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ON THE SET: First Pics Of Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs & Harold Perrineau SHOOTING "The Best Man Holiday"

 photo bestman2_zpseeba0e7b.jpg

The first official pics from the set of The Best Man Holiday have surfaced and the male lead characters are looking pretty good.  See Taye, Terrence and Harold inside....

 photo cheesep1_zpsff41ff29.jpg

We told you a few weeks back that some of our favorite YBFers would be heading up to Toronto, Canada to film The Best Man Holiday, and now the first official photos have emerged from the set!  

Terrence said last month about the new flick:

"[Director and screenwriter] Malcolm Lee showed us what intelligent young black people were capable of in the The Best Man I, but The Best Man II, it shows where people go, whether they're doing the right thing or the wrong thing, and how much we need each other within our community."

We see that Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs and Harold Perrineau are looking as good as they did over a decade ago...and their characters seem to be taking a healthy appraoch to cooking.  We love a sexy man who knows his way around the kitchen.  Can't wait to see how everybody's relationships are going in the sequel...


Photos via O'Neill/White/INFphoto.com 




Bringing up Halle Berry is

Bringing up Halle Berry is senseless and reaching. First of all the woman only publicly dated 2 white men and all of the men before were black. So I need you to get a better example. I'm not supporting these coons so you can drag up any random black women. I guarantee you will be hard pressed to find a black actress that has not been linked to black men but you will find an slave ship full of black actors never linked to black women but stay with their hands in our pockets when it comes to their redundant movies.
JJFad's picture

"slave ship full of black

"slave ship full of black actors never linked to black women" - priceless. hahaha
wildlife's picture

Hard to get excited about

Hard to get excited about this trio. Where's Morris?
Denise2007's picture

That's what I want to know!

That's what I want to know! Morris Chestnut!...he's probably doing promotions for the movie "The Call".
C2C's picture

I don't know why the convo

I don't know why the convo always shift to who backs these men are banging out instead of their body of work. Who cares cause if they all dated jet blk women more than likely it still would NOT be U!!!! Anyway, I wonder how the cast is getting along with Terrance. I heard he was a complete asshole while filming the 1st one so I can just imagine how he is today. I don't think he cares much for doing movies with an all black cast but if the $$$ is right he will do them.
Somerknight's picture

Black women should absolutely

Black women should absolutely collaborate and start an active campaign that will put these self-hating negroes out of business. We need to hit them where it matters most: in their wallets. Their personal choice of bringing home their paychecks to white women has everything to do with us because they bank on black women bringing their dollars to see them on the movie screen. And what the fucks so wrong with not supporting someone who could care less about supporting you or your community? Let them depend on YT to support their careers. Enough is enough. As for people who wanna bring up Halle...Halle has dated and married two black men on record as well as having a fling with Micheal Ealy so please with the she isn't with a brother schtick....
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Normally I just spectate but

Normally I just spectate but I had to comment on this one and say........ MOST OF YALL HAVE IT ALL THE WAY FUCKED UP!!!! I mean so what they like white bitches. Halle Berry frolics around the globe (and The YBF) with white men and gave a motherfucker named Billy Bob Thorton (shakes from cold chill) some of the best backshots Hollywood has ever seen...... Do you think I give a fuck? I haven't paid that bitch any mind since Boomerang when she was still black. The question that really needs to be discussed is Why Do Successful Black Men Shy Away From Black Women? ITS BECAUSE THE MAJORITY HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO BE WOMEN LET ALONE LADIES. If you want to be mad at someone be mad at Mona Scott Young because I swear I have been in strip clubs that played Project Pat all night and I heard the word pussy less times than I did on that reunion. I mean I was offended and I curse twice every morning before I brush my teeth. Disgusting. There have always been Uncle Toms in the game but today..... THE BLACK WOMENS WORST ENEMY IS BLACK WOMEN IN MEDIA FLAT OUT. Because of circumstances that I do sympathize with the black woman's personality in many cases has become to dominant and social media and VH1 have only exploited that image. Now lil girls grow up to think that Nene and Erica Mena are the new norm for ethnic URBAN women. But I've already said to much. OK ladies, you can reload and firrrrre....... NOW. (ducks under his desk)
WallStreetWilli's picture

unless blk men make a

unless blk men make a conscious effort to unite and fill up movie theaters across the country, this film is already DOA. a huge chunk of blk women will not support this foolishness. in addition, statistics have shown that whites, at least in the united states, overwhelmingly do not spend $$$ on films with an all black leading cast. so i'm not sure how the production and distribution companies are going to make back their $$$. maybe send it straight to video.
wildlife's picture

I'm sure it will do fine,

I'm sure it will do fine, just like the first one did - whether that be in the theaters or in DVD sales is yet to be seen. Remakes of bad movies or flops is usually unheard of so ummm hello. Men AND women alike supported Best Man the first time and I'm sure the same will turn up again. Additionally, whites showed up for plenty of successful "black" movies in recent years, "Think Like a Man" and "Takers" (to name a few) are proof of that (even with their caucasion sidekicks in supporting roles they are still "black" movies); and Tyler Perry can attest to the fact that we are no longer in an era where the success of black films relies on a white (or other race) consumer. Please check real facts and stop spreading unfounded statistics that you got off the top of your head as truth. #justsupportquality
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

the issue with this

the issue with this particular movie has absolutely nothing to do with remakes, sequels, etc. doing better or worse than the original films. blk men and women supported best man BEFORE these clowns went white (or at least made it known to the general public). do you honestly think blk women will overwhelmingly spend their hard earned $$ on men who make it EXTREMELY clear that they are not interested in blk women off screen?!? once blk women find out that a particular blk actor/singer only date/marry white then a large segment of blk women will not spend $$ to see their films or buy their albums. it's not my opinion. it's fact. it's the current paradigm. the only person i can readily think of that only dated/married white, yet the blk community still wholly embraced him is michael jackson. in addition, i never said ALL whites will not support blk films. of course, there are some whites who will spend $$ to see a decent blk film; however, the MAJORITY of whites in america simply do not. it's not my opinion. it's FACT. look it up. in terms of tyler perry, that clown has a lock down on "blk films" however he has yet to have crossover appeal. whites do not support this man in drag, only we (blk folks) tolerate his foolishness and his wack azz films.
wildlife's picture

GET OVER IT! What they do

GET OVER IT! What they do outside of their careers is no one's business. Back in the day, NO ONE GAVE A SHIT about what celebs did in their personal lives. All we cared about was the movies, songs, how they played on the court or field. Why do you all give a crap about who they're with and what they do with their personal lives? STOP WORRYING ABOUT THAT SHIT! There are so many BITTER, HATEFUL, and UNHAPPY SOULS in this world. You all need to look within and worry about WTF you all do and how you all can better yourselves. Stop worrying about other ppl. I will be going to see this because, I for one, enjoyed the first movie. I like Taye Diggs as an ACTOR I like Morris Chestnut as an ACTOR. I like Terrance Howard as an ACTOR. Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Melissa DeSousa, and Monica Calhoun are all good actresses. IDGAF about what they do, who they date and how they are outside of the big screen. That's not my problem.
Iridescent One's picture

To a certain degree, what

To a certain degree, what celebrities do outside of their career, is none of our business, but let me ask you a question..... would you still put your money in the pocket of a white actor,(lets say you absolutely love his show) who off screen, is completely anti black folk and refers to us as N-----s and monkeys? Would you really?....................... I'll probably still go see this movie, because it's kinda unfair to Nia, Sanaa, Morris and Regina, plus i'm extra thirsty for anything black, being that a good black movie or tv show is rare these days. IJS..... but if you can't see where we're coming from, then I don't know what else to tell you. Anywho.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I probably have and I

I probably have and I probably will, if I LIKE THE MOVIE and the storyline. IDGAF about what they think outside of that. It does not add, subtract, multiply or divide anything to my life. There are people in this world that smile in your face, laugh and giggle with you, yet they are racist as hell and their thoughts and feelings about you are the total opposite of what they're showing you. This happens at the corporate world too. Do you know how many racist mofos are in the workplace, In stores, etc.? They are going to be who they are. It's still their opinions and their feelings. Good, bad or indifferent. THEY have to live with the choices they make and what comes out their mouths. THEY have to look at themselves in the mirror and accept who they are what they see. I don't. It's not me.
Iridescent One's picture

I'm wasn't talking about

I'm wasn't talking about silent racism,(it's off topic) because we all are very aware of what runs through the minds of white people. Anywho..... I'm not bitter, mad, nor do I lose any sleep, just because they're not feeling black women, it's not that serious. If they don't like black women, hey it's whatever, but don't cry foul when black women don't fund your personal life. THE END!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

it for dam sure wont stop

it for dam sure wont stop them from dating & marrying interacially.
shuga's picture

No, it won't. All I'm saying

No, it won't. All I'm saying is, people need to focus more on the craft and what they do on the screen. Stop worrying about what they do outside the damn screen. That's not our problems. It for damn sure isn't my problem. I can see if people were saying that they weren't feeling the acting. That's different. Their reasons behind them not supporting the movie sounds too damn personal to me.
Iridescent One's picture

You are right but in the age

You are right but in the age of social media actors are treated like politicians and the simple fact of the matter is people want to know what they're doing in their personal lives (TMZ, US Weekly, People) and they are ready to penalize them if it doesn't line up with their own morals. (Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Kobe Bryant, these three...). Doesn't matter how large or small the offense is...YOU'RE PENALIZED.
Denise2007's picture

Yup, you're right iridescent

Yup, you're right iridescent one...it does seem personal, a personal PROBLEM if you ask me. There are a lot of bitter, angry women here worried about the personal tastes of black men who aren't worried about them. If that passion and concern were redirected to their own personal growth, maybe they wouldn't be so envious and hateful of men and their choice in women to the point where they can't even watch a simple movie because the actor's personal lives hurts their feelings. How can you be open to love with all the damnnn hate in the way?
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

I think that all these women

I think that all these women are saying is "I don't support your lifestyle so I'm not supporting your career." I don't think anyone is using an abundance of energy on this that's robbing themselves of personal gain.
Denise2007's picture

THANK YOU!!!! Someone with

THANK YOU!!!! Someone with COMMON SENSE!
Iridescent One's picture

well we only make up a small

well we only make up a small %age of the population in this country and we get judged altogether so a lot of what we do or dont do IS personal. to me, its racist to boycott the movie over the color of their wives and I wouldnt give them the ammunition to say "see I told you black women were evil" but at the same time I kinda sorta understand why some black women are offended. and its not only from who they are married to but also that theyve insulted "us" publicly during interviews. other races of men dont do this and its high time that american black men learned to respect us even if they dont date/marry us.
shuga's picture

i wont be going to see this

i wont be going to see this crap. each and every one of those guys are married to white women. I say lets get together and start a boycott
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

Terrence Howard is not

Terrence Howard is not married and his last wife was not black, nor white. Taye Diggs wife is Jewish and I don't know who the other is married to, but I truly don't care lol. None of that has anything to do with me supporting a black film, and especially supporting the black actresses in it whom I love. It seems like we black folk as a group will think up any and every excuse not to support our community and when I look around, the effects of that are obvious. To each his/her own I guess.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

You guys sad it all... Where

You guys sad it all... Where is my sexy Morris??? LOL... I am not trapped in that Scandal Foolery circle. Great for Kerry Washington to have a leading role on a series, but it's not my thing... Also, it's based on some real events as I understand it, right? Art imitating life, I guess, LOL!

I was going to make a

I was going to make a comment, as I scroll down I see majority of you conscious sistahs feel the same. Good for you. Their "black love", money making, acting will not move me if I was sitting on a coal of fire. You get respect if you give respect?...same thing with support. You get support if you give support.
Tren's picture

I saw this pic and first

I saw this pic and first thing I thought was, I won't be spending my hard earned money to see this to bebfit their white women... I am relieved to see that other sisters are feeling the same way. Let life imitate art and have them go make a movie version of Friends or sum crap. These black men here are a disgrace and Taye Riggs the biggest coon of all has the nerve to be talking about what's needed in the black community like he's even grounded or connected to black ppl. They fooled me once wit part 1 but they not fooling me into believing these are brothers representing the black experience on screen.... Nope they are just "acting" like they are brothers living the black experience....
JSalsa's picture

i cant wait till it comes

i cant wait till it comes out!!! .i cant believe tamar braxton flashed her boobs..she is so ratchet ..i mean just google 'celeb overdose kelsnetwork'
reane's picture

They All Have White Women!!

They All Have White Women!!
BerkeleyCali's picture

Neither of these three can

Neither of these three can stomach black women so why would I pay my hard earned dollars to see anything with them pretending to have black love?? That's right authentic love for black women means something to me and I'm not apologizing for feeling that way. I will not spend my money on any of them. I saw the first Best Man and that is enough. If I had known how they were before seeing that one I would have never gone and supported that ish.
JJFad's picture


Sunflower Jones's picture


wildlife's picture

Very excited about the sequel

Very excited about the sequel & the ideas behind the movie. Very disappointed in some of these comments. Their personal life should not take away from the concept of the characters they play. That's why it's called a movie. Art immitating life. Now if "we" were being real about "ourselves" we know we would still be complaining. Kinda like many did about Four Colored Girls. I know multiple sisters & brothers in each one of those roles...js
VIRTUOUS1's picture


Iridescent One's picture

If art was imitating life,

If art was imitating life, their co stars and love interests would be white women.... So no this is not jus something that should be dismissed.. they have a right to live their personal lives how ever they choose but as an audience ppl have a right to choose art forms they are willing to support based upon wat the artists represent and stand for. Its exploitative, playing up to a black audience for revenues but they have no personal interest in black love and romance. This is a huge social crisis in the black community and people who try to ignore that are the reason why this issue persists... Raise up, be aware & be conscious
JSalsa's picture

While I truly respect the way

While I truly respect the way you responded. Allow me to say this. I'm from a place where many black are married to and pursue and are pursued by white women. However, as I look around my community, Milwaukee, WI, I can say with certainty that the "social crisis" is not black men dating or marrying white women. It's the large percentage of black men that are committing crimes, the unbelieveably large percentage that have multiple babies out of wedlock and sisters even today that don't know their value and keep allowing them to do it. While agree there is truly something disturbing about anyone marrying someone because of their color. I'm not gonna be blind to the root of the issues in our communities.... Raise up, be aware, be conscious, be honest, & be accountable.
VIRTUOUS1's picture

I'm a black woman and I don't

I'm a black woman and I don't and won't support anyone who doesn't support me. If you wanna spend your money to support these jive Negroes, do you. I won't. It ain't about "complaining." Complaining about what? That many of us won't put money in the pockets of three bruthas would wouldn't give us the time of day. Chile bye. That's the problem with some black woman. They are always supporting Nigs that don't support us.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Jeez, I can no longer stand

Jeez, I can no longer stand any of these guys. How on Earth am I going to get through the film???
Zetagirl's picture

Y'all wrong the other two

Y'all wrong the other two look great TAYE DIGGS looks like shit on a stick tho. When did he age so poorly? And where is Morris?

"our favorite YBFers" -

"our favorite YBFers" - laughable. this is a joke right???
wildlife's picture

Not so sure why this movie is

Not so sure why this movie is getting so much hype. I enjoyed the first movie, but it wasn't so amazing that it deserved a sequel 15 years later. The guys look old and tired now. They could have used the money to invest in a new, original black film. But I guess I'll have to take what I can get.
CheyPie's picture

Anything with Taye Diggems

Anything with Taye Diggems Thomas Howard in it will not be given a dime from me. For the rest of you, have at it.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Taye Diggs has a children's

Taye Diggs has a children's book out called "Chocolate Me". I was all excited to get it for my kids thinking its going to be something they could relate to and see beauty in.........chile that man has ISSUES with his skin tone and he even put it in a book for children. it is strange to say the least. I shouldve just bought another dr. seuss book about imaginary creatures and called it a day. Taye Diggs HAAAAAATTTTEEEESSSSS being black and from his own book it seems like he always has.
shuga's picture


JJFad's picture

What did those brothas do to

What did those brothas do to you sista???
LetsGetIt's picture

same thing you do everyday,

same thing you do everyday, trollio
shuga's picture

LetsGetit, any black man who

LetsGetit, any black man who puts black women down is no brutha of mine. Taye Diggs blamed black women for the demise of his show claiming we were mad at him for who he married. Terrance Howard is a Negropean and a boot licker. I have no respect for the likes of either one of them. I don't support brothers who don't support me. Since TH wanted to talk sideways about black women, he doesn't need THIS black woman's money.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Why not? I've never cared too

Why not? I've never cared too much for Howard (he's seems very full of himself), but Taye Diggs seems decent.
CheyPie's picture

CheyPie, several years ago

CheyPie, several years ago when Taye Diggs had a TV show, he blamed black women for the demise of it. From that day forward, I will not support anything he or TH are involved in.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Oh...I didn't know that.

Oh...I didn't know that. Doesn't matter. I didn't plan on seeing the film anyway. Maybe when it hits the $3 movie theater or Netflix. I'd appreciate some new, original black films. We don't need to relaunch a good (but not extraordinary) film from like 10 years ago.
CheyPie's picture

Loved the first film....cant

Loved the first film....cant wait for this one!!
sianna1's picture

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