Meanwhile, Keyshia is set to hit the Superdome stage at the 2013 Essence Music Festival on Saturday, July 6, the same night as Bey's little sis Solange.


BONUS: Speaking of Bey, the brand new trailer for The Great Gatsby was released today. And with Jay-Z executive producing the soundtrack, it only makes sense his wife Beyonce teamed up with Andre 3000 for an original song for the movie, and Lana Del Rey and Florence + The Machine are also part of the soundtrack. It can all be heard below in the hot new trailer:


Photo Credit: Robb D. Cohen/Robbsphotos.com via Access Atlanta

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Love keyshia and Bey I

Love keyshia and Bey I can't pick a side
jenn2006's picture

Dream is truly a bitch-ass

Dream is truly a bitch-ass nigga. Keyshia Cole gave an opinion that has nothing to do with him, so why is he getting his panties all-in-a-bunch. He trying to kiss Beyonce's ass and the bitch probably could care less about his two-cent ass. What a clown.
jgraves58's picture

Lmao I felt bad for The Dream

Lmao I felt bad for The Dream everytime Charlemagne insults him lol He was pouring in that sugar. #Awkward Lol But that also seems to be the time when he seems most humble and real lol Smh I actually didnt know that he was that close to Beyonce and Jay-Z. Atleast Keyshia didnt go on a whole rant this time. She kept it pretty decent. But she shouldnt respond to every little thing that is said. It makes her look bad. Ya cant respond to everything..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

She (Keyshia) ain't missing

She (Keyshia) ain't missing out on nothing. A 10-year old could write the type of nonsense songs/lyrics that Dream comes up with. Keep it moving.

Keyshia has a constitutional

Keyshia has a constitutional right to say what she wants to say regardless if you like what she said or not, it's guaranteed by the First Amendment. If you want to live in a censor state go to Syria or Egypt and see how it feels to not have that right! The Dream is a hypocrite. When Keyshia popped off on Michelle Williams where was his friendship and "Code" speech then? Actually, where was all this backlash against Keyshia then? So when she pops off on Bey, then she suddenly becomes blacklisted? This double standard for Beyonce needs to stop! I don't knock Bey's hustle, she's self-made and killin' it, but the media and her fans need not be so sensitive about criticisms of her work! Bow Down is whack as hell, but Keyshia's had some whack-ass songs as well to, it goes with the territory but Beyonce's public persona is so manufactured that when she comes out with a song like Bow Down, you really have to question who she really is and Keyshia was just pointing out the obvious. On a side note: The Dream really needs to learn to use proper grammar before posting on twitter.
mahoganymami's picture

Keyshia and a few other

Keyshia and a few other celebs need to join The Dream when he attends grammar school. Keyshia's twitter line reeks of ebonics and grammatical errors #yikes!! Unfortunately, Bey has many connects, so people wouldn't want to work with Keyshia after her little rant which was done in poor taste. I personally couldn't care less what she says, but she sound mighty bitter after that Michelle comment to Beyonce comment...I guess Kelly Rowland is next. Maybe she should change her profession to a music entertainment critic, that will suit her well *shrugs
sexybrownpyt's picture

keisha cole is an ass-HOLE!!

keisha cole is an ass-HOLE!!
dunkin57's picture

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bettyhelen85's picture

Great Gatsby soundtrack

Great Gatsby soundtrack Starring Keyshia ....Beyonce Knowles...Beyonce said she's moved on so you should too...
cutethatsall56's picture

Keyshia has really been

Keyshia has really been thinking she's Diana Ross lately...Husband boosted that ego all the way up...she's continuously screwing herself in the game. She's going to be singing at pool halls soon.
cutethatsall56's picture

Sounds more like the Dream is

Sounds more like the Dream is being loyal to his money, which I can understand. But I highly doubt that the Carters give 2 cents about this guy unless he's writing their hits. I personally don't care for his style of music so no loss IMO. And even though I wasn't one of the people bashing Keyshia for stating an opinion that I honestly shared, this is a good lesson for her about not putting yourself in a position to make enemies. Because now her money is going to be effected and she has a child to take care of. You have to pick your battles sweetie.
CheyPie's picture

People are loyal to their own

People are loyal to their own interests above anything else. If you were a song writer/producer, who the hell would you place your bet on? A flopped Beyonce album still sells millions more than a flopped Keyshia Cole album. Last I checked, the majority of the people going after Keyshia were Bey's fans - not the record labels, other artists, the mafia - her fans. She has a loyal base, so despite all of her haters, she's done something right. I'm sure if Keyshia had a fan base, they'd be coming to her defense as well - but apparently they don't exist. So as the old saying goes - don't hate the player, hate the game.
Intysingsuga's picture

a lot of money will be lost

a lot of money will be lost and a lot more ppl wont deal with KCole but Dream is just the only one to be ASKED and to have answered publicly. you have to realize how great of an opportunity it is to be able to sing for a living and respect that. its really not about Beyonce or Michelle, its about marketing and right now kcole's whole package looks disposable. when u point your one finger there are 4 more pointing back at you. nobody would have been sizing her up had she just stayed either positive or quiet. thats with EVERY job.
shuga's picture

Wow, The Dream does not know

Wow, The Dream does not know the difference between there and their. If anyone says he's rich and that doesn't matter, that's one of the reason our students do so badly compared to the rest of the world. It starts from those simple differences and spreads to math, the sciences...etc creating a society of dumb a$$es.
jamacangirl's picture

Thank you! I did notice his

Thank you! I did notice his words out of context - smh!!! HE needs to learn how to write!!!
Happy Lady's picture

It's funny the backlash one

It's funny the backlash one gets when they dare speak anything bad about Beyonce as if she's someone's god. I guess she shits gold bricks, and it doesn't stink either. How dare you Keyshia! Don't you know in this industry, everything Beyonce puts out or does must be praised. You must "bow down" to "King Bey." *rolling eyes* You can't say ANYTHING remotely negative because her bat shyt crazy fans will go nuts. Ya'll better watch who you "bow down" to because she can't save your ass in the long run. *steps off soapbox and exits*
Sunflower Jones's picture

Keyshia and Dream need to

Keyshia and Dream need to have several seats what is this high school? Keyshia mad she didn't get chose to be with the popular chicks clique! I'm not a big fan of Beyonce she seems so pageanty. I guess its all about making money a putting on a fake face (shrugs).The girl can performm I will give her that. Miss Keyshia on the other hand whining on every damn song and stiff as hell! I could deal with the nasal singing three albums ago now it's just annoying. She needs to stop worrying about how people are making their money and find a new claim to fame!
Deeva_star8's picture

Female artists only stir up

Female artists only stir up something when their shit don't sell... Keyshia, nobody is checking for your weak music. Her last few albums have been a hot mess. Her first 2 were the only good ones. She's starting on Beyonce? Like really, "just stop it" because it's just music. Keyshia's out here making herself look wack. Take several seats.
Yas's picture

I really respect Beyonce and

I really respect Beyonce and I like a lot of her songs but isn't Dream taking this too far? I mean why can't Keyshia just give her opinion about a colleague or is she supposed to like every single person in the industry? I really think there was nothing wrong with that, especially because she gave Be props for the superbowl performance. Are we now at a point that no one can be critical towards Beyonce anymore? I never heard Dream talkin bout Nikki Minaj versus Lil kim for example. I like Beyonce but this is stupid.
Tannygirl's picture

Let the black-balling begin.

Let the black-balling begin. What happened to Keyshia is not surprising. Just like Keri Hilson black-balled herself after throwing shade at BaddieBey, the same is now happening to Keyshia. Successful people know not to burn down bridges #keep.it.professional
sexybrownpyt's picture

I don't think this is about

I don't think this is about Bey or her stans; The Dream is really saying that he'd prefer not to work with someone who is so unprofessional and so willing to bad-mouth other artists in public-like Keysha Cole did. Of course we know that he's not about to ruin his relationship/friendship with The Carters either. But this is what happens when you run your mouth too much. Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions--including Keysha Cole; but how and when you choose to share them with people can make you look bad and that's true in ANY job or industry. The stigma falls on the outspoken person and labels them a troublemaker, a complainer, a hater or just disloyal.

You are 100% correct. The

You are 100% correct. The point you made is what I think everyone is missing. It's not that Keyshia can't have her say and voice her opinion, but the perception she leaves behind is so classless. People need to think before they speak. Sometimes giving your 2 cents can cost you plenty of dollars.
Intysingsuga's picture

The word " hater" has really

The word " hater" has really taken on new meaning over the years. It's funny, if a person doesn't agree or like something or someone, it's hating. What happened to people being able to express their opinions and feelings openly without people criticizing them for their opinion. I personally am not a huge fan of Beyonce but does that make a "hater", I don't think so, it just means my musically taste is different from others. Dream is wrong for letting his personal feelings interfere with business. In my opinion, sticking your nose in other people's affairs doesn't define loyalty, as Dream claims for his reasoning.
Shana26's picture

Look, I agree that Keyshia

Look, I agree that Keyshia Cole is obnoxious -- but is RIDICULOUS that she could not express an opinion about a damn song! This is ART -- we are supposed to be critical!
Girl's picture

Damn the Dream’s grammar is

Damn the Dream’s grammar is terrible too! Does anyone call each other anymore like adults to work out their issues? Good grief!
Suga Bear's picture

I respect Beyoncé's work

I respect Beyoncé's work ethic ~ not knocking her hustle. But, unless you were there front & center riding and dying with her and her team from Day 1 and I'm not talking about riding and dying on the muthaphucking Blogs, the Internet, TV, MTV, BET, Ebony, Jet, Essence, Vogue or whatever other publications print or media ~ then please have a seat!¡ Tired of these STANS so far up Beyoncé's a$$ they can't see the light of day¡! _/ _/◄
GetUrLife's picture

So, the lesson to be learned

So, the lesson to be learned is that Keyshia needs to keep her personal opinions off of social media. Dont blame The Game at all. He works for Roc Nation, so it would seem hypocritical for him to back or support someone who has so publicly spoken out against the owner's spouse. Now, the bickering back and forth beyond his statement, uncalled for.
MrsCPA's picture

Do you mean don't blame the

Do you mean don't blame the dream,because the the t.v. series has nothing to do with this or don't blame the game he's playing because of him working with roc nation?
Shana26's picture

Key Key really needs to work

Key Key really needs to work on her grammar and the Dream needs to stop acting like a bitch. That petty nonsense has nothing to do with him. He’s acting like Kanye did at the MTV awards show. That is not your girl!
Suga Bear's picture

Do you mean that the Dream

Do you mean that the Dream needs to work on his grammar because he's the one not knowing the difference between there and their - smh!!! Please reread the article, thanks!
Happy Lady's picture

I respect Keyshia.... She's

I respect Keyshia.... She's got tough skin... She respected his allegiance... She's has some good music over the years so Dream's decision won't affect her movement.... I have to admit, I didn't like that song as much as her others.... Keyshia will be fine....
ebbyki's picture

All around...so many fake,

All around...so many fake, thirsty, self-serving blood suckers in the industry. You have to be very special and prayed up to overcome all this fuggery without selling your soul and becoming a bitter Betty or Ben lol
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

in what real fuckin world so

in what real fuckin world so people sell their soul for success??? people actual believe this shit? why cant you just work hard thats how you become successful! thats how beyonce did it! she works hard for hers and i dont blame the dream! he has won grammys with beyonce not by selling ur soul but with hard work! dummies!
BritJackson's picture

In what world do people take

In what world do people take the term "selling your soul" literally rather than figuratively? lol smh #haveagoodday #tricksareforkids
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

yall dont know what type of

yall dont know what type of relationship bey and the dream has! they been working together for a very long time! im not saying its right to get between the beef well the one sided beef but bey has put a lot of money in his pockets jay z also...hes won grammys with both...i dont blame him
BritJackson's picture

That's family? Really? He's

That's family? Really? He's just not biting the hand that feeds his unmanly ass. She definitely wouldn't turn down money for him. All for Bey and Bey for self, he better recognize.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

well the one song he wrote is

well the one song he wrote is like my favorite off the whole Woman to Woman cd so that says alot lol

he is weak as h*ll and d*ck

he is weak as h*ll and d*ck riding for that. that lil thing -whatever it is- between those two LADIES have nothing to do with this lady (dream). that was catty and b*tchy and uncalled for. his feminine a*s should have said no comment, none of my business, I dont insert myself into other peoples sh*t. but thats not what his catty self said. you're cutting professional ties because of some chick that said something about another chick's song???? dream might as well tuck it in and join the other gender cause he is definitely acting like a d*mn woman. gtfoh
lala109's picture

How many times are they going

How many times are they going to remake 'The Great Gatsby"?????? Although this version does look a lot more glamorous visually. Years ago, there was a black version out called, 'G' and it was based in The Hamptons. Of course it didn't do to well at the box office ******rolling eyes****** Yes, Keyshia is rough around the edges, uncouth at times, but she like anyone else should be allowed to voice their opinion in a respectful manor. Her comment on Beyonce's song wasn't a diss. Her remark about Michelle's Super Bowl performance was a diss. Him not wanting to work with her over her comment is stupid, sounds like he's just kissing some ass.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Keyshia's VOICE is a Billion

Keyshia's VOICE is a Billion times better than FakeOnce' but she doesnt WORSHIP money like GOD...the way Crayonce' does..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

said no one ever! have a seat

said no one ever! have a seat hater! keyshia is better but the bitch is on her 6th album with no grammy wards no ama ward no billborad award! the list goes on...lmao she on her 6th album what happened to her 5th? flop flop FLOP!
BritJackson's picture

Batty Bey sucks-off white

Batty Bey sucks-off white people & gets Awards....Keyshia is a MUCH BETTER SINGER!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

#no.shade but I have to

#no.shade but I have to disagree with you on this one. Bey can sing and dance at the same time...yes she has a third lung. Bey can sing....and poor Keyshia is.... stiff and sings okay, well better then Rihanna.
sexybrownpyt's picture

No doubt...Bey can

No doubt...Bey can perform...just think Keyshia has more soul
Jesus H. Christ's picture

If only Keyshia could humble

If only Keyshia could humble herself she would be an okay artist.
Illustrious08's picture

OMG. first Key is a hater & a

OMG. first Key is a hater & a idiot (shoulda asked Keri Hilson where that shh gets you ) but shes entitled to her own opinion. Can no one say anything against B who is not even the greatest singer/actor in the fkin world! but.......Dream is a b*tchass n***a for that. You gonna turn down money over some shh btwn some b*tches????

I see.... An other beyonce's

I see.... An other beyonce's chiwawa is getting into that fight to protect their master aka jay_z wife ...
Let's get it poppin's picture

Thats not how you spell

Thats not how you spell Chihuahua



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