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DMX's FULL "Fix My Life" Episode + DMX Now Says Iyanla Vanzant MADE HIS LIFE WORSE!

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Iyanala Vanzant spent her 90 minute premiere of her show "Fix My Life" trying to help DMX.  The rapper definitely needs long term and in depth help for his drug issues and a possible mental illness.  Check out how Iyana attempted to help out X in a controversial and extremely intense episode, and why X feels like Iyanla ruined his life even more instead...

Maybe X isn't feeling the saying "It has to get worse before it gets better."  Because after filming last night's episode of OWN's "Fix My Life," the rapper issued a statement through his team that says he doesn't condone Iyanla airing the episode because he didn't give consent afterwards.  And he didn't give consent because he felt that she used the opportunity to rail him on his drug use.  He says his life has not been fixed, but it's now been made "worse."

AllHipHop.com talked to his team who said:

“DMX agreed to be a guest on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ with the understanding that she would be helping his relationships with his 10 children,” the statement says. “When he arrived for the taping, most of the content was focused on his struggles with drugs and poor parenting. Iyanla did not ‘fix’ DMX’s life just made his image worse, and does not have DMX’s personal written consent to use the footage.“

In the full hard-to-watch episode above, you'll see Iyanla digging deep into X's past to get to the true root of his problems with why he feels he needs multiple women, why his relationship with his 10 kids is horrible, his many many arrests and his drug & possible mental issues.

Of course, none of these problems are surface issues, they all have deep rooted beginnings that must be dug up--especially from childhood--in order for a person to get "fixed."  But X fought back, popped off on Iyanla a few times, and appeared hurt by one of his sons who said he had zero respect for X.

Check out the full episode above and decide for yourselves if X was simply railed for entertainment value, or if this intense therapy was needed in order to get to a better place.

As for what he's up to next, his team says:

“What the team does want DMX’s fans to know is that he is working on a new album that will include Swizz Beatz and we hope to also work with Timbaland, Dr. Dre, and Kanye West.  Another announcement is his upcoming film ‘Blame It On The Hustle’ Mekhi Phifer and Ving Rhames.”

We wish him the absolute best.

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DMX’s suffering is immense

DMX’s suffering is immense and his desire for drugs is overpowering. Iyanla was right on target. This is a disease and only through treatment can DMX get better. Sadi Bimwala’s post “You can’t tell Xavier that his father's sickness is like cancer and then tell him that the only way we can have a relationship is if you’re clean”. It makes a lot of sense to me. As a professional counselor, to understand addiction is to understand powerlessness. The addict lacks control over his/her use and the consequences that might arise after ingestion of the chemicals. It is a physiologic disease wherein the body's internal organs crave for the drugs without bothering to consult you the individual. Iyanla was a disaster! She does not possess the appropriate clinical skills or the requisite background to declare competency with this pathology. It was clearly over her head and while I understand that this is a show, OWN should have provided the services of a professional counseling team to support her life experience. The part where she appeared professional was when she was explaining DMX’s sickness to Xavier. She was not using the professional language to get her point across. She was asking DMX to not repeat his pain the same way he just stated it. It was DMX who used the word “relive my pain” She then went on to align with Xavier, effectively neutralizing him and taking him hostage against his father. At the end when she professed that “I bow to you”. That statement was cheap and wicked. Iyanla’s ego got in the way of healing. She stated that it is my show and I am going to keep quiet just before DMX returned back to the show. Well thanks that she did keep her mouth shot for a minute or two because DMX and his son were finally able to connect on a deeper level. Xavier even played his father a soothing song. DMX’s mental state changed and he became calm and serene. His voice lowered a pitch and he loved his son...Xavier loved his father. That was the moment that should have been exploited and explored But Iyanla wanted to rehash old pain and thrust her ego in the mix. I can’t agree more with Shay’s post. “This is not the way to deal with a DRUG ADDICT who's in complete DENIAL” Finally, you don’t get into a shouting match with your client. You look unprofessional and appear like a phony. This is how it turned out with Iyanla.
Zeerock's picture

Nobody in the world has the

Nobody in the world has the ability to make DMX's life worse other than DMX himself. He needs to hold a colosseum of seats!
Realist's picture

As a child of drug addicted

As a child of drug addicted parents I feel that it is necessary for DMX to seek treatment otherwise the hurt and pain will continue for him and his children. My mother cleaned herself up and was able to fix many of the issues drugs caused on our relationship. My father on the other hand died from a stroke caused by years of drug abuse. To tell your child see you at my funeral is spiteful and evil! DMX may have other underlying issues mentally that he needs to deal with. He may be too far gone. For him to think his only issue is womanizing is foolish. He can't be trusted until he's clean. His children need to move on with their lives without fretting over their father. You can't help everyone. Iyanla didn't prevent his son from hugging X. His conscience and moral code did that. He didn't stand up the first and second time he was asked for a hug. He couldn't do it. His heart was broken. Their wasn't any manipulation on her part.
globalprincess's picture

I stuggle with whether or not

I stuggle with whether or not I like her techniques... I feel like everyone she's attempting to fix are grown and if they don't have the common sense to change their lives and make it better than that's them. Nothing you can say can make a person change. They have to want it for themselves and create that path. I do love some of her books though. OAN: I promise you that this show did not make DMX's life or image worst. He does a great job of doing making things worst on his own...

Iyanla was wrong. You cant

Iyanla was wrong. You cant tell Xavier that his father sickness is like Cancer and then tell him the only way we can have a relationship is if you clean. its like telling someone with cancer i cant talk to you until you're cancer free. one step at a time, lets start over lets start with just a simple phone call hi how are you? Let them start slow no condition let them get to know each other better. we all saw how much they both need each other but it has to start slow. Help them to communicate better. For her to tell Xavier you dont have to hug was wrong bc you knw what if that was the last time he ever saw his father and DMX god forbid died yrs after that Xavier will never forgive himself.

I completely agree

I completely agree
Zeerock's picture

I think you're taking it too

I think you're taking it too literally. A cancer is something that grows and grows until it untilmately kills. I think that's what she meant. I don't think that she was wrong by telling him not to hug his father. DMX seems like the type that wants things his way. He doesn't want to attempt to change, not even for his children. Now, if that's something that Xavier is not willing to compromise, then why should he get up and hug him. Shit, DMX doesn't even care enough to want a relationship with his child in that moment! He is clearly on drugs on both days and believe me, I can tell. I know people in my life right now that are addicted and his behavior and inability to remain calm is a clear indication of being on something, not to mention the amount of times he sniffs and rubs his nose... True powder head actions! Xavier stating that he now feels free is a clear indication that he has forgiven. It's up to DMX to man up and see that his addictions are excuses and that they only way he can begin to have ANY positive relationship that lasts is if he confronts his addictions and accepts that they are the root of all his issues.

I am NOT a fan of Iyanla and

I am NOT a fan of Iyanla and the AGGRESSIVE way she deals with people, every person and situation is different and should be dealt with that way! Iyanla lost me after watching her show with Maia Campbell this girl was truly out of it during this so-called intervention her whole appoach with Maia was dead wrong! Aggressive SCREAMING was not the way to deal with a Bipolar/Recovering Drug Addict, and worst of all putting her child on TV was the worst of all. This was a 9yr old child! The DMX intervention was also DEAD WRONG, this is not the way to deal with a DRUG ADDICT who's in complete DENIAL Iylana whole approach with him was wrong! The 1st step was detox! I can't with Iyanla anymore! I need receipts about her background, training and education:(
Shay's picture

She is masquerading as a

She is masquerading as a psychotherapist and she does not have the training nor does she posess the requisite skills. It is dangerous and troubling.
Zeerock's picture

this is what happens when you

this is what happens when you pluck someone off the street and throw them into a celebrity lifestyle, simply because they can spit a few rhymes. Lots of dudes just like DMX, still on the corner though so none of you are sending all this prayer and concern their way, huh?
whatev's picture

I watched last night and it

I watched last night and it was sad. To have ur life "fixed", you have to delve into the drug problems, because that is one of the main reasons for his problems and lack of relationships with his children. He is a very broken person and needs help. But he obviously doesnt want it. Seems to want to go to the grave this way. I felt so bad for his son at the end, because he wont even TRY to lay off this drugs for him and basically said eff u, Im picking the drugs Smfh And I dont see how Iyanla made it worse. Glad he is still working. He did a good job at the Alicia Keys/Miguel concert at MSG the other night..
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His son mostly wanted him to

His son mostly wanted him to apologize for taking him around other women when he was young, that sounded like his mother was speaking. Of all the things DMX did or didn't do for his son, the worst thing clearly could not have been the womanizing.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Once upon a time, I respected

Once upon a time, I respected DMX. Until he started making it evident that he's forever a child. He needs to stop blaming the world for his problems and own up to his mess. Be a man
ccshawn's picture

it's true what they say,

it's true what they say, "hurt people hurt people"...having said that, just because you take the time to understand WHY someone behaves the way they do, doesn't mean you have to ACCEPT mistreatment by that person. Xavier has done all he can and took a very big step for himself and the rest of their family. the negative cycle has stopped with him. bravo for him. as for DMX, it's so apparent that he doesn't want to be helped...period. nobody can force help upon him until he's truly ready within himself. Iyanla was right in that the only thing left for DMX IS DETOX, and it's obvious he won't willingly go so there's nothing to do but love him from afar. i'll keep that entire family in my prayers.
leighd33's picture

DMX is an asshole, plain &

DMX is an asshole, plain & simple. Yes, he had an abusive and difficult childhood and has made some mistakes. There are many people who also had traumatic childhoods and setbacks, yet they CHOSE to do the hard work of getting themselves together. I have NO sympathy for someone who's made as much money and had as many options in life as DMX had--and still has. He is nothing more than a crack-addict sex-fiend who used to be a good rapper. He is as verbally and emotionally abusive to others and as neglectful of his kids as his parents were to him, thus CHOOSING to continue the cycle. I knew by the previews that this was a bad idea because clearly he needs to 1st OWN UP to his problems and two, get help that extands far beyond a TV special. Personally, I vow not to support any DMX projects until he gets clean and issues both Iyanla and his ex-wife public apologies for the way he spoke to them on national TV! The last thing this fool needs to do is make music. He needs to pray and get help, then resolve his legal woes and try to parent his kids. Maybe THEN he can make decent music; that so-called 'statement' above shows what his priorities are...bad-mouthing Iyanla, denying his problems and promoting his next cd. Who cares?!?!?! GET HELP or have a seat.

I understand, and even agree,

I understand, and even agree, with some of your points but this isn't just drug addiction. This is mental illness and it popped up for DMX right when it does for most people, in the early 20's. The fact that at the time he was one of the hottest rappers out and making so much money didn't do him any favors because that came with a lot of lackeys and users around that fed off him and didn't care what he was doing to destroy himself. Not to mention the ability to isolate yourself at will so people who do care might not see what's happening. Many struggling with mental health issues don't realize this is the cause of their depression, manic behavior, etc... so they self-medicate with drugs and alcohol and now they have two problems. Iyanla may be able to fix some people but if she looked at him and all she saw was a drug problem than she's not the one to help him.
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leighd33's picture

It was certainly compelling.

It was certainly compelling.
star's picture

What most people don't

What most people don't realize is that dealing with drug addiction you yourself do not realize how bad it is. A family member a friend can tell you however denial is the beginning stage as DMX is in denial. Until HE recognize his own sickness and HE want the help he will not get better. Noone but himself can help or hurt his image. If you have every seen a drug addict he exhibited every behavior last night. It is so sad. His managers, PR team only care about the numbers not him getting clean. She didn't do anything to him but put the mirror to the face and he can't take it.
mikki101's picture

This should've never happened

This should've never happened on TV. DMX needs credentialed doctors, clinicians, drug abuse counselors and therapists NOT a life coach. : We need less Sister Iyanla, OCO (Oprah Certified and Ordained) and more "Dr. _____, Psy.D/DO/LMHC Watching it made me appreciate my father for always being in my life even more.

Well he went on Celeb Rehab

Well he went on Celeb Rehab with Dr. Drew and he flipped out on that too. I dont remember if he quit the show, but I highly doubt that he made it to the end.
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

No one made him go on that

No one made him go on that show. He shouldn't have went.
Purlie's picture

idk why he agreed to do it

idk why he agreed to do it either! The only thing I can think of is that he deep down wants the help if he didn't he wouldn't have agreed to do the show, however he first needs to learn to take accountability for his actions!

best believe oprah got an

best believe oprah got an iron-clad signed affidavit well in advanced of the show's taping. dmx, like millions of other people, had a horrible childhood and chose to deal w/ the pain thru drugs, alcohol, numerous sexual liaisons, broken relationships, etc. wouldn't be surprised if rihanna ends up on the show in a couple of years.
wildlife's picture

Wow...troubled man indeed. I

Wow...troubled man indeed. I really want DMX to win, I really do. He's experienced ultimate highs in life (success and money) and ultimate lows. He could have a great story to tell if he works through his demons. But he refuses to see that drugs are the reason why his most beloved relationships are failing. Once he can see that then he can delve deeper and get to the core of why he's dependent on drugs. And that is when he can start to heal himself and his relationships. But at this point he has to want to get help for his addictions. I also think that his handlers/team enables him. This is not good. I don't think DMX cares if he dies because at this point maybe he feels it's his only escape from his demons. I don't think DMX is a bad person...I think he's a hurt person that's been damaged. He only acknowledges the transgression of other people and how they hurt him. He doesn't see his own transgressions. And if he does, then he makes an excuse for it...it's excusable. This man wants the world, family and friends to love him, accept him flaws and all. It's hard to accept and love someone unconditionally when they are fueled by drugs. He doesn't understand how his actions can hurt. I do believe he loves his family but doesn't know how to. As I said, I really want him to win...because when he does he will be such and experience of truth and guidance to others. If Iyanla is truly for DMX winning and concurring his demons I hope that she keeps reaching out to him...and not using him for the show or ratings. Unfortunately it will take for something horrible to happen as a direct and immediate result from his drug usage for him to want to pursue a detox treatment. I don't even want to speculate what that could be. I am proud of his son, and am very happy something good came from this.
AnoniNYC12's picture

he Definitely beyond her help

he Definitely beyond her help he is dealing with drug issues as well as mental issues i pray this man get this life together he need to start with GOD...

You are still highly

You are still highly favored...my child
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I watched this last night and

I watched this last night and like everyone else said he clearly needs long term treatment. Most importantly he needs to be on board because this man is clearly in denial. When Iyanla asked him what he needed help for he said needing to have so many women. WTH, how about wanting a relationship with your kids or wanting to get clean. I hope one day he gets it.

Oh my woooooooooooord, this

Oh my woooooooooooord, this was crazy! People should not give up on this man!
Yas's picture

Didn't watch it and if I was

Didn't watch it and if I was to do so, it would be for entertainment purposes, because I don't take televised therapy serious and plus Iyanla lost me when she sat down with Evelyn Hoezado.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I think DMX's issues are

I think DMX's issues are beyond Iyanla's expertise. He needs more than a life coach and 1 tv episode. If she's genuinely concerned about him I would think that she would reached out to help him outside of the show. If not, she's all for show.
Dasiamay's picture

Exactly, he's in need of a

Exactly, he's in need of a real professional in this field.
Yas's picture

I strongly believe that she

I strongly believe that she is a bit too much for the show. Especially when she asked DMX's wife by suggesting that she married and stayed with him for the material goods!: "did you sell your soul?" The wife was shocked and asked her in return: "you think!" Beside this, she did a good job. She is reaching out to struggle and broken black people. DMX's son Xavier is a man of the new generation, and I am proud of Ilyana for showing that and putting it on a pedestal.
Mili_Mili's picture

I watched the episode and its

I watched the episode and its clear to everyone how severe his addiction is. He was jumping and twitching all over the place and I couldn't understand half of what he was saying. He had that junkie itch! I think he saw himself and didn't like seeing the truth. Iyanla was correct when she said they need to stop making excuses and allowing his bad behavior. I wish we could see the whole interview without the editing! I'm sure when he agreed to do the show there was a clause about releasing the footage. Unfortunately, he does not want to stop doing drugs. All you can do for people like that is pray for them.
getyourlife33's picture

Thats why people like him

Thats why people like him need to live 1 day at a time. Don't have anymore regrets and things will slowly improve............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I watched the episode last

I watched the episode last night and was in tears for most of it. DMX could have and still can be one of the greatest talents of our times. However, he has to face his demons, the issues that drove him to addiction while treating the actual addiction. I agree with Ilayna, drug addiction is a disease and it is treatable but X has issues from his childhood that need to be addressed. He needs long term and intensive psychiatric help as well as detoxification. The sad part is that he seems unwilling to even admit the majorit of his issues which we know is the beginning when starting the road to recovery. I fear that he will continue to dig in his heels and will not get the help he needs. The segment involving his son broke my heart because I see a young man who is smart, talented and caring but is in a lot of pain because of his father's actions. We should pray for him and his children. Pray that he will open his eyes and get the help he needs to get his life on track. He has 11 children who love and need him to get better but the change must begin with him.
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