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COUPLEDOM: Keenen Ivory Wayans And Brittany Daniel GET KISSY On Vacation In Miami

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Keenen Ivory Wayans was spotted getting kissy with his girlfriend, actress Brittany Daniel on vacation recently.  Find out where they went inside...

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Funnyman Kennen Ivory Wayans took a break from his hectic Hollywood production schedule to soak up a few Florida rays with his girlfriend, actress Brittany Daniel.  

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Keenen looked very cozy with Brittany (in a zebra bikini) as they spent the day relaxing by the pool.

 photo yans4.png

Though Brittany starred alongside Keenen's brother Marlon in the flick Little Man, we haven't seen much of her on the silver screen or on teleivsion.  We wonder if she will ever reprise her "Kelly Pitts" role on The Game?  We'd love to see her go one-on-one with Brandy's Chardonnay character.

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And in other Wayans tv news,  Keenen's ex-wife, Daphne Wayans is expected to be on the next season of Hollywood Exes. And we're hoping the the In Living Color special that Keenen shot for Fox will see the light of day this year.



Photos via Splash/FAME

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She will have his ass in

She will have his ass in court soon accusing him of spousal abuse trying to get every dime she can squeeze outta him. But i do believe that when a black man achieves some status in life he chooses to have a snowball on his arm. He is ashamed of the black woman who by the way is the same color as his mother and sister. Don't throw that race card at me because i don' t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out but i have biracial children by a man that is just as poor as me. Achieving status doesn't mean you say fuck your black women for a cracker
d.g.ward's picture

Or maybe he just got out of a

Or maybe he just got out of a marriage and is having fun. I'd F%*&. Not cuz she's white but cuz she's attractive. I'd f*&% Rihanna too. Not cuz she's black but cuz she's bad. Same goes for Eva Longoria, again her being latin is of no consequence in any direction. My black women, stop internalizing sociological stereotypes. Interracial dating doesn't have to be an assault on black women. Yes, there are times when some black people do it for weird reasons but sometimes, sometimes...it's just a dude f'ing a chick. So concerned with her skin and your psychological assessment of a relationship of a man you know nothing about, you forget he might be with her for the good ole fashion reasons like she looks good naked and sucks pee pee like she enjoys it. In which case, lots of niggaz, white dudes, latins, asain dudes, whatever would want that ass too.
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Here's my take on the

Here's my take on the situation Y does black man wait 2 get wealth 'n acquire a white woman, is she denoting affluence/influence 4 him or what what is that all about? The woman look like they came out of a bad trailer park on the hood of his car 'n his decides to put her 'n the front seat 4 prosperity. If he grew up with her I can c!

keenen loves his white women

keenen loves his white women

Congrats to Mr. Wayans for

Congrats to Mr. Wayans for picking this fine speciment of a woman!!! Ms Daniels is fine as they come lawd have mercy!!!!!!! Successful brothers do not lower your standards date who you want to date no matter what the hating ass black women say. Black women are control freaks they want to tell black men who they should be with or marry which is completely stupid!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Even though you're Uncle Tom

Even though you're Uncle Tom Jr. (which means you're already born with self hate), Let me continue to just waist my time and comment. I, for once love Ms. Daniels since Sweet Valley, and protested for "Kelly" to come back to The Game....She's a "sistah" too me no matter what color. I am a black woman with a handsome loving black husband.... Let's point out the real problem... Just because black women don't want you (based on your picture) Dont rant and rave and show your ignorance on this website.
Tren's picture

You prove my point idiot!!! I

You prove my point idiot!!! I told you black women are control freaks. I state my opinion and then here come the angry black women spewing rhethoric! You know more about me than i do maybe i should name your retarded ass Uncle Tom Jr.
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Brotha not only are they

Brotha not only are they control freaks, they just don't want to see black men happy PERIOD!!! LET ME GIVE YOU THE REAL REASON WHY BLACK WOMEN ARE MAD, because to black women, black men are 2nd CHOICE after they see that the white man don't want them, you see Black men are basically the "FALLBACK GUY" to black women. You have to understand black women want to see us dead with high blood pressure or shit outta luck depending on them BEFORE THEY see us happy with a white woman, BECAUSE IN THEIR MIND THEIR THINKING "How dare this negro be happy with another race of women, he suppose to be emasculate and verbally abused by angry black women, BECAUSE HIS MOMMMAAAA BLACKKKK". I honestly say to all brothas that WE HAVE OPTIONSSSSSSSS SO LEAVE BLACK WOMEN TO THESE THUG ASSS NEGROS, AND RACIST WHITE BOYS since they love them so damn much.
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Like one young lady said on a

Like one young lady said on a previous post sometimes you be on point and then others you sound like an angry ignorant man. Who died and left you the master on why black woman are dysfunctional according to you. You are just another black man downing a black woman and giving praise to others when that isn't rignt. Who are you to put all black woman into catergories like the white man did in slavery time and tear us down. Yes there are some black women who have issues and there are great black women out there as well. So while you out there bashing black women and why the way they are put your 2cents on some of the bum ass men out there. You need to start pointing out the positive in black woman instead of all that crap you spit brotha and like there are good BLACK women there are good BLACK men clearly you can't see that because you so bz being negative just a thought!!!!!
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this reminds me of when my

this reminds me of when my boss called Obama a thug. just because someone makes you feel inferior doesnt mean they are a thug. but why am i feeding the troll anyway?
shuga's picture


"THUG ASSS NEGROS"?? Now you're contradicting yourself...you agreeing with Uncle Tom Jr. but are you really review his avatar picture before you typed that?
Tren's picture

I know they broke up around

I know they broke up around the time she left The Game, guess he took her back. Heard shorty damn near had a break down.
PacificGirl's picture

when ppl get rich they buy

when ppl get rich they buy the things that they grew up always wanting. apparently, in a lot of men's opinion, white/blonde/"exotic" women are the best that money can buy.
shuga's picture

She seems like she would be

She seems like she would be cool and funny....Oh well, Keenan is a grown man. He knows what it is though.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

laugh now cry later when she

laugh now cry later when she takes you blk azz to the cleaners! n****s make me sick! i just dont get it! your momma aunts cousins & daughters are BLACK! y is that not good enough for the wealthy blk man ??? she is not a prize!

because a romantic

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shuga's picture

I know its not the same but

I know its not the same but if a blk woman is good enough to birth you & raise you then y arent they good enough to date is what im saying. bc they dont want their children to be blk????????

i was born to a black man but

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Man that "Yo momma black"

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LetsGetIt's picture

Just the fact that she's

Just the fact that she's white makes him so happy inside.
cutethatsall56's picture


PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I think a man should be with

I think a man should be with whoever he wants to be with but that is just lust.
In God We trust's picture

Congrats to this brotha. Us

Congrats to this brotha. Us as black men ought to give a thank you letter to other races of women saying "Thank you for letting me BE MYSELF!!" Because we don't have to swag up and be a thug or a simple nigga in order to impress them. IM JUST BEING REAL.. Yea say they want us for our money or sex, BUT THEY NOT TRYING TO EMASCULATE US, USE OUR CHILDREN AGAINST US, AND THEY WOULDN'T RATHER BE A REALITY SHOW STAR THAN A REAL WIFE WHEN THEY ARE WITH SUCCESSFUL BLACK MEN.
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Boy shut your dumbass up!

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"Boy shut your dumbass up!"

"Boy shut your dumbass up!" lollll ok sista
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Brah....Some woman, probably

Brah....Some woman, probably your mother, aunt, grandma....some Black woman really phucked your head, mind, and soul completely up. Negroes like you end up with a non-Black woman, not because you think she's better for you.....but simply because you don't think you're good enough for a truly enlightened Black woman goddess. I pray you find the man, woman, or child that causes you realize how awesome God is......once you get down with the GCode, you'll find the most wonderful sista that will cause you to cry out in joy. Either that or you'll die a bitter and lonely old man with some shell of a woman with no knowledge, power, or kingdom clout. How sad would that be?!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture


Miss D's picture

I loved her show Sweet Valley

I loved her show Sweet Valley High when I was a teenager. I like them together and man they've been a couple for a long ass time. I guess he keeps her so faded that she just doesn't want to work.
SadieJade's picture

ME TOO! She has a twin also,

ME TOO! She has a twin also, boy I miss that show. She still looks great...
KENNEDY78's picture

I'm waiting for this to be

I'm waiting for this to be real news or YBF news.
Keys's picture

I saw her a while ago in L.A.

I saw her a while ago in L.A. She looked like her health wasnt the greatest.
sianna1's picture


Kelli99's picture

Amen. Ughhhhh

Amen. Ughhhhh

my sentiments exactly.....

my sentiments exactly.....
belle noire's picture

when is living color gonna

when is living color gonna drop???

She was always a favorite of

She was always a favorite of the "brothers!" I ain't mad at cha Keenan!!
Money First's picture

theyve been dating from

theyve been dating from before she was even on the game...ever since him and his exwife divorced
nikasosmo0th's picture

I JUST saw Keenan with some

I JUST saw Keenan with some (YBF) chick that isn't this girl at Morton's Steakhouse in LA on La Cienaga. And they were definitely making out (which was a bit akward) in the middle of the restaurant.
Idaeo's picture


wildlife's picture


star's picture

Keneen getting his swirl on

Keneen getting his swirl on lol. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads too
V's picture

they're dating? Wait wasnt

they're dating? Wait wasnt she also in 'White Chicks' with Shawn and Marlon?

Yep. And I think they've been

Yep. And I think they've been dating for a while now.
CheyPie's picture

I do not miss Brittany or Tia

I do not miss Brittany or Tia but I love em both...I'm liking this season of The Game more than the last...they were due for a cast mix up, I'm happy they got it!

I miss her on The Game

I miss her on The Game

Why is this news?

Why is this news?
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

I miss Britney on THE GAME

I miss Britney on THE GAME :-( Anyways, they look so in love. good for them.
sexe757's picture

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