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NeNe Leakes OFFICIALLY Greenlit For "I Dream Of NeNe" Wedding Spinoff, Her Half Sister Is Threatening To EXPOSE Her!

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NeNe Leakes' much talked abut spinoff show is official.  Her wedding special, "I Dream Of NeNe" will air on Bravo soon.  Deets inside, plus the newest drama with NeNe's half sister who's threatening to EXPOSE her!

She's planning a re-wedding with her ex husband Gregg Leakes.  And, of course, it'll be all captured for the BRAVO cameras as the network has ordered a full order of NeNe's new wedding themed spinoff show, "I Dream Of NeNe."

NeNe's enlisting Tiffany Cook for her nuptials (the same person who did co-star Porsha Stewart's wedding) and Marlo Hampton will return as part of her bridal party.  Co-star Cynthia Bailey is reportedly also a bridesmaid.

The show will premiere this fall, so get ready.  NeNe's also made another appearance as Coach Roz tonight on "Glee," and is waiting to see if the NBC show "The New Normal," which she also stars in, gets renewed.


 photo kendle-mom_zps724b2db6.jpg

But it isn't all white roses on the home front for Mrs. Leakes.  Her half sister Kenya Sherman (pictured above side by side with her and NeNe's mom)--you know, the one she accused co-star Phaedra Parks of contacting, filming with and using to dig up dirt on NeNe--is extra pissy these days.

Apparently, Kenya wasn't feeling everything NeNe was saying during last Sunday's reunion show when she was going hard at Phaedra for having ill intentions for inviting said half sister to baby Ayden's birthday party.

The half sister says NeNe has cut off ties with her and the rest fo the family,a nd she's pissed she's acting like the victim.  Now, half sister Kenya has been using her Twitter account to threaten to expose NeNe.

Apparently, some family drama went down--that involved money and schemes headed off by NeNe & Gregg that affected the family--and things haven't been right since.

And we hear all that tea was spilled during filming of this past season when Phaedra got half sister Kenya to come sit down with her to dish on camera.  Some type of mysterious way, THAT footage ended up on the cutting room floor.  Kenya tweeted:


Kenya, who calls herself a "successful" celebrity hairstylist who lives in Atlanta, is also pissed NeNe keeps calling her HALF sister, since they have the same mom.  I mean, technically, they ARE half sisters.  But I feel what she's saying...

Anywho, here's what Kenya's been saying on her Twitter:

Hey well at least we know ppl can manipulate networks just to get a FREE wedding & exposure SMH

it's funny how some ppl will lie cheat steal & even throw their family under the bus for FAME #illuminati? No just a #FRAUD

I'm not doin this to defame @NeNeLeakes BUT to clear up the "sex, lies & reality tv" hype to "FAME"

I'm NOT half sis to @NeNeLeakes we have the SAME mother we are biological & she lived with me when she met Greg #KnowAllTheTea

I'm estranged sis of @neneleakes & there's more than what meets the public or reality tv eye #trust

Oh, but there's more.  Kenya posted the above pic as today's Throwback Thursday image just to prove her point even further.  She said, "Me and my sisters."

 photo BIKfiexCIAEZu2ujpg_large_zps394d6288.jpg

And it's Kenya's Twitter profile description that has us in tears:

ESTRANGED & BIOLOGICAL SISTER TO @NENELEAKES (Only if @bravotv knew about the #rhoa diva as I do) & Owner of Salon N.Y.C Celebrity Stylist & Custom Wig Maker

Chiiiile.....aint nothing like family foolery....





#1- Unless you came from the

#1- Unless you came from the same nutsack (being that God created man first and Adam birthed the first woman) you ARE half siblings!!! The God-given power and authority is in the man....sorry to bust your little bubble. #2- Bravo may not be airing it out b/c they don't want to lose NeNe, but sista girl could write a book!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Expose her with what if she

Expose her with what if she ain't killed know one who give a f..k about her past life stop hating on your own sister y'all should be coming together as a family you dont see the kardashians telling each other secrets thats why they are successful so stop hating and start supporting each other.

The reason why NeNe refers to

The reason why NeNe refers to her other sisters as half is because they are "biologically speaking". They have the same MOTHER but different FATHERS which basically means different DNA when it comes to donating blood to one of the family members. I recall an episode on CSI where the mother had five daughters. Three were with her first husband and the last two who are also the youngest, had the same father from her second marriage. They all lived together until the first three moved out after going to college and starting families. The fourth youngest one remained at home and the fifth daughter moved in with her boyfriend to England. The fourth daughter was in a car accident. The hospital notified the three eldest sisters but had no luck locating the mother and father of the daughter. The oldest daughter donated blood but their blood was not compatible. One of the daughters told the doctor that they all had the same mother but different fathers. The daughter also mentioned that their other sister is in England and they had the same fathers. The doctors asked for that sister's contact information and she flew in the next day. It turned out that her blood was compatible with her other sister and saved her life. Her husband was responsible for the accident. My point is that for some people who have a half brother or half sister, they refer to them as their BROTHER OR SISTER because they want to feel whole/complete. But you are not since you have different DNA which is the whole point of this story. And some of you might argue that I don't care what the DNA says those girls are NeNe's sisters!! Well, I disagree because THEY DO NOT HAVE THE SAME FATHER!!!


wildlife's picture

I would like to ask NeNe,

I would like to ask NeNe, which half of her sister is it, the left half, is it the right half, is it the top half or the bottom half?.

Lol, funny. But ppl silly 2

Lol, funny. But ppl silly 2 think nene so "real", sure she's entertaining but real is an obsolete term when it comes 2 these reality shows
Tiki's picture

My thing is this: If we are

My thing is this: If we are family then we are family! No 'half, kinda, sorta, maybes' none of that BS!! I really think airing people out in public is not cool in anyway. If you can't reach that particular family member and they are bogus keep it movin'. The world is round for a reason!!!
Money First's picture

I get what the sister is

I get what the sister is saying though. I grew up in the same household with my technically 1/2 brother but he was my brother not no half shit. They grew up as sisters then for whatever reason now Nene wants to refer to them as 1/2 that ain't whats up. My goodness Nene and her mother are TWINS. Same face; height and build. Wow.

That pic she posted of "her

That pic she posted of "her and her sisters" is NOT helping matters, IMO. Nene looks like she does NOT want to be in the pic, like she's out of place,then the two "sisters" are standing together, with the "half" sister opposite them. Why weren't they all standing behind each other, like the two sisters,that the mama had and RAISED,unlike Nene, who she left with an aunty,and never looked back.

If I became famous I'd have

If I became famous I'd have to kill off everyone I perviously knew!! Skeletons would be falling out my back pocket and everything!! #SHUTTHATCLOSETDOOR
BooLuv's picture

Biology lesson 101: You get

Biology lesson 101: You get half of your genetic material (DNA) from your mother and half from your father. If you and your siblings have different fathers that means that only HALF of your genes (the ones that come from your mother) are identical. The other half is not. #educateyourself
DesignDiva's picture

Y cant we be more like wyt

Y cant we be more like wyt ppl? even if they dont like each other they keep that shh on the low. they help each other get jobs, keep their business secret, dont try to tear the successful ones down all the time, etc. stop w the crabs in a barrell mentality blk ppl esp blk women!!!!!!

Chile please...Dont make it

Chile please...Dont make it like white people live together in perfect harmony. They have backstabbing family too. Kim Zolcizak is suing her own MOMMA!! So go 'head with all that only-Black-people BS
BooLuv's picture

You tried it!!!!! Bitch, of

You tried it!!!!! Bitch, of course not ALL but you know good & gotdayum well that WE are the worst when it comes to that so please dont try & get pissey! TRUTH HURTS and hey ms smarty... kims momma is suing her to see her grandkids & writing a tell all book!

You are truly one utterly

You are truly one utterly ignorant person. Every single comment you make is just ridiculous.
NinaM2012's picture

Its still family suing family

Its still family suing family regardless if it's Kim suing her, her suing Kim--WHATEVER!! state your argument better and stop generalizing black people. i do agree we are own worst enemy. you just proved that!!! Nobody puts black people down more than black people!
BooLuv's picture

bitch please! you jumped in

bitch please! you jumped in to criticise MY OPINION(the facts!)! this is a blog not a term paper! and yes we are r worst enemy & that was the argument. glad u finally got it ho! bitches make me sick!

FYI--when you post an opinion

FYI--when you post an opinion on a blog, you open yourself up to other opinions as well. And seriously, what's with all the name calling? in both replies it's bitch this--bitch that. Does that somehow make you feel like you won the argument or something? Broaden your vocab, Boo. Learn how to speak intelligently. Grab a dictionary or something. Illiteracy is quite SAD :(
BooLuv's picture

basic bitch if thats how u

basic bitch if thats how u act thats how you will get addressed. dont try to kick knowledge to 1 with 2 degrees! the point of the matter is..i made a statement which we all know was true and you tried to get pissey about it. period. its not about winning bc you already lost. its really no reason to keep going bk & forth about it. the end

Nope--I aint finished so have

Nope--I aint finished so have a seat and continue to listen: To disagree is not getting (what is you call it?) "pissey" I disagree with your comment and I have the right to do that. IF you went to school and gained some knowledge, you would have learned how to debate. Look that word up and report back to me on what it means. Then you will see what I was saying.
BooLuv's picture

Been saying this for years.

Been saying this for years. We don't get it..and never will.
PacificGirl's picture

Broke hos is a NO NO! This is

Broke hos is a NO NO! This is bird is just mad bc nene has blown up & dont fool w her! Get over it. If she care about nene she would keep her mouth shut, pray for her , & keep it movin! If 2 ppl only share 1 parent THEY ARE HALF SIBLINGS! DAYUM! Stop trying to shine off someone elses success!!! Nenes unhumble jealous azz will get what she deserves but thats for GOD to decide!

Um boo boo, if your sister

Um boo boo, if your sister does not have the same father AND mother as you do, that makes you half sisters. Point, blank, and the period.
DesignDiva's picture

Amen! Amen! That was my point

Amen! Amen! That was my point as well. Hell my dad was married to my mom and they had me, two more girls and two more boys so that is a total of 5 (3 girls, 2 boys). My parents divorced and my dad remarried and had two girls with his current wife. And they are my HALF SISTERS. This is also a case of being greedy and wanting some of Nene's money but that is up to NeNe. Knowing NeNe, she ain't giving them shit!!!!!

What kills me is that these

What kills me is that these reality "stars" want the fame and the $$ that comes with it but they don't want their dirty laundry aired. When you do a reality show, your personal reality eventually surfaces, whether it's finances, relationships, family. So either own up to it or don't do a TV show!
Lisa's picture

and here we go...family

and here we go...family ALWAYS gotta come out with some mess....its too bad really but I don't think NeNe cares

I never did get why Nene was

I never did get why Nene was going so hard on Phaedra. I mean they are both adults so if her sister asked to come to the bday party just to spill the tea on her, why was she not going after the sister too? She made it seem like Phaedra was talking about her and the sister sat there and let it happen. What sibling would do that without defending you, if you guys are so close? I wanted Andy Cohen to dig deep into the situation but he didn't because Nene got them shook. If she quit the show I would still watch. It wasn't really about her this season anyway. It's funny how she wants to give Phaedra advice 'you can't win when your'e dirty Honey'. Well it doesn't seems she's so squeaky clean either.
PacificGirl's picture

If you came out the same

If you came out the same hole, you are WHOLE sisters.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Ur ignorant, is it that hard

Ur ignorant, is it that hard to grasp the concept? 1 parent in common equals half siblings! next lesson step parents, step children, & 3rd cousins!!!!!

Uhhhhh no - still 1/2 since

Uhhhhh no - still 1/2 since you don't share 2 parents.....(for same mom it's called uterine siblings), but nice pun.

All Jesus knows is....NeNe

All Jesus knows is....NeNe twat looks like a muddy sinkhole...smh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

My oldest sister tried that

My oldest sister tried that "half sister" shit but my Mom checked her on it. We came from the same pussy...therefore SISTERS! Now this "exposing NeNe shit" is HATERATION! Let NeNe do her thing. I mean damn, she came from stripping in Athens, GA to Hollywood! Don't hate sista' it don't look good on you anyway!
Thiknsexy's picture

your momma was just mad bc

your momma was just mad bc she had 2 kids w 2 different daddies! your sister was right boo.

Life to short for sibling bs

Life to short for sibling bs they need to make up and keep it moving and I think Nene show will do well

What the fuckkkkkk is a HALF

What the fuckkkkkk is a HALF SISTER??? I never got that half shit, THAT'S YOUR SISTER!!! But man smdh no comment about this shit....
LetsGetIt's picture

GET MONEY!!! So happy for

GET MONEY!!! So happy for NeNe, not interested in that sister or what she has to say, she can continue cashiering @ Kroger #bowdownbitches
SkeeWee's picture

Absolutely ridiculous. Expose

Absolutely ridiculous. Expose what? As far as I know, reality tv is not real anyway so what is she going to expose that's going to ruin NeNe's rep? NeNe has already admitted she was a stripper, shown her paternity issues with her father, marital issues with Greg, problems with her son, and catfights with co-stars. Chile what can she expose that will show NeNe in a bad light? We all know NeNe is drama and she owns it without apologies. Sis, go somewhere and get a life and stop trying to make yourself known. There was a reason NeNe didn't give you a seat on her rise to fame.

Nothing like strong jealousy

Nothing like strong jealousy and hate deep rooted in the family. Nothing good will come out of this. Her bitter sister is dying to ruin Nene's success/reputation. Why not talk about it without cameras...i can't stand family members who basks at people failures only to feel better about their bitter insecure self.
sexybrownpyt's picture

She sounds bitter because

She sounds bitter because Nene lipstick is popping right now.
TeaNicole's picture

I just don't see high ratings

I just don't see high ratings for Nene's spinoff. Who wants to see that? Anywho.... after that little remark she made about her sisters on the reunion show, I don't blame them for wanting to take her under. She's such a BITCH!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

dont front! you know u will b

dont front! you know u will b watching they show. hate it or love it nen is entertaining. thats y u on this post so girl bye. y should her sisters want to ruin her? bc she told the truth??? she is a bish but who are they to judge. all fams have problems & skeletons. but shes finally famous so why hate! if they knew better theyd be kissin her azz like marlo & trying to come up too!

Congratulations Nene. I hate

Congratulations Nene. I hate when run across people who were raised by family members then their parent turns around and hav e more children. That's crazy to me
SlowNeckBecky's picture

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