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Both Monique and TJ Holmes, who've had their BET projects cancelled, sat down to talk about their careers how they feel about the network since they left.  Find out more inside....

Oscar-winning comedienne Monique stopped by Hot 97 this morning to promote her upcoming stand-up set in NYC and to discuss her dramatic weight loss.  During the chat, she also discussed that "open marriage" comment she once made.  And she revealed that she harbors no ill will toward BET about cancelling her talk show.

Here are the highlights:

On weight loss

"I tweet my work outs every morning because I want women to see, you don't have to let them cut you open. You don't have to let them suck it out.  You don't have to let them put a band around your organs.  All you have to do is put the work in and the weight comes off."

Right now, she says she weighs 218 and her goal is to get down to 190.  She thinks her highest weight was 300.

On open marriage

Monique explained that the 'open relationship' idea was actually her idea because she traveled on the road so much.  She says the idea backfired on her because she soon realized how special her relationship was.  Now she still describes her marriage as "open" but for different reasons. 

"We are open but we're open because we're honest.  When I said open relationship people automatically though sex...but we have no secrets.  They're nothing my husband doesn't know about me and there's nothing I don't know about him.  We treat each other good in life....My husband's teaching me how to be his woman...how to be his wife."

On Charles Ramsey

"I admire that brother and I appreciate what he did.  No he don't have no teeth...but Charles when we come to Cleveland...you have tickets to the show!  That took a lot of courage.  Normally we mind our business....we don't get involved...that brother said "Today...I have to get involved."  What that brother did....was save lives." 

On Iyanla Vanzant

"I can't fix nobody's life but my own.  All I can share is my experiences..."

On leaving BET and what happened

"It was one of the greatest experience's of my life.  We said we wanted people to feel good before they went to bed.  I get asked the question "Monique what happened?" and I wish I could give you the answer.  Honestly, I don't know.  You're asking the wrong person.  You should ask Deborah Lee, the President of BET.  What I will say is to the people....I thank you. The "Monique" show was for our community."

Watch the interview here:


In other BET departures.....

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-13at32355PM.png

Recently, BET confirmed the cancellation of its news program "Don't Sleep.  We all knew it was coming...we all know BET isn't the place for actual thinking.  And now, veteran newsman TJ Holmes is speaking to HuffPost about his life and career post-BET.  Check out the highlights:

What happened to your relationship with BET?

The network, they made a decision that they didn’t want the show to come back. That being the case, I don’t have anything else to do at that network. I was only there to do that show for the most part. So if they decide they don’t want the show on the air anymore, then there is no reason for that relationship to continue. So that relationship is over.

Were you shocked by the show’s cancellation?

I have known for a while that the show was not going to return. I just wasn’t able to say that myself and make it official, because the show is still the network’s property. So they’re the ones who are in charge in that regard of public message…And I think a lot of people have known for quite some time. It just took a while to make it publicly official.

Do you have a specific time frame on when you would like to land your next position?

No, because I don’t want to make a mistake. My wife and I are blessed enough that we don’t have to run out and find a job just for the sake of finding a job. But I’m really, really determined to get this next move right. I’m looking for a home. A place that I can see myself being for years and years down the road. So we are being very deliberate. And it’s been nice to have this option and it’s nice to be wanted to some degree.

Read more from TJ Holmes' sit-down here.


Monique Photo: AlwaysAList

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Monique look good. I wonder

Monique look good. I wonder will she continue to promote obesity as if it's a badge of honor. What really happened to Monique? It's like after she won that Oscar she just started falling off.[http://easydietplanss.blogspot.com/]

I loved watching Mo's show on

I loved watching Mo's show on BET. No one else was bringing on great musical performances like that since Arsenio! Unfortunately, I don't like her attitude towards weight loss surgery. Mo why not support every person's choice of journey to good health? Don't put down someone's choice if it works for them! Disappointed in that.
LelaSeattle's picture

I loved Monique's show and

I loved Monique's show and was really sad when it was cancelled. I loved her positivity and I really loved seeing some of my favorite old skool groups performing - there was no other show doing that since Arsenio Hall! Sadly, I don't like Monique criticizing how people choose to lose weight. If weight loss surgery is what works for someone, don't hate on people for that choice. Support everyone's journey Mo!
LelaSeattle's picture

wow! team monique looks so

wow! team monique looks so great i think good health is so very important no matter what so forget the haters they wish it was them as for tj holmes situation oh well that's life and hopefully in due time through prayer & faith all will be alright on his behalf god bless end of story..

see, Natasha! there's hope

see, Natasha! there's hope for you too.
steezo's picture

I find it rather interesting

I find it rather interesting how both Monique and TJ Holmes were both on this article. Both brought something to BET that is a foreign concept to the network- POSITIVE ROLE MODELS and INTELLIGENT THINKING. I am so over BET. They keep all things trashy and trash all things classy. Backwards thinking for a network hellbent on trying to promote forward thinking. You are doing it wrong Deborah Lee. You are doing it wrong. Monique I applaud you on your weight loss journey. great example of health. TJ, congrats on the new addition to the family and you are far to smart not to be scouted by a great network that appreciates what you have to offer.

Monique annoyed me with all

Monique annoyed me with all the fat girl crap, but this confirms that she is a phony. I didn't believe that she liked being fat, I don't believe that she lost the weight by exercising. Monique -- go sit your fake ass down somewhere.
Child Please's picture

Who writes for this site now,

Who writes for this site now, Funky Dineva?? I used to respect this site a lot when it was uplifting and talked about how fabulous we were but now all these post are throwing shade left and right. Since that's the case just change the name to mediatakeout! YBF with trashy shade is hypocritical! Natasha should have found her niche and stuck to it! The writing is really turning me off
PryncessN1's picture

That interview was hilarious,

That interview was hilarious, too! hahaha
C2C's picture

Mo'Nique looks great! Go

Mo'Nique looks great! Go girl! Now how are those twins doing?
C2C's picture

Whether you say you have an

Whether you say you have an open marriage or not, a man is going to do whatever he wants to do. So you can kid yourself into believing your man is faithful but you need to prepare yourself for the truth at some point. Most men are dogs. Some are pure breeds, some are mutts. Actually saying men are dogs is an insult to dogs. Most dogs are loyal and will stay with you regardless.
LBA1's picture

I saw TJ filling in on MSNBC.

I saw TJ filling in on MSNBC. I hope he gets a prime position there. Monique, congrats on the weight loss.
JewelryLover's picture

as for tj.....DID YOU NOT

as for tj.....DID YOU NOT PRAY BEFORE YOU WENT TO BET??? i was sad when he left CNN (even though i dont even care much for CNN) because i KNEW that BET stint would NOT work. i guess the Holy Spirit didnt catch him in time bc surely BET is NOT the place you want to be a test pig for a NEW FOCUSED show. really TJ? its gonna take many years for anybody with intellect to turn to BET for OUR news....i would encourage you to go to radio in an urban network on Sirius XM if you want to reach our people on that level. BET caters to the 106&Park kids, and those kids care most about entertainment news. there have been countless shows on BET that tried to be news...including Tavis Smiley and Cousin Jeff. both whom i loved and also did not last. follow their lead TJ. now you're kinda in a sucky situation bc u went to BET and who leaves CNN for BET???!
ooooimTELLIN's picture

i have no comment on their

i have no comment on their marriage. in THEIR marriage and they are entitled to handled it in the way they choose fit. kudos to her on the weight loss. it was about damn time!
ooooimTELLIN's picture

Her weight loss had

Her weight loss had everything to do with the doctors telling her she had to or she would be in an early grave and she chose living of course who wouldn't FYI: everybody wasn't born to be skinny and just because your skinny don't mean your healthy!

TJ would be a good

TJ would be a good replacement for Matt Lauer on the Today Show.
PacificGirl's picture

no, he should be going on

no, he should be going on telemundo asking his wife's people to feed them. LOL LOL lets see how long there money is then. there is nothing worse than a negro marrying outside his race, and then expecting black women to help them feed their spanish and white bishes while we have nothing - no man and no money. what kind of man does that? what kind of black woman supports a dirty negro who does that? I WONT. I turn them off. You can marry outside your race, but you have to suffer the consequences. Ask her folks to support you.
cassandra29's picture

His wife is from the Congo.

His wife is from the Congo.
Sheisfavored's picture

lol @ going to telemundo.

lol @ going to telemundo. they wouldnt even let Zoe Saldana's brown ass on there. they do NOT play that morena stuff on that channel at all.
steezo's picture

Kudos to the both of these

Kudos to the both of these super intelligent and successful people. I can't hate on either. And I am glad that she cleared up the "open" relationship comment. It was obvious to me that while she was joking there was also some insecure truth to her logic. Many women who are afraid of being cheated on and deceived act as if they are ok with the thought of their man being unfaithful as long as he tells her. But in reality, she would be sick if he actually took her up on the offer. If it is true love, neither will have a need to go elsewhere. True story! Its a shame that most of the people on this blog commented without listening to her interview. What has happened to the world where we have become so quick to judge someone before doing the knowledge first? All it takes is just simply watching the video and forming your own opinion. As for TJ, you have a lot to offer any network. I applaud you for walking away from a station like CNN to invest in your community. Shame on us for not supporting you. Don't second guess what you did. It is paving the way for bigger and better things. God bless!
K.o.G.'s picture

monique admitted in her

monique admitted in her comedy monologue that she allowed her first husband to sexually abuse her through anal sex that was painful, but I hope she has gotten stronger and wont accept cheating and that kind of abuse. I was glad her show was cancelled because of all that insane screaming. Why Monique? Why? it wasn't necessary. Tj Holmes show was so pathetic it is not worth commenting on.
cassandra29's picture

I'm glad she cleared that up

I'm glad she cleared that up too, because I wouldn't take a single word that came out of her mouth seriously if she really believed in a "You do you, I'll do Me Open Relationship." Seriously, what would be the point of getting married if people really did this?
CheyPie's picture

If she hasn't shaved those

If she hasn't shaved those hairy a$$ legs ~ my ears are dead to anything Monique has to say. Hairy legs = unkept hairy p*ssy.
GetUrLife's picture

yeah that was annoying.

yeah that was annoying. Monique has to know that today's black woman is smooth and hairless, and it is not cute to have legs like a hairy wolfe
cassandra29's picture

All those years telling women

All those years telling women obesity is okay when she knew it wasn't and that she wanted to change after all those skinny bitch jokes and phatabulous bs she should have just kept it for real obesity is not okay it's not sexy or healthy she should have to pay for weight watchers and southbeach for all those fat women who jumped on her bus
Mouse's picture

I so agree with you. All

I so agree with you. All that "I'm happy with my size, I love the way I am" etc. was all BS. She just didn't want to do the work to get fit and healthy so overweight people create what I call the Big Girls Mantra "I'm happy with who I am". Now that she's put in the work she wants to be an advocate for exercise and being healthy. What's next a book, or workout video? Whatever Mo'Nique. And how can you promote open marriage but also want to claim to be religious and throw in God every now and then? Have several seats!
PacificGirl's picture

It's ok to change your mind

It's ok to change your mind and decide that you want to live a healthier lifestyle instead of racing to the grave via poor eating habits and obesity. Soooo I ain't even mad at her. She should have been on it a long time ago...maybe she'll start shaving her legs now too. ;)
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

You are right it is okay to

You are right it is okay to change your mind for the better my only problem with her is she promoted that unhealthy lifestyle to so many women who identified with being obese and told them that ish was okay like that was the move. Obesity is dangerous and instead of telling her fans to love your self but move towards a healthy life she told them be big and eat like shit and you can steal a skinny bitch's man. The whole time she looking at herself wanting to change it's just a contradition.
Mouse's picture

That's just it; Monique

That's just it; Monique didn't change her mind. Her husband told her big ass to lose some weight. He tried to say it gently but after seeing her get out of the shower one morning he told her ass to push back from the dinner table. She's a hypocrite.

I lost a little over 50 lbs.

I lost a little over 50 lbs. and I did it exactly like Monique...exercising and eating right! It's hard sometimes, but it feels good to have that weight off your body! People need to give up on trying to lose as quickly as possible, it's much better to lose gradually.
Coffy's picture

She looks great. Getting that

She looks great. Getting that body in shape. Now work on your mind and self esteem. No real woman will allow an open marriage. She's very insecure. Marriage is when you find someONE to live your life with...Got married and gave him permission to cheat and he gave her permission to cheat. Clowns
Missy's picture

I lost all respect for

I lost all respect for Monique when she admitted to having an open marriage. Young girls & women in our community are getting HIV & AIDS --and a talented woman like Monique gives her husband a pass to just do whatever he wants? O-kay...and yes she looks good after losing weight but her husband told her to lose it; its not like she had an epiphany & decided to get healthy. Now that she's made $ poking fun at 'skinny bitches' she tries to become one. Yeah ok. I wish TJ Holmes the best: BET is the Bad-Boy of television networks; shady & lacking staying power. I hope he gets a better job or show elsewhere.

Monique look good. I wonder

Monique look good. I wonder will she continue to promote obesity as if it's a badge of honor. What really happened to Monique? It's like after she won that Oscar she just started falling off. There were rumors that her head got really big and all the industry comedians that she had been friends with for years don't fool with her.
Somerknight's picture

People that watch BET aren't

People that watch BET aren't interested in learning anything....anywho, "Open Marriage" is code for: Low Self Esteem...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I think Monique looks nice.

I think Monique looks nice. Her head does match her body and by that I mean it appears as if she lost weight by working out and eating healthy. I am starting to believe that "skinny girls are evil and need to go to hell" was an act for her career!!! And she did make that comment stating that "big women" DO NOT NEED LAP BAND SURGERY, or they DON'T NEED TO CUT INTO YOU, etc.. to loose weight. Exercise people!!!!!

I Commend Mo On Her Recent

I Commend Mo On Her Recent Weight Lost. She Looks Good. But Chille, To Each His Own When It Comes To Opening Up A Marriage Inwhich Both Parties Are Allowed To Seek Other Partners. I Am A Little To Selfish For Sharing My Man Knowingly. But Dat Ain Me So I Digress.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Sounds like our brother TJ

Sounds like our brother TJ realized that leaving CNN was not the best move for him... Sure he wasn't getting the shine he deserved on CNN, but He definitely took a HUGE STEP BACK by going to BET... that, in many respects killed his credibility as a hard-line reporter...the next BIG MOVE he could possibly make is becoming the Head Anchor for 'NBC Nightly News' or something...that would be HUGE... Hell if Katie Couric got a chance..why can't a brother?
Grown Man Ish's picture

He didn't make a mistake

He didn't make a mistake leaving CNN, that channel is steady losing credibility. They're becoming more and more like Fox it's crazy. That said, I don't know why he thought BET was the place for intelligent thinking, lol! I can easily see him on MSNBC or like you suggested, head anchor for NBC Nightly News.
Coffy's picture

She forgot to lose the weight

She forgot to lose the weight in her head.
Desi's picture

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