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After 536 days of fighting over a 72 day marriage, a settlement has been reached between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, ending their 72 day marriage.  Get the deets inside.....


Though they spent more time divorcing than they were actually married, a "confidential" settlement has finally been reached in the divorce battle between Brooklyn Nets balled Kris Humphries and his ex-bride Kim K. 

Though both camps have been silent thus far, (except for the "confidential" leak to TMZ which likely came from the Kardashians), it's expected that an announcement will be made in court today.

As both parties have racked up nearly $300,000 in court fees, we imagine Kim and Kris were both tired of depositions, fighting in the press and being summoned to court.  Plus, despite the seemingly obvious evidence, Kris couldn't prove Kim was fraudulent in getting him to marry her for her show.

Though Kim is expected in court today (since she lives in LA and doesn't have a "job" that ties her down), Kris will likely miss the hearing (as he did others due to his JOB) because he's preparing for the NBA playoffs across the country in Jersey.  No word on why his lawyer didn't negotiate for dates he could actually make it. 

Reportedly, the settlement was likely reached after Kris caved in on wanting an "annulment" versus a "divorce."  The change means he won't have to prove that Kim committed fraud when she married him.

As least now, Kim is free to marry Kanye West before their child is born...but since 'Ye's already stuck for 18 years...will he want to wife her up right away? 





Kanye referred to Kim as his

Kanye referred to Kim as his baby mama and said he masturbated to her sex tape with another man, so that right there shows the amount of respect he has for her. Like Wendy said he won't marry this tramp and if he does it won't last. Either way Kim will get a payout for having his child, Kris Jenner will make sure of that! Gold digging hoodrats!
Im not your friend's picture

People seem to think that

People seem to think that Kanye hasn't been around her much because of this situation, now that it's coming to an end let's see if he gives the majority of his attention.

Good. Now Kanye the

Good. Now Kanye the supersucker can marry this whore which he will do as fast as he can.
Tannygirl's picture

Its hillarious that the same

Its hillarious that the same hypocrites who willingly scream 'home wrecker' at Alicia Keys have no issues with celebrating this trick for getting pregnant with another man's baby while still married.
Realist's picture

Kim's courtship and marriage

Kim's courtship and marriage was all carried out for the cameras and Kris profited too. Who in their right mind believe that bullshit on these reality shows is true. Kim Kardashian is nothing more than a money making venture for that family thanks to the mom. What ever makes money is the motto. The next one to be used is Kendal. Wish her much happiness but i'll take bets that there is gonna be a lot of drama with this baby and Kanye. She will soon be selling pictures of the baby!!!!!
d.g.ward's picture

congrats Kim. Chris is a

congrats Kim. Chris is a douche bag. Khloe saw it from the get go and your family only put up with him because of you. No need to go marry Kanye anytime soon either.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Lol, come on you guys - they

Lol, come on you guys - they used each other and they were reimbursed handsomely, the both of them. They are OK. Kim is pretty and Kris is actually very handsome, but they both played the game, they both won, they both lost.
GG Boo 4 U's picture

put 5 on it that kanye will

put 5 on it that kanye will NEVER EVER marry kimmy cakes. i hope she takes these last couple of months to read up on black hair. best of luck (lmao!).
wildlife's picture

Why do so many black women

Why do so many black women ride hard for this chick? Nobody else wants any affiliation w/ these people unless they stand to profit from them and sees them as the egotistical, untalented, attention wh0res they are. A lot of y'all see them as something to aspire to, as if a sister could ever blow up and be anything but a former trick if she used a whack sex tape as her platform. Find someone w/ real credentials - not just deep pockets - to admire, d@mn. Also, basketball fans knew who Humphries was before this chick, but he couldn't be saved and had to learn the hard way. Kim ain't "realize" nothing about her sham of a marriage. She thought she had a sucker @ss dude like her mother and sisters, then realized she had a brother with a backbone that wanted a wife, not a trophy wife. He's better off without her.
Authentic1's picture

First of all no one knew who

First of all no one knew who that fucker Kris was before he was with Kim..so why in the world would Kim marry his ass for fucking ratings...I hate that fucker so much..so glad that this is finally over..All the best to you Kim...
Sweetlips7's picture

You "hate" someone you don't

You "hate" someone you don't even know on account of a woman who doesn't know you and wouldn't even give you second glance? Really? I am pretty sure you can do better! She didn't marry HIM because HIS fame would bring about higher ratings, she needed a sucker to marry on TV so the TELEVISED MARRIAGE WOULD bring about the ratings. Hell for all we know it could have been because his name was spelled with a "K" instead of a "C", this is how vain they appear to be in that family. It could have been any ole dude, he just happen to be the unfortunate sucker that got caught in the Kardashian web. Kris has moved on neatly with his life with no further scandals while girlfriend got knocked up by a dude I wouldn't trust with my dog, lacks the maturity to understand pregnancy, can't seem to find her way to a Rosie Pope maternity store for something respectable to wear and can't seem to stop chasing a dollar even when all that flying is no good for her well fare instead complained that the divorce was what was threatening her pregnancy. No sweetie, maybe flying from LA to Paris to Nigeria to make $500K for hosting a party is what is causing you stress...analyze that! Yeah, all the best to her indeed. I hope she has a revelation during child birth and emerges a newer, less shallow human being. You can find a better role model, I'm sure...dig deeper!
Marek's Wifey's picture

You took the words outta my

You took the words outta my mouth!!
d.g.ward's picture

I kind of Like Kim just for

I kind of Like Kim just for her business sense but nothing else.......she is going to regret this in future...you just dont use people anyhow...Kanye is going to abandon her .....and Kim would grow up being lonely........look at her sisters....at least she has her family by her side.....but we all know she used Kris H
HAPPY's picture



yes, now Kanye can marry her.

yes, now Kanye can marry her. :)
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

At least she having a real

At least she having a real baby....Bey-Z faked everything!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Good. I'm happy for both of

Good. I'm happy for both of them so they can move on from this messiness.
Niknik's picture

I'm trying to understand how

I'm trying to understand how Kim is either young, black or fabulous.
Keys's picture

she is not, but she has sex

she is not, but she has sex with young black and fabulous men... :/
claudie's picture

Girl you said. I have been

Girl you said. I have been wondering since day one.
Classic87's picture

About time they ended this

About time they ended this circus! You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well
V's picture

Good for Kim, Kim had the

Good for Kim, Kim had the courage to do what most women don't, she had the courage to walk awaly when she realized it wasn't right, so many stay in a loveless, miserable marriage just to save face, what the haters don't get is this, if Kim married for fame and money, she would have stayed married, get the spin off shows, the magazine covers, the babies, etc. she left after 72 days, it's not like their ratings were down or anything, and it's not like he was this known person, so she did not get anything by marrying Kris, and then to walk away in the middle of it, that is not what someone who was using someone would do. Kim realized that she made a mistake and she rectified it as hard as it may have been, that to me take guts, too many women stay in relationships that they know they shouldn't. Good for Kim. I wish her the best.
kayla1010's picture

Your a dummy....if she knew

Your a dummy....if she knew it was wrong she wouldnt have gone in the first instance...the fact she left after 72 days shows she knew right from time it was wrong ....Kim didnt get anythin you say/...do you know how much money her network paid her plus the sponsors for her special wedding edition/broadcast?...this girl is no fool.....now she going her...Kanye west you next...
HAPPY's picture

Whoo! Thank you! Now,

Whoo! Thank you! Now, MAYBE, I can try and get some sleep.
MrsCPA's picture

Feel sorry for him? Child

Feel sorry for him? Child boo!! He is was in it for the money anyway, she is worth more than him and nobody knew who he really was so he used this to get exposure...and he wanted her money. So I don't feel bad for him
Britbrat's picture

i dont get why the majority

i dont get why the majority feels that kim flat out used kris for her show when he CLEARLY benefitted from the whole fiasco. nobody knew who he was before Kim so she wasnt the only one making money out of this. TEAM KIM ALL THE WAY!!!
yvyttt's picture

I would've kept her arse in

I would've kept her arse in court out of spite...all the way up to her due date, maybe a month past it. Everyone knows the marriage was a lie...it was only for show and ratings.
AnoniNYC12's picture

but what would be the point?

but what would be the point?
shuga's picture

Kim wins again and you broke

Kim wins again and you broke hoes are MAD! If you think you can do it, hbu go FUCK RAY-J and lets see your net worth quadruple.
SkeeWee's picture

LOL!!! you have a point,

LOL!!! you have a point, because they swear that is all it took.
kayla1010's picture

Who's bitter ass wrote this?

Who's bitter ass wrote this? Kim is part owner of a clothing line, retail stores, and makeup line (not to mention various endorsements) and you're pretending she doesn't have a job??? You may not like that being Paris Hilton's bff and sex tape with Ray J were her "come up" but you can't deny that Kim K. is holding it down. Hell, her stardom is outliving Paris and Ray J's.
indeecee's picture

I was going to say the same

I was going to say the same thing. Whoever wrote this is bitter as heck. Clearly not a Kardashian fan...They should be writing for Bossip or something. I though the writers on here were a little more biased and at least gave the appearance of fact checking. You can call her all kinds of names..but the fact remains, she took a lemon and made lemonade. I just don't get the amount of hatred this girl generates. Truthfully and if people were honest with themselves, she has had no more relationships than the average person, hers just happen to be with famous black men and for some reason that brings out the worst in SOME women. Truth be told, if they could trade places with her and have her lifestyle they probably would. Heck I would...Lets see..hmmmm..Close family..check..traveling the world..check..date handsome men..check...wealth..check..nice body..check..and when she had Ray J, he was still young and sexy, I saw the tape and he wasn't doing a bad job. Again I just don't get the amount of hatred she gets and not only from black women. Let this woman live her life, because the hatred is not slowing her down not one bit.
EJ's Girl's picture

EXACTLY!!! not to mention

EXACTLY!!! not to mention shoe dazzle, jewelry lines, perfume lines, child Kim is not dependent upon anyone financially. they must have been thinking of Amber Rose or something, Kim don't need Kanye, she never did, and I am sure that they are just fine.
kayla1010's picture

She used him and she and her

She used him and she and her bottom line hid it well. I feel so sorry for him but he will bounce back and Kim K and the lot will get whats coming to them. You don't use someone and get away with it...I won't be surprised if Kanye decides to run far away from her after the child is born...Goodluck Kris you will get better than that trash....
speaking of's picture

I betcha her fat a zz and

I betcha her fat a zz and that d amm greedy drunk a zz mammy she got won't do this again, just for a reality show. All that money and time to get out of a fake a zz marriage, dumb b itch.

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