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SHE GOT JOKES: Gabourey Sidibe ON Jason Collins' COMING OUT, "Who Hasn't Dated A Gay Guy...I Have!"

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"The Big C" actress Gabourey Sidibe had a few jokes when she was asked about Jason Collins coming out last week, and she revealed she's had her own experiences with a man "coming out."  Find out what she said inside....


Eyebrows were raised last week when NBA player Jason Collins come out the closet, and it was revealed he was engaged and had a girlfriend for eight years.  Needless to say, his chick was in the dark about it all.  But one chick who didn't bat an eyelash was Precious star Gabby Sidibe, who joked about it on Access Hollywood Live, saying “Who hasn’t dated a gay dude?!?”

As she chatted with host Billy Bush, Gabby recounted her own situation when she dated a man...who was more into her "heels" that her.  “He didn’t tell me [he was gay], I just sort of figured it out… [we dated] sort of recently.”

So what was the most eye-opening situation that let Gaby know something was up? “There were weird things he would say...He also tried on my heels once – that’s a pretty big indication!”

In addition to her guest appeance on the tv series "American Horror Story" (October 2013), Gabby is turning the big 3-0 tomorrow.  She revealed her plans saying, “I never throw myself parties, I get too nervous about it – like, I plan it and then I get too nervous about and I go, ‘No, I don’t deserve it!’ and I stop, like a weirdo.”

So instead of a party, she's whipping out her passport and going overseas.  “I am gonna take like, a big, grownup trip to Milan… I’m gonna go to Madrid too."



During her hilarious appearance on "Access Hollywood Live", Gabby revealed that "The Voice" host she'd most like to hook up with is Adam Levine...and she wants a side of Shakira!  Freak-a-leek.


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I think Gabby is funny

I think Gabby is funny too....she just looks so uncomfortable all the time. I wish she would understand how unhealthy she is so she can be here to make us laugh for a long time.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

that dress. that bag. those

that dress. that bag. those shoes. that body. smh....lawd her and natasha must be having a worst dressed contest. how the f you manage to look greasy and dusty at the same dam time?? where the f are her wrists?? did she eat them shits too??
shuga's picture

chile, boo!!! Go eat lunch

chile, boo!!! Go eat lunch because you must be light headed.
Brave's picture

Lmaoooo I haven't! Gabby take

Lmaoooo I haven't! Gabby take that desperate comment and eat it for dinner hun.
cutethatsall56's picture

Nahhhh Ni.....Cdfuuuu

Nahhhh Ni.....Cdfuuuu
Keyths'Girl's picture

Who Hasn't Dated A Gay Guy?

Who Hasn't Dated A Gay Guy? Lmaooo,Umma Say This And Keep It Moo'vin... Well Gabby I Haven't.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Please fat chicks always get

Please fat chicks always get played by Gay men.....hahaha
star's picture

I love Gabby's personality,

I love Gabby's personality, she's so bubbly.
Realist's picture

So do I...She has great

So do I...She has great confidence; and I love her heart’s shaped Lips.
rebellious soul's picture

Almost did but i had a party

Almost did but i had a party and one of my homeboys recognized him, pulled me aside, told me about the dudes closeted run ins with gay boys and it was over before it started Praise The Lord.

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