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ON THE DOWN LOW: Kerry Rhodes Silent On New Text Messages Revealed By ALLEGED Ex-Boyfriend + John Legend ANNOUNCES New HBO Series "Down LO"

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As Kerry Rhodes' camps continues to avoid the rumors of the baller's sexuality, John Legend (who's friends with Kerry) has ironically signed on to produce an HBO series named "Down Lo."  Read more inside....

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Despite the revelation of intimate text messages, more "vacation" pictures and Russell "Hollywood" Simpson giving a second round of salacious quotes, Kerry Rhodes' camp is going full-speed ahead with their "denials".

Though Kerry Rhodes has not publically addressed the rumors himself, certain sites claim his friends are saying he's going to shut down the person spreading the rumors soon.  While we don't believe that report is at all credible, we'e just letting you know it's out there.

But apparently, Russell believes Kerry very well could have relayed  that message.  Russell has given ANOTHER interview where he released the lovey dovey ALLEGED text messages between the two and continues to deny "outing" Kerry.  Here are the highlights:

On why he won't be silenced:

"Only way I'm going to stop talking is if I'm dead or I'm in the river. And if he throw me in the river, I can swim so he would have to kill me and then throw me in the river. If he just throws me in the river, I'm going to come out, hair wet and all, and ready to continue to talk about him. We all know that he can swim because he swum when he was in me, boo."

On how Kerry can profit from this:

"He can make money off this. Before now, people didn't even talk about Kerry. If you walked into a room and said, 'Kerry Rhodes had a nice game', the first thing the guys would say is 'Who is that?' If you walked into a room and said 'Ray Lewis had a great game' everybody knows who Ray Lewis is. I have really put him out there to make a little bit of money. It's not like I'm trying to hurt him. I have really helped him because before now, nobody was even thinking about his ass. He can make money off of it. I hear Nike is looking for the first gay athlete and they're going to pay him millions."

On people saying he's lying about the relationship:

"If you were not me, Kerry, my a**h*** or his d*ck, then you don't not know what went on in the bedroom."

Read the text messages here.



 photo JohnLegendEveningPracticalMagicNYCPQDOmbdDOw9x.jpg

Kerry's friend John Legend has signed on to produce a new series for HBO called "Down Lo" under the umbrella of his Get Lifted Film Co. According to Deadline.com, the drama project, produced/directed by Tony Krantz, will be set in Miami’s South Beach and will explores the intersection of three worlds — the party town’s popular music scene and sports and fashion circles.

Told from multiple points of view, the daring new series will deal with fame and secrets...one of them will be a gay rapper living on the down low.  Hmm...we wonder if John will pull on his first-hand knowledge of the industry?

"Down Lo" is being written by playwright/scribe Seth Zvi Rosenfeld, who's executive producing with Get Lifted’s Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius. Reece Pearson serves as co-executive producer.

In addition to this venture, John is also working on a show with FOX about his upbringing.  Well isn't that quite the coinkidink....



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He gone have a heart attack

He gone have a heart attack trying to stay in the closet under all this scrutiny.....he must still want to play ball. It's very difficult to be an out gay and play sports
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Lol. These comments are

Lol. These comments are hilarious. Its about perspective. Kerry is out. When a person engages in consensual relationship, that's it. You put yourself "out" there. You whoever you are, whatever your actual status is, you don't control the other person, at all. However, this situation is all about money. No one inn the entertainment "industry" actually works so, whatever.

omg this is so

omg this is so ridiculous...but you can't play with fire and expect not to get burned...that goes for both sides...
Laia's picture

HIV is transmitted through

HIV is transmitted through sex, irrespective of gender , orientation or class fools. It is exactly these ways of thinking that perpetuate the spread of HIV within our community, long after the rates of new infection within other groups has dropped....Its "GAYS" fault etc, etc. No mention of intravenous drug users or prostitues huh ? Instead of vomiting ignorance, hearsay and false information, do some honest research on the subject , read how it is ravaging the continent of Africa :how the catholic church discourages condoms in favor of abstinence in a majority of third world countries. I cant wait for the day when the sexuality a person is a non-story. All the name calling and biblical rhetoric will never change the fact that a certain percentage of the population is born homosexual.

before I saw the paycheck for

before I saw the paycheck for $7727, I did not believe that...my... brothers friend woz like they say truley bringing in money in there spare time on their apple labtop.. there friends cousin started doing this less than 19 months and by now cleared the debts on their appartment and bourt Citroën DS. go to, www.bic5.com
henrynolan151's picture

walking like a duck, talking

walking like a duck, talking like a duck won't make you a goose!

I hate the phrase "Down Low",

I hate the phrase "Down Low", because it automatically refers to an undercover gay black man as if that problem is only prevalent in the black community. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


gray skies's picture

These Fags need to come out &

These Fags need to come out & stop giving AIDS to everyone!!!!!!!!!! (not judging anyone)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Thank U

Thank U
star's picture

kerry should have dated a man

kerry should have dated a man on his level instead of this fly-by-night greasy 'hood rat.
wildlife's picture

I agree!!! If he had chosen

I agree!!! If he had chosen an older, decent gay man, he wouldn't be in this mess. Besides being horribly ghetto and ignorant, he's ugly.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

John Legend looks a lil

John Legend looks a lil suspect.. DL dudes be winning-_- These chicks be walking around here thinkin they Got Happy Homes "Meanwhile" They're Dudes be ((Gay)) and using them as a FRONT smh... With all this Bisexual sex going around i hope Everybody is using ((Condoms))
REd™'s picture

Not surprised in the least

Not surprised in the least bit that Rhodes and Legend are buds. Chrissy is not what she appears to be EITHER. The worst kept secret in the industry, but I digress.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

They are the most awkward

They are the most awkward couple I've every seen. Just stiff and icy.
PacificGirl's picture

The simple fact that he is

The simple fact that he is publicly humiliating this man is disgusting! While he is trying to tarnish Kerry's reputation, he is only showing his character. When the blogs are no longer interested in his "story" then what? Going out of your way to intentionally assassinate somebody only results in your own demise with karma. Good luck with that Hollywood...smh
Jacquelynmichelle's picture

Be yourself, no matter what!

Be yourself, no matter what! It makes for a happier life!!!
stytlin4u06's picture

Sigh.....since when did John

Sigh.....since when did John Legend know how to produce tv? I've always thought he was sweet anyways
getyourlife33's picture

Another N***a embarrassing

Another N***a embarrassing the race. This ish just doesn't happen in the white world. It's one thing to insinuate a relationship but everything that comes out of this coons mouth is so disrespectful and vulgar. Even if they did have an intimate relationship, no one needs to hear it communicated in these words. He is just showing how completely ignorant and uneducated he is. And after this blows over, and it will because Kerry is not a big name athlete, what is this flaming fool going to do then? Does he really think anyone of that caliber will ever fk with him again? His fab life will be over as he knows it. And if he does have dirt on anyone else he will end up like the transvestite caught with Eddie Murphy.
PacificGirl's picture


Keys's picture

The things ppl do for money.

The things ppl do for money. If that man don't wanna come out, that's his perogative. You are publicly humiliating this guy. It is already bad enough gays still aren't fully accepted by society. Just because u are comfortable does not mean he is. U so hard up for money, go find a real job!
imjustsayintho's picture

This dude is going to get

This dude is going to get punched in the face by karma cuz you don't make it your biz to out someone until they are ready. Of all the sexy men Kerry could get easily, he gets someone unattractive, bad body, immature and messy. Kerry could have done alot better. Btw, John Legend use to be super tight with Kanye who was the one that put him on in the music game. So I think all these cats are on the down low.
Keys's picture

Hollywood sounds like a

Hollywood sounds like a scorned lover. Proof is in the pictures. I saw random photos of celebs he supposedly dated including K Michelle...hmmm so thats why she always mad about gay me nand down low brothers?
SlowNeckBecky's picture

I Hope The Women Who Slept

I Hope The Women Who Slept With This Fool Thinking He Was Str8 Get Tested For HIV. This Is Truly Messy.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Being gay doesn't mean you

Being gay doesn't mean you are more likely to have HIV. In fact the most new HIV cases are African-American women. #facts
SkeeWee's picture

Don't believe those fake

Don't believe those fake facts. Society will put anything out there to make a black woman look bad and not desirable. Here's a fact, black women are more loyal and less promiscuous then any other race of women. I'm not throwing darts at any race, but that's the truth! Who cares if he's gay, I don't. It's his life, let him live it how he choose too. beautyNbetrayal.com

Because they are catching

Because they are catching that monsta from all the black down low men!!
g.r.i.t.s's picture


star's picture

Kerry please just come out of

Kerry please just come out of the closet!!!! It is very harmful to keep that lie and hopefully u are not living a double life and possibly infecting a innocent female. John Legend may need to come out to closet as well.
Jersey here's picture

LOL about John

LOL about John Legend....YAS......LOL and while were're at it: Will Smith, Usher, Ne-Yo, Russell Simmons. And On!
star's picture

his boyfriend is hilarious!

his boyfriend is hilarious! omg he hung that man out to dry! Just come out at this point ain't no shame in it...your gay so what! live your life to please you and your god not the world...saving face just to make some money please...he'll never be happy...
speaking of's picture

Terry STOP! I Do Feel A

Terry STOP! I Do Feel A Little Sympathy For You Because Of The Fact That You Didn't "Out" Yourself...But Pictures Speaks Volume. You Are Definitely Very Comfortable With Your Gay Lover. Those Pix Don't Look Forced.
Keyths'Girl's picture

While I don't care for people

While I don't care for people that's on the down low, I'm not comfortable with people forcing others out of the closet. If Kerry or any other person is gay, they should come out when they are ready. Something about this situation stinks to high heaven. But, on the same token, you can't be having straight relationships and living a lie. You're messing with lives when you do that.

I totally agree with you. And

I totally agree with you. And women should start stripping up no matter who that person is. You have to protect yourself. Look at Terri Woods situation. I'm just saying!! BeautyNbetrayal.com

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