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THE PRE-PARTY: Chris Brown KICKS OFF Birthday Weekend...With Karrueche Tran & Christina Milian!

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While Rihanna's on the east coast on her Diamonds World Tour, Chris Brown kicked of his birthday weekend with a few friends AND Karreuche Tran in LA. See pics inside....

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Though he doesn't turn 24-years-old until tomorrow, music's "bad boy," Chris Brown kicked off his birthday weekend with a slew of friends (including Christina Milian, David Hasslehoff, and Topshop heiress Chloe Green) at LA hotspot Emerson last night.

And if you're wondering if Rihanna was there...she wasn't.  RiRi is in New York for her "Diamonds" World Tour, and sources told Hollywood Life that the pair haven't seen each other for a while...due to work commitments. 

“It’s up and down and sometimes the s**t is even sideways. Every time some s**t pop off between them, they blast that s**t on social media, and they shouldn’t. But when they’re far apart, that’s how they act out toward each other when one of them doesn’t get their way. It’s crazy as f**k, but it’s how they get down.”


But Chris wasn't without female attention at Emerson.  Though they weren't photographed together, pics show Chris' former flame Karrueche Tran was there to celebrate with him.  She rocked a cute look of white Giuseppe Zanotti fringed boots and a black mini dress (check the pics here).  As we've told you, Karrueche (show above in a pic she tweeted yesterday) has remained very close to Chris since their break-up, especially since they are partners in her clothing line The Kill.  

And outside the club....

 photo ChristinaMilianarrivesChrisBrownbirthdayAGGqhPdrNmJx.jpg

 photo ChristinaMilianarrivesChrisBrownbirthdayB62rrwdEuqDx.jpg

Karrueche's bestie Christina was seen arriving for the festivities. 

 photo ChristinaMilianarrivesChrisBrownbirthdayqlQmT1fQVTQx.jpg

Christina's looking hot as always.  Fun times.



In case you missed it....

Karrueche Tran recently let VIBE VIXEN raid her closet as she shared her love of denim tops, leather shorts and, more specifically, Celine heels.

Photos: Pacific Coast News/Instagram/Splash

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so basically Karrot Top is

so basically Karrot Top is the cleanup woman. kinda sad but I guess its easy money. Chris better be bringing his own condoms and checking them for holes
shuga's picture

Christina Milian may look

Christina Milian may look young, but this girl is in her 30s with a baby. Why is she still partying with these young folks that are 10 years her junior? Maybe she's acting as a mentor? SMH. Like people tell Bey, go home and raise your child.
CheyPie's picture

Oh lord he's back to the

Oh lord he's back to the blonde hair, cue the crazy antics in 5...4...3...2..
Realist's picture

Kockroach is one insecure lil

Kockroach is one insecure lil thing. She is nothing but a substitute/bootycall when Chris can't have the real thing. How bout you STOP being friends with the guy who publicly humiliated you by going back to his ex gf from 4 years ago. He lied to ya ass, broke up with you b/c you might be hurt over his "friendship" with Rihanna and then said he was in love with two chicks... If a dude did that to me I would keep walking and never look back. She should have picked up the lil dignity she had and exited stage left. But I guess you'd have to have common sense and self respect for that.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

so he back to blonde..

so he back to blonde..
reane's picture

the interview was akward...

the interview was akward...

Smhhh Chrisss!! Why cant he

Smhhh Chrisss!! Why cant he leave that Kareuche girl aloneee!! Im really rooting for him and Rih to work, but they are letting me down damnit lol Just because she is in NY doesnt mean that he can have a free-for-all with whats her name Smfh Anywho, K's crib looks nice. She seems shy..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Karrueche knows exactly what

Karrueche knows exactly what she is doing. Being around Chris keeps her name in the tabloids and it's good for her upcoming clothing line and I'm sure a reality show is somewhere in her future.
PacificGirl's picture


cassandra29's picture

Karrueche isn't a bad looking

Karrueche isn't a bad looking girl. That's where it stops though. She has no body to appeal to a real man, no known talent except Fu*~< ing, and looks mad thirsty for Chris. I feel like he could take a dump on her face and she'd say thanks.
cutethatsall56's picture

Chris looks very thin and

Chris looks very thin and Old....lol
star's picture

Oh my.......

Oh my.......
sianna1's picture

If kockatoo go back to him

If kockatoo go back to him she's a stupid bird brain. Cause there should be no chance in hell, after he PUBLICLY dumped her for ri-whore-a, for her to take him back! She should be telling him "I told you so" and giving him the finger singing HIS song DEUCES!!!
I Am Anonymous's picture

Karrueche is stunning!

Karrueche is stunning! Beautifull bi-racial woman just like Cassie! Asianblack woman are gorgeus. Cassie, Kimora and Karrueche. Def my fav celebs

Yeah but Karrueche has a boy

Yeah but Karrueche has a boy body and men don't like that. Except one kind of man. Also I question your self esteem if you base your favorite celebs off of them being mixed with something and not talent. African Americans are all mixed hun.
cutethatsall56's picture

I see why Chris don't want to

I see why Chris don't want to let Tran go...she looks like a younger version of his mother.....

I am so disgusted by how this

I am so disgusted by how this chick Natasha (YBF owner) looks. Pls go to fashionbombdaily.com to check for yourselves. Check the May 2nd post. She standing next to LaLa Anthony makin LaLa look like a f*ckin beauty queen. I feel like I've been hoodwinked coming to this site and the YBF owner is the epitome of a HOT A** MESS!!! Thats why I'm exposing this chick for being a FRAUD!
1inamilli's picture

at this point we have all

at this point we have all seen it and yes they are HORRIBLE. She looked kinda slow though, and im not here to make fun of retards so i'll just leave that alone. its no f'in way any grown woman with 100% mental capacity thought that dress was a good look. no f'in way. do we love it? lol....NO!
shuga's picture

she probably looks better

she probably looks better than those ugly trolls on mediatakeout and sandra rose
cassandra29's picture

Fuck off and Get off

Fuck off and Get off Natasha's Tits, I know they big and shit but the milk is dry bitch!!!!!

Theybf quoting Hollywood

Theybf quoting Hollywood life SMFH might as well quote Mediatakeout because 99% of their stories are made up
xedos's picture

Karrueche is so dope. Say

Karrueche is so dope. Say what you want, but she dope and y'all know it. I see Mr Brown is back to the blonde... Well as long as it ain't turquoise, I ain't saying nada. C Milian looks fab. Love her shoes.
Yas's picture

I'm sorry, but Karruche look

I'm sorry, but Karruche look waaaay better then Rihanna. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they be having good stuff too
V's picture

Christina prolly still looks

Christina prolly still looks like that when shes 50....if so, Jesus will be 2065 and might force her to marry him.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Stalking my IG and twitter to

Stalking my IG and twitter to see if Rihanna has something to say...lol she always does. Bigger than Karrueche's closet...what that bathroom look like tho. From the glimpse they showed it looks FAB.
AnoniNYC12's picture

So pathetic!

So pathetic!
Sexy10's picture

K-roach is such a basic

K-roach is such a basic looking chic. I just do not see the appeal.
Peace Silas's picture

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