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Eve Talks Raising Future Bi-Racial Kids With Her Boyfriend, "I Want Them To Be Colorblind"

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Eve is on full promo mode as she prepares to drop her new album Liplock.  And she recently dished about how she plans to raise her future kids with her now-boyfriend, British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper.  Check out what she said about  teaching the kiddies about their racial identity and raising them "colorblind"....

The fab 34-year-old Eve is in a totally different space than her "Love Is Blind" days.  Instead of going hard with the fellas rocking a fresh baldie, she's a true girly girl now who's giggly like a school girl when talking about her boo, Maximillion.  And she's got babies on the brain.

She's still got a little of that pitbull-in-a-skirt in her, but the "She Bad" rapper chatted it up with VIBE VIXEN about all things girly.  We're hearing about her hot and ever changing style (she styles herself!), why she's so open about her romantic relationship and how the twosome will raise their kids.

Here are the highlights:

On being more open about her relationship and deciding what to share and what to keep to herself: I have to say, it is pretty hard. I think you can get so comfortable with sharing that you don't even realize like "Oooh!" But at the same time, I feel like I've been really good at being private. Like, I think we keep it to a minimum. We might write tweets and say we love each other and things like that, but I don't really put out much personal information about us or what we're exactly doing. It's like "I love you baby. Thank you" or whatever, but never anything too personal.

On teaching her children about race + identity: I want them to be colorblind, but I do want them to understand both sides of themselves. I'm a black woman and I love being a black woman. And I think my child should know that black part of themselves. But obviously at the same time, their father would be white and I would want them to know that side of themselves. And British! That's a whole other situation (laughs). But in doing that, I think they can be colorblind. I don't want them to see color. I never did. I grew up in the hood and my mother was very good at it not being a black thing, even though I grew up around all black people. I want them to want to know everything about all kinds of races. And hopefully they will.

On who she would form a super group with: I would have to say me and Swizz (Beatz). Definitely. Like me and Swizz could make a full record. But then I would add to that me, Swizz, Missy. I would add Missy. And I would want to add one more. (Long pause) Andre 3000. I'm ready for the tour (laughs)!

On her style constantly evolving: You know what? Honestly, to my friend today, this morning, I was like, "Girl, I think I'm about to cut my hair off." Like, I'm feeling it! But I don't want to go back to retro me (laughs).

On her favorite part about styling herself: It's fun! It's an accessory. It's like putting on a bracelet or a ring. Even my boyfriend teases me. Like I'm the first black girl he's dated and we've been together three years. And he's like in every vacation picture, I have different hair. Like, who are you? But I can't help it.

On being a girly girl: Oh, I'm a girly girl. But that's another thing. I'm schizophrenic because I love my sweatpants, too. That's the first thing I do when I go to a hotel or when I come home. I put on something comfortable.

Eve's Liplock hits shelves May 14th.


Photo: Instagram

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"I want them to be

"I want them to be colorblind, but I do want them to understand both sides of themselves." Ummmm you can't have it both ways. Either you'll teach them about different cultures and skin tones or you don't. But you best believe, you'll be sorry when they learn it from somewhere else and it's all f'd up and wrong....but it's probably safe to guess that people who make these types of statements don't have any real knowledge anyway.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Jesus Christ you are

Jesus Christ you are hilarious! Oh Eve, you are living in a bubble my dear. As long as the sun shines there will be whites that will believe they are superior, so please raise your children to know that black people, African people are the original race-proud, strong, and beautiful. If they know who and what they truly are they will grow up to be confident and not feel intimidated by the ignorance of racism.
getyourlife33's picture


PinkyDaGoddess's picture

We should be colorblind, and

We should be colorblind, and teach our chiildren to be colorblind. Black people want to put a standard of blackness for our celebrities to follow, that fit our agenda, when it's unrealistic. Each person has a different life story to tell, and as long as they aren't destroying themselves or others, who cares? Should we really care if Eve or anyone raise their child to identify with a certain race or not? We don't know Eve, so let her do her. She's not worried about the way we raise our children or our perception of the world. The world is becoming smaller, we are connecting more as a human race, it's about time, we stop it with the identification of race, nationality, and just be.

Children are color blind.

Children are color blind. They could care less what color you are. It's when they grown up to become adults where it all goes to Hell.
PacificGirl's picture

They learn racial prejudice

They learn racial prejudice from adults, that's how it get's passed on from generation to generation.
jgraves58's picture

Exactly- my2 cents in.

Exactly- my2 cents in.
In God We trust's picture

The slave master taught

The slave master taught slaves to always see color first. Negroes today need to recognize this and get rid of this generational curse that has you assuming every white person wants to oppress and rule over you. When you assume you set yourself up for failure.
cassandra29's picture

You're right. We used to have

You're right. We used to have disdain for being pre-judged because of our race, now it seems like we're the ones embracing pre-judging others because of their race.
jgraves58's picture

Slave master didn't teach us

Slave master didn't teach us to see color first. IF HE DID he would be in a HUGE ammount of trouble, you can't enslave a person who have PRIDE in who they are and know who they are. You just can't. slave master told slaves to SEE HIM FIRST AND PUT HIM ABOVE EVERYTHING . And that the God we worship make sure he looks white THAT'S WHAT THE SLAVE MASTER DID. If black people saw COLOR FIRST and operated on loving EACH OTHER FIRST. Then we would BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!Nobody could fuck with us, and white people knew this, they knew once we start loving ourselves and having pride within the ourselves we would become too powerful. Which is why they indoctrinated us FROM SLAVERY ,TO THE MEDIA, THE BIBLE,ETC.
LetsGetIt's picture

True (divide &

True (divide & conquer)....but BEFORE that...African Americans learned not to TRUST anyone b/c we were SOLD by our own people in Africa to the White Man....so we dont TRUST ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Cassandra29 is definitely

Cassandra29 is definitely right, slaves WERE taught to be subservient to whites (to see color first).
jgraves58's picture

Thank You again, and ya'll

Thank You again, and ya'll leave Eve alone for I fusch ya up. See I can't hang with no scorpios. Damage control. lol
In God We trust's picture

What's with this colorblind

What's with this colorblind shit BLACK WOMEN AND WHITE MEN BE TALKING ABOUTTTTTTTT!!!! Color blind means you see NO COLOR. When you say "LOVE IS COLOR BLIND", you saying love doesn't see color NOR PEOPLE OF COLOR!! Niggas kill me with this shit, just say you love the white man and don't want to live in a RACIST SOCIETY don't say "Love sees no color" THAT'S BULLSHIT. If you like the white man, and you want half white and black kids don't send they ass over to the black people BECAUSE YOU KNOW WE TOLERANT OF MIXED KIDS. Let them spend some time with the ones who made that "color doesn't matter" shit up which is white people. We all know BLACK PEOPLE HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH MIXED CHILDREN and LOVING WHITE PEOPLE, their the ones that have historically had a problem with it.But i can understand why, because when you have a child that is dating outside its race THAT SHIT IS LIKE DEVASTATING , because you want to live on through your children and your children , children. I don't want my great grandsons to look like some damn crakkka I DON'T WANT THAT TO BE MY LEGACY. Hate to sound racist and ignorant IM JUST SPEAKING FOR MEEEEEE!!!Black women might not have a problem with their offspring looking white since they try their best to look white BUT I DOOO. I want to be black IN EVERY LIFETIME AND I WANT MY LEGACY TO BE PASSED DOWN TO NOTHING BUT BLACK PEOPLE. Now again nothing is wrong with interracial dating BUT GODDAMNIT ONCE YOU DATE THE WHITEMAN you have givin up YA BLACK CARD!!!No more black power, no more BLACK GIRLS ROCK , causeeee GODDAMNIT YOU NOT CREATING A BLACK GIRL THAT ROCK IN YA HOUSEHOLD.!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Though I don't always agree

Though I don't always agree with you, I have to cosign on a lot of what you posted here. I have mega love for my own, and I wanted that perpetuated for the generations to follow me, not for some diluted version of blackness. And I agree - slavery wasn't about just seeing color, bc whites didn't worry about ensuring we recognized the color of the Native Americans, they just made certain we recognized THEIR color as a superior - POINT BLANK PERIOD! And yes, I detest the fact that we will accept anything that's not Black, while other races are notorious for NOT doing the same (a friend of ours travels to CA with her mixed son WITHOUT her Black man bc her Malaysian family doesn't want that NIGG@ in their house - their words). It's sad. We hate what we see every day in the mirror, while they covet who we are! Ridiculous! All the best to you while you find that Black Queen brother.
Brick City Babee's picture

See sista the thing about

See sista the thing about other aces IS THEY WANT THEIR IDENTITY TO STAY WITHIN THEIR RACE. A PEOPLE with a strong racial pride would not call a child from outside of their tribe ONE OF THEIR OWN. If they did they did THAT CHILD WOULD HAVE TO DO SOME COURAGEOUS SHIT for their people and even then he still would be looked at as a halfbreed. But blacks in america are thought "Don't see color, color is evil" and their black ass are considered colored but they parading that "Love is colorblind" shit. Black people really don't have a racial pride about themselves so they just go along with any fucking and ACCEPTS ANYBODY!!! Back in Africa a people with a ROYAL BLOODLINE MARRIED WITHIN THEIR RACE WITH A PEOPLE THAT CAME FROM AN AFFLUENT BACKGROUND they aint date no fucking CRAKKKA THAT JUST CAME OUT THE CAVES AND HILL OF EUROPE AND acted as if shit was all gooddddddd!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I don't know what got into

I don't know what got into you but keep it there because you're speaking the TRUTH on all your comments pertaining to this post.
WaterBaby's picture

When you don't stand for

When you don't stand for something, you indeed fall for anything.
Brick City Babee's picture

I'm a fan of Eve but now that

I'm a fan of Eve but now that she's got a white man & started living in London, she wants everything to be colorblind, peace-n-love. No. I grew up in Philly just like she did--in the REAL world. Do not fool yourself or your kids into colorblindness; cuz we all know the world will often teach them a very different lesson. Nice concept but let's keep it real and not live in--or expect our kids to live in a dream world.

It's people like you that

It's people like you that keep racism alive, you teach that shit to your kids. People are people, we don't behave a certain way because of our race. Dr. Martin Luther King was right, people can only be judged by their character. Only animals have behavioral traits, not human beings. That's the real world. Blacks that are racist, like yourself, are just as big a problem for society as any white racist.
jgraves58's picture

I too hail from the inner

I too hail from the inner city, and NO, I did not teach my children to dislike other races, but I DAMN sure made sure they wouldn't be struck in the face by a Nigg@ comment w/o knowing that it's out there! You do your children a disservice when you don't make them aware of what can harm them & I do not believe it's being a racist to do so. It's simply arming them with what they might face REGARDLESS of how sheltered you'd like to THINK they are. So you can sit back and point fingers, but I dare you to send little James off to school (public or private like my husband and I did) and later his career even, and not think that somewhere, somehow, someone will make him feel marginalized regardless of whether you've raised him to not see color. Check out the Clark experiment where Black children chose the White dolls over those of color, and the 2010 followup by Child Psychologist Margaret Beale Spencer where racial bias towards lighter complexioned people was STILL seen! I HIGHLY doubt people are training kids as young as 4 in the 21st Century to dislike darker-toned people on the regular, but here is still is! You can dream of a utopia, work towards one even, but you'd have to be mentally deficient to NOT prepare your Black child for the world that awaits them! Educate yourself, and THEN talk dat SH!T!
Brick City Babee's picture

@Brick City Babee, We all

@Brick City Babee, We all prepare our kids for everything they could possibly encounter, where'd you get the idea that you shouldn't? But there is a difference between teaching them what racism is and indoctrinating them to be racist and that's what I'm talking about. Why don't YOU "educate yourself" before YOU "talk dat SHIT!". A society is what we make it and passing on racial prejudice to the next generation is not good for anyone of any race.
jgraves58's picture

First, glad you know how to

First, glad you know how to copy and paste, but you'd still benefit from getting your intelligence up. You made a big leap from the opinion that it would be foolish to usher children into what is NOT a colorblind world without awareness (since they WILL experience otherwise), to stating THAT's what keeps racism alive & now even alluding to racist indoctrination! Second, I never had the idea that we shouldn't, as you can see in my post. Third, society has NEVER simply consisted of what we make it - unless you're making crack & meth @your house too along with prostitution, illiteracy, sexual perversions, etc! MUCH else exists in spite of your good intentions, sooooooo ----- Grow-up - that's the original poster's point, and my own! Your ASSumptions are incorrect. Few intelligent people are actively promoting racial prejudice - we're promoting knowledge - YOU ARE PROBABLY JUST TOO OLD (yeah, I'll make that leap since you feeling froggy anyway), or intellectually impaired to know the difference! It's cool, God looks out for babies and fools - you know where you fit. Next time, try to NOT accuse someone of keeping racism alive just bc they promote awareness & knowledge that the world is NOT colorblind - or do you live in some utopian dream state caused by meth, crack, sexual perversion, I COULD GO ONNNNNNN??? (>_<)
Brick City Babee's picture

@Brick City Babe, You've made

@Brick City Babe, You've made one incompetent statement after another. So what are you going to teach your kids? That white people are racist? Your kids are going to learn when they get in the real world what you obviously haven't. People are people, if they're of good character or bad won't depend on their race. Prejudging people because of their race is ignorant, backwards thinking and unfortunately that's what you've been indoctrinated to think . . . you are truly sad.
jgraves58's picture

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing!
Beautyfulones's picture


LBA1's picture

Love Eve and hope she finds

Love Eve and hope she finds her prince charming. they would be some goodlooking kids too. Nayhla watch out
lola69's picture

If this was a black man

If this was a black man predicting he will have kids with another race he would be ridiculed and be called all kinds of names. I'm happy that my successful brothers marry whoever they want. Do not allow black women to dictate your future. Black women always hating on a black man marrying or dating outside his race but they damn sure don't mind having a relationship with a product of a biracial relationship. Talk about hypocrisy!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Are you angry?

Are you angry?
trenaee's picture

Whatever makes her happy glad

Whatever makes her happy glad to see her in a different space, it seems she as left the days of RATCHETNESS behind leaving low lives like Stevie J in the dust! Good luck to her. Hope to see her married soon with a huge wedding!
Shay's picture

instead of asking about

instead of asking about bi-racial children, the writer should have touched on the subject of GETTING MARRIED FIRST. discuss raising any future children (who will be BLACK NO MATTER WHO THE FATHER IS) in a stable, loving household where both the mother and father are MARRIED TO EACH OTHER. start there and maybe i'll be interested in what you gotta say about children.
wildlife's picture


NO THEY WILL NOT BE BLACK!!!! I don't know why yall keep saying that BIRACIAL CHILDREN ARE NOT BLACK, they are mixed with black.
LetsGetIt's picture

Thank you! I had to reread

Thank you! I had to reread the article because when she started talking about babies I started thinking, "Wait, did Eve get married without me knowing?!" But no, she's still in girlfriend status. I'm glad she's in a happy relationship and she's thinking about these long term things, but I wouldn't even consider having a baby with a man that hasn't put a ring on it yet. But times are different I guess (i.e. Halle, Kim, Nia, etc.) SMH.
CheyPie's picture

Huh?! Is That Really An

Huh?! Is That Really An Issue. Eve Done Got Waaaay Ahead Of Herself.
Keyths&#039;Girl's picture

If she attempts to pass down

If she attempts to pass down the 'colorblind' rhetoric, she'll be setting her kids up for a rude awakening.
pinklotus's picture

& rhetoric is what it would

& rhetoric is what it would be!
Brick City Babee's picture

Good for her! She seems to be

Good for her! She seems to be in a good head space (not that she ever wasn't). As far as raising your kids to be colorblind...I don't know how realistic that is if you raise them in the US. Just expose them to as many different cultures as you can so they can see the beauty in all. The trick is keeping the child's spirit unbroken when someone sees their color before seeing who they are as a person.
AnoniNYC12's picture

The Lil' Mulatto brats wont

The Lil' Mulatto brats wont see color until other racist 5 year olds start to point it out.....smh..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

They say stuff like this

They say stuff like this because it sounds nice, but this crazy world will not allow you to be colorblind.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Well they will see color and

Well they will see color and many will refer to them as BLACK. No matter how mixed looking they look. This is coming from someone with a white father ok, so I KNOW. Green eyes, sun kissed skin, semi straight hair yet many think i am just..........BLACK.
sexe757's picture

People kill me with this

People kill me with this colorblind ish but yeah okay
Mouse's picture

why all the baby talk about a

why all the baby talk about a BOYFRIEND? dont put the carriage before the horse, babe. not saying that every baby isnt a blessing, but every situation isnt. a wifey isnt a wife. im sure she will be fine either way but still.
shuga's picture

Shuga whats good baby!!!!

Shuga whats good baby!!!! lol...
LetsGetIt's picture

He got no worries right now,

He got no worries right now, her boyfriend is balling! You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads too
V's picture

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