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WHAT BREAK-UP? Rihanna & Chris Brown Hang Out In L.A. + Breezy Drops "Ready" Video With Fabolous

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While sites around the net reported that Chris Brown & Rihanna broke up (again) earlier this week after an inside source told them the two were done, your fave makeups to breakups couple snapped a pic together yesterday in L.A. to prove the doubters wrong.


Chris & Rih Rih ridin' around and gettin' it, plus Breezy's new video with Fabolous for "Ready", inside....

She says she doesn't understand love, but she knows she loves herself some Breezy.  Rihanna Instagrammed a pic of her and her boo snuggled up and riding around L.A. after she brought her Diamonds tour to Anaheim the other night.

Chris went to her Staples Center show earlier this week to show support, which was the first clue the break up rumors were just rumors.

 photo article-2307261-193A8521000005DC-668_634x477_zps8105a594.jpg

 photo 4e83dd96a24711e28b9422000a1f8af5_7_zps0a584f55.jpg

Lil Miss Sunshine kept up the playful snaps and gave a shout out to her boo's upcoming new album X saying, "Yellow model chick in my yellow ass dress wit my yellow nigga X."  


 photo article-2307237-193A5C31000005DC-693_634x315_zps253c6ea4.jpg

Meanwhile, Chris is focused on his music as he's on Fabolous' new song called "Ready".  And the fellas just dropped the video.  Check out the sexy hotel room lovin' and romantic dinner dates with their gals below:

By the way, Chris' bodyguard Pat is now suing WIP nightclub over that Chris/Drake fight incident.  His head was cracked open with cuts and he suffered bad injuries that he's now seeking damages for.  Pat says the club should have known better--due to Chris & Drake's public beef--than to let both stars inside the venue at the same time.


Photos: Instagram

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They are so trashy and an

They are so trashy and an embarrassment. People complain about other celebs like Kim K? She's a saint compared to them. By the way, all these rumors about them breaking up, etc are all started by them. They love attention and they make it so obvious.
PrincessStacks's picture

This is so TRUE!@Princess

This is so TRUE!@Princess
Shay's picture

OMG... Love Chris and Rih

OMG... Love Chris and Rih together; they're young, get over it. Love that song; Fab and Chris killed the vid too. The End.
MsPisME's picture

These two are making the

These two are making the media looks so fking stupid. I love it. I'm sure they sit back and laugh at all the dumb ish that is taken out of context and blown out of proportion. I know I would. Basically they are saying: STFU you don't know me or what's really going on.
PacificGirl's picture

Cute pic. I just think that

Cute pic. I just think that Chris and Rihanna just don't give a damn. They want to be together and they going do that no matter what people say. I don't think they got back together for the sake of being seen. I really think he still loved Rihanna and he was just waiting on her to forgive him for what happen. Rihanna forgive him and wanted to be him again so he left Karrueche ass. I am sorry Karrueche was Chris rebound chick. Yes he loved or loves her but he don't feel the same way about her the way he does for Rihanna. People like Oh he should have stayed with Karrueche blah blah she seem to really be their for him. However, if he did not really love her the way she was suppose to be loved being in a relationship with her for 2 years then he should have dumbed her. Chris said his relationship with Karrueche was more like a friendship then a relationship. That speaks volumes right there.
yasmine0482's picture

I agree. This relationship,

I agree. This relationship, when it finally ends, will not end well.
Jaye's picture

Both of them probably plan

Both of them probably plan and fake sh*t just for a media buzz.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Chris is getting a little

Chris is getting a little more attention for his music when he mentions her, so to garner more attention in the media he USES her! He really and truly is over her and had more GENUINE LOVE for "K" girl because that relationship did'nt come with all the garbage attached to it. Ratchet Rih just had to have him and hated him being with "K" so she got what she wanted although she may have him in body but not in his HEART,MIND,SOUL AND SPIRIT she does not AND SHE KNOWS IT! He's only with her because someone advised him wrong telling him he will get more attention with having RATCHET RIH back in his life! UNFORTUNATELY, whomever advised him. They were WRONG and RATCHET RIH will lose him! This is why they are so UP and DOWN all the time and they will NEVER MAKE IT BECAUSE #1 HE DON'T LOVE HER! #2 they should have let sleeping dogs lie,#3 It's just not in the cards for them! Ratchet Rih did not listen to her grandma's advise to found a man that loves her more than she loves him! Grandma knew best and because she had her WARNINGS she will SUFFER over this! A BOAT THAT WILL SINK, A TRAINWRECK ABOUT TO HAPPEN ALL all describes their DOOMED RELATIONSHIP! He will move on but because she's stuck on him she will suffer the most. THE END!
Shay's picture

You sound so damn stupid,

You sound so damn stupid, like how do you know this? You know them personally right? Like, you was there with him when he was with Karate? When he left her for Rih? When he's having meetings with his PR people? You seem more like a hater than anything. Let me ask this!!!! Why now? If it was all to get his image cleaned up, and sell records why he ain't do this shit with his last ALBUM? This man just had an interview and said that HE DID NOT LOVE KARATE; it was a more of a friendship, he was with her making songs about his EX!!!! That's love? Being seen at EVER club with WHORES while they are in a relationship- that's love? He left her, got back with who HE considers the love of his life and she HELPED HIM get his life back together something that Karate COULD not do! smh! Lastly, idk where you get you "i can see into the future so I know what's gone happen" attitude frm kus last time I check That So Raven was cancelled b*tc* so stop talking about how its gone end because YOU cannot see into the future! You are the epitome of Delusional, (delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary) because it is obvious that they are young and very much in love, but no matter how many pics, interviews, etc you STILL find a way to discredit their relationship. LONELY C*NT! :) I'm done.
Keonta's picture

@KETACO,or what the hell ever

@KETACO,or what the hell ever your name is I'm sure that name comes from a DUMB parent that made it up and it DON'T MEAN SHIT! Or the man you think is your dad name is KEN and or LOW CLASS MOM is named something STUPID LIKE TATA,TETE or TOSHA. I can smell the GUTTER TRASH ON YOU! Just like our last reply session HERE WE GO AGAIN YOU CRAZY HOPELESSLY LOST STAN! Any time there's a post on Chris B your crazy ASS IS ON HERE TRYING TO ATTACK MY OPINION! IT'S A BLOG YOU FEEBLE MINDED FOOL! Chris nor Rih could care less about a NOBODY LIKE YOU! I know you come from the GHETTO cause only low rate low class people talk about water bills and lights and water being turned off and shit like that! I'm SORRY KETACO IF I CAN'T RELATE TO YOUR LOW CLASS TALK AND PROBLEMS and BAD UPBRINGINGS OK KETACO! Both of my parents are retired and had GOOD JOBS, AND SO DO I YOU DEGENERERATE REJECT! You are so DUMB what does that's so raven have to do with anything you RETARD? Or let me REPHRASE IT, people like you who have a VERIFIABLE MENTALLY CHALLENGED DISABILITY! Which DESCRIBES YOU KETACO! Every time you try to come at me DUMB ASS I will continue to RIP YOU A NEW ONE! OH! by the way NIT-WIT, I can still write you that PRESCRIPTION DUMMY Physicians aren't the only one's who can write a PSYCHO like you a PRESCRIPTION! PSYCHIATRIST can too YOU PSYCHO! Anyone who feels the need to DEFEND CB and Rih Rih's UNSTABLE VOLATILE TRAIN WRECK OF A RELATIONSHIP IS A MISERABLE OBSESSED LONELY RECLUSE PATHETIC REJECT! Get a life KETACO and get help with your OBSESSION for CB! RELATIONSHIPS PROBLEMS is my JOB YOU MISSFIT IT'S MY JOB IT'S WHAT I DO and UNLIKE YOU I'M NOT on here everyday like you because I HAVE A LIFE UNLIKE YOU, YOU SAD MORON! By the my man is a PHARMACIST so AFTER I WRITE YOUR PRESRIPTION FOR CYMBALTA or ABILIFY he can be sure to fill it! In the words of MS.USA 1993 Don't come for me unless I send for you! Have a nice life KETACO seek help because I won't be responding to you a PSYCHO PERSON LIKE YOU UNLESS I'M GETTING PAID FOR IT!
Shay's picture

You people have got to find

You people have got to find something better to with your time instead of worrying about their relationship That means you Natasha, stop stalking their relationship and worry about your own relationship or lack there of. You people that are hating must 1) want some of Chris' D or just needs to get d down 2) want some pu$$y from Rihanna or 3) Just hate to see others happy! Natasha, you and you messiness needs to stop, they never broke up so, how can it be break up to make up? I like the Fab video but he is one fugly mofo!
Sweets88's picture

That song "ready" gets me in

That song "ready" gets me in the mood for some #1 and #2. just sayin'
shuga's picture

They are celebrities and

They are celebrities and anything done outside of closed doors is up for discussion. Not everyone is commenting out of hate but simply because the whole relationship is a disaster waiting to happen. Who wants to sit back and watch an inevitable train wreck.

The song is formula but Chris

The song is formula but Chris is fione as fawk in that video...the camera really loves him. Fabo look like the worm in the apple...definitely not an attractive man...but I'm proud that his flow has kept him alive in hip hop.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

"Ready" is my fking song!!!

"Ready" is my fking song!!! gets me in a tizzy....lol.
shuga's picture

I called this "break-up" as

I called this "break-up" as nothing but rumors. Leave these kids alone and let them live their lives. It's like people hate to see them happy. Get a life.
JJFad's picture

This "relationship" is

This "relationship" is doomed. They are too immature and too volatile. We all know what kind of temper Chris has from his many public outbursts. We know that Rihanna can be quite snotty i.e her Twitter snaps and overall "f**k you attitude." This will not end well. They're not going to get married, have 2.5 kids, and live happily ever after. Can we get an intervention stat before tragedy strikes again!! I can't stand to see young people with so much potential self destruct.

Damn, Chris young ass was

Damn, Chris young ass was sexy as hell in that video. Fab? NO.
KENNEDY78's picture

LOL! I agree...Fab's not

LOL! I agree...Fab's not looking so 'ready' here. Has he put on a few extra grams or something? Love the song and video, though!
MrsCPA's picture

You can be annoying Natasha.

You can be annoying Natasha. "Make up to break up"? I've only known them to have broken up once before and that was after the incident years ago. Anyway Chris looks 10 times better with Ri. When he was with K he was doped out and you could tell he was experimenting with meth because we all know K is a well known druggie in Cali. The color has even come back to his face, he looks so happy with Ms Fenty....
KENNEDY78's picture

Retarded people always look

Retarded people always look happy (and make noises n' stuff)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I am glad that these two are

I am glad that these two are still going strong! "Ready" is a really nice song! *Clicks the replay button*
C2C's picture

He's USING her....this daily

He's USING her....this daily update helps him but hurts her image (that girl is gonna be ragged when he's done with her).......smh........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

How does it help him when

How does it help him when people like you take every opportunity to still trash the boy and treat him less then human? I think it proves that they really do love each other if they are both willing to deal with public scrutiny and still stay together in spite of it all. He's learned his lesson, now allow him to grow and move on from it. Damn.
Intysingsuga's picture

Well, someone has to be the

Well, someone has to be the voice of reason on this website.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

your not the voice of reason

your not the voice of reason for anything. You and this cheyenne chick (who are probably grown ass women who should have time for other things.. or lemme guess “your bored at work”) don’t know s h i t about this relationship only what you read on blogs. lmao its quite comical you analyze this relationship like you know anything more than what you see from pictures and non reliable sources. Its really sad when we live in a culture where people give more fucks about a relationship, who’s dating who, who isn’t acting righteous, blah blah blah, than putting more fucks given into famine, warfare and environmental destruction. DAMN i know this is a blogsite but america has y’all trapped in the world of media and celebrities. None of you seem to be worried about bigger issues
ZillaJT's picture

*Hands Zilla a chill

*Hands Zilla a chill pill*......You make a valid point, Zilla, but don't get so worked up on a gossip blog. This is hardly the post to discuss such serious issues. Also, you must not be a frequent visitor or you'd know by now that JHC (sorry, can't call you by His name) is the resident comedic relief. Take her for that...and only that.
MrsCPA's picture

tee hee

tee hee
Jesus H. Christ's picture

and the hate continues.....

and the hate continues.....
ZillaJT's picture

RiRi is already starting to

RiRi is already starting to look like GrannyGums®© in the face
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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Knew it was just rumors....

Knew it was just rumors....
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