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DUMPED! Reebok DROPS Rick Ross From Its ROSTER!

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After weeks of mounting criticism and protests, Reebok has dumped rapper Rick Ross from its roster following controversial lyrics the rapper touted about rape. Read their statement inside...

Shoe-giant Reebok has taken note of the negative publicity it's received since Rick Ross released his controversial "U.O.E.N.O." song, and dropped the rapper's endorsement deal.  

In a statement to TMZ, Reebok said,

"Reebok holds our partners to a high standard, and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand. Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do so.

While we do not believe that Rick Ross condones sexual assault, we are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse."

It will be interesting to watch how Rick responds to being dropped from the brand since he's already offered two half-assed apologies showing he has no clear concept of women's rights, civil rights or just what it means to not be an a**hole.  So we couldn't agree more with Reebok's statement.

We suspect he'll act like a typical cocky rapper and throw jabs at Reebok on his next mixtape and claim that the women's groups, rape survivors and other critics are simply "haters." 

But all jokes aside, we hope Rick Ross uses this as a wake up call and educates himself about the rape culture, and uses his huge platform to simply do better.

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Good for him Lol Not like

Good for him Lol Not like this will hurt his pockets that much anyway. He'll be aight. I do hope that he learned his lesson. What made it worse, was that he did act like a cocky rapper and didnt realize that he hurt ppl's feelings. He showed absolutely no feelings or remorse and thats was ruined it for him..Too bad!
GucciQueenOfLife's picture


Hahahahahahahaha...........that is all.
CheyPie's picture

Why did Reebok even chose

Why did Reebok even chose Rick Ross to endorse their products to begin with anyway?!?!?!?! There is NOT one drop of athleticism anywhere in that man's body and his abnormally enlarged breasts and gut prove that!
montycarlo105's picture

Finally someone at Reebok

Finally someone at Reebok came to their senses. Not sure how he can rep a sneaker being as overweight as he is. Just baffles me
Suga9's picture

Anyone defending this fat

Anyone defending this fat fool need to be slapped by their mother and all women in general.
JJFad's picture

Yesssss!!! Finally some

Yesssss!!! Finally some justice against irresponsible lyrics. Now if only other sponsors would step up and do the same, we might get some positive change moving in hip hop.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Who even wears Reebok

Who even wears Reebok anymore? I mean I know somebody must cuz they still around,,,,,but I havent bought any and I don't know anybody who sweats Reeboks in the regular folks world.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I have on the new Alicia Keys

I have on the new Alicia Keys ones right now. I love em!
shuga's picture

Ok, I understand what all the

Ok, I understand what all the fuss is about. The lyrics do allude to the fact that he intends to spike a girls drink and take advantge of her, but.... People idolize Biggie and Tupac, but some of their lyrics were just as harsh! Talking about kidnapping and murdering babies... Oh, and don't leave that Grimlin Lil Wayne out, he always has the harshes lyrics when it comes to women and children "I'll murder that Bitch and send her body back to yo ass"! Or even one of my fave's Trick Daddy "Kill that baby, that baby aint mine..." COME ON! Rappers are never sincere when it comes to apologies... They all know exactly what they write, say and record! So, now everyone is so sensitive... This song has been out for MONTHS! A white person must have heard their kid listening to it because that's the only way anything would have started... I doubt that there are groups sitting there just analyzing rap music for lyrics that condone violence, rape, murder and etcetera. If there were, then there would always be an issue! I have caught this song on the 2 black stations that I listen to at least 5 times this week! They also played it in between acts at a Kendrick Lemar concert at FSU!

Good for his dumb,

Good for his dumb, oompa-loompa-greasy-looking azz. I actually like some of his raps but Rick Ross has gotten TOO arrogant, taking his money & his audience for granted. ALOT of what he says and promotes is wrong; but this rape/molly -ish was FOUL. He better straighten up before he loses more deals and more fans.

Thank you finally!!!! He

Thank you finally!!!! He deserved that! All he needed to d was understand and apologize the right way

Jesus is rooting for this guy

Jesus is rooting for this guy to fail
Jesus H. Christ's picture

The lifestyle_should be a

The lifestyle_should be a group, do_not feel alone. I know_that there is a love_community MatchWealthy*c om it provides us the_opportunity to_make_more _friends. If you are really like this lifestyle ,check out. gdfhf
tom007's picture

he obviously doesn't have the

he obviously doesn't have the right ppl around him...or maybe he just doesn't listen & moves how he wants. now he's lost a major endorsement & i'm sure others will follow. to be continued...
diamond2012's picture

Take that, you FAT, GREASY,

Take that, you FAT, GREASY, FROG EYED BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Damn u bishes are Harsh...But

Damn u bishes are Harsh...But these comments are Hilarious......................
star's picture

I personally LOVE Rick Ross.

I personally LOVE Rick Ross. I am extremely upset that ReeBroke dropped him because HE is NOT the only person rapping on that song. These other rappers can say all types of vulgar things and make millions! Sean Carter just said he "made millions off of you fucking dweebs" and has refered to women as "bitches" for years. I do not think that he should have been dropped I think that Natasha and Co. are making things seem as if he advocates rape. What about the other rappers who gain deals talking about selling "kilos" and "chiefing" the blunt? I'll wait.
Kiaadestini's picture

All of those negative things

All of those negative things you mentioned that are in many rappers' lyrics are not great, but rapping about the desire of taking advantage of a woman while unconscious is on a whole nother level of wrong and disgusting and predatory. He's endorsing date rape.
truthHurts's picture

(squints eyes) HUH?

(squints eyes) HUH?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

As usual dummies and ignorant

As usual dummies and ignorant mofos would support him..........the thing is when you sell crack ..the consumer knowingly buys and takes it ...so what you talking about?....calling a woman a bitch is bad......but it IS FUCKING DIFFERENT FROM DRUGGING AND RAPING A WOMAN WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE OR FORCING YOURSELF ON HER........YOU LOWLIFE #ratchetpeopleerethescumofearth
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MsMidwest's picture

Thats nice. I dont like his

Thats nice. I dont like his fat ass anyway.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

That's what his azz gets

That's what his azz gets
cococaramel's picture

hope he got some swag for the

hope he got some swag for the gym
anon's picture

Talking about something and

Talking about something and doing something about it is what I'm talking about. It's been LONG overdue that these rappers are called to the carpet for their lyrics. I know I've said it before, but C. Delores Tucker talked about this years ago during the NWA era. People criticized this woman relentlessly. I'm glad Reebok sent a loud and very clear message to RR by hitting him in the wallet. Maybe others will think twice before sending such horrible messages.
Sunflower Jones's picture

He should've changed the line

He should've changed the line - good for him!!!
Happy Lady's picture

Its not just rick ross

Its not just rick ross though. I wish more rappers would pay for their disgusting lyrics that promote misogyny against women. I could name a few, but i think we already know who they are....
Supermodel01's picture

GOOD! Even though i enjoy

GOOD! Even though i enjoy rick ross from time to time, i am so sick and tired of these rapper degrading women in their misogynistic lyrics! Its time someone be held responsible and see this is no game. Black women, and women in particular, hold a lot more power than these rappers think. If we protested more about these lyrics and music videos, we would see less disrespect. LADIES STAND UP, AND TAKE A BOW.
Supermodel01's picture

Dis Fat Phucca Got Exactly

Dis Fat Phucca Got Exactly What He Deserved. Thanx Reebox.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Shop priveamour.com for your

Shop priveamour.com for your fashion needs
24karatgold0612's picture

Good (applause)!!! Im glad

Good (applause)!!! Im glad someone took action to his disgusting mentality. He's taking this boss bs too seriously.
Tren's picture

The Lord will HUMBLE you some

The Lord will HUMBLE you some way. Period.
sexe757's picture

good for him...we as women

good for him...we as women have already accepted being call b#$% and h@% in rap songs....but drugged and raped is where it must end.
whocares's picture

The only way to keep this

The only way to keep this glorified gangstas in the line is to HIT THEM IN THE POCKETS. I think this will teach him a valuable lesson and he will think before he says something so idiotic and insensitive.
SkeeWee's picture

Also weve developed a culture

Also weve developed a culture where women are constantly called bitches....that women mainly blacks see it as an honor to be called a bad bitch, we glorify strippers, baby mamas, diss our women in songs, devalue them in videos with ass and titties out, and now we want to include rape.....there is no fucking excuse......the black woman is a queen ...all women are queens and should be treated with respect ( unless you choose to devalue urself)..........i hope this is the beginning of the downfall of Rick
HAPPY's picture

True. So when's Beyonce

True. So when's Beyonce getting dropped by Pepsi?
parkerjonesj's picture


MsMidwest's picture

I second that motion...

I second that motion...
whocares's picture

also calling beyonce in this

also calling beyonce in this is pointless as i actually criticed a bit of her in my post but at least she never sings about raping men, calling them dogs or killing them...no instead she sings about catering to them..'cater to u' and dancing for them so your point is? time like this i actually applaud Rihanna for making mandown......at least you get killed if you rae..
HAPPY's picture

you dont get the point do

you dont get the point do you?..........rape is not excusable ......you dont have sex without someones knowledge......it is not ......the victims are usually damaged for life................i hope u never get raped.......but i am tempted to wish it on you ...so that just maybe you would understand the trauma.....there are too many guys out there raping girls and taping it ...to laugh with their friends ...it is not a funny issue....
HAPPY's picture


sexybrownpyt's picture

As an abuse victim...this a

As an abuse victim...this a great step...there is no excuse what so ever for rape...you can rap about other shit but please not things like this.......................and anyone ho supports Rick all in the name of money ....hmm i better keep shut but you would get what is coming ...only if people would take out time and hang out with rape victims...its not easy that shit is torture and not funny...........dont want no low life supporting him...good move...
HAPPY's picture


O'SHUT UP RICKY STANK ROSS we all heard that verse and it clearly illustrates "rape" I'm tired of these ugly a*s rappers/some men viewing/treating women as only "objects". STFU and take several ROSS!!! polluting the youth with your foul mouth #Team.Reebok #no.to.rape
sexybrownpyt's picture

I hope this ignorant fat,

I hope this ignorant fat, sloppy disgusting looking fuck loses all types of revenue.
LBA1's picture

hehe that made me chuckle

hehe that made me chuckle

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