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DAMN SON! JoJo Simmons Gets YANKED UP By Juelz Santana's Crew Over A Diss Track...JoJo Speaks Out About His "Snatched" Pic Ending Up On Twitter!

 photo 525f7f58a46611e2829522000a1fa769_7_zpsce4c3803.jpg

In the "Did you really have to do this ish?" news of the day, JoJo Simmons is speaking out about how and why he got snatched up by a member of Juelz Santana's crew.  And his SNATCHING was caught on camera and blasted on Instagram.


The pic of the shook up JoJo and what the fight that has gone from interview beef to JoJo getting paws put on him in the streets inside...

Is it just us, or is JoJo (Russell Simmons' nephew & Rev. Run's son) constantly catching L's?  First he tries his damndest to embark on a rap career and his little brother outshined him, then he gets caught up with a transsexual, and now, he gets snatched up on the streets by another rapper.

A while ago, JoJo released a diss track called "Holy Water" (But...WHY JoJo?) going in on Juelz Santana for his verse on his song "Soft."  Jo said ont he track:

“Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell / Then disrespect his nephew / The industry forgot you / Fucker, you nothing special/ These niggas hate to love you / Simmons will not let you / Compare your money to my money, boy that’s disrespectful.”

So the other day, one of Juelz's Skull Gang (Bloods gang) homies, Hynief, rolled up on JoJo in Queens and snatched him up in the middle of the street and made him call Juelz to apologize.  Hence, the pic of a shook up JoJo above.  Hynief said:

Guess who I caught y'all Lil punk ass Jo Jo that made the diss track look at his face when he ace! #facts shouldn't pop shit if u not bout that life real niggas don't care who u related too fuck nigga

First off 2 everybody hating u can suck my dick 2nd I could of did the boy greasy I let him live its the principles don't run ya fuckn mouth

But...y'all are really mad over a JoJo "diss"?  Really?  REALLY?  Enough to really physically put hands on him?  Boredom and the internet do NOT mix.

There must be something else you fellas could be doing with your time...like Juelz actually being there for his baby mama Kimbella instead of her crying constantly on "Love & Hip Hop" about his trifling ways.

Anywho, JoJo has now spoken out about the incident today in a video... with goons behind him bucking his head up while he "explained" the situation and tried to act as hard as possible. 

Don't feel like this was necessary either.  While one of his goons screamed out JoJo "rolls with the Blue Umbrellas (Crips)", JoJo said he's not with all the violence.  He said he's been around money all his life, so all he does is "count money & f*ck b*tches."  Oh?

JoJo decided to keep up the foolery by posting on his Twitter today:

I was at a video shoot. I answered a question in an interview....

It was An interview at a video shoot. Didn't even wana answer the question. Especially with all those people behind me.Interview was random. And spur of the moment. #Notplanned

I don't really speak on the situation because I don't want to shed light on the negativity....I'm not in a gang nor am I affiliated...media outlets can mix up words and stories. I made a diss record and dealt with the consequences. #MovingOn


Angela & Vanessa...come get y'all brother!



Why didn't he get braces his

Why didn't he get braces his teeth are ratchet.
TeaNicole's picture

JO JO mom is lucky she got

JO JO mom is lucky she got away with him being cast off as a Simmons.
sexibme's picture

JOJO is Jam Master Jay son

JOJO is Jam Master Jay son all day ! He looks nothing like Rev Run Or Uncle Russy or his mother.
sexibme's picture

I wonder why Run never got a

I wonder why Run never got a blood test on JO JO he looks just like his dad Jam Master J !
sexibme's picture

Wow!! he looks like a dark

Wow!! he looks like a dark version of angela tho with those goofy ass teeth. that both look "touched"
shuga's picture

This is funny and sad at the

This is funny and sad at the same time. They punked that po boy knowing he was a punk for real.....that's actually some bytch shyt. True Gangsta rules call for you to leave scary punks alone....that's just bullying and bullying ain't gangsta.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I think I love the name

I think I love the name Hynief, by the way. he just sound like a dude I would.....*sigh*.....nevermind.
shuga's picture

should have also been listed

should have also been listed in the "but will my weave be ok" category. this is freakin hilarious! that dude looks scared as hell but you have to know that these streets will chew you up and spit you out. tread lightly if you aint about that life, jojo. hell even his nickname is moist that dude need to be careful. his hands way too soft for this.
shuga's picture

Crips and Bloods? Really?

Crips and Bloods? Really? Pathetic situation. Grow up. JoJo should just get a proper education, open up a business, become an accountant, start a management, get into construction or medical. He has the money to invest in something more worthy. That's why most blacks have such a bad rep....looking so "ignate" can you really blame society after reading this?....Im going to point fingers on his parents for this one. C'mon Rev, you need to pray for your son a lil' harder. This goes to Julez as well.
Tren's picture


BIGGER THAN THAT, i keep telling these fools that don't know that THE SIMMONS FAMILY were known funeral directors in Queens & the family money that put RUSSELL thru college is the same MONEY that started DEFJAM, . . . . these Niggas need to LEARN THEIR HISTORY & READ A FUCKIN' BOOK!!!

is this even for real??? jojo

is this even for real??? jojo could take the pic to police and press charges against these thugs. publicity stunt.
wildlife's picture

Damn Jo...stop bumping them

Damn Jo...stop bumping them gums...
Lola's picture

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benjasper374's picture

is this a real story, like

is this a real story, like are men actually fighting over he said he said...?

Both Juelz and Jojo are

Both Juelz and Jojo are stupid. Juelz look like a wack punk sending someone else to rough up a kid who's music is wood. Jojo need to go to college and leave this music stuff alone or work behind the scenes. He is wasting time on junk when he could be using that name to make some real paper for himself.
JJFad's picture

He needs to get a degree and

He needs to get a degree and an 9 to 5. This thug stuff is not for him.
SassyFace11's picture

All this story says to me is

All this story says to me is that Juelz Santana is to much of a punk to handle his own business and that this bonehead runnin' up on Jojo is nothing more than a mindless Juelz Santana groupie. Maybe this little act of loyalty has earned Hynief an opportunity to suck Juelz Santana's dick and make his life worthwhile.
jgraves58's picture

I feel bad for him...

I feel bad for him...

The pic is hilarious in a

The pic is hilarious in a Deebo kinda way, but I'm not judging Jojo. He doesn't know if this guy has a gun and clearly there are two of them since someone is taking the picture. Whether he's a punk or not that's a no win situation. But the pic is classic with the teeth and everything. LOL
Bird's picture


WHETHER HE'S A PUNK or NOT is a NO WIN SITUATION, during that "COUNT MONEY, TRAVEL & GET PUSSY" statement is gonna have the bitches he's after begin clownin' his Lil' ass like the BITCH he really is in a minute (LOL). . . . he lost about 65% of his street cred, but honestly its nothin' major cause he ain't really makin' no noise in da streets any how??? LIKE WHO'S REALLY LOOKIN' FOR THIS Lil' IDIOT (LOL)???

Juelz must be bored......i

Juelz must be bored......i know his arse is on probation!!! That's why he can't go nowhere, which is why he sent his goons after harmless Jojo. What a very stupid unnecessary act. Jojo will always have more money at the end of the day...street credibility does not keep food in your mouth. While Jojo is traveling Juelz bitter hungry arse in locked up in the house.
sexybrownpyt's picture

That is what Ray J needs. A

That is what Ray J needs. A fake wanna be hard/gangsta intervention caught on tape. Please make that happen.
Suga Bear's picture

PLEASE!!!!!! He also needs a

PLEASE!!!!!! He also needs a shoe print on his ass so he can finally sit down somewhere.
SassyFace11's picture

Ray J is many things but a

Ray J is many things but a punk isn't one of them. He has been caught on tape with much different results than this JoJo debacle.
Bird's picture

Brandy? Girl stop! I know

Brandy? Girl stop! I know that's your brother and all but he is a straight punk! The only time he pokes his chest out is when he is either arguing with a woman ( I know you saw the video), or when he is with a crew ( because punks run in packs), or when he is on the radio doing a phone interview ( I know you listened to that shit). So please keep it one hundred. Your brother Ray J is a punk bitch!
Suga Bear's picture

Who confronts a dude like

Who confronts a dude like JoJo? ....He looks more like a bitch than JoJo does, if you ask me. Anything to make themselves feel big , I guess. smdh.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

A grim reminder that it is

A grim reminder that it is definitely real out out here in these streets... We lost two of the greatest MCs and one of the greatest DJs because of crazy stuff like this: Pac, Big, and Jam Master J... Whatever was said or done, it's not worth two or more young Black men losing their lives to violence nor the penal system while loved ones are left with unanswered questions and broken hearts. #TRAGEDY
Teri lyn's picture

both of these LOSERS need to

both of these LOSERS need to have a seat! only thing jojo got over juelz is money( his daddys) but its more than juelz got! and after that flopping ass mixtape juelz needs to stop!
BritJackson's picture

Sorry to say ...but he is

Sorry to say ...but he is just sad...smh...get it together Jo before you get sucked in......it not a good look for you......

Wonder what Russell and Run's

Wonder what Russell and Run's reaction will be. Juelz is 30+, really?
Tagirl27's picture

This is the funny-pic-of the

This is the funny-pic-of the day. LMAOOOOOOOOOO I just can't...

LMAOoO @ his face tho, he got

LMAOoO @ his face tho, he got Rev on speed Dial crying *help help I'm Srry daddy I Don't wanna b a fake gangsta no more! Smhlol.. *sigh
Like Really's picture

This is the funniest and

This is the funniest and saddest thing I've seen in a long time. LMAOOOOO!
PacificGirl's picture

SMH at this mess.

SMH at this mess.
Ethel Mertz's picture

who actually cares about

who actually cares about this. they both need the hype to sell records
lola69's picture

Jojo: Hello Juelz... Juelz:

Jojo: Hello Juelz... Juelz: AYE!!! Jojo:Boooooooooooyyyyyyyyy, you know I was just playing.
WallStreetWilli's picture

Listen, Hynief, the

Listen, Hynief, the illiterate goon, it is "should have" not "should of". It is "to" not "too". Get your GED completed first before you go on and brag about irrelevant things. How can a grow man tell people to go suck his d*ck? These jobless immature illiterates. And Juelz "Saldana" who? This b*tch hasn't had a hit since Farrah left Destiny's Child. She should be happy someone still remember her. Irrelevant piece of sh*t.
jeze003@ymail.com's picture

Spanish and black goons. JoJo

Spanish and black goons. JoJo is trying too hard and he will learn someday.
jeze003@ymail.com's picture

Poor jojo. They made him

Poor jojo. They made him look like a punk.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Those teeth!

Those teeth!
Suga Bear's picture


sexybrownpyt's picture

Juelz n his crew do not care

Juelz n his crew do not care about Rev Run or Russell, they are so far removed from the new era of Hip Hop... On a second note ---> Jo Jo PLEEEEEEASE go fix ur chicklet teeth... #yuck

This is niggEr [sic] news at

This is niggEr [sic] news at its finest. IRRELEVANT ~ UNINTERESTING.
GetUrLife's picture

JoJo have baby ant dick &

JoJo have baby ant dick & poppy seed balls
Jesus H. Christ's picture


sexybrownpyt's picture

It's Blue Umbrella (Crips)

It's Blue Umbrella (Crips) versus Skull Gang (Bloods). Not a good look in music or the streets as this could turn very ugly.
urbanpetals's picture


LMAOOOOOOOOOOO...ok so I'm mad at myself for laughing at this pic but I can't stop...on a serious note Juelz Santana NOR his punk-ass cronies want it with Rev Run or Russell Simmons. This was unnecessary, hood-fab buffoonery at its best.

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