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Ciara Opens Up About Future And (Kinda) Addresses Beef With RIHANNA + Rih Rih Responds With HILARIOUS Shade

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Ciara wore her feelings on her sleeve for an interview about rapper Future and the issues between she and Rihanna.  Find out what she said inside and see Rihanna's "shady" response....


A few days ago, Ciara chatted with The Qdeezy Show on Philly's Hot 107.9 where she discussed the making of One Woman Army, but most importantly, she opened up about rapper Future and the issues with Rihanna.  It was a rare moment of "openness" from the famously private singer. Here are the highlights:

On why she's finally being open about her life/relationships:

Relationship wise, I use to be really private and protective over a lot of stuff and I feel like now, it’s like why be afraid? Live your life. Somebody is going to judge you, no matter what, one way or another so just live your life and be comfortable in it.

On meeting Future and how they began dating:

We actually met working at first and our relationship was very organic. He is an amazing guy. Like, he is really a gentleman and I don’t want to say too much and then he’s like, ‘Babe, you’re saying a whole lot,’ but he really is just an amazing man. It’s like when we were working on the personal side of things, I really saw an amazing person and the way that he approached me since day one is just the way a man is supposed to be from my perspective.

It just really organically happened that way. I didn’t expect anything to come from us working together. I didn’t even know what to expect from going into the studio with him and then we began to meet each other and everything just began to flow. He is really cool, like he is my friend too. So I felt something really unique from the beginning and then it just organically went this way.

On what she likes about Future:

I think it was a collection of things [but] I’m going to try and keep this really short. He is just a true gentleman like whether it’s just naturally opening the door for you or like…. I never had to ask him to do that. I hope he doesn’t kill me but just little things like he pays attention to the things you say. And then he and I are both Scorpios, so we share a lot of things [in common] and so when we are having conversations, a lot of things were really clicking and I’m like ‘Yo!’ I just felt it.

I can’t even explain everything but it was a combination of things because it can’t just be one day, great conversation and then boom, like it was a series of events and experiences with a person. And again, it’s the small things that really matter. […] When people ask me what I like, I say ‘I like a guy that can be tough on the outside but they have to have a heart on the inside’ and the one thing you’ll know about him is that he has a heart and he is just super cool.

On her relationship with Rihanna:

There is no relationship…

On if she has an issue with Rihanna:

If something is supposed to happen, it’ll happen. But even when it pertains to her I never had an issue with her. So I don’t know what it is, I can’t figure it out. I guess I don’t care to figure it out. But I always came from a place of love and support for her ever since we hung out a little bit, or whatever it is. So she’s on whatever she’s on, and it is what it is.


And in response, Rihanna threw some SHADE.  Shortly after the interview went viral, Rihanna responded to a NAVY fan who posted a photo about the interview.

 photo 90d5d0d8a02f11e2963d22000a1f9cad_7.jpg


That Rih Rih.

Then, Rihanna posted a few photos of herself looking glammed up.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-08at43605PM.png

Because she added the caption, "I don't think about you at all #cccertified" One could assume she is making a statement towards Ciara.  Or she could just be proud that she's rocking Chanel non stop these days....

Watch Ciara's interview here:

Photos: RihPlies' Twitter




I meant sold her soul. I need

I meant sold her soul. I need this site to make a bigger comment box. I hate not being able to see what I am entering.
j23's picture

After seeing this post I had

After seeing this post I had to create a user account just to comment. I don't normally post comments but I am tired of seeing people praise Rihanna. First of all she is not beautiful, gorgeous, pretty...heck I can't even call the girl "cute". She has no class and she can not sing, but this new generation thinks all of this new nonsense is music. Rihanna sold her soul to get her attention because her first single almost made her a one hit wonder until jay snatched her up. Rihanna needs a reality check because she obviously lives up to her big forehead.
j23's picture

Sheesh Rih is gorgeous. If it

Sheesh Rih is gorgeous. If it wasnt for all of this extra stuff, Rih and Ciara could've prob become cool with eachother. But if they do not get along, then whatever. Its no need for them to go back and forth about it though..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Rihanna is a man child that

Rihanna is a man child that needs to grow a pair and grow the hell up. She's as lame as her mini-me toddler navy seal fans.
Yas's picture

I think it's sad that black

I think it's sad that black women/black artists in general are always beefing. It's just so sad....and media let's it go on because truth be told, if black people were to unite our strengths and talent, we would take over! Even as a minority. That says alot...but apparently means so little. Beyonce telling bit*ches to bow down and then turning around Chiming for Change. *blank stare* Rihanna and Ciara, why beef? Neither one is really more talented than the other, just more popular. *sigh*

I think the problem with Bey

I think the problem with Bey is that she is specifically talking about some females in Bow Down, but is too much of a punk to say who. I thinks she's addressing Keyshia, Keri, and Ciara.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I agree. Especially about

I agree. Especially about black women in the music industry. Where's the unity? You see all these rappers/male R&B artists collaborating on tracks all the time, but you rarely see the women joining forces. It's like everyone is out for themselves. It was different in the 90s. I miss those days.
CheyPie's picture

This should b called how to

This should b called how to try n get relevant...talk shit bout the next bish that has it on n poppin...Ciara bn in the game a long damn min n aint shit happened for her Rhi is hot period end of story so if u want to get ur name out there start sum ish...lol
ldh34l's picture

I really think the beef comes

I really think the beef comes from a while ago when Cici and chris brown performed together at an award show some years ago and cici and chris brown was was grinding up on each other while riri was there. Cici probably started talking to chris on the side and riri found out. Ok I found the vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Ozja2js4MBA
LadyInRed's picture

When a male is raised right ~

When a male is raised right ~ he is supposed to open a door for a female. This is basic manners 101. Opening the door doesn't necessarily make you a gentleman ~ just well mannered. I know PLENTY of well mannered d*ck weeds looking for sucka women each day.
GetUrLife's picture

forget about the little cat

forget about the little cat fight with her and Rih.....a "gentleman" doesnt have 3 baby mamas at the same dam time!!!!! wtf kind of madness is Ciara smoking?? chick is too easily dick whipped. like they say, follow your heart but take your brain with you.
shuga's picture

I'm from the caribbean. shout

I'm from the caribbean. shout out to the Dominicans and no not Dominican Republic but the Commonwealth off Dominica. I was a rihanna fan before she started all that mess with the smoking and too much partying. i think she just needs to grow up and start behaving classy. stop stirring up problems
mona1402's picture

Rihanna can be quite the

Rihanna can be quite the bitch. Get off your high horse girl
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

cici and future make a grat

cici and future make a grat coup;e...i cant believe tamar braxton flashed her boobs..she is so ratchet ..i mean just google 'celeb overdose kelsnetwork'
reane's picture

This pettiness needs to stop.

This pettiness needs to stop. What intrigues me is how black women are so willing and able to attack one another but will forgive a man who almost killed you in 2.5 seconds.
cutethatsall56's picture

Ha!!!!!!!!!!!! SO TRUE.

Ha!!!!!!!!!!!! SO TRUE.
Yas's picture

This! I hadn't even thought

This! I hadn't even thought of that, but you're so right. These women need to get it together.
CheyPie's picture

You guys at the YBF are

You guys at the YBF are reaching...rihanna posted that picture of herself early last week. not this week

put 5 on it that ciara have

put 5 on it that ciara have no idea what "organic" means outside of whole foods.
wildlife's picture

that gigantic part is

that gigantic part is obnoxious
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Rihanna is a 16 year old

Rihanna is a 16 year old child stuck in an adult's body.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Cici let me refresh your

Cici let me refresh your memory. You were phucking w/Lebron, who was clearly in a committed relationship with Savannah. He is also down with Roc Nation, therefore, she is friends with RiRi. You showed up at the Lebron/Jay Z private party during NBA Allstar in LA and demanded to be in VIP with the Carters, James, Rihanna etc when they specifically didn't want you there around Savannah. You can't make a man be with you. You were the side chick..get it?! You never get your man, Amare left you and went back to his baby mama and married her. Lebron kicked you to the curb. Stop trying to break up peoples relationships thinking because you grinding in your videos that you're going to snag a baller with the coochie. They hit it and then go back home. Why? There is no substance. Get a phucking clue and grow up.
PacificGirl's picture

Yes I agree. Ciara is

Yes I agree. Ciara is thirsty. She WANTED to work with Future after Rihanna did a song with him. Nothing was organic. She.needed.him.to.stay.relevan­t.
Finemadam's picture

I've never heard this rumor.

I've never heard this rumor. Ciara & Lebron? Wow. I still doubt that that's the reason they don't get along. Rihanna and Savannah don't seem that close. I think it's something else (and it's probably something stupid).
CheyPie's picture

It's not about Rihanna and

It's not about Rihanna and Savannah being close. It's the principle. Ciara played and was disrespectful by invading Leron's personal space w/his woman that he claims, by showing up in VIP when she wasn't invited. Everyone knew Ciara was the JUMPOFF stay in your lane and stop thinking you're taking somebody's man, same with Amare. As soon as she starting talking about them dating he dropped her a$$.
PacificGirl's picture

I've heard about this rumor

I've heard about this rumor before, but is it really true? Plus Rihanna doesn't care about boundaries and breaking up a happy home. It takes two but didn't she take Chris away from K (although I never liked them together) and sleep with Ashton Kutcher while still legally married to Demi? This girl DOES NOT care who Ciara is sleeping with.. I believe there's more to the story too.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Chris already confirmed that

Chris already confirmed that HE told K that he was still in love with Rihanna and broke up with her, so Rihanna didn't take him. They weren't married. Ashton Kutcher was a rumor. They don't like each other because of what Ciara said about Rihanna when she wa on Fashion Police. They exchanged words on Twitter back when it happened. So technically, Ciara set these wheels in motion.
Mrs_B_35's picture

I'm not dissing either woman,

I'm not dissing either woman, but c'mon! Rihanna and her friends were taunting that girl (K) for months before Chris even made an official break from her. And there is footage that shows Rihanna leaving the club and her van parked outside Ashton's house in the morning. Who goes to someone's house at 1 am in the morning... to have tea? Let's be REAL!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I post this same story on a

I post this same story on a next blog . Ciara knew dam well why rihanna don't like her
xedos's picture

Rihanna if you didn't care

Rihanna if you didn't care about what Ciare say or sing, you wouldn't respond. Obviously these two need to stay "mum" about one another, or meet up to squash whatever the beef is. And Rihanna you're becoming more ignorant than you know.

that picture was posted was

that picture was posted was posted last week, stop looking at how blogs "narrate" stuff as "truth". rihanna been posted that pic last week before ciara even did that interview

Why is her part in her hair

Why is her part in her hair so wide? 0_o
Classic87's picture

If she say "organically" ONE

If she say "organically" ONE MORE time! Damn, that must be a new word in her vocabulary that she loves the sound of or something...overuse of the word like a mofo!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Yep...Jesus wants to pour

Yep...Jesus wants to pour gasoline on her & set her on fire for that.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Why don't Rih's alien looking

Why don't Rih's alien looking ass, be woman enough to tell Ciara the problem (if there is one), instead of acting like a child. It could easily be squashed.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I remember when Ciara was on

I remember when Ciara was on that show Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, she made a statement about Rihanna not being nice when she saw her somewhere...which has absolutely nothing to do with fashion and what Rihanna was wearing. Then Joan called Rihanna a bitch and Ciara laughed about it. She didn't even comment on her clothes, which is what the show's about. So she's trying to play that innocent role but that was not coming from a place of love or support. They exchanged words on twitter when that happened. Ci-Error needs to focus on her career, or lack thereof. It should tell her something when people are more focused on her issues with Rihanna vs. the music she's putting out.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Rihanna is totally coming off

Rihanna is totally coming off Mean Girl here. You already have the popularity and success, no need to go H.A.M. on Ciara, especially when she didn't actually say anything except she doesn't know why you hate her so much. So Jr High right now. You are not going to be on top forever Rih Rih.
Me Talk Pretty's picture

Jesus likes CiCi...but she's

Jesus likes CiCi...but she's not relevant enuff to have a Beef with RiRi
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Little RiRi seems to think

Little RiRi seems to think so.
PrincessStacks's picture

I wish these blogs would post

I wish these blogs would post stories about real r&b singers. smh


Marniece's picture

Good for you Ciara - HIGH

Good for you Ciara - HIGH ROAD. Rhi Rhi not so much.
Denise2007's picture

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