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Tatyana Ali, Laz Alonso, (Ringless) Porsha Stewart & MORE At the MegaGrowth "Tress To Impress" Party In ATLANTA

 photo megag8.jpg

"RHOA" star Porsha Stewart stepped out last night (sans wedding ring) with Tatyana Ali, Laz Alonso and others for the MegaGrowth event, "Tress To Impress".  See pics of Bravo star Quad, Andrea Kelly and more inside.....


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Porsha Stewart (shown above with Tatyana Ali & Laz Alonso), who became the most talked about housewife on "RHOA" once her divorce went public, stepped out in Atlanta last night ringless and happy as she hit up the MegaGrowth's "Tress To Impress" event.  It all went down at The Mane Event at King Plow Arts Center.

The almost single gal tweeted, "I'm here at the relaunching of @MegaGrowth !These products are great for natural, permed, AND colored hair Thanks Mega Growth for having me!" 

 photo megag11.jpg

 photo megag10.jpg

Porsha tweeted that she picked up her black and white off the shoulder dress from Reve Boutique.  Maybe it's just us but something seems different about that face.  Yet and still, chick looks damn good to be going through an extra rough & very public divorce.  Loves the dress.

And about that wedding ring she finally removed, a source close to Porsha explained, “When he (Kordell) filed for divorce, she found out about it online. So she kept her wedding ring on out of shock at first, then in hopes they could still work it out. But she’s finally realized Kordell is not the man she thought he was."

We could have told you that boo..

 photo megag3.jpg

 photo megag2.jpg

Just about everybody took a stroll down the carpet with P.  "Married To Medicine" star Quad Webb-Lunceford and "LAHH ATL" co-star Ariane Davis were amongst the chicks who snapped some pics.

 photo megag1.jpg 

The ladies were joined by MegaGrowth's Strength of Nature Marketing Director Charlene Dance.

 photo megag13.jpg

 photo megag14.jpg

"Second Generation Wayans" star Tatyana Ali, in a sexy leopard cut-out back dress, helped host the Relaunch of MegaGrowth.

 photo megag15.jpg

Tatyana posed with Jennifer Hudson's hair stylist, Tasheara Neshell.

 photo megag7.jpg

Tatyana hosted the event with sexy "Deception" actor Laz Alonso.   That man, that man..... And yes, we're letting him slide with this sheer American flag contraption.  We almost missed it getting so caught up in his sexiness...

 photo megag5.jpg

And "Hollywood Exes" star Andrea Kelly also walked the event.  Wondering if she left her edges at home.  We love her and all her baby hairs though... 


Photos via Paras Griffin/gparasphtography.com



And what part of Porsha is

And what part of Porsha is cute again? That long face? I'm sorry, but she really isn't all that attractive. I think she's well groomed and well dressed and that's what gets her by. Andrea Kelly received a huge divorce settlement from R. Kelly so why does she always look a mess? She can afford to get the best edges and wardrobe that money can buy. Damn!
CoCo's picture


Ummm, HELLO: SHE NO LONGER HAS BRAVO'S MAKE UP ARTIST! Plus, she's going through a divorce. Chances are she may be crying a lot, not eating or overeating...etc. For everyone who said she isn't attractive, I would LOVE to see what you look like. She was the prettiest one on RHWOA (at least on par with Cynthia). And, she's a healthy weight...something Black women on and off that show have a real problem with.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Im glad that I am not the

Im glad that I am not the only 1 that feels something is diff with Porsha's face. Hope she didnt do anything to it, because she was beautiful just the way she was. Everyone looks nice, and I do think Andrea Kelly needs a stylist or makeover also..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Andrea Kelly looks like

Andrea Kelly looks like something. I just can't think of what it is...
CoCo's picture

Tasha you took the words

Tasha you took the words right out of my mouth. Something is different about Porsha's face, can't put my finger on it. She's been looking different since the divorce hmmmm.....
nikki6's picture

Jennifer Hudson has a hair

Jennifer Hudson has a hair stylist; looks all she does it wear long lace fronts or something; her hair should b looking better; Porsha look like she did something 2 her face; or is just the makeup..hate Quad weave/wig; she has a nice body...Ms Ali appears to be the only one wearing her natural hair..
ladydiinpa's picture

Tatyana is probably the only

Tatyana is probably the only one of these chicks who actually has hair! #Team KENYA, we naturally long hair gals always get HATE from the HORSE FACE DUMB, INARTICULATE PORSHA looking type of gals! I hope Kordell don't have to give her GOLDIGGER BUTT CRAP from their DIVORCE, Porsha can get 2 BUCKS for the 2 years she was married!
Shay's picture

i guess its just me but i

i guess its just me but i seriously had to keep staring at those first few pictures that doesnt look like Porscha at all, something is different, i finally gave up and when i saw the other pics i said wow i guess that is her

Porscha is looking for

Porscha is looking for another benefactor so that is why she is on the scene to catach her next pay check. Poor thing. Video Vixen is being borned
lola69's picture

So they're attending a event

So they're attending a event hawking "Mega Grow" and the majority of them are wearing weaves down their behinds??? Tired of these Rapunzel weaves! I can't...
nlwilliams60's picture

Totally thought the same

Totally thought the same thing. Everyone except for Tatiana? Black women, we have to start caring for our own hair. This is getting ridiculous. Actually..it's been ridiculous.
Zetagirl's picture

Caring about your hair? I

Caring about your hair? I will take Black women seriously when they start caring about their weight. Forget about hair. Black women are notoriously over weight. Even at their thinnest, they are larger in comparison to Asian and White women. That's a problem in more ways than one.
Sabs4Prez's picture

ditto and ditto.

ditto and ditto.
wildlife's picture

Porsha is a black Barbie

Porsha is a black Barbie doll. Ariane is gorgeous. Laz starting to look old. Tatyana is always pretty. Andrea Kelly need a stylist from head to toe. She needs hair in her face not away from it. And I don't mean that to be mean, just the truth.
JJFad's picture

Kudos to Porsha for staying

Kudos to Porsha for staying in the public eye! Pow! Take that Kordell. I think all the ladies and their hair look fab!
JewelryLover's picture

why do these ladies have what

why do these ladies have what looks like the start of a receding hairline? all of this traction alopecia for the sake of a brazilian weave every week? healthy hair is good, give the scalp a rest from time to time. learn from naomi campbell's edges.
blehhh's picture

Porscha's skirt is cute but

Porscha's skirt is cute but her face aint. R Kelly's ex looks ugg. I though Laz was single. I read it here on this site about a month ago. He fine tho. I think Laz and Tatyana make a cute couple.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

No!!!!!!! Jesus & Tatyana

No!!!!!!! Jesus & Tatyana make a cute couple (i know her daily schedule & routine)..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Jesus would get Tatyana Ali

Jesus would get Tatyana Ali Preggo....and force her to cook everyday
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Quad is hilarious with her

Quad is hilarious with her "sayings" & Porsha looks good
DivineBeauty's picture

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