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Nicki Minaj Says She THOUGHT Mariah Carey Was Her Friend, Doesn't Regret Doing "American Idol" (E! Interview) + Porsha Stewart LANDS Role On “The Rickey Smiley Show.”

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Nicki Minaj sat down with Ryan Seacrest to talk about her uncomfortable relationship with Mariah Carey and rumors about her departure from "American Idol." See what she said inside and get the deets on Porsha Stewart's new acting gig.....


TV viewers may not know the final three contestants on  "American Idol", but they sure know about the drama at the judges' table between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.  During a chat with "AI" host Ryan Seacrest for E! News last night, Nicki talked about her famous feud with Mimi and answered if she would be returning next year.

In discussing her "feud" with "Beautiful" singer Mariah, Nicki said they started out as friends...or so she thought.  She soon realized that Mariah was, as hse claims, insecure and threatened by her shine. 

"Imagine someone that you loved your whole life...imagine you meeting them and then all of a sudden feeling like you did something horrible to them but you just don't know what you did," she told Seacrest. "That's what my relationship with Mariah is, and that's what it's been from the beginning. I just really thought that we were friends, but...that's the other thing I learned that this industry is so fake. You walk away thinking people are your friends and they're not. It's a couple nice hi and byes and then really, you better not step on nobody's toes. And God forbid you get a little shine. And God forbid you're maybe witty or quick on your toes or make someone laugh. Then maybe you're making another person feel insecure. And you shouldn't have to dim your light to let another person shine."

And when asked if she planned to return next year, Nicki didn't give a straight answer but offered up a "sales pitch" about how much she loved the show. 

"That's a million-dollar question," she laughs. "I have to say this all the time, but I want people to know it's genuinely from my heart. I love the people on Idol. I genuinely do. If I had to do this all over again, I would have done Idol. Because it's fun, it's laughs. It's kind of sad that what people read all the time is only when something is negative. But they don't realize that we built a family. I feel happy here and I have to thank them for giving me this chance. They could have picked anyone in the world. And they picked me. So that's all I'll say about that."


Watch the interview here:


In other television castings.....

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Porsha Stewart has landed an acting gig on "The Rickey Smiley Show."  It's time for chick to make her own money since her divorce is pending, so she's going the Hollywood route.  The "RHOA" star tweeted from the set,

"I’ve arrived! So excited on the set of my first TV acting role! Thanks guys my trailer is amazing!  Reading the script. This is going to be so fun!”

Porsha didn't reveal what role she would be playing or if this is a one-shot cameo, but we think her personality will mesh well with Ricky's comedy.  And during a hilarious appearance on Rickey's radio show, she refuted rumors that her divorce was fake and jokingly declined an "application" from Rickey...

Watch the jokes below....

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Rappers should not judge a

Rappers should not judge a singing show.
Twila's picture

Americans are so stupid.

Americans are so stupid. Everything is fake, huh? Portia and Kordel's marriage is FAKE. The Newtown, Connecticut shooting is FAKE. Tupac and Biggie are STILL ALIVE. And, an African prince just sent me an email asking me to deposit a check into my bank account that will make me an instant millionaire...
Sabs4Prez's picture

Nicki GIRL! we are not going

Nicki GIRL! we are not going to give you "Sympathy" Bye....
REd™'s picture

Nicki knew full well that

Nicki knew full well that Mariah didn't like her.

Why do they keep giving this

Why do they keep giving this gimmick a forum?? llh@Ricky Smiley's show getting another season, that script is so dry.
Realist's picture

Nicki please! Have several

Nicki please! Have several seats! Go away you bi-polar psycho! Everyone is jealous of you, Everyone is envious of your fame. Chick please you are so delusional. The problem is all in your head. You are so full of yourself! Every time a powerful woman is in your space you start acting like a B&tch! You have not been in the industry long enough to say anything! Go awayyyyyyyyyyy!

it is time for lil wayne to

it is time for lil wayne to stop putting his money down a dumb azz hole
cassandra29's picture

i totally agree. this is the

i totally agree. this is the same shit she pulled with lil kim and then have to nerve to say people are insecure when she's the one that's insecure. girl bye
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

I MUST AGREE with you. I'm

I MUST AGREE with you. I'm still flabbergasted by American Idol even hiring her from the start. Her music "recording" in terms of the "production quality" is spot on; however, her personality leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. Just a pure waste of skin. A waste as well as a disgrace to the black community.
gray skies's picture


Shay's picture

Porsha with her annoying

Porsha with her annoying voice knows she can't act, so she'll fit in fine on that cheap looking TV1 Ricky Smiley show! TV1 needs to stop because "Love That Girl" w/ Tatyana Ali was a horrible joke!
Shay's picture

Nicki just wants some

Nicki just wants some sympathy, what you thought Mariah was gonna be her New BFF with her low class Ratchet self! So what if Nicki was better at expressing herself better as a judge. I still feel MC was DUKED by AI and she never would have signed on if she knew Nicki was gonna be one the judges! Mariah has her ways but I have never heard anyone except Kelly Price Eminem and CA ever say they had a problem with her, people say MC is nothing but nice. Mariah really did not need the money and never should have let her ex-manager Randy J talk her into coming on AI! Nicki can STOP THE LIES! Randy announced today he's leaving in other words he got the BOOT! Rumor has it they want to get rid of all of them! Mariah will still be a LEGEND,RICH,MARRIED with 2 babies and RELEVANT! Nicki will go back to NOT SELLING ALBUMS and being a GIMMICK with NO TALENT in other words IRRELEVANT!
Shay's picture

GIMMICK is the key word. It

GIMMICK is the key word. It is all I have ever seen Nicki Minag as: a gimmick, in every sense of the term. No real talent whatsoever.
gray skies's picture

You're annoying Nicki. GO

You're annoying Nicki. GO AWAY!
cutethatsall56's picture

rickey smiley show is

rickey smiley show is absolutely horrible. i believe nothing nicki minaj says. she's obnoxious. she's arrogant. she has a filthy mouth. she's disrespectful. she doesn't show up on time for the show. she perpetuates every negative stereotype about blk women. nicki minaj is quintessential BLACK TRASH. american idol needs to dump this broad and send her back to weezy. let him deal with this 'hood rat.
wildlife's picture

Porscha is too Thristy and

Porscha is too Thristy and rachet. she and her fake divorce husband make a perfect couple. she can act like she can sing. I watched Rickey Smiley for 60 seconds and that was too long.
lola69's picture

I watched 1 Episode Of Rickey

I watched 1 Episode Of Rickey Smiley...Chile That Was 1 Episode To Many.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Ibelieve Mariah did treat her

Ibelieve Mariah did treat her like she was a nobody,because she's the so call queen,it's just sad,it's enough room for all of them,they should be encouraging one another, instead of tearing them down..

"Imagine someone that you

"Imagine someone that you loved your whole life...imagine you meeting them and then all of a sudden feeling like you did something horrible to them but you just don't know what you did" That's the same stupid thing she said about Lil Kim.
Dammy A's picture

If people you're meeting keep

If people you're meeting keep having problems with you, then you gotta ask, "Am I the problem"? When Kim tried to warn us this was how she was, Kim was a hater. I believe if MC had known Nicki was added before she signed up, she wouldn't have.

I hope she don't keep using

I hope she don't keep using Nene line " I have arrived"--New Normal has a good chance of being cancelled; I hear she may a few lines on Glee; both shows she didn't have many lines; this is why she is back promoting Bravo and thowing "shade" all around to keep in the news for ratings for her upcoming shows..
ladydiinpa's picture

Chile Plz Both these birds

Chile Plz Both these birds playing Victim!!..NEXT! *cracks open vodka
Like Really's picture

I can't believe they giving

I can't believe they giving Ricky another season. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads too
V's picture

Jesus is thinking about

Jesus is thinking about forcing both those girls to Marry him *switches to Mormon religion*.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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