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PICTURE PERFECT: Cassie's New Forever 21 "Forever LA" Campaign + Solange Shoots Video In Houston With Bun B

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 photo 1_1599_zps5bd5e903.jpg

Cassie's had a big week.  She just dropped her new mixtape RockAByeBaby, and now, she's starring in the "Forever LA" Forever 21 campaign.  Check out the model chick's new pics, plus what Solange Knowles is up to down in H-Town...

She's putting her model skills to good use, and we're definitely feeling it.  Cassie is rocking bright & colorful looks for Forever 21's new LA inspired campaign.  So the "Paradise" singer was the perfect choice to be the face of their new tropical-like pieces:

 photo 2_1478_zps0356283b.jpg

Fashion site Grazia broke the pics and described what the Spring 2013 Forever LA collection is all about:

The Forever LA collection has two parts, the West Side and the East Side. The East Side is inspired by 90s urban Los Angeles style with vintage and alternative style pieces - think Fresh Prince of Bel Air. While the West Side embodies the laid-back vibe of LA with abstract prints, vibrant sneakers and crop tops. The campaign is shot in LA (obvs) and Cassie poses in front of a hipster bike in a massive pair of shades and a graffitied tree trunk, then hits the beach in loud geometric prints.

Loves it.


 photo 59f98e46a25b11e2aeda22000a1f973b_7_zpsb22ad33e.jpg

And speaking of chicks posing it up pretty-style, Solange & rapper Bun B. gave us a sneak peek from the set of a new video they're shooting.  Bun said they were down in Houston shooting something special.  We can only hope it's that "I Been On" Texas All Star remix for Solo's big sis Beyonce.

Or it could be a new song or remix for Solange herself.  Either way, we're loving her look.  The finished product should be interesting....

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davidpaul231's picture

Cassie looks hot in anything

Cassie looks hot in anything because those clothes <
Sabs4Prez's picture

caasie loos hawt..i cant

caasie loos hawt..i cant believe tamar braxton had a nipslip though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

loving what

loving what look/!!?! Cassie...please grow your hair back...you look ridiculous.
Laia's picture

Cassie is a pretty girl but

Cassie is a pretty girl but those fits are hideous! Not a good picture of Solange.
Burself's picture

@sexe757 u just made me LOL

@sexe757 u just made me LOL hard!!!! I was thinking the same thing. Solange looks kinda off!!! Maybe no makeup but she do look like a man in this pic!!!
sampcoflav's picture

I 4got to add, Solange

I 4got to add, Solange looking like a man.
sexe757's picture

She represents this cheap

She represents this cheap brand excellent. Great choice. She isn't rocking LV, Gucci, etc Diddy got her the cheapest clothing line of all. This store is for teens b./c they r broke.
sexe757's picture

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