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Kelly Rowland COMES CLEAN With "Dirty Laundry" (FULL TRACK), Admits She Was ENVIOUS Of Beyonce's Success

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Kelly Rowland has released the biographical single, "Dirty Laundy" from her upcoming Talk A Good Game album.  On the track, she reveals her abusive past and that she was envious of Beyonce.  Listen inside...

With her Talk A Good Game disc hitting stores on June 18th, Kelly Rowland's next single, the reflective "Dirty Laundry" reveals a side of the singer that fans may not be familiar with.  On the track, penned by The-Dream, Kelly talks about being involved in an abusive relationship and even admits that she was envious of Beyonce's success.  Not envious in a bad way necessarily, but simply yearning for what someone else has because you want it for yourself, but you're still happy for that person and love them simultaneously. 

One of the verses goes:

"When my sister was on stage killin’ it like a motherfucker
I was enraged, feelin’ it like a motherfucker
Bird in a cage
You would never know what I was dealin’ with
Went our separate ways but I was happy she was killin’ it
She was up, I was down
No lie, I feel good for her but what do I do now?


The single will be available via iTunes on May 21st.

Meanwhile, Kelly is reportedly in negotiations with Simon Cowell to join the judging panel of the American version of "The X Factor."  And she's set to go on tour with The Dream this summer, kicking off May 23rd.

Listen to Kelly do her "Dirty Laundry" below:


The Randomness:

1.  Usher is set to leave "The Voice" next season while Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera make plans to return.  Story.

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All Kelly has to do is

All Kelly has to do is practice, hire a better team and she will be fine. She needs to speed up the tempo....create something BIG!
Classic87's picture

I cant wait to listen but im

I cant wait to listen but im at work now... these comments have me sooo anxious *in my Ginuwine voice* lmbo
Dgabbaba_'s picture

Come on people if this song

Come on people if this song was really directed towards Beyonce do you really think that The Dream would have penned such a song?
pretty Red87's picture

wait..i'm confused? So who

wait..i'm confused? So who hit her? Who told her no one loved her including B?..that's what i wanna know.
e'erybody'sacritic's picture

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slenia43's picture

What In Thee Hell Kell?! I

What In Thee Hell Kell?! I Hope This Girl Has Had Some Kind Of Therapy Sessions. I Am Also Wondering Why Kellz Has Decided To Air Her Dirty Linen Now. This Finna Get Messay.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Wow, lo♥ed the rawness and

Wow, lo♥ed the rawness and honesty. Keep your head up Kelly!☺
Peace Silas's picture

i never knew all that about

i never knew all that about her. very few children are treated right in other people's households. i'm a sap for a sad story so I'll likely by kelly's but it is good, ciara's, fantasia's and brandy CD Love them all any way. they're all great ladies. i dont know why kelly and ciara seem to avoid each other but spend their time embracing users and losers like kim k and lala. kelly should be getting all those interview jobs lala is getting and stop letting her, use her, for a stepping stone.
cassandra29's picture


cassandra29's picture

Off subject but I must

Off subject but I must comment on the pic on the right LOL Notice how Melissa is slightly in the lead, the big protector man LOL Notice how the little lady Rihanna clings to her and links her arm through Melissa's. That says to me that Melissa is 100% in control, her love is on top, back and sideways LOL LOL They just keep on coming out. Chris Brown must feel the fool being played by man haters. Melissa has NEVER been photographed with a male, and few people have noticed that but me. LOL
cassandra29's picture

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patterson952's picture

I have always supported my

I have always supported my "lil sistah" Kells! Had I known that nig girl you shudda called me!!! Yes maam that's exactly what you shudda did. Hell I could have been your assistant FOR FREE WUDDA F*CKED HIM UP. ION PLAY WITH THAT, NICCA HIT YA MOMA YA SISTAH YA NIECE, i'M JUST SAYING IF YOU WANNA HIT!! YOU WILL NOT HIT ME! LIVE AND DIE BY THAT!! And I think that is perfectly normal to be a little envious when your bff or even sibling starts getting extra blessed and your falling into whatever...Its not that she hated Bey she loved her sis!! She just wanted to be big too, but who wouldnt?? I wanna be the best i can be and not be in comparison to anyone else. But you know US!!!smh..Watch dumb hoes take this and run in the other direction with it instead of taking it for what it is a lesson..and what do u do with a lesson CLASS? YOU LEARN FROM THEM!!!! Go boo!!!! Luv Kells!
A new fan of Ciara's picture

Yes it is normal to be a

Yes it is normal to be a little jealous as long as you dont let it consume you like rihanna does with ciara. Then it becomes vicious and evil, and stops your own creativity and drive. That's why Rihanna has a hard time completing her tours. All of her focus is on trying to kill the competition, and not make herself better. She should direct her energy the way Kelly does in working hard, being persistent, and knowing that even if she doesnt get to the moon she will always be among the stars. Mary Wilson is a great example of how to persevere and overcome a group breakup.
cassandra29's picture

All she is doing is speaking

All she is doing is speaking on her own growth. I don't see it as adding to "Bey's power". The woman is simply telling her story. I applaud her for that, because she will reach somebody. Its a very relatable story. Just the fact that she can express how she felt (never said she was jealousy) and exposed he own physical/emotional abuse; clearly shows that she has matured and healed in some areas. I do believe artist have said that writing/singing is therapeutic for them. Trust Bey heard this song long before it ever was laid on track. I appreciate & Love it !
Jazmara's picture

Ditto! Well stated.

Ditto! Well stated.
JewelryLover's picture

Ok, I admire both Kelly &

Ok, I admire both Kelly & Beyonce and I agree that Kelly has been in Bey's shadow for the longest but I love this track. She's finally opening up on a more personal tip. She's always been more relatable member out of DC, to me.
Minnie's picture

Kelly needs PRAYER! #1 what

Kelly needs PRAYER! #1 what mom healthy mom allows her child to go live with another family?(Kelly's mom) #2 We really don't know what she endured in the early years in the Knowles household. #3 The Knowles Family used her and kept her because she did not have parents to represent her or stand up for her .#4 The Knowles family destroyed her self esteem, with no mom or dad helping or uplifting her Kelly's whole world were the Knowles. #5 Blood is thicker than water, why is UGLY LOOKING SOLANGE on the Essence tour and Kelly's not, why is the UGLY version of Tracey Ellis Ross AKA SOLANGE is getting gigs that the more talented better selling artist Kelly should be getting?IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KNOWLES FAMILY AND POLITICS IN THE MUSIC BUSSINESS! When it all comes down Kelly is NOT BLOOD BUT LIL MIS FRAGGILE ROCK SOLANGE IS! The Knowles family Mathew,Tina all used Kelly then SABOTAGED HER CAREER and they continue to do so! On one hand I feel sorry for Kelly but on the other hand I wish she would just seek help and get over all the KNOWLES FAMILY BS, and use what God gave her. In these hard "STRUGGLE TIMES' don't no body want to hear about this any more. GROW UP and move on! Kelly I am sure went through some shit with that GREEEDY FAMILY, but my thing is you made it through those times now it's time to love yourself and move on! Most R&B singers don't have a leg up like Kelly did just by being a part of DC! Kelly needs to move on and use what God gave her work with what you have on your level! What if she were Lativia or Latoya they were dumped early on and never got to experience what Kelly has? Kelly needs to just move on even less attractive women like Brandy and J-Hud seem to have more CONFIDENCE than she does! MOVE ON KELLY ROWLAND or you will end up being the "FLORENCE BALLARD "OF DESTINY CHILD !
Shay's picture

U are so on point Shay...I

U are so on point Shay...I remember an intimate interview Tina gave right b4 DC split mentioning how she comforted Kelly after asking was she pretty too! *red flag...Anyhoo it collaborates with exactly what u posted! I agree It's hard to pull for Kelly bcuz even with all the blocking, she was really the one who had the force to break through and give the industry a run for its $$$ too! Till this day it seems like shes allows the past to bury her (*envy ) instead of it making her gift shine even brighter than before...*sigh Oh wells nobody can give that to anyone that has to come from within! Smh... But Nice post!
Like Really's picture

Thanks! @Like Really, I can

Thanks! @Like Really, I can always count on my Bilingual Portuguese speaking BLACK, BRAZILIAN BOMBSHELL, BEAUTY with BRAINS to see things for the way it really is!
Shay's picture

Aww thks and the feeling is

Aww thks and the feeling is definitely mutual!!! U rock lol *passes u a Cinderella..Cheers!
Like Really's picture

Kelly girl, I'm confused.

Kelly girl, I'm confused. When have you EVER in yo natchie-bone life NOT lived in Beyonce's shadow??? This girl was born in Beyonce's shadow! She came up and made her paper as a side-kick and now all of a sudden you want main bitch status??? Child boo! Kelly, you made this bed so now you just needs to wrap yourself in the duvet and lie in it!
DesignDiva's picture

She just put herself more

She just put herself more into Beyonce's shadow with this song. It's BS and The Dream is behind it so I see why. Kelly has not come into her own musically or as a woman. I understand DC was built for Beyonce's success and the other girls were left to pick up the pieces but the group has been dismantled long enough for Kelly to have risen above the ashes and she hasn't. My honest opinion and I'll leave it at that.
Username's picture

I agree with you. You can't

I agree with you. You can't step out of Bey's shadow by including her in a song like this. Now all of Kelly's interviews will be about this song, because Bey's name is attached to it. She's giving Beyonce more attention, that she clearly doesn't need.
Mrs_B_35's picture

kelly was really honest in

kelly was really honest in that song...i cant believe that nelly was involved in kelly rowland's abusive relationship..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Kelly is a beautiful girl!

Kelly is a beautiful girl! But sadly her career is not going anywhere. I feel she tries too hard and it's just not working for her.
Beautyfulones's picture


U NEED TO STFU! U SOUND LIKE that dirty no talent thief rihanna who stole the help that kelly should have gotten from beyonce's ugly azz camel. i cant stand him for doing that to kelly. i'm going to kelly show when she comes to my town, but these dirty DJs where I live are swamping the airways with beyonce and no one else can seem to get air time because she is buying it all up, and that is dirty and greedy.
cassandra29's picture

lol!!! oh, CasSandra. you

lol!!! oh, CasSandra. you are so special.
steezo's picture

I agree. She has "IT" so i'm

I agree. She has "IT" so i'm not sure what wasn't working. No, I do know...Kelly's confidence. She doesn't believe in herself enough to reach her full potential. She's holding herself back and she's proving it more and more.
Username's picture

I love her honesty

I love her honesty
MarshayH's picture

I think it’s great. Although

I think it’s great. Although it’s personal, I think it gets the elephant out of the room. Everyone knows Kelly was in Beyonce’s shadow. But that doesn’t make her any less of a great artist. I think now she has a clean slate to really be the artist that she wants to be. She’s grown and now she really has Beyonce behind her. Will she ever be better than Beyonce? Probably not. Beyonce is one of the greatest entertainers of our generation. Check the stats. Kelly doesn’t want to be Beyonce. She wants to be KELLY. She wants to be the best KELLY ROWLAND she can be. She’s doing a damn good job!
simplynw87's picture

She know damn well she wasn't

She know damn well she wasn't happy for her, but whatever. That's why I can't take Kelly, because she's always either taking up for BEY or just mentioning her period. There's ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for you say shit else about her. DAMMIT KELLY JUST STFU!!!!! Btw.........these sob ass stories is not gonna get your album sold. IJS....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

lol!! there there, little

lol!! there there, little bear!
steezo's picture

So where now again did she

So where now again did she say she was envious? You are so messy its not even funny.
KENNEDY78's picture

Ive always wanted KRowland to

Ive always wanted KRowland to come into her own. Everyone, from the media to fans/public/blogs to record companies, have always compared her success to that of Beyonce. I never thought it was fair to constantly rub certain topics/questions in Rowlands face. I know she'll always be happy for Beyonce. She's just trying to figure out how to survive as a solo artist, grow her own empire.
Kris's picture

Um, she did say envious, not

Um, she did say envious, not jealous! There is a difference! Now y'all wanna trash the girl for being human...

You can be happy for

You can be happy for another's success that does not mean you don't want te same or want te other person to not have their success. She just wanted to be on the same level because they have the same amount of talent. She is expressing her truth please let her.
TeaNicole's picture

Honestly I think the whole

Honestly I think the whole thing was set up for Kelly to be envious of Beyonce. Kelly is just as, if not more, talented than Bey and Kelly knows that (hence, the jealousy). She knows that she was put on the back burner so that Beyonce could get the limelight, all the while she has to remain humble always making deference to Bey. I really wish Kelly would come into her own. These mediocre albums still say, "I can't be who I really am because I can't outshine Beyonce". I believe she would have unbelievable success if she would forget about all that and do HER. Bump Bey. She needs someone to challenge her anyway.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

I was totally shocked when I

I was totally shocked when I went to a Mary Wilson show and discovered she CAN sing better than Dianna Ross. Mary kept the Supreme's act going for years and made lots of money after Diana left. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THEM DARN KNOWLES DIDNT ENCOURAGE KELLY AND MICHELLE TO DO THE SAME. WHY????? THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE RIGHT THING TO DO INSTEAD OF DISBANDING THE GROUP AND MAKING KELLY AND MICHELLE START OVER WITH NOTHING. THAT IS LOW DOWN.
cassandra29's picture

Stfu KELLY!  Bey's dogged u

Stfu KELLY!  Bey's dogged u long enough, so y give It more power, Like DAM!  Bish go read a book bcuz jealously means u can one day have but EnVY says NEVER! Ugh Unfortunately, this dummy ain't even got the self esteem to have that!! Smhlol.... *throws tomatoes 
Like Really's picture

ITs ok Kelly...we all have a

ITs ok Kelly...we all have a little bit of that green eyed monster in us. The good thing is, even with your minor jealousy, you and your girl STILL stood together through it all while you both supported each other. Its all good!

This song is just okay,

This song is just okay, nothing to write home about.
sweetpea1989's picture

She murdered that sounds like

She murdered that sounds like Tamar.
TeaNicole's picture

I can hear the remix with

I can hear the remix with Beyonce answering coming soon!
DEEZY's picture

I'm actually glad she was

I'm actually glad she was able to admit this - we all knew it anyway. I don't think it speaks ill of her - she's human and EVERYONE has felt this way one time in their life. The test is what you do with those feelings. You either wallow in it and become a has been on the outside looking in, or you channel them into something to make you better. Sometimes envy is the best motivation to make you get your shyt together and shine. real talk.
Intysingsuga's picture

Not a fan of the song, but I

Not a fan of the song, but I am deeply appreciative of artistry that tries to say something other than" F*CK ME," "F*CK YOU," and "GET MONEY." From a creative perspective this is a much needed move for Rowland, because in my mind she had become a one-trick pony. I do think that now that she's written this song she needs to stop bringing up Beyoncé every time she breathes. I get that they are "sisters" but she needs to use this song, and the buzz it will generate as a springboard for reestablishing her own brand.
Girl's picture

I personally feel that Kelly

I personally feel that Kelly Rowland's admission of jealousy toward Beyonce and her success in the music business publicly is both juvenile and completely unbecoming for someone who claims to love the person of whom is succeeding as both a fellow artist,an adult and a close personal friend. I believe that if Kelly and Beyonce' have issues to address that the ultimate resolution of these matters should be done privately and NOT to generate interest in an artist's upcoming album and to sell records and to make money.

You seem to have missed the

You seem to have missed the point of the song... What should she talk about? Her crotch again? This is an attempt to open up a little bit. Yes it's controversial but in the end she never blames Beyonce for her negative feelings and reveals that her judgment was crowded by the voices of negative people in her immediate circle
Girl's picture

Umm nobody wanna here all

Umm nobody wanna here all that bcuz it doesn't really matter how much she opens up or anything else, especially when her career has been always cock blocked like so many others for the last upteenth yrs! Chilee Nobody in the industry got to grow but her one and only scam of a sis! Kelly shud just  collect her checks and keep it moving bcuz she ain't learned to luv herself enough to sing about shit!
Like Really's picture

Maybe she has learned to love

Maybe she has learned to love herself...thats why she's able to talk about it now. She said this album was going to tell some true stories about her life. How can u sit there and try to take something from someone who is being sincere?
Classic87's picture

Look srry but I can't take

Look srry but I can't take away something she never had!! It was never in the plan for her to be on the same level under that management! Yea so While riding the sideline more than liking herself, she forgot time isn't on anybody side in this industry and Even under a new label,  I've  yet to see Kelly Rowland say F ah Beyonce  I'm doin me to the fullest right now! I mean "sis" sure did...Lol w/o a story nor a mention of her name! You can def respect ones Jealousy of another to know that they're better, which is exactly what insiders been tryin to tell her...but obviously she keeps missing the dam memo! Smhlol....*sips screwdriver n'plays bass ♫.....
Like Really's picture

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