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"R&B Divas" Season 2 Promo Shot!

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 photo DIVAS-Group-103004-retouched_zps43a2011b.jpg

We've got the new full sized promo shot for the cast of the second season of "R&B Divas."  Check out all the fab ladies inside....


Singers Angie Stone and LaTocha Scott join the Atlanta cast of the original "R&B Divas" in the upcoming second season.  And the co-stars rocked a fabulous promo shoot recently, including the full sized group shot above.  The shot was used in part for the new promo image for the show on TV One's site.

Returning cast members Syleena Johnson, KeKe Wyatt, Faith Evans, Monifah, and Nicci Gilbert stepped up their game this time around.  And all the ladies look great.

As we previously reported, we've confirmed with an inside source that rumors of Nicci Gilbert leaving the show are indeed true.  You'll see her throughout the entire season though, as the huge fight that led to her and her husband throwing deuces to the show happened on the last day of filming.

We've also learned that LaTocha Scott's baby's father and manager, Rocky Bivens, is going to be the scrappiest of all the husbands on the show.  He and LaTocha's sister Tamika are going to have a lot to say about former Xscape members Kandi & Tiny.  And it's not pretty.

Season 2 kicks off May 1st (my birthday!) on TV One at 10/9c.  Check out the trailer HERE in case you missed it.

We'll be watching...


Photo: TV One

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The main reason why I enjoyed

The main reason why I enjoyed watching this was because it showed how "Black Women" could come together in a loving and supporting way and not curse each other out or throw drinks in people's faces, etc. After reading this, seems like they're going to bring on the drama and it will turn ratchet like all the other reality tv shows smh....... And I'd actually like to hear what happened to the group Xscape, b/c I was such a huge fan. You can discuss what happened without bringing up drama, just like Kandi and Tiny did. Hopefully LaTocha and Tamika will do the same

I was just thinking the same

I was just thinking the same thing in regards to talking about Kandi and Tiny, why not start from a clean plate and keep that ish in the past, we would like to find out about you not your experience with your group-mates. It's funny how you don't hear Tiny nor Kandi talking about there experience and feelings about them.
Jelli's picture

asian beauty store owners are

asian beauty store owners are creaming too
anon's picture

Sigh..Why do they have to

Sigh..Why do they have to talk about Tiny and Kandi?.. That was what 15 years ago? Move on! They obviously have. I swear we women love to keep shit going for decades.
PacificGirl's picture

we should celebrate the real

we should celebrate the real black woman's body. Latorch who knew she had a baby by New Edition. she ain't got nothing going on and can't wait to hear he HATE on Tiny and Kandi
lola69's picture

I'll be tuning in. Sad to

I'll be tuning in. Sad to hear that they're allowing LaTocha's sis & hubby to act up; it would be nice for ONE show with a AA cast to be decent & above the nonsense.

Did Nicci Gilbert have

Did Nicci Gilbert have gastric bypass surgery? Serious question.
Jaye's picture

i heard this show was good. i

i heard this show was good. i might have to tune in. The ladies look lovely.
sexe757's picture

Jesus wouldn't pull his root

Jesus wouldn't pull his root to any of them......smh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

they all look great.

they all look great. beautiful regular size women represent. can't wait even though I didn't really watch but glad they are all so beautiful. So you sagging ho's talking about weght watchers go finger yourself
lola69's picture

weight watchers is creaming

weight watchers is creaming
anon's picture

says who, the chick who's

says who, the chick who's body is stretched out cause of having 12 babies with different cons. girl bye.
lola69's picture

don't put your business out

don't put your business out there. not a good look (stretch marks and such).
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