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EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton DISHES About CONCEIVING Her Baby, Pregnancy CRAVINGS And Celebrity PLAY DATES

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"Love & War" singer Tamar Braxton spoke exclusively to TheYBF.com about juggling pregnancy and her burgeoning career. Find out how she does it inside.....

TheYBF.com attended a private viewing of "Braxton Family Values" with Tamar Braxton last night at the offices of Epic Records in NYC.  During our exclusive chat, the expectant diva dished about her pregnancy, her career and what she's learned about herself from watching "BFV".

With her song "Love & War" still high on the charts, Tamar says she's ready to juggle motherhood and an exciting recording career.

 "This is something I want to do.  My career is really taking off and I've been waiting for this opportunity all my life. And I don't want to miss one second of it.  I want to have my baby with me.  But I don't have to be at home."

Last season, "BFV" viewers watched as she struggled with fertility issues, but she jokingly revealed to us that she actually conceived her baby one "drunken" night. WOMP.

Though she wouldn't confirm if her good friend Tiny was correct when she blurted out that Tamar was expecting a baby boy on "Tiny Tonight", she did say that she would have a celebrity play date with T.I. and Tiny because she trusts Tiny with her baby. And when it comes to the Braxton sisters, she thinks Towanda would be the best babysitter because she's the most responsible.

We also talked about how she's grown personally over the past few years. Since filming "BFV" and "Tamar & Vince", she told us that she realized everything doesn't need a "comment."  And now that she watches her "comments", she's in a better place with her sisters.

She also talked about husband and manager Vince Herbert whom her sisters call her "velcro" because they're always together. She says they are celebrating their 10th anniversary this month.

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Tamar was glowing in a short maternity dress which she paired with a black blazer and black Christian Louboutins.

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She says she's been craving Apple Fritters from Dunkin Donuts since the pregnancy.

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We also talked to producer LaShawn Daniels, the writer of "Love & War". He revealed that he's committed to Tamar's project because she's like family to him.

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And for all the die-hard Tarmartians, Vince told us that Tamar's next single will be released in the next 2 to 3 weeks.


Watch a sneak peek of Tamar Braxton's performance from the BET's "CELEBRATION OF GOSPEL" which premieres Sunday, April 7th at 8:00 P.M. ET/PT on BET.


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Photos/Video by Shirley Vernae & Shayla Sommerville

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Alright Ms. Tamar, work them

Alright Ms. Tamar, work them heels chile!
Trustnotone's picture

Love that chick!!!

Love that chick!!! #OfficialTamartian
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Tamar looks Fab ~ proof you

Tamar looks Fab ~ proof you can wear a mini and heels while pregnant when styled right. Kim Kardashian Should take notes!
GetUrLife's picture

I adore Mrs. Tamar honey. Yes

I adore Mrs. Tamar honey. Yes she stays doing the most, but she's quite funny and there's probably never a dull moment with her. She's just spoiled which probably isn't her fault (I'm the oldest with a baby sister who is the same), so I know how that goes down lol She is actually talented (which is most important to me) Yes, she shares Toni's DNA so she'll sound somewhat like her, but Tamar holds her own working with some serious pipes. Not to mention her fashion game is sick, she stays slaying from head to toe. Though I don't care for the dress she's pictured in (she's done better) still, Kim K. could learn a thing or two from Mrs. Herbert on how to stay fashionably comfortable during pregnancy. S/N Damn shame how her sisters have been treating her. I hate to say it, but I saw it coming.
precioustx's picture

Love her single. Love

Love her single. Love checking out theybf for info

she has sexy preggy legs.

she has sexy preggy legs. nice shoes too
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Hey Everyone! Thanks for

Hey Everyone! Thanks for Performing the Gospel; you all were incredible…Tamar and Vince Herbert looks very happy being together; I got a good feeling about this couple…I see you Vince, and it really shows; keep up the Good Work!...Steve, you’re going to fool around, and get yourself arrested trying to sing Tamia’s song in A-sharp, an on the Radio. Yeah! I hear you trying to sing “Stranger in my house” on the Radio in the Early A.M., Ahhh!...but, you help make my Starbucks coffee taste even better when I’m driving to work…and not to worry, because I sing off key too!
rebellious soul's picture

Say what you want but there's

Say what you want but there's NO denying this woman can blow!
Peace Silas's picture

yes ma'am!

yes ma'am!
MsPisME's picture

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