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FOOLYWANG JUMPOFF TALES: Infamous Industry Jumpoff Snitches On Louisville NCAA Basketball Champ Peyton Siva...Because He Thanked His GIRLFRIEND...But Not HER

 photo heauxjennapeypey_zpsa760f83b.jpg

Clearly it's time to re-write the Heaux Operations manual for 2013.


Instead of heauxs and prostitutes alike taking their smashdowns and cash and keeping their mouths shut, chicks like infamous industry jumpoff Jenna Shea are blasting ballers for not including them in the championship credits.  Deets inside...

Stories like this get under our skin, and sometimes....jumpoffs and the men who deal with them just need to be called out.


 photo tumblr_lrt1mpG2y71qi8wgno1_500_zpsfa6b07a0.jpg

A chick named Jenna Shea, known for being a blonde with a big ass and big boobs to boot who poses for booty magazines and also...allegedly...any celeb that will pay her for a private session, is up to her old tricks again.

She previously exposed her sexcapades with Yung Berg, Fabolous, Soulja Boy, James Harden via a heaux's fave tool--Twitter.  And now, she's moved on to the newest baller in the spotlight-- Senior star Peyton Siva of the Louisville Kentucky college basketball team who just copped the NCAA championship last night.

In Peyton's Twitter bio and his post game interviews, he thanked his girlfriend and Jesus for helping him accomplish his dream.  Jenna caught feelings, even though he is NOT her man, and felt she needed to be thanked as well.  And the folks over at Hit Em Where They Aint caught her extra thirsty tweets about it.

She doesn't explicitly say she let him smash, but she surely insinuates it.  Why else would she want to be thanked?

Jenna tweeted proof that Peyton had been blowing up her phone recently and was asking her to engage in some trifling behavior...even though he has a girlfriend that he acknowledges publicly.

  photo Screen-Shot-2013-04-09-at-13936-AM-1024x688_zps323445b9.png photo Screen-Shot-2013-04-09-at-13823-AM-1024x677_zpsa4c803c2.png  photo Screen-Shot-2013-04-09-at-14628-AM-1024x665_zpsdf6a743f.png


 photo Screen-Shot-2013-04-09-at-13747-AM-1024x674_zpsc0ba6a49.png

Jenna said late last night she doesn't care if the guys she sexes are in a relationship.  She just wants her money. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-09at21852PM_zpsebc47df3.png

So, heaux (since this is what you call yourself)...get out your feelings and get your money.  Now if he didn't pay you, there's an issue to be had.  But you agreed to get paid for your sexy time or welcomed the advances from dudes so fall back.  Heauxs don't get respect because they don't respect themselves.  But regardless, why are you asking to get acknowledged for his championship because you allegedly gave him some time or booty?

The heaux then went on a rant about being a "businesswoman".  "People are so simple minded and i clearly know how to push buttons but lets get real college bball aint my thang i like big bucks...im a business woman."


 photo ScreenShot2013-04-09at32843PM_zpsb59af6d3.png

Let this be another lesson to you silly men who fall for a big butt and a smile every time and get your career tainted....it's a new day in heauxdom.  Chicks want your cash AND public props for their work.  Please act accordingly.

Here's more pics below of the fella Peyton, who's poised to enter the draft soon as a top pick.  And he's got a clean-image story that may make him even more desirable for an NBA team: At 13, Peyton, who grew up in Seattle, saved his own father from committing suicide over his drug & alcohol addiction.  His father kicked his addiction and spent every b-ball season in Kentucky supporting his son.  Even Peyton's siblings have kicked their gang & addiction issues due to Peyton's positive influence.

Don't f*** this up kid.


 photo peyton-siva-louisville_zps9336fb12.jpg  photo peyton-siva1_zps0511e221.jpg  photo peyton-siva20_standard_4000_zps2de90969.jpg

 photo tumblr_lxldmrPXgh1qc1ybno1_500_zpsef867668.jpg

 photo tumblr_li2vgdLkjM1qckfv1o1_500_zps4d679916.jpg  photo tumblr_mk8gd0kYZE1qdi785o1_500_zpscbe9c777.jpg



He aiiight but i ain't feelin

He aiiight but i ain't feelin his edge-up.
LaFord's picture

Smfh Damn shame. I hate liars

Smfh Damn shame. I hate liars and cheaters. I also hate men that cheat on their supportive gfs that have been there since the beginning with chicks like Jenna Shea. I follow Jenna on Twitter, but I never really knew who she was. I didnt know she was on some Kat Stacks type of flow Smh If she doesnt care about girlfriends, she should have kept it quiet. And CTFU at the comments on Instagram to her. Im all for men protecting and providing, I love an established man like any other woman, but when u carry yourself like THAT and is a self-proclaimed HOE, you gets NO respect! Unfortunately, he is young and dumb. Blinded by the booty..Sad Smfh
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

the side chicks need to

the side chicks need to stop,but my question is , does she consider herself a whore or a bussiness women ? and can you put your so called businees on a resume? just because you keep it real, doesnt mean you earn respect for it.
mybigboy1979's picture

Why she look like the Cadbury

Why she look like the Cadbury Easter Bunny though? I guess.
precioustx's picture

LOL, the thirst from these

LOL, the thirst from these jumpoff's is at an all-time-high....On a serious note though, who is Jenna Shea and how did she get an official blue twitter check mark by her name?
Naomi's picture

I thought you just need to

I thought you just need to link your Twitter account to your official website to get a blue check mark
LaFord's picture

Twitter/IG: Princedre247

Twitter/IG: Princedre247 SMDH...when will these niggaz learn?! This wanna-be jumpoff is busted. Perhaps she should spend less on silicon injections for her ass and work on that face. If you're dumb enough to entertain a chick of that caliber...you deserve the bad press when she outs your thirsty ass
princedre247's picture

All this talk about she is

All this talk about she is for the money and so forth...why put him on blast??? She had to have caught feelings for him because a *real true bout that money chic* would not give two shits of who he *thanked* at the end of the day. She caught feelings and got pissed when she found out he had a girlfriend.
Trustnotone's picture

Why are the white heauxs

Why are the white heauxs always named Jenna? LOL.
PacificGirl's picture

funny they have the whole

funny they have the whole phone # posted....lmao
ldh34l's picture

A boy/man can only use you if

A boy/man can only use you if you let him. STOP LETTING HIM. Marrying a baller is not the only way to have a fabulous life. Get your own!
JewelryLover's picture

Jenna Shea need to quit. She

Jenna Shea need to quit. She like all these self proclaimed I don't care whores need to face the fact that they have feelings and deep down desire to be acknowledged and seen as a respectable woman and someone's wife/girlfriend publicly- in the right way. Every woman desires to be respected by the public. I don't care how much they carry on about all the money they make and how stupid the girlfriends are blah,blah, blah. Deep down they want to be that woman whether the man is wealthy and famous or a regular working guy. When they resort to this other life, then it's a clear indication they're hurt, broken and have given up, but now use money- materialism as a love. As many rappers and athletes that she exposes, I see no need for her to go after a little college boy if she was not butt hurt that she will NEVER receive what his girlfriend received. Don't get me wrong, he was wrong as can be, and technically was very disrespectful to his girl plus putting her in possible harms way with stds. He is young so I hope he has learn to leave these spiritually and emotionally broken women that call themselves ( or others call them) whores alone. They aren't worth it.
JJFad's picture

Exactly. U took the words out

Exactly. U took the words out of my mouth. Its obvious that this girl is hurting. I am a woman and I understand that when you are hurt by a man and see more negativity than positivity from them, a idgaf attitude may arise. However, she has taken it to a whole different level. Im not about that life. Especially so publicly lol. She prob has been deeply hurt and prob more than once and this is how she copes, but deep down she knows she yearns for the love and respect that all of us want. Hence her going in due to a simple thank you. She hasnt done anything for anyone to thank Lol She needs to do better lol
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

So he should've said, 'I

So he should've said, 'I wanna thank Jesus and my girlfriend...and don't let me for get my hoe, jenna shae...if she wouldn't sucked me off for a fee, I never would've been able to hit that 3...thats my hoe!!' Trick please, you are a self proclaimed hoe, stay in your lane and let his girlfriend stay in her's. You'll never be anything more than what you are...a hoe. Peyton. you just got a lesson....please learn from it and don't mess up this opportunity cause you can't keep your lil man in your draws...don't be the dumb ass to lose everything over some coochie...do better young man

NOT WIFE is dumb and this

NOT WIFE is dumb and this chick is dumb. If you are single and looking for millionaire love and companionship, I strongly recommend that you also take a try on http://millionmatch.webs.com It’s the largest and best club for seeking CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities.Please Check it out!I’m serious.
tom055's picture

Hello, temptation of marriage

Hello, temptation of marriage counselor- see the movie.
THE BUSINESS's picture

this nigga fucked around

this nigga fucked around because he KNEW HE COULD DO IT WITHOUT ANY REPERCUSSION. bet you everything in my 401k plan that the gf isn't leaving. one could argue that she's only with him for the loot as well!! i'm sick of blk men fucking around and bringing home hiv, the clap, herpes, syphilis and every other nasty azz std around. we are 14% of the population but account for over half of all new stds?! so yeah, let the heauxs and prostitutes publicly reveal their "clients." whatever is done in darkness will come to light. - truth by jesus by way of paul to the church in corinth (1 corinthians 4:5).
wildlife's picture

Hey, when you've got a point

Hey, when you've got a point you've got a point...
Peace Silas's picture

When you lay down with dogs

When you lay down with dogs (female in this instance) you wake up with flees!
Denise2007's picture

I think you meant "fleas". In

I think you meant "fleas". In fact, I'm sure you did; those two words have two complete different meanings.
Peace Silas's picture

Ugh.....how embarrassing on

Ugh.....how embarrassing on SO many levels.
sianna1's picture

This guy blew it because he

This guy blew it because he has a beautiful girlfriend who is a teacher, and instead of being faithful to someone who was there from the beginning you decide to invite a slut to hang out. This girl CLAIMS that she cares nothing about feelings but I think she did catch feelings because she didn't put this out until he said "thanks to my girlfriend and family" and that face got tight.
cutethatsall56's picture

Gross. They r

Gross. They r all.........gross! She aint cute, he aint cute (nice eyes) and i am sure his girl aint cute. 3 retards.
sexe757's picture

His girlfriend is actually a

His girlfriend is actually a good looking girl. He blew it.
cutethatsall56's picture

This is just the beginning of

This is just the beginning of what's to come for him and these heaux....my advice for him,.....dont get married, and dont get a baby mama
Tren's picture

And most importantly, DON'T

And most importantly, DON'T get a disease...HIV!
sexe757's picture

These lying, lowdown, big

These lying, lowdown, big dick, trifling Men Whores deserve to be put on fucking blast, it's blasting season, baby! They don't want to pay to play, they just want to play...play...play...and lie. I'm 'bout to put some high roller Men Whores in Memphis on blast next month in "Diary of a Closet Freak"...so get ready!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Evelyn Lozado is that you?

Evelyn Lozado is that you?
sexe757's picture

I don't even know where to

I don't even know where to begin with this story..... SMH. She's definitely a disgrace, but can't knock her for being honest. Most chicks lie about it and put on this huge front. Now she is dumb thinking she deserved a shoutout .......ummmm hello; u a jumpoff, a hoe, etc. You have NO RIGHTS to even be mad or catch feelings girl! lol***** With that being said, Peyton is young and will continue to screw up; especially with this new found fame. One day these fellas are gonna learn.
MsFiFi's picture

Everything about this chick

Everything about this chick wants to be black; jewelry, (fake) curves, etc--and she's a PROUD slore--yet dudes still want her huh? Back in the day weren't women ashamed to be hoes/suts/whores??? But at the same time I'mma need side-chicks to STAY ON THE DAMN SIDE! Isn't that like Slut 101-play ya role, hoe!

SMH at her foolishness.

SMH at her foolishness.
The Real Thing's picture

I think this is amazing that

I think this is amazing that women are just openly admitting to being hos these days. Times have certainly changed.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

These women kill me acting

These women kill me acting like its all good when everyone knows they have feelings too. Its sad when you think about it...no, it really is. Don't laugh. Its sad. For her to actually type the words "I'm a hoe" Fo real? WOW. That's like a new level of self hatred. Get some therapy Jenna. Seriously. Stop pretending like you love your life and crying yourself to sleep at night.
Camavery's picture

This post is so sad and says

This post is so sad and says a lot about relationships these days (especially in the entertainment industry). This is exactly why I wouldn't go anywhere near a ball player or entertainer. It's not worth it.
CheyPie's picture

Is his girlfriend gonna leave

Is his girlfriend gonna leave him because of it? ..........NO!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I wish these niggas can stay

I wish these niggas can stay faithful. Smh
Trisha02012's picture

You get what you sign up for.

You get what you sign up for. You marry a pilot, a mailman, a teacher then yeah he might not cheat. You marry a guy that made you rich and gave you access to things you could never attain on your own coupled with the fact that every slut in North America is offering to do some of the nastiest things a guy could even dream of and yeeeeeah....... you'd better be ready to do some forgiving, A FEW TIMES!!! Or bring that bitch home to him on a leash for his birthday and the 4th of July. The choice is yours. But I've Already Said To Much
WallStreetWilli's picture

Ur right. Me and my man talk

Ur right. Me and my man talk about this all of the time, and so many men think that is is OK to cheat because they provide and bring a whole bunch of money to the table. That is exactly why I do not think I am about that marrying or even dealing with an athlete, rapper, entertainer life. I dont condone or accept cheating. And if they want to step on me all day, they cant be mad when I do me Lol And I shouldnt have to bring some chick home either! If ur not happy with me and only me, Goodbye!
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Money has nothing 2 so with

Money has nothing 2 so with cheating. It is the lack of morals, the lack of self worth...etc Many hood negros out here ...broke...with multiple baby mamas.... Real men do not cheat. Period. That is the act of a boy.
sexe757's picture

Looks like somebody got their

Looks like somebody got their feelings hurt.
holmesa925's picture

And this nigga was pointing

And this nigga was pointing up to the Big Homie all night. Nigga You Ain't No Tebow (Takes a Tebow one knee stance)...... But you handled that rock like a certified trapper. Great game and a word of advice...... It's way to soon to be paying for the box, your still in college, just go to the cafeteria SHEEESH. Keep Taking It To The Rack..... just not her rack. But I've already said to much
WallStreetWilli's picture

Awwwww. I watched the

Awwwww. I watched the entire game & the post game interviews. I thought it was so cute for him to even acknowlege his girlfriend cause players that young hide girlfriends like drug money. I hate that he is caught up with this sleazy media whore less than 24hrs later. These boys/men gone learn to pick up the phone & holla at a hoe and stop all this texting/tweeting.
Somerknight's picture

Some heffas think their

Some heffas think their chooch is made of gold. Chile, your hole ain't no different than the rest of the heauxs out there. Cooch is a dime a dozen and can be gotten for free.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Honestly....though this has

Honestly....though this has been filed under Foolywang material, very well said Tasha... Well said... It sounds to me like she caught feelings for the young brotha, and now feels slighted because she realizes now that the 'Jump-off' is exactly that....The jump-off... Next time, she should just come real with a man, and stop all that 'Im a Business woman' crap...
Grown Man Ish's picture

Oh for the good ole days when

Oh for the good ole days when these dirty slores would just open their mouths to receive a d*ck. Bye! I'm DONE for the day¡!¡
GetUrLife's picture

Uh trick know your place:

Uh trick know your place: you're the jumpoff, she's the girlfriend.
Peace Silas's picture

He is dumb, his girl friend

He is dumb, his girl friend ...NOT WIFE is dumb and this chick is dumb.
sexe757's picture

My sentiments exactly!!

My sentiments exactly!!
sweetpea1989's picture

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