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AWKWARD: Shay "Buckeey" Johnson & Scrappy GET COZY At Uptown Magazine Project13 Event...Fiancee' Erica Dixon Shows Up Too

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 photo ShayJohnsonLilScrappyProject132013124CME3000__zps7b092c0f.jpg

Well this is...awkward.  Erica Dixon was not wearing her engagement ring last night when she showed up to the Uptown Magazine Project13 Event.   And when her supposed fiancee and "Love & Hip Hop: ATL" co-star Scrappy showed up, he was boo'd up with the chick who's been coming between him and Erica--Shay "Buckeey" Johnson.


We know Mama Dee is jumping for joy.  But check out the pics inside to see who else showed up....

At the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta last night, Uptown magazine held their PROJECT13 day of change event.  And it was created to acknowledge and support 13 selected nonprofit organizations and campaigns dedicated to impacting the lives of those in need in the Atlanta community.

So "LAHH ATL" stars, who impact our communities in a not-so-positive way but oh wells, made their way to the event.  And it looks like Shay finally got her wish of Scrappy having her on his arm.  And not Erica.

 photo DSC_8501_zps7cb31322.jpg  photo erica_zps73af6c1a.jpg  photo DSC_8498_zps0669e61f.jpg

Erica showed up looking sexy in green, and avoided Scrappy and Shay all night.

But we never really understood why Shay thought she was actually "dating" Scrappy rather than just getting it in as we're sure he does with plenty of chicks.  Shay felt special since he calls her his "best friend," and now he's giving her the attention she wants, now that he and Erica are on the outs after her big blow out with MaMa Dee.

 photo buckeeyevent_zps475c4e21.jpg

Buckeey rocked a cute and colorful arsty print dress for the occasion.  And we're actually going to say it, she looks great.

 photo shay_rodneyperry_zpsb5c5e519.jpg photo ShayJohnsonLisaWuProject132013116CME3000__zpscb5b3470.jpg

She posed it up with Rodney Perry and former "RHOA" star Lisa Wu.

 photo LisaWu_zps270b3372.jpg

Lisa rocked a little black dress and her Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

 photo Egypt_DemarcoMorgan_zps69deeabc.jpg

Hosts of the evening were V103 Atlanta's Egypt Sherrod and NBC 11Alive anchor Demarco Morgan.

 photo VVC_6173-2511244564-O_zpsf3157f98.jpg  photo VVC_6172-2511246138-O_zpse3b35f62.jpg

Scrappy, who showed up at the end, got his pose on.  Y'all know he's the 'Prince of da Souf' so he needs to let y'all know in pics...

 photo VinaMillsTalkingwithTamiLisaWuShayJohnsonGuestProject132013155CME3000__zpsfdb68b24.jpg

The ladies appeared to have a good time for a cause.

Check out a clip from last night's episode of "LAHH ATL" where Erica tells Scrappy she wants to halt their engagement because he doesn't have her back in dealing with his mama:


Photogs: Paras Griffin, Vincent Coakley, CME 3000

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honestly lisa wu looks like a

honestly lisa wu looks like a "crack whore" seriously i am not here for that fake bitch ever since she left her amazing husband "ed heartwell" the father of her third son (edward jr.) when he went broke after his football career was over and she did the same thing with her ex first husband "keith sweat" the father of her two son's (jordan & justin) when his music career was over i mean this is such a typical mindset of a "bonifide golddigger at it finest ever" anyway sidenote her cheap ass wanna be fashion line "closet freak" was a flop all day i am just saying as for team erica who is such an amazing & classy woman she will be fine moving on shay "buckeey" johnson needs to take three stadium of seats in another state and then maybe her thirsty ass can focus on getting a real hairstylist as well as a real man because i am so over this desperate bitch also team scrappy just needs to grow up and get a life on so many levels end of story...

In the 1st pic Buckey's face

In the 1st pic Buckey's face looks like a retired horses from the Kentucky Derby.
Realist's picture

I doubt this is real but a ho

I doubt this is real but a ho will always be a ho and cheaters NEVER change. Erica's mom had every right to question Scrappy's commitment to Erica, she wasn't coming from a hating place but a loving one. Shay is pathetic but unfortunately represents half the chicks I went to high school with... DESPERATE! He blindsided your ass and went back to his baby mama but used you for sex, what part of that doesn't she get? He doesn't and will never RESPECT her. Yet she's so happy to jump back on that roller coaster and play her position and for what? Her ass will never get a ring. Oh and for the record Erica was out of pocket last episode. She has so much potential but chooses to maintain that thug lifestyle.. sigh.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Shay = Karrauche

Shay = Karrauche
steezo's picture

Congratulations Erica because

Congratulations Erica because this too shall pass.
C2C's picture

I just can't with Shay and

I just can't with Shay and her desperate butt! To see someone so willingly as well as knowingly play the role of a side piece. Why would you be so pressed to be with someone who chose someone else and then put a ring on it??? SMH Like someone stated earlier, she's actually waiting the in wings for him to leave his family. GTHOH
M.Faith's picture

Just reading the comments and

Just reading the comments and it's funny that everyone is saying Erica is too good for Scrappy like she's royalty. Let's not forget Erica chose this man as the father of the her child without being married to him. Furthermore she put her hands on him in last week's episode for no reason at all. No reason would be good enough, but she had NO reason to put her hands on that man. So she is not perfect or too good for him.
Bird's picture

This is the second blog I

This is the second blog I read about this story on and neither of you mention if the VH1 cameras were there. Were they? Last night's episode was taped months ago I assume. Scrappy got locked up a couple of weeks ago and Erica went with him as did Mama Dee. And TMZ let us know that the VH1 cameras were rolling for that. So basically all this stuff is fake and the urban blogs are in on it.
Bird's picture

Thank you for posting this!

Thank you for posting this! I was wondering "Ummmm, wasn't the fight at least months ago yet Erica was more recently with Mama Dee and Scrappy when he went to jail." Stop the fake hyping up of drama!

Shay is so f'ing UGLY, you

Shay is so f'ing UGLY, you feel me? Erica looks and behaves herself way better than this "Buckeye" broad, you feel me? I like Scrappy, but he needs to get his life, you feel me? He's a talented artist and I'mma need for him to come on out with some new and fresh music to put himself back on the map instead of engaging in this foolery, you feel me?
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Scrappy needs his eyes

Scrappy needs his eyes checked. Erica is gorgeous and Shay is trash. The only reason he likes her is because she reminds him of his tacky Momma with her ghetto antics.
PacificGirl's picture

Ok I see what what everyone

Ok I see what what everyone is saying. Just the other day though, on Erica's FB, she posted pictures of her and scrap. They seem to be on the outs maybe? But maybe not. She called him her boo. Maybe they have to play it up for the show. That's my guess.
SophieDoll's picture

If I was Erica I would look

If I was Erica I would look at this situation as a blessing in disguise and keep it moving for real - I would not even look back - work on yourself be bless and come back with a bang that would put the stupid face on Scrappy and Shay and shut this silly ass dude down for real. Formula BE HAPPY BE HEALTHY AND BE LOVED....Erica is a beautiful women no doubt she will get many options
lifeisgood's picture

I would never want to play

I would never want to play the part of Shay in life. I think its ok for Shay to be friends with Scrappy, but to actually take him in as her guy is something else. He chose to be with Erica in which things didn't work out. Now, Shay all smiley face about the whole situation...not good. The whole situation with Momma Dee/Shay trying to destroy Scrappy/Erica relationship is so messy to me. If I was Shay, at this moment, I wouldnt allow Scrappy to break my heart again.
Kris's picture

I know Lisa paid a stack for

I know Lisa paid a stack for those Giuseppe's but must she wear them to EVERY event. Shay could lose 5 more pounds if she would just cut back at least one pack of hair. And Erica need to put that engagement ring back on cause she know she gonna let Scraps make a fool out of her again.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Something happened to Lisa Wu

Something happened to Lisa Wu cuz she fell all the way off
Girl's picture

I agree....she does look like

I agree....she does look like she's a little rough around the edges!
No1sname's picture

Erica is just too beautiful

Erica is just too beautiful and above for something like Scrappy. She looks like the REAL wife of a dignified athlete or singer. Not some oversized, uneducated has been rapper. Shay looks like what she is...trash. Her and Scrappy are actually more made for each other-- trash in, trash out.
JJFad's picture

But they really fighting over

But they really fighting over him though is it that bad out there. smh Erica is pretty and shay looks a hot damn mess. The weave is gross... not to mention the face i can't stand a low-self esteem bitch she's really waiting in line for that dude to leave his family.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

Shay thinks this is a good

Shay thinks this is a good look....nobody forgot that you're the sloppy second choice. He knows Erica is wifey material. You have the potential to be.....but you need to close your legs first. IJS
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Erica is better off without

Erica is better off without this mama's boy! His mother reminds me of scar from the lion king and buckey probably stills smells like Flava Flav! Any woman that would be within two feet of Flava Flav is a skank and lets not forget her infamous sex tape!!! Her but hole looks burnt and crusty and there is no way she would be near my child!

i just cant with this comment

i just cant with this comment lolol. dead....
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Erica please slather some

Erica please slather some nair on those wolf arms! PLEASE!!! and that big faced "lady" standing next to buckey in the last pic looks like Martin Luther King.
shuga's picture


thikkums's picture

cursed be the day that i ever

cursed be the day that i ever find myself beefing over a dude named SCRAPS! but i guess its a step up from flava flav's crusty ass.
shuga's picture

Scrappy & Buckeey look like

Scrappy & Buckeey look like they stink. Erica looks nice. Lisa Wu--something's off about her. Most of the ppl in these pics look skanky. SMH...

Erica is too matchy matchy.

Erica is too matchy matchy. Twist it up gurl.
LaFord's picture

Let Scrappy KEEP that old

Let Scrappy KEEP that old Nasty Horse Face Buckeey ~ Any b*tch that can make their a$$ clap IN JEANS is too phucking loose and needs to hit the gym and tighten her glutes. Her and Ghetto Betty (Mama Dee) make a better couple.
GetUrLife's picture

Shay is a delusional, thirsty

Shay is a delusional, thirsty bird...much like Mama Dee, guess that's why they get along so well. I don't like Mama Dee, but Erica was really doing too much when they had that little fight. Scrappy did take up for her and told his mother to stay in her place several times. Not sure why she feels like he didn't have her back but I say let Shay have his ass. Erica can do SO much better!
Mrs_B_35's picture

Man Scrappy is a mamas boy

Man Scrappy is a mamas boy for real, he should keep his mamma out his affairs and she has no business knowing the jump offs smh. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good stuff on there too
V's picture

I hate mama's boy's! No

I hate mama's boy's! No backbone and no balls!
CoCo's picture

Not feeling the shoes Erica

Not feeling the shoes Erica but you are every bit of beautiful and in my honest opinion too damn good for Scrappy....let the streets have him! as far as everyone else...#snooze

Um Lisa Wu looks cute. Her

Um Lisa Wu looks cute. Her ex-husband was so fine. I am sorry they couldn't make it. Erica looks great per her usual. Shay looks good also. Scrappy has some growing up to do. He still acts as though he is a teenager. The girl on the far left of the last picture looks like Lawrence from Real Housewives ATL.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Is that Oriental Lady, Lisa

Is that Oriental Lady, Lisa Wu off her rocker??? She has a screw loose........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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