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YBF'S MOTHER'S DAY EXCLUSIVE: "R&B Divas" Star KeKe Wyatt's Open Letter About The Joys...AND REALNESS...Of Having 6 Kids!

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 photo BGUmj6RCYAI3UEFjpg_large_zps444e38a7.jpg

KeKe Wyatt has made a fab comeback on the music scene, thanks to starring on the hit TV One show "R&B Divas" and keeping those talented pipes in tip-top condition.  She can still sing circles around most chicks in the business, even after mothering 6 kids and being a wife to her husbandger.


And for Mother's Day, KeKe tells us how amazing motherhood is even with a basketball team of kids, and how even the most annoying times lead to the most love....

In an open letter exclusively written for TheYBF.com, the fabulous KeKe Wyatt is dishing the real deal about juggling a load of sweet kiddies, an R&B career, and all that's good and bad in between.  The 31-year-old, who made everyone take notice in 2000 with her collabo with Avant, "My First Love" (that she recorded when she was just 15!), birthed 5 of her kids and is also stepmom to her husband Michael's kiddie from a previous relationship.

 photo BJOO05VCIAAiaTWjpg_large_zps4890766a.jpg

KeKe may have caused a bit of controversy with her stuck-at-the-hip style relationship with her hubby of three years during season 1 of "R&B Divas" (shown above during recent filming), but her mommyhood skills are nothing short of admirable.  The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence spokeswoman opens up candidly about the joys and realness of motherhood in her open letter below:


I thank God every day for blessing me with the greatest gift of all, my children. Anyone who really knows Keke Wyatt will tell you the one thing that I do not play about are my children honey. Most of you only know me as an artist or from R&B Divas ATL, but before any of that; I am “mommy” first. I come from a history of large families. My mother has 8 brothers and sisters and my father had 4 sisters; who in the world would ever think that I would have 6 of my own, Lord Jesus. Bean 13, Poopy 11, Makayla 9, Mimmi 4, Ke’mar 2, and Wyatt who will be 1 this month all have brought unspeakable joy to my life. Please don’t get it twisted I only have 2 baby daddies of whom I was and am married to now…BOOM! I know y’all thinking, “Dang Brady Bunch; no ma’am more like Wyatt-Ford Bunch.”…. lol

Sometimes I find it hard to put into words just how I feel about my children. No Shade but sometimes my kids do get on my nerves but they are my hun buns and they are the center of my life. As a mother, every holiday is a proud moment because I get to see the smiles on their faces. There are times I do feel a little guilt because my profession requires me to be on the road so much and miss quality time with my family. Thankfully my children know that mommy is always available to them even when I am not near them. Thank God for technology, because it allows me to stay in constant communication whether by skype, tango, or by phone. Once I return home I devote all of my time and energy to them. I truly thank God for my gift and the blessings that it has afforded me. Knowing and working in an industry that can be cruel and judgmental, my children provide just the amount of peace I need when times get really rough. Honey, I don’t know what I would do without my babies, every last one of them. I am honored to be able to wake up every day and hear my teeny weenys say, “Mommy”… OkaaaaaY!!!!

-KeKe Wyatt


Check out more pics of KeKe rocking her reality show work and her mommy work below:

 photo BD_uwUwCEAASjdgjpg_large_zpsd634a564.jpg

With co-star Faith Evans

 photo BFB606gCAAAt6jJjpg_large_zps214a0446.jpg  photo BGvmOvhCQAADmmHjpg_large_zps3b781ed0.jpg  photo BGvX2-5CUAAuClTjpg_large_zpsc2bbbb6b.jpg

Her kiddies with co-star Syleena Johnson's son (far left)

 photo BHBPVD5CYAApG4ejpg_large_zpse0c730a7.jpg  photo BJWMhi6CAAMSe__jpg_large_zps1741cd01.jpg



Happy Mother's Day all!


Photos: KeKe Wyatt

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Prior to watching R&B Divas I

Prior to watching R&B Divas I was a big fan of Keke Wyatt. After watching the show Keke Wyatt is nothing of the type of person I thought she was. She is immature and not business like at all. She is disrespectful to just about everyone. She has a powerful voice and can sing her heart out but as a person she has a lot of growing up to do. Can you imagine she called Angie Stone old. What does she think of Madonna, Prince and all the big stars of their era.....bigger than Keke Wyatt. By her saying that she is disrespecting all are great artists.

15+13=28 NOT 31, Love her

15+13=28 NOT 31, Love her though she's funny as shit and those crazy faces she makes have me crying.

Beautiful fam! Those veneers

Beautiful fam! Those veneers though.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

i thought keke was pushing

i thought keke was pushing 40.
wildlife's picture

I wish those roach stomper

I wish those roach stomper shoes ~ would hurry up and have a fashion death.
GetUrLife's picture

Keke's voice is AMAZING,

Keke's voice is AMAZING, however, she needs to grow up. Her antics on R&B Divas really shows why she isn't a major star in the music industry. She's totally disrespectful and her comments to Angie Stone were shocking..Yeah you may not be old and need to tour but 31 and still no major success under your belt kinda says that you might be there sooner than you think.
PacificGirl's picture

The hell has Faith done to

The hell has Faith done to her face???
Awwwww Shucks's picture

i have a song to give to the

i have a song to give to the DIVAS, making that initial contact 1st is a Bitch, but im still gonna give it a try Only cause im a KEKE & NICI fan

Kee and her kids are

Kee and her kids are gawgesss!
sexe757's picture

I LOVE KeKe...all of her!

I LOVE KeKe...all of her!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

KeKe Has Had Some Struggles

KeKe Has Had Some Struggles In Her Life And She's Still Struggling Mentally. With That Being Said... I Still Don't See How Her Hubby Does It. Bless His Heart.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Something tells me that when

Something tells me that when her kids irritate her, it's (in my Nicki voice) off with their heads. (shrugs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

That second pic is

That second pic is questionable.
cutethatsall56's picture

This chick has metal health

This chick has metal health issues! does that kid at the top in pic 5 have on some of those fake hillbilly teeth?
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Note to Self: buy some Fake

Note to Self: buy some Fake Hillbilly Teeth. Ha!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Yes Keke being a mom is the

Yes Keke being a mom is the reason for remaining joyous through all obstacles in life.
TeaNicole's picture

I thought Faith Evans was

I thought Faith Evans was Jamie from sister2sister...and that's not a compliment :-/ God bless Keke and her lovely tribe of kids tho.
Pooch D's picture

You see that....she thanked

You see that....she thanked the good Lord first
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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