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Essence Atkins Pops Off, Says "Tyler Perry's 'Experiment' With Casting Kim Kardashian DIDN'T WORK!"

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Actress Essence Atkins has something to say about directors who cast certain Hollywood chicks for superficial reasons.  Check out how the Haunted House star went in about Tyler Perry's marketing tactics only led to people not wanting to see his movie...

It's almost like a verbal slap to those who think Twitter followers trump everything in life.  And as a black actress in Hollywood, which is arguably one of the hardest jobs, the casting of Kim Kardashian in a Tyler Perry film (Temptation) could feel like a slap in the face as well.

Jobs are few and far between for Black actresses.  So when a director who controls more of his empire than most well-known directors chooses to overlook true talent for a simple marketing tool, you can expect for one of those said credible black actresses to speak about it.

While doing press for the home/DVD release of the hit film Haunted House--which already nabbed a deal for a sequel and was a hit at the box office--Essence Atkins said what most black actresses were thinking: Tyler Perry's "experiment" didn't work.  And she explained to S2S why Twitter followers don't equate ticket sales at the box office:

"I found it interesting that Tyler did that with Temptation, hiring Kim Kardashian because she has 16 million Twitter followers, which would seem like a brilliant marketing plan [...] He has one of the biggest Twitter personalities out there in his movies, and he had one of the worst box office weekends [...] It’s not a failure, but it did worse than his movies usually do just based on him [...] I thought that was an interesting finding. Your experiment didn’t work. [...] People want to see good stories. It’s not necessarily that they want to see Kim Kardashian in a movie. They want to see her in a bikini. They want to see her with Kanye [West]. They want to see her on her show talking about her life with her sisters, but that doesn’t mean that they want to see her in a movie [...] The fact that people want to see their lives and the volatility of that…. I don’t think that it translates at all.”

VERY interesting.  Your thoughts?



Kudos to Essence Atkins for

Kudos to Essence Atkins for speaking up about this. I think other black actors in Hollywood are afraid of offending Tyler Perry; they don't want to end up blacklisted. But she said something that a lot of folks were thinking. I saw that wretched movie Temptation and when the credits rolled I wanted to ask for my money back. None of his movies are any good for anything other than something to laugh at, not with.
The Real Thing's picture

Agreed! He definitely used

Agreed! He definitely used her in the wrong context. Always know why you are using someone. You catch the drift.
CS's picture

I agree with Essence 1000%.

I agree with Essence 1000%. That is why I refused to support Temptation from the moment I heard KK was in it when it was called just "The Marriage Counselor".
Keys's picture

Kudos to Essence for being

Kudos to Essence for being brave enough to state her truth; I agree with her 100%! Hopefully, this will be a lesson learned for Tyler...

Very funny how Halle got

Very funny how Halle got dragged into this
gathy's picture

Very funny how Halle got

Very funny how Halle got dragged into this
gathy's picture

Totally agree with essence me

Totally agree with essence me and my husband went to go see it and Im black he is dominican ...so all black women didnt go support tyler cause of kim...we disliked it because the story line was trash and oh so predictable. Kim's character was dumb and if it was a black women playing that role it still would of sucked... True indeed, I dont care to support anything kim is selling cause she seems very fake to me and I dont trust that she co-signs something simply cause she believed in it. Her twitter followers dont equal fans but she has enough of them or else their clothing line and dash stores wouldnt be so successful. Ppl will support that but like essence said nobody wants to see her in a movie unless its a prono what she is best at

I hear what Essence is saying

I hear what Essence is saying but I don't think Tyler hired Kim to carry the movie because of her twitter followers. If so he would've cast her in the lead role, therefore, her point is not valid.
PacificGirl's picture

tyler perry was the one who

tyler perry was the one who initially brought up kim k's massive twitter following. last year he defiantly stated that he wasn't going to get rid of kim's scenes because she has a large online following. so yeah, ESSENCE'S POINT IS RIGHT ON TARGET. what tyler needs to do is invest $$$ in himself and go to fucking film school. his movies perpetuate the worse stereotypes about blk people. (and no, i'm not yelling at you. i'm just sick and tired of tyler's coon azz.)
wildlife's picture

Bravo to Essence!

Bravo to Essence!
ZenLea's picture

Kim K was absolutely

Kim K was absolutely beautiful in that movie. It would of been better if Lance had hooked up with Kim K and had a child with her instead of that useless fame wanting woman. Brothers get yourself together there are tons of other women who will treat us like we suppose to be treated.
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

I agree with Essence 100% But

I agree with Essence 100% But I think that it's very simple. Black women make up the majority of Tyler Perry's film audience. Black women generally do not like Kim Kardashian. Even though TP put KK in a film solely for crossover appeal, since black women do not like her and did not agree with his decision or his reasoning, they did not go out in droves to see Temptation like they have his other films. As soon as word got out that Kim would be in the film, black women (actors and non-actors alike) were up in arms about it. That's just my opinion. He probably won't do that again.
CoCo's picture

With the difficulty that

With the difficulty that Black actors/actresses have finding roles in major motion pictures, it IS Tyler's duty to use the platform that God blessed him with to help his own. I feel he does that very well and has every right to cast whomever he feels in supporting roles. Essence has a point though....Kim failed to pull in her white fan base to this flick the way Tyler thought she would b/c she's a joke that people like to laugh at...not seriously support.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I don't think Kim has fans

I don't think Kim has fans per se. I think she has many people who are fascinated by her personal life. There is a difference. Twitter followers do not equal fans. Many celebs have people who both like them and hate them following them on Twitter.
CoCo's picture

This is why the products she

This is why the products she endorses doesn't do well and companies can't figure out why. People may even like her and/or think she's beautiful but she's not believable when it comes to being a spokesperson.
PacificGirl's picture

Essence should work on a bang

Essence should work on a bang that works to cover that tall ass head of hers. maybe she is what made the movie less successful than planned because every movie she's in goes straight to BET or dvd. I liked her on half and half but she's a bad luck charm when it comes to movies. c'mon now essence, dont get besides yaself when your whole IMBD resume is bootleg. Kim K. cant be the scapegoat for every-dam-thang.
shuga's picture

Cosign on that homosapien

Cosign on that homosapien head-game...

I didn't see Temptation. I've

I didn't see Temptation. I've only seen two Tyler Perry films in the theatre and wished both times I had done something else with my time and money. I'm not a Kim Kardashian fan either, but I don't know what she means by the movie not being successful. Financially, the movie was a success. It made over $20M at the box office it's opening weekend and has accumulated nearly $50M domestically since. That's right in line with all of his other films. I heard it wasn't a good movie, but I don't think that had very much to do with Kim. As the writer/director/producer, Tyler Perry is responsible for the quality of his film.
kimiya777's picture

..... says the woman who

..... says the woman who allows the grotesque, unfunny Wayans family coon her out. She should know that none of their movies are ACTUALLY supported by the Black community. Just mostly whites. Whites are usually tuning in or going out to see these dumb ass Wayans films so they can see us looking and talking stupid. Sounds like she either lost out on that role OR is seriously jealous that she hasn't been in one of his films. People kill me when it comes to his films. They whine and moan that he is a sell out or that he's not employing enough black actresses. He is not the only director and it is not his only job to make sure that EVERY black actress gets a job. He is not God! Leave this man alone! Not all of his films are great but instead of uplifting and applauding him, ppl bash him. So disheartening. ALSO MY OPINION.

I'm definitely not a Kim K

I'm definitely not a Kim K fan--and I didn't support TP's decision to put her in his movie--BUT I understand *why* he did it. Essence makes some valid points here but she should have kept her comments to herself, out of respect for TP and as an actress. None of her movies are breaking records at the box office either, which makes her seem bitter & jealous of Kim K. She might have auditioned for the part & didn't get it. You never know--but I think she should've kept quiet. The whole comment was unnecessary.

Tyler said HIMSELF that he

Tyler said HIMSELF that he hired Kim because she was popular with young people and because she has a large Twitter audience. Thus, he DID use Kim Kardashian for marketing purposes only. However, it backfired. The second people found out Kim was going to be in this movie, he lost A LOT of supporters and it turned out to be the worst box office ever for one of his movies. And I was one of the supporters her lost. I refused to see ANY movie that Kim K is in. It's just that simple. I'd rather watch a no-name actress with talent than to watch Kim K painfully try to walk and talk at the same time. Not that Tyler had to cast a black girl in Kim's role. Tyler can cast WHOEVER he wants, however the reason for casting Kim in his movie just backfired and I HOPE HE DOES NOT USE HER FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone please get rid of KIM K!
montycarlo105's picture

I don't think hiring Kim K

I don't think hiring Kim K was the reason the film didn't do well. I think it just wasn't one of his best movies.
Niknik's picture

Really Essence? Has Essence

Really Essence? Has Essence been in a Tyler Perry Movie? If she hasn't I don't think she will. Also, he can put whom he chooses in any film he wants to make. That's the beauty of having your own.
JewelryLover's picture

The role was made for Kim,

The role was made for Kim, who does she think shudder have done it her? Not! KK is looked on as a fashion icon so it suited her well.
TeaNicole's picture

Yeah I would have saved that

Yeah I would have saved that argument and kept it smooth!
Money First's picture

The roll was fitting for Kim

The roll was fitting for Kim all they did was change her name...lol... the show did not evolve around her............... i respect Essence opinion but, Kim isn't worth the fuss.....hmm

I saw that stupid movie and

I saw that stupid movie and Im far from being a KK fan, but she and the Harley did some of the best work in the flick, she actually did way better than I had expected. If I had paid to see that mess in the theater I would've been so mad.
Realist's picture

This article really irritated

This article really irritated me. I watched Temptation and I honestly did not believe that Tyler Perry was wrong for casting Kim Kardashian. Yes, Essence proved a point by saying that the job market for black actresses is EXTREMELY competitive. BUT, I feel that as a movie studio owner, director, and producer, Tyler Perry has EVERY right to cast whoever he wants! I'm so sick of ppl hating on Kim Kardashian. Essence is acting like this isn't the first non African-American that Tyler has casted. For a black man who mainly only casts African-American's in his projects, I think there was nothing wrong with adding a little diversity in his films!
smiley93's picture

No one is "hating" on Kim

No one is "hating" on Kim Kardashian just stating opinions, there are far more talented reputable actresses black or not black that would have more than likely done a much better job than she did in that role. People are more irritated that Tyler decided to use Kim as a marketing ploy instead of choosing someone who has actual talent, (or at least spend as much time promoting the film alongside the movies star actress. actor as he did with Kim K), which is why no one was as irritated about the other movies he made that casted non- african american actresses, there are not many btw. You're right there is nothing wrong with adding diversity to films but that was not his intention and that's all she was saying
ADP's picture

It was Tyler's movie and his

It was Tyler's movie and his choice.
JewelryLover's picture

Absolutely.But that does not

Absolutely.But that does not meant that no one can voice their opinion about how and why he made his choice. He very well expected people to question his decision which is the reason he began publicly defending her once it was announced that she was selected to be in the film. Quite like the outrage with Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone it was the directors choice to select her but people have the right to say that someone else deserved the opportunity to play the role.
ADP's picture

Essence is exactly right.

Essence is exactly right. She and LaLa have no business getting so many parts in black movies. They dont increase the white or spanish attendance one bit. People that do not understand technology dont understand that much of the data collected has a huge margin of error and can be easily manipulated by a programmer or a software company. Let's say you know a software engineer who works on twitter or a software company willing to manipulate the data for you - you can go from 1000 followers to one million with a few key strokes. Yes, it is that easy. They can skew the numbers other ways to. They can cross market a star on other stars twitter accounts, inviting you and encouraging you to Follow that person and increase their numbers. I wouldn't base any of my financial decisions on twitter, facebook, or a blog. That is just plain dumb.
cassandra29's picture

AlrightyMiss Essence, say it

AlrightyMiss Essence, say it like you mean it!
Sexy10's picture

I'm just glad that her part

I'm just glad that her part depicted who she really was: A slorish, vain, silicone filled piece of crap who will alter any part of her body to snatch a wealthy man, preferably black.
jdotty's picture

Clearly he did it for

Clearly he did it for marketing with her bad acting ass. He pretty much said that out of his own mouth, but not in those exact words. He was more focused on the cast (which is what he does in all of his movies) than he was on the writing. That movie was poorly written with bad acting and just overall stupid.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Oh also the

Oh also the trailer/commercial for Tyler Perry movie hearing the lady Ella from the show Rock say "THAT MAN GONE HURT YOU BAD" that alone just IRKED ME! I was never going to see that movie no way no how!
Shay's picture

#1 Not defending Kim K but my

#1 Not defending Kim K but my brother and his girlfriend told me that Kim's role was very very small. #2 The reason the movie was not a success like The Jackie Robinson movie was because people like myself are sick and tired of Tyler Perry's movies. I supported the Jackie Robinson movie but refused to go see Tyler's movie. Kim had nothing to do with my decision not to see his TYPICAL TYPE of movies. As for as Essence is concerned she is a Z lister and it's ALWAYS the BOTTOM FEEDER'S with so MUCH to say! I don't see Halle making comments about casting Kim K because she's an A LISTER and DON'T CARE because unlike Essence she has a GOOD ACTING CAREER! Maybe if she did'nt throw in the towel and have a baby with a man she meet over the INTERNET and have to be the BREAD WINNER and if she ACTUALLY COULD ACT she would have a LEG to STAND ON! Tyler movie failed because of Tyler not Kim K!
Shay's picture

you are actually supporting

you are actually supporting Essence's pov. She knows she is not able to command the same $$$ amount as Halle, Angela Bassett, etc. So her issue is that true out of work actresses could and should have been used for the role. Box office numbers clearly show that he did not have the success he usually has so people must have committed to NOT support this movie.
sista2sista's picture

Great point. Although I'm

Great point. Although I'm sure there were some folks out there that boycotted this film because of KK, I knew for a fact that I wasn't going to see the movie long before the entire cast was revealed. I don't find any of Perry's films entertaining, so my objection to this film had nothing to do with KK and everything to do with TP as well. I respect his hustle, but I would respect him more if he hired some real writers/directors so we can have black films capable of being mainstream without resorting to Hollywood cameos.
CheyPie's picture

@CheyPie, I just need to see

@CheyPie, I just need to see MORE! I LONG for better writers/directors and some ORIGINALITY. Like you said I respect his hustle but I hope he learns before he goes bankrupt with his bad movies that he needs HELP ASAP he needs to realize he can't do it all. Hire talented experienced people to help bring better black movies to the big screen! We should not have to keep redoing movies like Sparkle and movies like Best Man 2. We need a breathe of fresh air with new writers,directors and give new TALENTED actors and actresses like: we saw in the Jackie Robinson movie a chance. I already liked Nicole Beharie and was happy to see the unknown guy cast as Jackie Robinson the casting alone helped that movie. I get so tired of the same old RECYCLED black actors and Tyler's preachy type of movies he's still making plays the only difference is now they are on the big screen and he's losing viewers like myself and others because enough is enough!
Shay's picture

Lol. Girl I feel you. Believe

Lol. Girl I feel you. Believe me, I've had this same frustration for a while. But I've learned not to hold out hope for too long. No time for all that. If he's not delivering what I want, I look elsewhere. This method might deprive of seeing my lovely black sisters & brothers on screen, but at least I won't feel like I've wasted my hard earned money. That's a no, no.
CheyPie's picture

So True!

So True!
Shay's picture

The same Halle Berry who

The same Halle Berry who received an Oscar for a movie in which she was being pounded by a white man? To top it off, she is paying a white man child support and is pregnant again by one who is a fourth of her worth!! "A Lister", you say? Sorry, you have to go beneath the surface!!
jdotty's picture

Everything you said may be

Everything you said may be true, but you didn't refute her point. Halle is definitely an "A Lister." She gets invited to all of the A-List events and she's a household name. Thus, she's not worried about KK. That's like Denzel being worried about Lance Gross coming for his throne. Not gon' happen.
CheyPie's picture

And you are still missing the

And you are still missing the point. Most would not do what Halle has done just to be considered an "A Lister". Some are perfectly fine with being known as an "Z-Lister" because they are comfortable with who they are. I could even excuse a woman or man playing a degrading role, IF it were based on a true story and portrayed the struggles of an actual individual. But, to do so because it's going to "take you to the next level" may not be what some are most concerned with. In a lot of cases, these "A-Listers" are morally bankrupt, hence KIM K!!
jdotty's picture

I think I heard Halle admit

I think I heard Halle admit that she sleeps with men for BUSINESS. I lost all respect for her then, and dont care for most of her movies or lifestyle. Why would she have another baby unwed when she cant even deal with the paprazzi and her current child now. I can see her in 2 years fighting for custody of the new child and this guy will win, take all her money and child and head back to france. She'll stop talking about black men so bad then. Afterall black men are the ones who made her a star in the first place.
cassandra29's picture

So then you agree she's an

So then you agree she's an A-Lister? Lol. Look, I understand what you're getting at. I think it's actually a separate argument from what Shay was originally talking about. But honestly, with or without that particular movie role, Halle would still be an A-Lister. I've never actually seen Monster's Ball for the same reasons you despise that role (not my cup of tea) but if you were to ask me who is the most famous black woman in Hollywood over the last 15 years, Halle's name would come to mind first. Also, I don't consider Kim K an A-Lister because she often uses other people to get her into A-List events. Halle does it on her own name. I'm glad you're so passionate about morality in Hollywood, I am too. But you can't deny the truth.
CheyPie's picture

@CheyPie, Thank-You! Halle's

@CheyPie, Thank-You! Halle's personal life and her choices in life has nothing to do with the fact that she is still an A-Lister,she may not be considered an A-Lister in some folks eyes but in the eyes of Hollywood she is!
Shay's picture

Essence is 1. ASSUMING that

Essence is 1. ASSUMING that all the characters in the movie have to be Black. 2. ASSUMING that the reason she (Essence) CLAIMS Tyler cast Kim Kardashian is the ACTUAL reason he did (for those of you who find that mind boggling, I mean maybe he had another reason. Ex. he wanted a diverse cast.) 3. She is ASSUMING THAT the role was not written for a non-black character (apologies for the double negatives.) 4. ASSUMING THAT Tyler does not want the character to be superfiicial....I am a law student. I can go on for days. The "Essence" of my argument Ms. Atkins is that you speak as if your statements are facts when really,it is only YOUR opinion and, like buttholes, we all have one. so...............HAVE SEVERAL SEATS BOO BOO!! *TAMAR VOICE*
Tash's picture

So you believe that he casted

So you believe that he casted Kim K in efforts to create a more diverse cast?! Really?! Okay...
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