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SPEAK ON IT: Some Folks Are Pissed....Was It INSENSITIVE For Jay-Z & Beyonce To VACAY In CUBA?

Jay-Z and Beyonce have infuriated Cuban-American civil rights activists after photos of them--along with their mothers--in Havana, Cuba went viral.  But is it Jay and Bey's (or any celeb's) responsibility to make a stand for human rights in other countries?  Speak on it.....


Though Jay-Z and Beyonce (who just changed her Instagram name from BaddieBey to her government 'Beyonce") are beloved all over the world, their choice of locale to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary has put fans and critics in an awkward position.  Whether Jay and Bey are aware of it or not, Cuba--which Americans for the most part are not allowed to visit legally--has a reputation for being "brutal" to citizens who dare challenge the government.  And it could be argued that being a celebrity comes with a certain level of responsibility of what you promote.

Mauricio Claver-Carone, the D.C. director for the US-Cuba Democracy PAC, a group which fights for democracy in Cuba, was particularly vocal about the trip telling TMZ,  "There are women getting beaten on a daily basis, women who are being jailed for no reason ... people are fighting for their freedom. It’s extremely insensitive."

And on his Capitol Hill Cubans blog, Mauricio is even more pointed is his criticism nothing that the Cuban government happily released pics of Jay and Bey's stroll through Havana to foreign media outlets as it takes attention away from the alleged atrocities and civil rights violations that he says are common place.

Plenty of comments on this blog and others also criticized the couple for visiting the communist country.  But from Jay and Bey's perspective, why can't they just enjoy some good arroz con pollo in peace? Should they be held accountable for the Cuban government using them and their wedding anniversary trip as propaganda?  And from the other perspective, shouldn't they choose a place that is not known for creating an unapologetic environment of violence and poverty...seeing that they will be photographed like crazy while there?

You'll recall that Beyonce has been in this position before.  In 2009, she performed a concert for a Libyan dictator.  Although she donated the money to charity, she was still called out for not knowing who she was performing for.  But...is that her responsibility?

Should entertainers check the political climate of a country before they get their passports stamped? Or should there by a line drawn between entertainment and politics?

SPEAK ON IT.......

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For all those people who

For all those people who think they are hurting Bey"s feelings by calling her and idiot and dumb im sure that beautiful african american HOUSTON woman is saying " FUCK ALL YALL ", as she goes to the bank. we commenting on the ybf and she is cashing checks,! Now whose the idiots, like really. We are not making any money by posting anti Bey's comments.. The more you guys hate the more God Blesses her with life. After all hate is the best form of flattery.
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agree but there is a double

agree but there is a double standard China is doing the exact same thing but we encourage and allow people to go there! China is just as bad as Cuba .
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If this is the reason why

If this is the reason why we're supposed to be mad, then we should start criticizing everybody who vacations in the USA b/c there are plenty of injustices against ALL humans on a daily basis.
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Guess what? There are woman

Guess what? There are woman and children dying and being beaten right here in the USA and no one says anything about that. No matter what people are going to say something about Jay/Bey - something I'm sure they let slide right off their shoulders!!!
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Idiots!By the Caribbean

Idiots!By the Caribbean Journal staff Two United States lawmakers are expressing “concern” over a trip to Cuba this week by music stars Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles-Carter. The two reportedly traveled to Cuba to mark their fifth wedding anniversary. Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart have written a letter to Adam Szubin, director of the United States’ Office of Foreign Assets Control, seeking information on the type of licence the pair of stars received for their travel to Cuba. US citizens are permitted to travel to Cuba only under certain licences, such as people-to-people travel or educational endeavours. “We would like to respectfully request, within all applicable rules and guidelines, information regarding the type of licence that Beyoncé and Jay-Z received, for what purpose, and who approved such travel,” the lawmakers wrote. “If these individuals were given people-to-people licenses, we would like to bring to your attention the Cuba Travel Advisory issued by OFAC on July 25, 2011 which states, ‘OFAC only licenses People-to-People Groups that certify that all participants will have a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities that will result in meaningful interaction between the travelers and individuals in Cuba,’” they wrote. Both Members of Congress have been longtime critics of Cuba’s government. The two said that, because Cuba’s tourism industry is “wholly state-owned,” “US dollars spent on Cuban tourism directly fund the machinery of oppression that brutally represses the Cuban people.”
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Black people love to hate on

Black people love to hate on black love. Especially when it's rich black love. Now if Jay would have married a pale, skanky skinny white woman y'all would hate him. If Beyonce married a broke white back up dancer yall would hate. Personally, I can't stand Bey's music but she is the best performer of her generation. 90% of the music she create we won't be listening to years from now they way we will be listening to Jill & Mary. I have to admit I love them as a couple.
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My parents really love

My parents really love Jay/Bey as a couple because in their generation most of the black icons married white trash that took them for broke.
Somerknight's picture

@Crazy Sexy Cool <------ just

@Crazy Sexy Cool <------ just said it best (but she didn't "donate" the money from Libya until she was called out for performing privately for the TERRORIST)
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Natasha, most of your outfits

Natasha, most of your outfits are made in China, an oppressive Communist government, yet you continue to buy. Shut up. I rest my case. Your desperate attempts for blog hits are pathetic.

People in Cuba are Dying on

People in Cuba are Dying on man-made rafts & old tires...to get the HELL outta that country you IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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China isn't oppressive in

China isn't oppressive in comparison to Cuba. Chinese can leave China if they can afford it, Cubans are not allowed to leave Cuba. I've met Chinese that have come here on student visa's, get jobs after graduating and then send for their parents, you'll never see a Cuban be able to do that. If you meet a Cuban it's because their parents escaped from Cuba. The two aren't comparable.
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so i guess in your eyes its

so i guess in your eyes its ok to work children in sweat shops for peenies a day a good thing. Its ok in your eyes for a country to dictate to you simple things in life like who goes to school, how many children u can have. The only reasons why we dont treat China like Cuba is because they damn near own us because we owe the trillions of dollars . Was in China three years agro dont let the outter image fool you.Both countries are wrong so dont try to say one is not as bad as the other. Wrong is wrong and that goes for both.
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They don't seem to give two

They don't seem to give two $hits about anybody's opinion when it concerns other things * so why should this be any different ~ Moving on...
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Do you really expect more,

Do you really expect more, from these two self absorbed clowns? The real question should be..... why are they walking through there, like they're the King and Queen of Zamunda? Like WTF! They look so stupid and pretend. It reminds me of the inauguration, when these idiots, walked through the door (fur coats and ball gown in tow....smdh) as if, it was their second term. (sighs)
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I see both sides. They have

I see both sides. They have the right to vacation anywhere they want. I think black celebrities used to be very socially aware and responsible and things have changed. Think Sydney Portier, Bill Cosby, Lena Horne, etc. Beyonce and Jay-Z could do a lot of good with their celebrity but it doesn't seem they want to...their decision.
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CLEARLY you don't think it's

CLEARLY you don't think it's disrespectful. "You'll recall that Beyonce has been in this position before. In 2009, she performed a concert for a Libyan dictator. Although she donated the money to charity, she was still called out for not knowing who she was performing for. But...is that her responsibility," nooo... probably not. Beyonce is dumb as rocks so NO I wouldn't expect her to know what's going on in the world or her own country. For that you would actually have to be educated. Which is why I find her "relationship" with the Obamas' laughable. It's not like they can discuss politics with her and what's going on in the real world.
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I can only imagine the sit

I can only imagine the sit down conversations between the Carters and Obamas. Not that Jay is smart, but i'm pretty sure he does most of the talking, while Bey's dumb ass, just sit there and blow spit bubbles or talk on the side to First Lady, about remedies for Baby Blue's upset stomach. smhlol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOL! Beyonce' is an airhead.

LOL! Beyonce' is an airhead. However, when it comes to the effects of government policies they're both clueless.
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Hahahahahahahaha Girl you

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Let these people do what they

Let these people do what they want. We do not have to agree with every action or decision they make. Again, happy 5th anniversary to the successful couple!
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can't believe i'm writing

can't believe i'm writing this but i am on bey's side. let the carters celebrate their anniversary in north korea for all i care. that's their business.
wildlife's picture

So, according to your

So, according to your philosophy, all the whites that helped end slavery and wrote the 13th amendment should have just minded their business. We (blacks) didn't end slavery in America, it was those that weren't slaves and felt it was wrong (abolitionists) that did. That is how change comes, all have to stand for what's right because sometimes the oppressed aren't in a position to do so effectively.
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Did Beyonce or Jay Z get

Did Beyonce or Jay Z get their GED yet or are they going to remain rich illiterates.
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What the Carters do with

What the Carters do with their lives is their own business. I understand Cuba isn't the safest place in the world but they were enjoying themselves. As far as the women of the country go, I think they may have needed a woman like Bey to come and bring her presence. Seeing someone as free and happy as she is, could have inspired those women to get out of that painful situation most of them are in. And if anyone wants to justify and say "Those women can't do anything about it.." Fine. But remember when someone really wants to get out of a situation, they WILL find a way out. Who cares about the politics and the governments laws between the U.S and Cuba. What about the well-being of the children and women? What about inspiring hope in others that don't have the best living situation in their own country? The issue isn't really Bey and J vacationing in Cuba. The real issue at hand is helping and giving hope to those in need. I don't think they were physically giving them anything beside a few pictures, but you have to admit when you're around people that are happy and have a powerful presence you become drawn to that. So maybe even for 5 minutes that made some child or some womans day knowing that there is still hope in the world. Let's stop point fingers and bashing everybody and start raising our spirits to help one another even if it's with just a smile.

Are they serious? The same

Are they serious? The same exact atrocities are happening in this country. It is like people can't breath without be criticized, Cuba is a huge tourist destination Canadians and Europeans, but because the Carter's are black Americans they can't go? Fuck outa here, there are so many descendants of African ancestry in Cuba it was probably more like a home coming than anything else.

People are so stupid. Nobody

People are so stupid. Nobody questions white people when they vacation in Africa and China. The point is, every country or island endures some sort of conflict. Should you not vacation to these places because of their issues? Nobody is concerned with politics while on vacay. Nobody. So why are folks expecting this from them..
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I am sure their intentions

I am sure their intentions were not to promote communism, Beyonce isn't that politically incline. Sidenote: I don't see the insensitivity of visiting a country if the visa was approved. What does Beyonce & Jay-Z have to do with the beating and imprisonment of cuban women? I can see if their outrage was in concern for Beyonce's safety, but to rhetoric with incidents that have been going on for decades, it's a basis-less argument. Some people have a need to be offended.
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Yea so next time she pretends

Yea so next time she pretends to be soo politically inclined w/wte the FCOTUS does...dont expect her nonchalant arrogant behind not to be chewed out once again! Like Really one minute a world wide woman for the equality of women and the next, its how dare she be obligated to be socially aware of the cruelty going on to them in the places her Fake brand visits for only Laughs and giggles! Wow..I guess just as long as both are praised and worshipped where they go huh? Smdhlol....*baa baa 
Like Really's picture

Sweetie, I didn't ask for

Sweetie, I didn't ask for your misery. Also, the only being I worship can not be seen with the human eye. Unlike you, I am not looking for Beyonce and Jay-Z to validate my existence. Here's a mint leaf and a spot of tea, have a seat.
marylou's picture

Hmm u went frm an alleged

Hmm u went frm an alleged misery to ur obvious "validation"..yea since that's ur thought process, I see u graze on the same dried up pasture too! Lol..IJS arrogance without gist of leading an real existence w/ur self, is waayy more  worse than NOT having common sense MARY! Nothing's more FAKE than asking for more than what one truly Is, Shucks only thing next is the inevitable  downfall !  Sorry but even in blogs imma do reality vs a redundant gimmick everytime !..Hehe *Now my miserable self finishes my kamikazeeee smhlololol! 
Like Really's picture

Didn't several black panthers

Didn't several black panthers such as Assata Shakur escape to Cuba?

Americans with a passport and

Americans with a passport and visa CAN NOW LEGALLY enter Cuba. Obama lifted the ban a couple of years ago. People should be allowed to vacation ANYWHERE THEY WANT TO, its THEIR MONEY and they call it a VACATION for a reason. Dennis Rodman visited North Korea a few weeks ago, met with Kim Jong Un, the same Kim Jong Un whose threatening to NUKE the United States of America, RIGHT NOW!, but Dennis didn't catch this much flack, perhaps its because he's Dennis Rodman, but Michael Jordan was smart enough to turn down Jong Un's invitation. I'm not a fan of Beyonce or Jay, but because they are die hard Obama supporters, CONSERVATIVES are NOW pouncing on everything they do, say, rap or sing. American Cubans are very conservative. Everything is political now, YAWWWWWWWN
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this website is soooo ghetto

this website is soooo ghetto "speak on it" <--- WRONG!!!!!!! "speak about it" .....is proper English u idiot!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Have you ever been to

Have you ever been to Crooksville City?...They say that the Ghetto is now two (2) grades up above Crooksville City...In other words, Crooksville City is now the New Ghetto.
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You feel bad for the black

You feel bad for the black cubans if Castro Government fails? Its an ignorant statement in itself that like if I were to make a comment about String Theory I dont know anything so I wouldnt talk. They can go to Cuba if they want they are famous me I wouldnt.
Aninimouse's picture

They went to vacation in Cuba

They went to vacation in Cuba when they could've gone anywhere else in the world. If anything they should be happy! Next.....
cutethatsall56's picture

Out of all the people, who

Out of all the people, who have some thing to say about these 2 grown adults spending their own money, how many of them even know how to locate Cuba on a map without Google. How many of them have read enough about the history of the US/Cuba? If people were to pick up a book, they would know that the US gvt is quick to call any nation the bad guy, when they can't bully them into doing things they want. Read "confessions of an economic hitman".
Lisa's picture

YES, I read that book!

YES, I read that book! Everyone should read it.
Sunflower Jones's picture

The United States have not

The United States have not supported Cuba for a very long time, hints why Cuban Cigars are banned from being sold in the U.S. I think as citizens of the U.S. we should educate ourselves and know what you are supporting. When you visit a country you spend money in that country and support that countries economy. Why would Jayz and Beyonce want to support such a place. They can live their lives and do what they want though. Nobody can stop them. However, if Cuban Americans have an opinion about it, they have that right as well.
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Thank you!!! The US gvt

Thank you!!! The US gvt closes its eyes and ears to inhumane treatment when it can benefit $$$ from it ie China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Ghana, South Africa....need I keep going??
Lisa's picture

Let them live their life they

Let them live their life they way they chose. beautyNbetrayal.com



These two are are so stupid

These two are are so stupid and arrogant. They have no idea what is going n in the world they live in. This is a hopeless case of the Dumb leading the dumber.
TeaNicole's picture

Asshole you made an ignorant

Asshole you made an ignorant statement just now. Its not like they going to spend their whole life over there dumbass. Anyways we Live in America but we still don't know what's going on. Shut the hell up and stop hating for once. Beyonce and jay-z Are smarter then half of these people in the world.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have

Beyonce and Jay-Z have nothing to do with what's going on in that country. Let them live and enjoy their vacation in peace! I swear, people will find anything to criticize when it comes to these two. They've done nothing wrong. Get over it.

why we do business with china

why we do business with china when they're just as oppressive. only the white Cubans you see complaining about Cuba. if the Castro Government fall i'm sorry for the black Cubans.Cuba has a 98% LITERACY RATE cannot say that for America.people only care about the Cubans because Florida has lots of electoral delegates other wise no one would give a dam. thousand of Canadians and Europeans go to Cuba every year .
xedos's picture

Good point, with that being

Good point, with that being said a lot of people in America don't understand what's going on in the world. So it's easier to point out celebrities like the Carters who are just trying to have a vacation.
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