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Rihanna--Up In The Club With Wale & Model Cara, Unveils Process Of Creating Her River Island Summer 2013 Collection

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Rihanna and Wale love to party it up.  Check out the two hitting the club in NYC last night with DJ Suss One and Rih's girl, model Cara Delevingne...


Rumors are circling about Wale & Rihanna possibly being more than friends as of late.  But we're not co-signing or believing any of them.

Rih's actually working on some new music, possibly a remix to "Bad", with Wale.  And she even tweeted a pic the other day of the two working together:

 photo e0a32984b99e11e2aaec22000a1faf7c_7_zps02c83a8a.jpg

So it's only right she and her Roc Nation/MMG partner Wale partied it up together at Pink Elephant in NYC last night to blow off some steam.


And Rih's still pushing her fashion savvy in a new 2013 summer collection for River Island that she's working on with Adam Selman.  Check out the inside fotage of how the line came to be below:




The Randomness:

1.  Danity Kane is apparently reuniting without Diddy's blessing.  They're planning to record new music and go on tour.  Interesting.  STORY


Photos: Rihanna's Imstagram, DJ Suss One's Instagram

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Dawn is stupid for going back

Dawn is stupid for going back to Danity Kane. She doesn't need them, they need her. Drop those losers and get your solo album out girl! Dealing w/Aubrey is going to be such a waste of fking time and energy!
PacificGirl's picture

Who da hell is Cara

Who da hell is Cara Delevingne? And Danity Kane took too long to get back together....
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

yeah yeah yeah. this is the

yeah yeah yeah. this is the same site that said Wale was dating Solange and come to find out she had/has been with someone completely different for years.
shuga's picture

She's trying too hard to be

She's trying too hard to be ratchet... LOL! Never thought I'd see the day. But trying to act all hood and hanging out with Cara Delevingne, ummm who are you trying to fool?
Yas's picture

could get the same sh*t at

could get the same sh*t at Forever21. same sh*t different name.
ooooimTELLIN's picture

Rihanna your clothes are

Rihanna your clothes are litle tooo 'street' for the white girls and straight black girls..just saying

love seeing young black

love seeing young black entrepreneurs

shes still flogging this

shes still flogging this collection....for someone of her status i have to say it is a flop?...most of the outfits are still available and should have been sold out by now...
HAPPY's picture

Revis Island Summer 2013 just

Revis Island Summer 2013 just came to Tampa (Football Fans should get that #Bucs $96 Million).........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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