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LEGENDARY: Tracee Ellis Ross, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder & MORE CELEBRATE "'Motown: The Musical'"

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalskbuj_nsj_Knl.jpg


The biggest stars in music history came out to celebrate Berry Gordy's journey from Detroit to Broadway when 'Motown: The Musical' hit the stage last night. See Tracee Ellis Ross, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and other MOTOWN Legends walk the red carpet inside....

 photo motow12.jpg

Before Diddy, Jay-Z, Baby, Master P, Jermaine Dupri or any other hit-making record label owner you can name check....there was Berry Gordy.  And last night, Mr. Gordy watched his life come full circle as the story of him turning Detroit aka The Motor City into "Motown" made its debut on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in NYC.

"Motown: The Musical" is about the history and love-story style legacy of Motown AND the musical acts it turned into international superstars. Though reviews about the musical have been mixed, there's no denying the contribution of Motown and acts like The Supremes, The Four Tops, The Temptations and others and beyond.  So it's best you go see it for yourself!


On the red carpet.....

 photo motow1.jpg

 photo motow2.jpg

Fashion hottie Tracee Ellis Ross came out to support both Berry and her mom.  And she looked amazing...even though we're trying to figure out that bra(less) situation up top...

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalso9KjkMz7aVEl.jpg

Berry Gordy proudly posed on the red carpet with his former muse Diana Ross (who's also the mother of his daughter Rhonda Ross) and his new muse  and arm candy Eskedar Gobeze.

 photo motow4.jpg

Diana, whom most folks would call was Motown's First Lady, also posed with Berry and Stefan Kendal Gordy (Berry's son and a part of LMFAO) and Jada Grace (one of Stefan's new artists).

 photo motow10.jpg

Then Miss Ross posed with cast members from the musical.  

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalsH3dMJxMAGLSl.jpg

Mary Wilson (who was one of the original members of The Supremes) posed on the red carpet.  

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalsiU8NcH2b3_9l.jpg

Motown Legend Gladys Knight, who's a judge on "Apollo Live", looked amazing in her black and silver suit.

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivals2zh0h0gcL1Il.jpg

Motown Legend Smokey Robinson (who wrote many of Motown's biggest records) posed with wife Frances Gladney.

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalsX8Jm4wYolCPl.jpg

TV personality and author Star Jones was there.

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalsUTFHg0WZpH_l.jpg

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Vanessa Williams, took time off from their own Broadway play, The Trip To Bountiful, to walk the red carpet.

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalst-95lKhGOGal.jpg

Tony Award winner, Melba Moore, a Broadway Legend in her own right, paid tribute to Berry.

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalsl5POs1Qj3nvl.jpg

Boxing's knockout legend, Evander Holyfield, paid tribute to a fellow legendary man. 

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalsTfDO3urx_Bnl.jpg

Berry hugged Smokey, who has been dubbed The "King Of Motown" at the premiere.

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalsFMT-QsCUpbTl.jpg

"TODAY" show anchors Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee posed together.....without their wine glasses.


 photo motow7.jpg

Rhonda Ross Kendrick (the daughter of Berry and Diana) posed with her husband Rodney.

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightAfterQcNkuOZ23Vyl.jpg

LA Reid posed with wife Erica.

 photo MotownMusicalBroadwayOpeningNightArrivalsNdhWrGz4nvUl.jpg

Jesse Jackson Jr. posed with son Yusef Dubois Jackson.

 photo motow5.jpg

Spike Lee posed with his kids Stachel and Jackson.


And inside....

 photo motow9.jpg

Smokey posed with "The Early Show" anchor Gayle King.

  photo motow11.jpg 

And the photographers caught Jesse, Berry, Diana and Rhonda sharing a laugh.

 photo motow3.jpg  

Stevie Wonder took the stage for the cast's final bow where he posed alongside Berry, Smokey, Diana and the others.  A legendary night indeed.


Photos via Getty



So I see Jessie also has a

So I see Jessie also has a Gay son....Then again Jessie is on the Low anyway & Just found out about Magic Johnson's Queenie son...DAMN!
star's picture

Kathy Lee and Hoda...HELL NO

Kathy Lee and Hoda...HELL NO especially those damn shoes and legs on Kathy and that silly ill fitting dress on Hoda
star's picture

Tracee's dress is tragic.

Tracee's dress is tragic. Gladys looks great but needs to cover her legs with pantyhose. Rhonda's husband is the ugliest man I've ever seen.
tinytexan's picture

U are stupid....LMAO Rhonda's

U are stupid....LMAO Rhonda's husband the ugliest man u have ever seen..And Yes DITTO for it all...OMG them legs
star's picture

I'm sure the after party was

I'm sure the after party was a blast! It's nice to see blacks in theater.
Suga Bear's picture

WTH is Tracee wearing....I

WTH is Tracee wearing....I don't think there is no one uglier on this earth than Rhonda's husband!!!....he must have a hammer.
Lola's picture

LAWD...Ms. Tracee Ross look'n

LAWD...Ms. Tracee Ross look'n like 2 snakes bitt'n at ur Titts...smdh
Texasgurl40's picture

Tracee Ellis Ross NEVER wears

Tracee Ellis Ross NEVER wears a bra. She is protesting something, apparently. Spike has some attractive kids. Rhonda Ross' husband scares me.
JRS's picture

Well Well Ms. Tracee Ross,

Well Well Ms. Tracee Ross, girl look like 2 Snakes attack'n the nipples....smdh
Caligurl4life's picture

Does Tracee Ellis Ross have a

Does Tracee Ellis Ross have a glass eye? Just asking..... Did she get that dress from the back of her Diana's closet? That dress is all wrong. I must say that the old school Motown artists look GREAT for their age (i.e. Gladys Knight, Mary Wells, Smokey Robinson). Sorry, but I have to squint to look at Diana's son-in-law (Rhonda's husband). LAWD.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

WTF is going on with Tracy's

WTF is going on with Tracy's dress. I know Diana don't like like Rhonda's husband. Diana don't like nothing black unless you own a record company. I think all her daughters are rebelling against her & finding jet black men. I have to make a trip to NY to see the play
Somerknight's picture

Tracee Ellis Ross' hair gives

Tracee Ellis Ross' hair gives me LIFEEE
cutethatsall56's picture

Everybody then looped all

Everybody then looped all ya'll songs. lol
In God We trust's picture

Spike Lee has got to be the

Spike Lee has got to be the worst dressed man ever. Stop jocking the Knicks...we all know you are their biggest fans but damn stop dressing like a teenager!
PacificGirl's picture

Are those nipple pin.chers on

Are those nipple pin.chers on Tracees dress? eww how dreadful such a ill fit. trying to be nice but all I get is Halloween.Ok everyone look nice no fuxs given
SlowNeckBecky's picture

What was Tracee thinking with

What was Tracee thinking with that dress?? Love is truly a hell of a thing because Rhonda Ross's hubby is one scary looking character.
Realist's picture

Where are TER's Boobs??? Love

Where are TER's Boobs??? Love the back of the dress, but the front is a NO!

I am so through with Ms.

I am so through with Ms. Diana Ross' hair; as a matter of fact Auntie D needs an entire STYLE MAKEOVER point blank period! She stuck in a time warp.
Marek's Wifey's picture

Gladys is absolutely at the

Gladys is absolutely at the top of her aging game - damn !! Beautiful - she puts some of the younger versions to shame!!
lifeisgood's picture

Gladys Knight looks so

Gladys Knight looks so wonderful. That dress on Tracee is just so wrong with those weird appliques. Folks in jeans should have bypassed the carpet and went straight in.
Denise2007's picture

These are indeed some

These are indeed some FABULOUS-BLACK folk! Not feeling most of the outfits but these folks are so talented, fashion is a non-issue. Diana Ross is the FIRST d-i-v-a! Gladys Knight & Mary WIlson look GREAT! Love Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Jesse J & Berry Gordy. Cuba couldn't bother to change OUT of his hoodie??? SMH...

Lena Horne, Dorthy

Lena Horne, Dorthy Dandrige..... They beat Ms. Diana to Divadom. I'm Just Saying.
WallStreetWilli's picture

The only sista that was

The only sista that was natural there was Rhonda Ross and the sista LOOKEDDD BEAUTIFULLLL, Gorgeous sista!!!!!!!!! The other older sistas got all that silly ass shit in they head, perfume extra loud and shit, brothas got on them cheap ass 1970 suits. But sistas please take that shit out yall head PLEASE !!!!!!IF NOT NOBODY ELSE DOOOOOOO IT FOR MEEEE!!! The white woman is no longer the standard of beauty you don't have to put that shit in your head to feel good
LetsGetIt's picture

Look like the elder brotha

Look like the elder brotha and sistas had a good time, although it may have been a little tension between some people in the building they still keep it old skool. Alot talented people there unlike today where the singers are mediocre and don't really have soul and niggas be loving that shit. Times are surely changing when these folks are gone , and we're old we gone have niggas saying Beyonce was the greastest and Chris brown made the best music.
LetsGetIt's picture

funny thing about time is

funny thing about time is that it changes! these people are legends but they will also die therefor making room for others to be great! as well as more music! duh! And Beyonce is already on her way to be the greatest...its already happening!ill wait for you to tell me who else would it be...
BritJackson's picture

Well sista, there's a ton of

Well sista, there's a ton of artist better than Beyonce in my opinion!! But hey when it comes to popularity and a majority more people like beyonce. Jill Scott alone is better than beyonce IN MY OPINION, Kem, i mean most neo soul artist sound better than the mainstream artist IN MY OPINION!!!So when it comes to popular culture ok you can give it to herrr but i don't like pop so there it is.
LetsGetIt's picture

I think Gladys Knight looks

I think Gladys Knight looks nice. I dis-like Tracee Ellis Ross dress. Thats all.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

The hair on the women.....and

The hair on the women.....and lack of hair on the men.....interesting.......................
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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