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SHOTS FIRED: Drake Says Chris Brown Is "Insecure"...And He Respected Rihanna When She LANDED IN HIS LAP

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During Chris Brown's recent publicity tour for his upcoming album X, he's addressed the Drake beef a few times.  But now, it's Drake's turn.  And dude is coming out the gate swinging...in his usual passive aggressive way....

A few years ago while Chris & Rihanna were broken up after their "incident", Rih was rumored to be getting it in with Drake.  The rapper appeared on her "What's My Name" song and in the video, and the two never denied the rumors.

Since Drake & Chris WERE homies, awkwardness set in. Which brings us to the still prevalent beef over Rihanna.

The "Started From the Bottom" rapper hit up Elliot Wilson's EVR radio show Friday evening and told folks media needs to "stop asking him sh*t about that man."  Drake called him insecure since his music is better than Chris' and  because Rihanna fell into his lap.  Sigh.

The passive aggressive shots continued when Drake was asked if he thinks it's the media who's stirring up the drama:

"For any media out there, don't ask me sh*t about that man when I come up there.  And leave that man alone.  Stop preying on his insecurities.  His insecurities are the reason I make better music than him...I'm more popping than him...At one point in life the woman he loves fell into my lap and I did what a real nigga would do and treated her with respect."


Drizzy continued:

"She's not up there talking down on me.  All those things combined creates an individual that comes up to your radio station and do dumb sh*t.  It shouldn't be about tearing that man down.  We have an issue.  And it's either going to drag out or maybe in 10 years we'll laugh about it over drinks.  Just leave that sh*t alone."

He said nobody wants to hear him attack Chris in a rap, and nobody wants to hear Chris rap, so you're not going to get anything out of it.  Essentially he's saying Chris is not the usual rapper he's beefed with in the past like Common or Jay-Z.  So...leave it alone.  Because "he's good".

Chris' response? An "LOL" on Twitter.

Hit up that 2:50 mark to hear everything Drake had to say:

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Rihanna's eyes are absolutely

Rihanna's eyes are absolutely positively gorgeous! She reminds me of Tyra Banks.
shuga's picture

I do like me some

I do like me some Drake........but he sounds bitter and jealous. She wasn't that into u dude....let it go, lol. Chris even gave him a compliment or two. But nevertheless, CB and Rhi are happy w/ each other and that's all that matters! I just hope the beef btwn these two eventually dies down.
MsFiFi's picture

First of all, Rihanna looks

First of all, Rihanna looks absolutely Gorge in the above pic, nails and all. lol Anywho, I really like both Drake and Chris and I wish they'd get over this. I wonder how cool they were with eachother before all of this. I love Drake's lil proper accent lol I like how he said that he treated Rih with respect, but then I didnt like it when the radio host said "all due respect to her", and Drake shaded a bit Smh Let it go, fellas!
GucciQueenOfLife's picture



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davidpaul231's picture

Dear Drake, The fact that you

Dear Drake, The fact that you said my music is better than his and I'm more popping than him (which both are a total fabrication. Ha! you wish) shows that you are the one that's insecure. DUMMY. AND they are back together now so whatever you are saying is a moot point so STFU and go back to your herpes spreading video hoes.
PacificGirl's picture

#1 The radio guy was such a

#1 The radio guy was such a REJECT, all that LAUGHING like a HYENA was not cool and VERY UNNECCESSARY! That's why these celebs don't really respect some of these radio people because they act like PATHETIC DANCING BEARS around these celebs! OK! BACK to the real issue here. I have never been a DRAKE fan, and NEVER really got over the fact that this was the guy I use to watch on DEGRASSI HIGH a few years ago so that alone just blew my mind BUT, I must say DRAKE DELIVERED on this interview and IMHO he SHUT BOTH of them down! All I can say is HE GOT EM! I even like him better now. How he got Chris Brown= Drake was right on point about him being INSECURE and although DRAKE is nothing remotely attractive to me, Drake has GOOD MUSIC, HE CAN ARTICULATE AND EXPRESS HIS SELF VERY VERY WELL! In other words DRAKE is nothing DUMB! Chris Brown on the other hand WAS BORN DUMB, sorry CB STANS the boy is nothing SMART or ARTICULATE in the LEAST! HIS MUSIC SUCKS BIG TIME! Imho he can't sing ANYWAY SOUNDING LIKE AN EBONIC'S SOUNDING CHIPMUNK! Let's face it, RIH is living proof you don't have to have a GREAT SINGING VOICE to make it these days BUT the mere fact that CB PUTS OUT GARBAGE MUSIC and DRAKE DOES NOT says A WHOLE LOT! More than anything CB wants to be taken seriously about his music and RESPECTED BY HIS PEERS in the MUSIC INDUSTRY. CB also wants ON AND POPPING MUSIC like DRAKE and Rih has. Right now Chris in "STRUGGLE MODE' as far as his music is concerned! Say what you want about Drake but he was right about CB being INSECURE. Drake also NAILED IT about how CB is always FALLING FOR THE SETUP OR ENTRAPMENT!Like: Losing his TEMPER and doing STUPID STUFF! It's because he is not SURROUNDED by SMART people. Face it, when you are BORN DUMB you need a "MATTHEW KNOWLES" type early on to HELP GUIDE you in the right direction! We all knew his TUMBLEWEED BRAIN daughter was also BORN DUMB too but THANK-GOD for her DAD BRAINS. Mathew is the reason she is where she is today! Back to CB, getting back with Rih was also a bad idea this is not HELPING his career it's HURTING IT! People were ROOTING for him more when they were APART! They both were more interesting to me APART, seeing them back together only makes you THINK OF THE BEAT DOWN! Here's where many are you are DEAD WRONG, Drake may at one point still really wanted RIH but HE'S OVER HER NOW! DRAKE has already HAD HER, although she went back to CB guess what? DRAKE has already CONCURED HER! There is NOTHING WORSE than KNOWING your NEMESIS has BEEN WITH your GIRL! Exhibit( A) Drake has already SLEPT or HAD RIH Chris's girl. Exhibit(B) Drake is ON AND POPPING AND IS RESPECTED IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! CHRIS IS NOT! How Drake Got Rih= Rihanna was not BORN DUMB she is ARTICULATE and expresses her-self well in interviews, UNLIKE CB but her MESSY,RATCHETNESS, will always be a HINDRANCE for her. Rih's MESSY RATCHETNESS was the reason she ended up in DRAKE'S BED ANYHOW! Women like Rih LOVE DRAMA and probably slept with Drake just to make CB jealous! Again,TYPICAL RIH BEHAVIOR! Rih was is not DUMB by any means but her EMOTIONS and plain MESSYNESS stops her from making LOGICAL / COMMON SENSE choices for herself! Coming from someone who's not a DRAKE STAN HE GOT EM AND DELIVERED AND NAILED THIS INTERVIEW MAKING BOTH OF THEM LOOK STUPID! Sorry folks but the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH! I BELIEVE DRAKE when he said his MIND is not on that MAN or that GIRL and just wanted to set the RECORD STRAIGHT! One last time. Drake has moved on and is BACK TO CONCENTRATING ON MUSIC LIKE HE SAID and DOES! Drake is not my type but I choose TALENT, AND SMARTS over looks ANYDAY! DRAKE WINS!
Shay's picture

I'm more poppin than him?

I'm more poppin than him? WTF!!! Who says that? smdhlol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

r u shittin me...Drake get yo

r u shittin me...Drake get yo life bookie....your music better...says who?
whatupdoe_state with them great lakes's picture

I would love to know where

I would love to know where was all this testosterone when Common "Ether(ed)" him on "Sweet"? Oh, he only responds to R & B dudes that wanna be rappers or rappers that wanna be R & B dudes... Standing with Wayne and Baby doesn't make you a gangsta (or as he would say, a "badass") anymore than standing in a garage means you own a car.
Teri lyn's picture


Shay's picture

i hope all three get checked

i hope all three get checked regularly for stds.
wildlife's picture

All 3 of them are losers at

All 3 of them are losers at this point. But I'm sure Chris won't mind the extra publicity since it's promo season.
CheyPie's picture

So why wasn't Drake going at

So why wasn't Drake going at Common this hard when they had beef, IJS...???Drake is soft like a loaf of bread.
Naomi's picture

Chris been throwing shots at

Chris been throwing shots at Drake in all his recent interviews, but cause Drake state the obvious hes wack ?? OH OKAY
Mary Jane's picture

It's absolutely hilarious how

It's absolutely hilarious how Drake called Chris insecure, pot please meet kettle. Drake really needs to STOP! Everyone already knows he's not a gangsta rapper and will never be one. He needs to stick with what he knows, which is being the sensitive sweet guy in the corner. No one took his beefs with Common or Jay-Z seriously. (Side note: wasn't he just at an nba game getting Bey, Jay, and cousin Angie drinks like he was the waiter?I like Drake's music but he's a little Kiss ass b*tch). That's why no one takes him or lil wayne's beefs seriously, because deep down they're just two insecure lil boys that want to be a part of the cool crowd (see: wayne's recent beef with miami heat). Drake wants to come off like a bad boy but he clearly is not bout that life. You will never see hood chicks like Whitney Houston or Rihanna with men like Drake, because they're too goody two shoes for them.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Chris been taking shots at

Chris been taking shots at Drake in all his recent interviews, but cause Drake state the obvious he's wack?? OH OKAY
Mary Jane's picture

I agree with you; I think

I agree with you; I think Breezy tried to be mature about it at the club when he sent that bottle over, but when -ish went south he started trash-talking too. They BOTH need to shutup about it & focus on music.

Chris been throwing shots at

Chris been throwing shots at Drake in all his recent interviews, but cause Drake state the obvious he's wack?? OH OKAY ...
Mary Jane's picture

I'm a fan of all of them

I'm a fan of all of them individually, but I wish these dudes--and ALL dudes nowadays would stop suffering from BITCHASSNESS and talking so much. Like The Braxtons say, too many of y'all are 'in your feelings'. Luv me some Drake but he needs to keep quiet about this. He obviously has a thang for Rhi-Rhi but she made her choice. Breezy tried to do the right thing by sending him a bottle @ the club, only for Drake-or his camp to smash it & cause a brawl that could've killed somebody! Come on now--man-up and shut-up.

LMAO at the radio guy with

LMAO at the radio guy with his funny weird witch laugh. So Chris opened up this twitter account again??? Lets see how long it'll stay before he deletes it again from anger/temper. Chris and Riri always respond immaturely via twitter.Wow drake passive aggressive response had me dying....lol Yes Drake!!! rotf@landed in my lap. I'll take a calm dude over a hot tempered violent one any day. Nobody got time for that!!! Anyways this was very entertaining indeed...#sips.tea
sexybrownpyt's picture

Drake prolly cries after

Drake prolly cries after sex........what a Puss Bag
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Drake said he not worried

Drake said he not worried about Chris or Rihanna but clearly you can hear he still in his feelings. If Drake was over the situation he would not have thru shade, and just been like I rather not talk about ol boy. Drake I think was really into Rihanna but riri was just looking to have fun. Drake is caught up in his feelings that Rihanna went back to Chris and he never got a real chance with her. Drake never really commented on Rihanna and their relatioship before all of a sudden he spilling tea. Their a reason for that man.
yasmine0482's picture

Drake is such a bitch. Must

Drake is such a bitch. Must be that time of the month for him. What man says, I'm more popping than him??? What man sends a note to a dude in a club saying I'm fucking the love of your life? She landed in your lap? Really??? He's so corny! This is why Ri used him for the sex real quick and bounced. It's so obvious that he can't get over the chick, as he's expressed in other interviews. He really needs to get out of his feelings and move on. Clearly, she has.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Drake, you was just the

Drake, you was just the rebound guy. what can't you understand about that. There wasn't a you and rihanna! stop getting caught up in your feelings.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Can we really call him a

Can we really call him a rebound because Rih never claimed him...where is the solid proof...he is bitter and is one of those kiss and tell guys (the ones who can't be trusted) lol I wish artist will leave this "beef" stuff alone and focus soley on music...Chis has his song Fine China out and its hot so hopefully he focuses on that and don't say anything
Ms.Dede's picture

I love this triangle. It's so

I love this triangle. It's so flattering for Rih to have these men battling so hard for her. I think when her and Chris break up (we all know they aren't going to last) she needs to give Drake another shot. He's really going hard in the paint for her affection. I love it!
Bird's picture

There will NEVER be a Drake

There will NEVER be a Drake and Rihanna, because like many people have stated Drake is a corny punk. Rihanna like many women aren't attracted to that as they shouldn't be. He comes off as a sweet guy but is really a loser. He's the type of guy that will talk a whole bunch of junk but when sh** gets serious will run like hell. Drake doesn't handle his business like a REAL man that's why most chicks don't want his sensitive a** (I like his music tho).
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

They already broke up.

They already broke up.
Sabs4Prez's picture

They're always breaking up

They're always breaking up and getting back together. Constantly. I mean when they break up permanently.
Bird's picture

LOL indeed. Drake is as

LOL indeed. Drake is as pressed as this juice I'm drinking. Rihanna did you a favor, run while you can, you don't want to be a part of that damn mess. Chris and her belong together because they're complete nut jobs! I agree, Drake makes better music than Chris. Hell, right now, everyone makes better music than him. He needs to go back to when he had people making the music for him and he just sang on the record!
Yas's picture

This is so typical of Drake's

This is so typical of Drake's weak ass. He sound like a bitter girl. He was making all these bleeding heart raps about her not too long ago now trying to act all hard. He may have got the panties one time, but Chris has her heart and that's all that really matters at this point.
JJFad's picture

It won't last with Chris. He

It won't last with Chris. He treats her horribly and continues to support his ex financially and hangs out with her and is probably sexing her as well. For that reason I love that Drake continues to be a thorn in his side. Chris doesn't deserve to have her stress free right now.
Bird's picture

i maybe too old to comment on

i maybe too old to comment on this story because it's about people young enough to be my niece and nephews, but in reality Drake won the war and the battle. For the simple fact that his career is still going strong, and even if Rhianna went back to Chris Brown, Drake always have something over his head, and that's the fact that him and Rhianna had something back in the day. So no matter what, Drake can always use that. So, no matter what, CB being a man, he will become agitated or heated at Drake/Rhianna past. Any man would. And how is he a female, because he stated the obvious? Just because Drake talked about it, doesn't mean, he checking for Rhianna. This could be his way of insulting CB and Rhianna. It's the fans that aree constantly defending CB, he's a grown man, he can defend himself. That's the problem with our community, women are so quick to defend men, like they been castrated. CB responded by LOL, so it's over. Not that serious. While people are attacking Drake, this could be a publicity stunt for both parties. and both probably sit back and laugh about it.

Drake is definitely checking

Drake is definitely checking for Rih. He has been pining publicly for her since she let him smash. He started the altercation with Chris at the club over Rih. He continues to diss Chris in songs. Yeah he's checking for her alright, but that's all good for me though. I say let these men have at it and may the best man win!
Bird's picture

drake is funny..i cant

drake is funny..i cant believe tamar braxton had a nipslip though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

This shit right here is

This shit right here is wack..The interviewer needs to stfu and Drake need to have several seats...Drake should get on that song with Ray J because he is too pressed over someone who never claimed him in the first place...I'm praying Chris don't respond and just let this childish mess go
Ms.Dede's picture

I totally agree. You say you

I totally agree. You say you had nothing to say, but can't seem stop talking about it. You trying to discount what she meant to you only exposes how much your heart still bleeds for her and how your disdain has nothing to do his music vs your music and everything to do with your bitter feelings of why she chose him over you in the end. It was HER choice. Lastly, "No comment" is still an appropriate answer when you have nothing to say, unless you really do have something to say...
Teri lyn's picture

Word to the interviewer:

Word to the interviewer: “LOL” does not mean you have to translate into literal form, especially if what’s being said really isn’t funny at all.
Peace Silas's picture

In my opinion, that was a h o

In my opinion, that was a h o e move. Chris Brown has been asked several times in interviews and kept it clean and insult free. Drake is being messy like a female. I don't know who is worse, him or Ray J. Looking at the big picture, he went after his homies vulnerable girl, she chewed him up and spit him out, and he is not over it. Now he is mad because she went back to the man she truly wanted to be with. Yep..that was a h o e move.
EJ's Girl's picture

I disagree. He's going hard

I disagree. He's going hard in the paint for the woman he wants. He didn't hit one time. They had a relationship. A brief one but a relationship none the less. In his mind Chris is the reason it was brief so he's trying to eliminate ole boy. He doesn't look like a hoe to me. He looks like a man that knows what he wants and is willing to put in the work to get it. I'm loving him right now. By the way Chris has thrown shots at Drake in recent interviews. And both of them continue to put out diss records about each other. So yeah, it's war and so far neither man is giving up.
Bird's picture

Go back and listen to the

Go back and listen to the Chris Brown interviews, he actually complimented Drake..Drake looks like a butt hurt little girl that should have given up a long time ago. When did we ever see pictures of them doing anything other than making music? Did we see them on dates? No Did we see them on vacation? No. It wasn't a relationship, they were screwing buddies if anything. So yeah maybe you need to get your definition of a relationship together, because that was what they didn't have. Oh yeah and the dis record, Chris Brown did it because he can..Drake was wrong to go after her in the first place. How many yearsr ago did this happen...yeah ya boy Drake needs to move on.
EJ's Girl's picture


MsMidwest's picture

Thank You!!! that was a hoe

Thank You!!! that was a hoe move...what people don't seem to understand is Chris and him were actually cool before this but shit hit the fan when he(Drake) went after his "homie's" ex at the time (when he knew Chris was/is still in love with her) when she was at low time in her life and even if she did "fall into his lap" (which I doubt) he shouldn't have went with it...but then get mad cause she didn't want him like that and never claimed him and now she back with Chris posting pics on instagram happier than a mf but that is his(drake's) karma and he can say he dont care but if that were true he would have said I don't want to talk about them this interview should be about me only and skipped the question and you can tell he still pressed cause at the 2013 Grammys during the Bob Marley tribute while Rihanna was performing he looked butthurt just sitting there while everybody else is dancing and clapping..I'm sorry but this interview was wack to me and the interviewer got on my nerves...I hope Chris don't respond *crosses fingers*
Ms.Dede's picture

Maybe after the beating Drake

Maybe after the beating Drake wasn't feeling Chris all that much and definitely not concerned about his feelings about Rih. Maybe he decided to show her how a real man treats a woman.
Bird's picture

Then his issue should be with

Then his issue should be with her, not him. He and Rihanna were in a relationship... It was her choice to be with Drake, it was her choice to not remain with Drake. It takes two.
Teri lyn's picture

OMG. The interviewer needed

OMG. The interviewer needed to just shut the heck up!!!! Drake come man, u really need to check your ego at the door!! Your not as hot as u think!!
Kiki diva's picture

OMG. The interviewer needed

OMG. The interviewer needed to just shut the heck up!!!! Drake come man, u really need to check your ego at the door!! Your not as hot as u think!!
Kiki diva's picture

OMG. The interviewer needed

OMG. The interviewer needed to just shut the heck up!!!! Drake come man, u really need to check your ego at the door!! Your not as hot as u think!!
Kiki diva's picture

pleasse drake...rih rih gave

pleasse drake...rih rih gave u one hit n u fall like a beetch...u jus mad that u so wack she choose a dude who hit her over u

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