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TISK TISK: Keyshia Cole's Diva Antics Make Her Over 2 Hours Late In Detroit...And She Has Words For Her Concert Crowd?

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Keyshia Cole is up to some diva antics.  Word has it that her tour stop in Detroit last night was filled with pissing off several of her fans.  Find out what went down inside...


Folks in Detroit starting blowing up Twitter and the city's Hot 107.5 radio station about Keyshia Cole's lateness for her events. And something she told the crowd that had folks in their feelings...rightfully so. When Keyshia rolled into the D yesterday, she was scheduled to do a meet and greet at a new retail store called Villa.  But chick showed up 2.5 hours late, which caused her fans to wait outside in the cold & rain for a total of 4 hours.

Apparently, she was scheduled to show up at 2p, but didn't show up until 4:30p and fans had been lining up since noon.  The reason?  Hip Hop Detroit says they learned that she was waiting for the venue to get her the specific water she asked for before she stepped foot inside.

And that wasn't all.  At last night's concert at the MotorCity Casino Hotel, Keyshia didn't think she was getting enough love from the crowd.  So she told them whoever isn't rocking with her, can leave.  Oop!  A Twitter follower posted:

“This bitch MAAAAAAD, the crowd wasn’t rockin hard w/ her she said “At ths point in my career if u not rockin w/ me u can get out” lmaooooo u not Jay-Z or Beyonce ppl ain’t rockin w/ EVERY song. ..Aye my tickets were free soooo umnmm I can say this “Keyshia a rat w/ money” lol her stage presence says “cheese please” lmaooo”

We just have one question though:

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-12at50113PM_zpsb38183d2.png

How and why are we flossing these outfits on stage in 2013 Key Key?  Even Miss Tina Knowles--who had some questionable yet similar concoctions in the early Destiny's Child days--is somewhere mad disappointed. Oh wells....

Photos: Keyshia's Twitter

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2+ hrs late? she must've

2+ hrs late? she must've been putting that silly outfit together. She's already walking a thin line showing her ass on that reality show with her hubby. Im seriously praying for that dude.
Realist's picture

<<<<<<<<<<< KeyShia can you

<<<<<<<<<<< KeyShia can you please have several seats to the left? So over this chick. Your career is struggling. Now is not the time to be trying act like u the baddest of them all. lmbo..... child please!
MsFiFi's picture

Why was the video only 20

Why was the video only 20 secs long? lol And Keyshia, Keyshia, Keyshia, what is goin on honey?? This is not my Keyshia from 2005! I been rockin with her HARD since she came out. I just couldnt get with it after the first 3 albums, not she's been acting like this? I hope that water part was just a rumor. But after those ppl waited all day for her, why would she tweet something like that? I really wanna see her win, for realll..But chile..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

If you think about it, when

If you think about it, when Keisha 1st hit the scene, she was BAAADDD. She was going through something and had a lot of heartbreak and pain to express in her music that all of us Women could feel b/c we had either been through it, going through it or know someone else who was. Not just the Ladies, but the Gentlemen too. You could see her life transitioning for the better with her next 2 cd's Just Like You & A Different Me. Yawl know that K.Cole got us all through a many of days when it came to healing over hurt-especially w/ You’ve Changed & We Could Be!!! Those two could’ve put the Sista into Orbit had it been promoted right and played on the radio for chart ratings!!... Seems like she stop giving a d*m a/b her fans after she gained everything she had been singing about in her music as hopes to having one day...Love, Marriage, & Family. Since she's gained all that, she has nothing to sing about. I like A Long Way Down on the Calling All Hearts cd. Regardless, Keisha you still my girl, but perhaps she should step outside her arrogance and realize that you still have hurt women out here that need your music as a healing antidote. In other words, Singing is like Acting, you play different roles to keep the audience and your fans happy. I hate to see artists like Faith, K. Price & Keisha fall off w/ their fans but it seems like they haven't had anything to sing about since their 1st cd b/c they aren't going through anything anymore and obviously that was the most Painful aspect of their life. Damn can we get another heart-break around here!!! I miss K. Cole putting it down like she did when she first hit the scene. Stop acting like the chic from the HOOD that blew up w/ arrogance forgetting where she came from and those that supported you to be who and where you are today!!!...STOP BEING ARROGANT b/c that is really not you….Mary J. stays grounded whether she is doing good or bad. She sings a/b real shit that she went through in life, keeping it real. Keisha you can do the same too… Bring it Back Keisha, regardless if you are Happy in Life w/ a Husband and Family...Get ya "acting" skills on again as if you were hurt and going through again, sing a/b Karma and tell us a story about how the men who hurt you are doing now, what was their reaction when you blew up on the scene, I bet they are SICK now!!...THAT'S WHAT WE WANT TO HEAR!!
enico101's picture

I totallyyy agree! Keyshia

I totallyyy agree! Keyshia has gotten me through some times, honey! I havent listened to her albums in a min (The first 3 are my absolute favs), and I almost forgot about "We Could be", Im going right to YouTube after this lol She can def get back to her heartbreak formula (just like Trust and Believe, which I like but Im not into it like her other songs), but she can also sing about love and other issues, she just needs some hot songs. She had great songs on each album that were love songs, so Im sure she could do it again. Maybe she needs Manny back lol
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

That nacho libre comment was

That nacho libre comment was funny as hell. Keyshia is talented, but her attitude and arrogance are really hurting her career. I wish she would just be more humble and stop trying to act like shes been in the game for 20+ years. The only real divas I would wait hours to see are artists like Patti Labelle or Mary J Blidge.
getyourlife33's picture

You wait 2 hours to see

You wait 2 hours to see Keyshia Cole, blame yourself.
whatev's picture

That space alien outfit

That space alien outfit tho......

She looks like Gazoo from the

She looks like Gazoo from the Flinstones and Nacho Libre's love child on a Telanovela.
Suga Bear's picture

this bitch singing career is

this bitch singing career is over go sit your ass down and make some more baby with your husband.

Keyshia's career is rapidly

Keyshia's career is rapidly falling to pieces. You know what that's called? Karma. Sade, Brandy, Monica, heck even Jennifer Lopez (who can't sing worth a dam) have all lasted so long ONLY because of their connects in the industry. This is not the type of "world" where you want to burn bridges. Showing up late and talking about other performers is surely not earning her cool points.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Ummm Sade? She's timeless and

Ummm Sade? She's timeless and a multi-platinum selling artist. She's selling old albums that are out selling more current artists. She's like a Prince so I can't agree. Monica also in fact can actually sing really, really well. So hmmm
cutethatsall56's picture

She looks like a damn

She looks like a damn bat-winged leprechaun...I wish she would just go sit down somewhere... Ugh!

Keyshia it's getting harder

Keyshia it's getting harder and harder to roll with you boo.
Peace Silas's picture

Keyshia need to sit her

Keyshia need to sit her THIRSTY ass down!! Obviously, since she hard up for a specific water. She needs to sit back and humble herself, because ain't nobody checking for her!! like that fan said, those tickets were free, other than that, no one would have been there!! Got her damn face on a $3 perm box and think she something!! Bitch you squat between two shoes like everyone else. Looking like a praying mantis in that monstrosity of a getup..
imjustsayintho's picture

hope you have invested that

hope you have invested that money wisely...
Laia's picture


Peace Silas's picture

just looking at the pics,

just looking at the pics, this chick had the nerve to pass judgement on michelle or beyonce??? i can say with all fidelity that destiny child would never, AND I MEAN NEVER, be caught dead in these homemade 'hood costumes in 2013.
wildlife's picture

Keisha is not even hot like

Keisha is not even hot like that, girl go sit down correction little girl.
TeaNicole's picture

I try to like this girl...but

I try to like this girl...but she makes it so hard.
CheyPie's picture


Sabs4Prez's picture

No, it's her fans who are on

No, it's her fans who are on drugs. Who the F would go see her much less wait hours in the cold, rain or sunshine.
Somerknight's picture

Blah blah blah, who the hell

Blah blah blah, who the hell really cares about her rat ass. More importantly who are the men in the background, dude throwing up the peace sign is cute
shaneice225's picture

Keyshia smdh I would never go

Keyshia smdh I would never go to her concert even if it was for free.99 she got a stank bitter attitude and she can't dance nor sing!!! #boom
sexybrownpyt's picture

That bitch is on something

That bitch is on something only god can tell me she's not...
Sweetlips7's picture

Bish please. You should be

Bish please. You should be glad people even showed up to see your off pitch, can't hold a note ass. Looking like a ghetto leprechaun. FOH!
Mrs_B_35's picture

I wouldn't wait 30 minutes

I wouldn't wait 30 minutes for Keyshia, so 4 hrs.!? No way. In a year or two, she'll be begging for this time back and the opportunity to sing anywhere. I think a mall opening is in her future, if she lucky.
Coffy's picture

I don't see how anybody sits

I don't see how anybody sits through her live performances anyway. It's so bad that she should be 2 hours early, holding the door, handing out chocolates and bottled water for those who came out to witness that mess.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

It's so coooold in the D! Ha!

It's so coooold in the D! Ha!
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Ha! Good one.

Ha! Good one.
Suga Bear's picture


MsPisME's picture

What in the Mighty Morphin

What in the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger does she have the fuck on. Keyshia, take a looooooooong hiatus baby, you don't have long money, you need every cd sold and every ticke purchased. #bowdownbitch
SkeeWee's picture

Bwahahaha!!! That's exactly

Bwahahaha!!! That's exactly what those ridiculous getups bring to mind. Keyshia Cole is a d*mn looney bird.
MrsCPA's picture

Why does she always feel the

Why does she always feel the need to speak Jayz and Beyonce's name? That's annoying how she's always so focused on other people, and she herself isn't great enough!
cutethatsall56's picture

I think that was the pissed

I think that was the pissed off fan comparing her to Bey and Jay.(shrugs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

She's going to disappear into

She's going to disappear into oblivion in a minute....
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Natasha cut the shit. You

Natasha cut the shit. You don't know if this is fact or fiction. I hate that you favor some artists and the others you show negatively. Why would anybody be late knowing that messes up their money? Instead of being negative you need to learn how to fix your unnecessary typos!
Kiaadestini's picture


Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

In YBF defense, Keyshia is

In YBF defense, Keyshia is notorious for being late AND having an attitude about it. She said she just be on CP time and is working on it. LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

This BITCH must be on drugs

This BITCH must be on drugs like her mother.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Yeah, I was thinking the same

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Pam's picture

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