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YBF Celebs Take Over The 2013 MET Ball: Beyonce, Alicia, Solange, Nicki Minaj, Kerry, Tiger & More!

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 photo florha21_zps2667e52b.jpg

Another year, another Met Ball.  The biggest fashion red carpet & event of the year is currently underway at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, and we've got the YBF celebs who took over the extremely fashionable red carpet.  Check out the risk takers who pulled off their looks fabulously, and those who tried....

Once again, for the second year in a row, Beyonce Knowles took over VOGUE's 2013 "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" themed Met Ball tonight rocking an eye catching and sexy look from Givenchy Haute Couture.  After last year's shutdown in the purple & black feather & sheer number, Bey, who is serving as this year's honorary co-chair, switched it up with a strapless leather bodice and a printed gold and black skirt with a high slit that exposed matching boots, and came with matching gloves. 

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGala1WGy_aerP1hl_zps0e82e978.jpg

 photo florho20_zps8d4c0c7c.jpg

Gotta love it.

And she's not the only risk taker who won.


 photo ket2_zps7f57f519.jpg

We're absolutely loving Alicia Keys', LaLa's, and Kerry Washington's looks for the night. 

 photo floraj3_zps57e81c63.jpg

Alicia kept her sexy edge in a leather cutout Jason Wu halter dress with a burgundy sequin bottom half and the perfect touch of punk with Robert Lee Morris jewels, a Tonya Hawkes clutch and a streak of red hair.

 photo flork6_zpsd7bb0113.jpg


 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalafZvmjA0onq0l_zps0b24862a.jpg

"Scandal" star Kerry Washington has been on a whirlwind NYC promo tour today hitting up several back to back to back talk shows.  And she pulled it together once again tonight in a gorgeous Vera Wang creation.  Vera stepped outside the box of her usual simple colors and flowy looks and opted for a structured multimedia dress with a bold metallic print.  And it worked perfectly for Kerry.


 photo ket1_zpsbfc34607.jpg

Kerry and Vera even posed it up with Andre Leon Talley inside looking like a page snatched straight from VOGUE magazine.  Serve.

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGala1dpZl0RxXM3l_zps9307a1f6.jpg

LaLa Anthony looked amazing as she flew solo in this red satin Zac Posen sexy creation. She showed off her new slim & toned bod in a dress that would show every flaw.  But in this look, she's got none of those.  Perfectly straightened & cut blonde hair as well.

 photo ket3_zpsc802937f.jpg

La had some fun with her girl Chanel Iman who rocked a striped J.Mendel frock.

 photo wav12_zpsc48126e3.jpg

And let's discuss Nicole Richie's surprising silver foxy look shall we?  We must say, it works for her.  It's a costume gala after all, and she gave just enough "costume" drama.  Chick could play Storm in X-Men.  The fashion diva rocked Dana Rebecca Designs and a Maria Francesca Pepe ring.

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalaE0nJBqcDo4cl_zps1172c3f5.jpg

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalar61wn9Mf0DPl_zpsd13c6b2e.jpg  

Oh Nicki.  Our darling Nicki.  Not sure if it's the 80's hair (yeah, we know the theme is Punk but still) or the dark lipstick with it, but this is doing a bit much.  The dress isn't doing it for us either.  Maybe it's because it's by Tommy Hilfiger and he doesn't strike us as a red carpet formal gown type of designer.  But, it's not horrible.

By the way, Tommy gifted her with a Rolex a few hours ago as well that she happily put on Twitter.  Nice!


 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalaOEKgqW3lOHcl_zps18a96b56.jpg

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGala5nxw3CG14Gpl_zps6b325a3a.jpg

Fashion diva Solange Knowles never gets it wrong.  And tonight is no different.  The "Losing You" singer stepped outside the box and rocked a printed blue Kenzo dress for, as she called it, an "Afro Punk" look.  And we're loving every bit of it.  The hair, that slit, and those gorgeous earrings.  Loves it!

 photo florha24_zpsf9039c5e.jpg 

Rocking a white Thakoon look with an exposed midriff slit and a high split in the skirt, Rita Ora got it all the way right with the hair and makeup as well.  Loving this look for her.she paired her look with Nicholas Kirkwood heels and Tasaki for Thakoon necklace, earrings and bracelet. She topped it all off with Cartier rings.


And the athletes also made their way to the huge fashion event:

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalakqqV_MROreGl_zps6817d413.jpg

NY Giants star Victor Cruz kept it dapper in a teal Lanvin dinner jacket with his tux. 

 photo Victor-Cruz-wears-Calvin-Klein-tuxedo-at-MET-Ball-2013_zps0e977ada.jpg

And his fiancee Elaina Watley looked great in this very detailed bodice on a dress that was completed with a full black skirt.

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGala-jmku9s3O3rl_zps1c926095.jpg  

NY Knicks star Amar'e Soudemire, who plans to come back from injury in Game 3 later this week, attended in a dapper Calvin Kelin suit with a burgundy jacket full of sheen.  Loves it.  And his wife Alexis makes pregnancy look ridiculously fabulous as she rocks a frock full of feathers by Giambattista Valli.  Gorgeous.


 photo c8a0c5a0b6bd11e2afd722000a1f98d6_7_zps7e51cf39.jpg

The twosome took pics with Taylor Swift and teammate Tyson Chandler's wife, Kimberly.


 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGala5sa7DkzF615l_zpse6b3a0fe.jpg

And rounding out the athletes, Tiger Woods and his new chick, pro ski racer Lindsay Vonn, made their red carpet debut tonight.  No risks taken here, but the white gown is pretty.


 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalaXgAs5r7mWCEl_zps8b506eae.jpg

Jennifer Lopez got catty in this stunningly glam Michael Kors gown.  Very unexpected look by the all American designer, but the risk paid off because Jenny looks amazing.  As usual, the cheetah style nude and black print dress looks painted on.  And she's freaking flawless.

 photo BJn1QrZCQAAyJIbjpg_large_zpseaf0f360.jpg

Kanye's looking pretty good at the Met Ball.  All that away-time in Paris is paying off.  And he posed it up with his baby moms-to-be Kim Kardashian, who rocked a much talked about (and not in a good way) Ricardo Tisci floral dress with matching gloves and matching shoes.

And if you ask whose grandmother's plastic couch cover got removed in order to use the couch fabric underneath for this dress.....you aint right.

 photo florah19_zps8b88ff00.jpg

Oh hey ALT!  Get it with those pink socks!


 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalaa9vAYJDBqSNl_zps4e079fe7.jpg

Miguel made his way to his first MET Ball Monday night.

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalavs3ijtiY3Btl_zps11fc2b85.jpg

Model Tyson Beckford loves himself some bright colors and a bold print.  His pink camo Alexander Nash dinner jacket works for him though.

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalaHnVElESbuX9l_zps89584f86.jpg

And Eve made her way into the high brow event looking absolutely stunning in leather and lace.  Nice to see hip hop getting some love from the fashion crowd.

UPDATE: Angela Simmons made her way to the Met Ball in this gorgeous black & gold patterned gown. She snapped pics of herself getting ready and heading out:

 photo 00fa2398b6a411e2998822000a1fbc5d_7_zps0ebf1e4f.jpg   photo media_60180956_zpsb7cb7df2.jpg

 photo 7e04293eb6bc11e293e422000a1fbe78_7_zps332510e6.jpg


More pics of the YBFers will be updated here as they come in.  Stay tuned!

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Too many people to comment

Too many people to comment on.
rosa's picture

Seriously Leon?...get

Seriously Leon?...get somewhere...
Lola's picture

Solange and Miley Cyrus were

Solange and Miley Cyrus were the best dress for the theme, to me...
Reign's picture

JYES! if I was worth $300Ms

JYES! if I was worth $300Ms now what would I wear??? comparing to everyone else's look, it may be over done.......
stytlin4u06's picture

Of all the YBF people in this

Of all the YBF people in this post, the only people that actually seemed to understand what punk really is are Angela and Eve. Unfortunately, Angela's dress will only ever be seen on her instagram, twitter, and this site.
Santi114's picture

Kim's dress was a

Kim's dress was a floral-f**king NO -- Bey's dress looks like Ed Hardy tried to go couture; Rihanna probably could've pulled this off better with her long lean body type (except w/ black boots not those tacky/matchy ones) -- my faves were Solo-Angel, Nicole Richie, & Blake Lively (obvi reasons not pictured but look it up, she was stunner) -- I liked Nicki's dress: that is all -- Kerry & Jennifer's too, not so much J.Lo's hair tho -- Alicia, nerp -- and could someone please explain why Lala is there?
Peace Silas's picture

BEY?!!! NO Ma'am...Chilllle

BEY?!!! NO Ma'am...Chilllle NO! Bey's Entire Outfit Looks Like A Bed In A Bag,With Curtains And Valances To Boot...They Even Threw In A Duvet And A Coverlet. I Can't Go Any Further, It's To Much.
Keyths'Girl's picture

REMEMBER when Scarlett Ohara

REMEMBER when Scarlett Ohara tore down the curtains to make a dress for Brett in Gone with the Wind? That's what Bey outfit look like LOL
cassandra29's picture

bey forgot to make scarlet

bey forgot to make scarlet little hat though LOL LOL
cassandra29's picture


cassandra29's picture

Aaaaaah hell with these

Aaaaaah hell with these comments. I'm dying!!!
Yas's picture

JLO looks like a man in full

JLO looks like a man in full drag she tries too hard all the time. Angela looks great.
Twila's picture


star's picture

Nicki looks like Twisted

Nicki looks like Twisted Sister.
PacificGirl's picture

Nicki Minaj looked a mess.

Nicki Minaj looked a mess. Nicole Richie looked a mess. I LOL'd when I saw Tyson's blazer. I like Eve's dress. I love Beyonce and I like her dress, however, I do not line the matching boots. Kim K looks a hot floral mess.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Agreed that JLo and Eve shut

Agreed that JLo and Eve shut it down..
PacificGirl's picture

miguel and kanye are such

miguel and kanye are such handsome men they could wear potato sacks and look good
cassandra29's picture

Almost everyone looks a MESS!

Almost everyone looks a MESS! LOL Except Nicki Minaj, Solange ALWAYS looks like a queen, Kerry, nichole ritchie, and jennifer. Amare is such a low class, low life. His wife's only claim to his heart is through birthing out child after child but marriages like that dont last. Before Ciara he was on george lopez begging for a date, and then when he gets one he turns into a two timing azz. Alicia's outfit is good but she looks fat. Kim looks like a fool.
cassandra29's picture

This is fashion?¡¿! ~ Lawd ~

This is fashion?¡¿! ~ Lawd ~ where do I start?¿ . . . . . *¿*
GetUrLife's picture

no, its a costume gala. its

no, its a costume gala. its all supposed to look odd in some sort of way.
shuga's picture

Ummm Angela and Kerry BETTER

Ummm Angela and Kerry BETTER WORK hunny booboo! Lawd Bey's fave must be gaudy gold versace-esque throwbacks...if it floats her boat...
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Kim and the floral and Andre

Kim and the floral and Andre with the pink socks.....Kimmy no! You know Joan Rivers gonna get ya Friday night on the Fashion Police! Nicki Minaj.....NO girl!....
JewelryLover's picture

WTF was Alicia thinking.

WTF was Alicia thinking. I cannot believe Leon Talley is in a position to judge anything having to deal with fashion. He is in an industry that weight is everything
Somerknight's picture

I think the biggest fail for

I think the biggest fail for me is Alicia Keys. Her look is too safe in the hair/makeup department and the dress is awkward and boring all at the same time. She can do better. I'm not feeling the boots but I like the dramatics of Beyonce's dress. I think J-Lo brought her A game as always. Rita looks nice but since she's so pale the white is a bit much. Nicki's dress looks like it's meant for someone's prom and the hair just doesn't go. That light blonde hair just drowns her out. Eve looks a mess. Angela looks stunning. Speaking of Angela...where's Vanessa? Haven't seen her in a long while.
Desi's picture

ditto on Alicia Keys that

ditto on Alicia Keys that dress was not "on fire" at all.
Tren's picture

This event is held at The

This event is held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art not at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) This is the second time you've gotten it wrong, fact check!
jha's picture

chile if you have ever seen a

chile if you have ever seen a pic of natasha then you KNOW good and well that paying attention to details and her own personal appearance are NOT things she is concerned with. no need to beat a dead horse. its unfortunate but you learn to accept it like a retarded cousin.
shuga's picture

You sound shallow and

You sound shallow and immature. Wake up! Looks aren't everything, Natasha is living the American Dream. #millionaire http://www.blackenterprise.com/technology/black-blogger-month-the-ybf/
CLS1986's picture

lolwut? this whole entire

lolwut? this whole entire post is about appearances. actually the whole site is! hell, i said that i accept her like a functional retarded relative who isnt concerned about looks. thats dam near a compliment. and we both know that pic from black enterprise is old and professionally cleaned up so cut it out.
shuga's picture

lol well thankfully she's

lol well thankfully she's gone and changed it now.
jha's picture

meh, not impressed with

meh, not impressed with beyonce she looks predictable as usual. nicki looks a hot flaming mess. eve looks terrible and kim just looks dumb. the only three that stood out to me is jlo nichole murphy and angela simmons
litebrite's picture

Had to scroll up to see if I

Had to scroll up to see if I missed Nicole Murphy lol. J-Lo was stunning!
luvlanda's picture

lolol RICHIE*****

lolol RICHIE*****
litebrite's picture

Miguel has on way too many

Miguel has on way too many accessories. I really like J. Lo, Solange and Angela Simmon's looks. wonder why most of them chose the dark lip shade. I like it tho!
shuga's picture

Nicki and her makeup=NO MAAM

Nicki and her makeup=NO MAAM
Naomi's picture

It was a COSTUME GALA!!!! and

It was a COSTUME GALA!!!! and the theme was PUNK Chaos to Couture!!! The POINT IS TO SHOW UP IN OVER-THE-TOP COSTUME LIKE GOWNS!!!!!!! People relax....BEYONCE and KIM's gowns were perfect for the event....Loved them along with Solange and J.Lo!!
MsKnowIT's picture

Solange look ABSOLUTELY

Solange look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS with her pretty legs self!!!
BigJohn's picture

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RichFish's picture

everyone looks nice

everyone looks nice considering it supposed to be fashion forward... I don't mind Kim's dress, the only thing is it seems like it should have been no sleeves and long gloves and then I wouldn't mind the sandal like heels... the turtle neck long sleeves and gloves coupled with the sandle shoes seems like the designer or stylist got frustrated and said f*%K it! The only dress Im not feeling is Tiger Woods date... too plain for that event.

Eve, LaLa, J-Lo, Solange!

Eve, LaLa, J-Lo, Solange! These 4 ladies, in my opinion outdid EVERYONE! I love beyonce's skirt but like Kim K, she doesn't wear what looks good on her body. Speaking of Kim, This woman has been thirsty for YEARS to get an invite to this event. She finally gets invited and THAT'S the bullshit she shows up in? Girl bye!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

My favorite looks: J. lo,

My favorite looks: J. lo, Solange, and Elaina Watley. Everyone else......
CLS1986's picture

Kerry Washington is FIERCE!

Kerry Washington is FIERCE! She is giving more than Life with that pose. And the fact that she's posed with ALT, is confirmation that she has arrived. He puts his stamp on all the IT Women in Fashion and Entertainment. But the thing I love about KW, she has a fierce strut, aka walk. And her pose is epic.

FYI - The Met Ball is

FYI - The Met Ball is literally..an event where Celebs go to SMELL THEMSELVES all night. They smell each others Wine Farts. You have to a massive Narcissist to attend that!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Elaina Watley, Solange,

Elaina Watley, Solange, Nicole Richie...WERK. These were my top favorites.
AnoniNYC12's picture

solo looked absolutely

solo looked absolutely STUNNING! i think she looked better than her sister! solo's hair, dress, accessories & shoes made her look like a ROYAL AFRICAN QUEEN. A FUCKIN' A PLUS PLUS!! jlo's hair and dress were fab as well.
wildlife's picture

What is Solange "Side Show

What is Solange "Side Show Bob" doing there???????? and Andre Talley needs to eat a salad....smh.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

JLO and Eve KILLED!!!

JLO and Eve KILLED!!! Beyonce's dress is ahight..I mean she gets credit for not playing it safe but I don't it. Lala played it way to safe like Prom of 93 safe, and Kim uh uh...with the uh uh shoes to match.
cutethatsall56's picture

SOLANGE! Yeassss!! Mama

SOLANGE! Yeassss!! Mama slayed them! She looks like a strong woman from a different time but still so current! This whole retro/neo soul image she had created for herself is brilliant! When you are in a world that everyone around you is looking alike and your sibling is leading the pack you have to find a way to set yourself apart and ahe mastered it! I give it to her because she is like the only female doing the qay she is right now an she is holding her high and strutting her stuff with those barbie dolls! They all look like they were made by matel, including big sis! Individuality is working and i think Beyonce needs to take a looong break aftertthis tour like just pull a page from michael and janet and take 5yrs! Then re-emerge and remind everyone why we love you so much because she has been ao perfect and on top for so long that she is kinda boring me and everything she does is.becoming boring and tackyand predictable!
kp29's picture

I feel like I'm seeing a baby

I feel like I'm seeing a baby bump on King B no?
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

there's already reports that

there's already reports that she is expecting her second child.
wildlife's picture

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