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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Mariah Carey's "Beautiful" Ft. Miguel + Mariah Is OVER "American Idol" Cattiness?

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In case you missed it, Mariah Carey revealed "#Beautiful" featuring Miguel, the first single off her upcoming album, earlier today.  Listen to the song inside, plus all the drama going down at "Idol" with Mariah allegedly wanting to LEAVE....


Earlier today, Mariah Carey released "#Beautiful", her collaboration with Miguel, which kicks off her next studio album (expected Summer 2013).  Written and produced by Miguel and Mariah, a video for the song was shot and directed by Joseph Kahn and set to premiere Wednesday on “American Idol.” Following the visual, Mariah is set to perform the song for the kickoff off the “Good Morning America” Concert Series on May 24 in Central Park.

Earlier today, Mariah called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show to explain why she chose Miguel for the song.

"I'm a huge fan of his music and as I think everybody's just so blown away by him right now. We got together. He had started writing this song with just the guitar riff. He's the truth."


Listen to "#Beautiful":


Unfortunately, everything isn't beautiful over on the "American Idol" set.  The cattiness between Nicki Minaj and Mariah has reached a fever pitch, and reportedly, MiMi doesn't need it and is OVER IT!

Why is MiMi ready to twirl into her rainbows and leave Nicki right where she's at? 

“Mariah doesn’t want to come back, Nicki is really disrespecting her and she’s tired of trying to bite her tongue all the time,” an insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “One night Nicki tried to be kind of nice, but Mariah didn’t bite, so I guess she figured screw that.”

Interestingly enough, we believe this one.  Even after watching the show for 1 minute, the eye rolling, the passive aggressive ignoring and the shade throwing happens from start to finish.  And it's quite uncomfortable to watch.  Nicki believes Mariah is insecure and comes and simply doesn't like her.  To us, it seems Mariah is just being the diva that she is and not going out her way to kiss anybody's ass.  Or really pay that much attention to foolishness. And Nicki isn't taking to kindly to that.

And Mariah's hubby Nick Cannon is also defending his woman saying that FOX and others feed into the cattiness and perpetuate it, and Mariah isn't about that life..

Deadline.com reports:

She didn’t sign up for that,” the America’s Got Talent host told LA’s KTLA-TV morning show.

On air, Cannon accused “someone behind the scenes perpetuating” the conflict. Once the camera was off, Cannon blamed Fox Alternative Entertainment chief Mike Darnell for bringing Minaj onto the show, I have learned. “No one thought it was a good idea then and no one thinks it is a good idea now,” I’m told Cannon said.

On air, he also said Carey predicted problems between her and Minaj before the two were brought on board, along with Keith Urban, as new Idol judges this season. “My wife [has] foreseen all this. She tried to tell the network, ‘I don’t think this is going to work, I’m afraid,’ ‘ Cannon said. He added that Carey thought any attempt to set things up between her and Minaj was the wrong direction for Idol. “This is going to turn into one of those reality shows,” Cannon said Carey, an Idol fan, told him. She added, “I didn’t sign up to be on Love And Hip Hop.”





blah! I love Mariah - highly

blah! I love Mariah - highly talented vocally. I love Miquel - again, highly talented vocally & a great producer but together, I PASS! Just because two people can sing doesn't mean they are the next Marvin & Tammy. Not feeling it at all.
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RichFish's picture

the song is really chill..i

the song is really chill..i like it..i cant believe beyonce demanded fresh tiolet seats though....i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

I like it. Good vibe. And

I like it. Good vibe. And it's refreshing to listen to artists with actual vocal talent.
CheyPie's picture

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michealneil107's picture

I LOVE the song. I cant

I LOVE the song. I cant believe a great talent like Mariah would allow a NOBODY to make her quit a show, but then again American Negroes are so darn weak you could blow them over with a feather. I'm proud of Ciara and Tyra Banks for standing up to their hater, and Mariah needs to do the same.
cassandra29's picture

a kindergarten could see in

a kindergarten could see in advance that nicki minaj would be a fucking headache on the show. she's 'hood. she's disrespectful. she's obscene. she's quintessential BLACK TRASH. mimi, finish your contract with this job and MOVE ON to greener pastures w/ your man & kids.
wildlife's picture

She's doing her the same way

She's doing her the same way that rihanna is trying to do Ciara and Naomi Campbell did Tyra. When no talents are allowed into positions they dont belong, they are very insecure and feel the only way they can succeed is by hating away the compeition.
cassandra29's picture

Problem with that idea is

Problem with that idea is that Nicki is not equivalent to any of the names you just mentioned and is certainly no competition of Mariah...they are not even close to the same genre of music, nor is Nicki a natural singer. Nicki does Hip-Pop (I can't even call it hip hop anymore with her) and Mariah is an R&B, Pop and Ballad songstress and she been about "that" life for over 20 years. I can stand in my shower right now with an auto tune box and sing like Nicki boo. Perspective please.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

I don't blame her. The

I don't blame her. The cattiness is ridiculous and it takes away from the contestants. It's not fair to the kids who are up there singing their hearts out. All anybody can see is the awkwardness between her and Nicki. Personally, I think bringing Nicki on board was a bad idea. She's a trash box
nikki6's picture

I think it says a lot though

I think it says a lot though that her husband said she knew there would be problems with Nicki before they were brought on board. It kind of says that she didn't give it a chance and just already had a issue. I can't understand why everyone thinks it's okay for Mariah to act to childish just because of her music accomplishments. All the money in the world doesn't give either of them the right to act like they do. They both should feel embarrassed.
Desi's picture

I completely agree. Earn the

I completely agree. Earn the right to be a DIVA? Nope! Nobody earns the right to be mean and rude.
Princess's picture

It's okay. I may need to

It's okay. I may need to listen to it a few more times. As for American Idol, Nicki and Mariah both need to grow up. I've only watched it a few times and when I do I cringe every time one of them open their mouth.
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