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Rihanna Shoots BUDWEISER Commercial In NYC, Gets Provocative With Her "D.I.Y." Tee, Readies New ROGUE By Rihanna Fragrance

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 photo rior9_zpsafe1a94e.jpg

Rihanna is still chillin' in NYC.  And she was spotted heading to the set of a Budweiser commercial yesterday in the City.  Check out her sexiness on the set, plus the tee she rocked before she got there that had everyone doing a double take...

We're sure this only took a few takes.  Beer lover Rihanna will be starring in an upcoming Budweiser commercial.  The Anheuser-Busch beer co. is also sponsoring Jay-Z's Made In America festival, so they're keeping it in the family.

No word yet on what the commercial is for exactly.  But she will indeed be keeping it sexy as she's back to her blonde wavy wiggery, a cropped sweater and a sexy skirt and Azzedine Alaïa suede heels as she was spotted leaving her trailer with a cup of Starbucks coffee:

 photo rior3_zps5d04b0ad.jpg

 photo rior1_zps2242c12d.jpg

 photo rior11_zps5dfc7894.jpg

Her girl Melissa was front and center with her camera.  So we're sure we'll be getting some behind the scenes shots soon.

And in addition to a new gig with Budweiser the "Pour It Up" chick told her fans on Instagram that she's readying her new fragrance called ROGUE by Rihanna.  And this one will come in two installments--one for women and one for men.  It's a new bottle, new packaging and new scents.  Smart.


And before she made her way to the set, Rih as spotted leaving the Gansevoort Hotel rocking THIS get-friendly-with-your-damn-self tee:

 photo rior8_zps122e678e.jpg

 photo rior2_zpsb10f0264.jpg

Ha!  That damn Rihanna...


Photos: Splash/INF

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Rihanna is soooo scandalous

Rihanna is soooo scandalous with that tshirt and I love how people lose their minds over it. Hildamnarious!!
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xvbdhfd356's picture

It's pretty simple folks...

It's pretty simple folks... If u dont like someone or care for thier behavior, why even concern yourself w/ them? Rihanna is an entertainer... If u are not entertained, keep it movin!!!
MsKitty's picture


Greatness77's picture

Who has the Bigger

Who has the Bigger feet....Rihanna or Melissa....With all of the weight loss by Melissa, her feet r looking like a size 12
star's picture

Ri looks DAph...and the

Ri looks DAph...and the T-shirt is everything..#doityourself..lmao
jmac1981's picture

All the above might be true

All the above might be true but who are we to judge. She looks fly as hell in the black and that shirt is pretty darn funny too. Lighten up everyone. Get this upset about the important things going on in the world.
Camavery's picture

Whats funnier is that she

Whats funnier is that she wears it like its a normal ass t-shirt. Like "what...what are you looking at?" CTFU.
Camavery's picture

Im an excellent mother and I

Im an excellent mother and I loves me some Rihanna. my kids are my responsibility, not Rihanna's. adult entertainers and adult entertainment is for, get this......ADULTS! If you dont like Rhi's style or whatever then thats cool. a lot of ppl dont like each other, but dont try to make it seem like you dont like her for not being a role model for kids. outside of Nick, Jr. pretty much nothing is safe for a child's consumption.
steezo's picture

When is wearing a T Shirt of

When is wearing a T Shirt of a womans hand on her crouch pleasuring herself ever tasteful. Rihanna is woman who has a tortured soul, and there is something very wrong with her. Adults do not act in this manner. Rihanna is acting like a child, and as a parent my daughters can't listen to her or watch her videos. She will not be an outside influence of what my daughters think is acceptable behavior.
I'mThatDude's picture

I congratulate the previous

I congratulate the previous poster for their honesty,clarity,and courage to tell the TRUTH on the matter of Rihanna's dangerous behavior.

In my view,the statements

In my view,the statements being made in support of Rihanna's decadent and disgraceful behavior are indicative of the moral madhouse that our society is currently locked in as of now whereby we now have in America here in the 2000's a large section of the citizens of this country who firmly believe in a philosophy which states that there is no universal standard of right and wrong and that all behavior reguardless and irrespective of how reckless,improper,asinine,dangerous,illegal,immoral,and quite honestly stupid the actions and activities of a person are and the effect that those actions and activities on the person committing them in actuality have on other individuals as the endgame is to have fun in a society that is now 21st century post-parent and post-moral America.

no dumbass it's called being

no dumbass it's called being in your 20's. Nothing has changed ..look at history of 20's from the past to present..they party, they go out, and then they grow up and that is not "a large section of the citizens". cite your facts if they are facts. Get over yourself.
Greatness77's picture

The truth of the matter is

The truth of the matter is that YOU are profoundly wrong,idiot.Also,contrary to your erroneous and asinine belief that a person in their 20's as the right to behave as a wild,reckless,out of control,immature and irresponsible buffoon,your 20's is NOT the continuation of a person's childhood,it is the beginning and the entrance into an individual's adulthood which means that once an individual reaches the age of 21 years old whereby they can then legally drink,drive,and vote simultaneously under the law of this nation,it also entails certain consequences and responsibilities as an adult that a person MUST and should recognize in that if in the event one steps outside the rules and regulations of the society in which they live as a citizen by committing a crime,that person will not be treated as a child,they will be reguarded as an adult who is deemed responsible for their own behavior and will be held accountable in the sight of the law for their actions and if found guilty in a court of law for their improprities,they will face the punishment for their actions as adults under the law and NOT as children. Furthermore,this also means that a greater and more significant sense of responsibility is placed upon someone once they have reached adulthood to behave with a certain and consistent set of morals and values such as honor,integrity,self-discipline,self-control,self-restraint,responsibility,kindness,compassion,civility,a knowledge and an adherence to a deeply engrained and ever-present sense of right and wrong in one's life as well as self-respect and to have respect for others and to make rational,intelligent,decisions in one's life that assist in keeping someone out of trouble and not to see or test exactly how much trouble a person can immerse themselves into in their lives and in the world and that is TRUE adulthood and not the uninformed ignorance that you foolishly choose to espouse. In closing,it is my sincere hope that you one day learn this in the future and not continue to behave as the illiterate,sesame street watching moron that you are now. Good Day,Goodbye,and for your own sake,grow up and do it soon. Adios,Idiot!

you is smaht, you is kind,

you is smaht, you is kind, you is impo-tunt!
steezo's picture


MsKitty's picture

very well stated

very well stated
I'mThatDude's picture

This post is aimed directly

This post is aimed directly and squarely at the poor,naive souls who blindly cheer for a young woman whose life is totally out of control. The fact of the matter and the TRUTH of the situation is that drugs and alcohol are brutal and unrelenting vices that decimate the lives,families,goals,aspirations,hopes and dreams of all the individuals who foolishly elect to use them and in numerous cases ultimately result {without the intervention of others to save them from their misery of addiction} in a tragic,untimely,and avoidable death and the same will happen to Rihanna if she does not wake up with the assistance of someone who is brave enough to confront her in reguards to her reckless,juvenile,immature,dangerous and quite possibly deadly behavior with her flagrant and illegal use of both drugs and alcohol and her complete and total disreguard for her life,the status of her career,and the horrible example she is setting for her teenage brother,Rahad and the millions of young girls who idolize,revere,and admire Rihanna around the world. In closing,the statements that I have made are all in fact and supported by medical science,recent history over the past several decades and the tragic and regrettable news of celebrities that we have lost over the past several years many of whom such as Janis Joplin,Jimi Hendrix,Kurt Cobain,Brittany Murphy,Amy Winehouse,River Phoenix,and Whitney Houston who have all died due to the same wild and riotous lifestyle of incessant partying,and substance abuse and reckless abandon that Rihanna is in the throws of now and that will end her life if she does not change and that is the TRUTH whether any of Rihanna's most loyal and ardent fans choose to believe it or not at all.

Rihanna looks hot, love the

Rihanna looks hot, love the shoes, see nothing wrong with the T Shirt, it's just that, don't act like you all don't know!!! and as far as her doing a Budweiser commercial so what she is over 21 and grown, last time I checked grown people drink beer, including our very own President. What does drinking beer have to do with being a role model?
kayla1010's picture

(Rih's voice) Hmmm...what can

(Rih's voice) Hmmm...what can I do to get a little attention today?....AHA....i'll wear a shirt with a woman pleasuring herself on it. (rolls eyes and smdh)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

well if thats the case then

well if thats the case then it worked!! ;-)
steezo's picture

Rih is one HOT woman!

Rih is one HOT woman!
BigJohn's picture

Beer ad... seems fitting. WTF

Beer ad... seems fitting. WTF is her girl going through right now? She always looks a hot damn mess. That DIY tee shows she's going through Chris withdrawals.
Yas's picture

Rihanna's shoes are cute,

Rihanna's shoes are cute, they look like the pair Ashanti had on last week.
sweetpea1989's picture

why does she make that stupid

why does she make that stupid face all the time? I think I see what Chris Brown means by her being a "little girl".. she has a lot of growing up and maturing to do...
ZenLea's picture

You got that right. She needs

You got that right. She needs a LOT of growing up spiritually and mentally. WOW. Him, too.
Quirky79's picture

she pays her bills, she take

she pays her bills, she take care of her friends & family, damn she has more responsibility than you. Chill Jeez. just because she acts funny, thats her personality. she is youthful & thats a beautiful thing, being mature is what you are not being. going around denouncing people for the most silly sh*t

Whatever Rihanna!!! What the

Whatever Rihanna!!! What the heck does Melissa have on?????? and what is with her walking with her head down all the time, if Melissa is not careful she might run into a pole like Kanye1 lol!!!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Jesus wants to challenge RiRi

Jesus wants to challenge RiRi to a drinking contest (1st one to pass out & piss their pants loses)............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

So with everything else she's

So with everything else she's advertising beer now? I understand that it is not her job to be a role model but sadly, a role model is what she is for a whole generation of young girls and she needs to be more aware of the image she projects, IJS, it is what it is!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

So my question to you is

So my question to you is during Super Bowl how many Budweiser commercials are there...A lot! Secondly, you want to talk being a role model...If you read this post you would read that she has her own perfume, her own clothing line, she has made seven albums in less than 10 years, she has 10 top #1's more than a lot of other entertainers. She is a hard working woman. I think people focus too much at the negative and not at all the things that she is doing. Rihanna is a great role model, she independent, hard working and confident!

All your post tells me is,

All your post tells me is, how naive you are, and how much money people are making off her.
I'mThatDude's picture

You must not have any kids.

You must not have any kids. No parent wants their child to be like this slut. Yes, she works hard but she lacks CLASS. She constantly post half nude pics, she's always drunk, and I'm sure there is no need to get into her relationship with CB. I actually took the time out to watch her 777 tour special last week and it's a disgrace how this girl is. She claimed she was tired so she couldn't spend time with the people she brought on the tour but she sure had time to drink and club after her shows. She needs to get it together. People like you that justify her behavior need to think twice about the message you are sending about yourself and what you tolerate.
Desi's picture

First I actually do have a

First I actually do have a daughter and its my choice to raise her how I would like to raise her... Also it my opinion to say what I said and that you could never take from me! And justify her behavior what behavior she is 25 not 52 come the phuck on! And no she might not have graduated high school BUT Do you know how many wealthy people didn't graduate high... I work at a company that most of the senior employees never graduated HS... Its wasn't until recently that having a College Education was sooo important to get a job (B4 you go Ham I have both!) And I don't think you watched the same 777 special even many of the journalist said that they understood and they were tired from just traveling so they could imagine her being even more tired... And this is not just for Rihanna I think with many people if your not what society thinks as the way your supposed to be and if your not that your somehow deemed trashy... I mean come on do you have a gps on Rihanna Va ga ga that you somehow know who she slept with or do you read Blogs like this and believe every little thing thats post... I am raising my daughter to not be afraid of being who she is period point blank! And that is why I like Rihanna...

But how is she a slut? she is

But how is she a slut? she is your typical 25 year old. I know when I was in college I stayed drunk and partied, but I got my butt to class and still managed to stay on the deans list and work 3 jobs, it's life, she works hard, she plays hard and she enjoys her life, she has managed to keep very loyal friends and the pics that she post on HER instagram are just that pics, if you don't want to see them, don't follow her, if your kids are too young to see the naked human body then they should not have an IG account and they should not be following grown folks. You seem to be bitter about Rihanna for some reason, that girl works her a** off. Right now she is in NY and yes you may see her out, but she has been working every single day, even when she is on a break she is not on a break from work. Negativity breathes negativity, you are coming from a negative place, so everything about her seems negative to you, but from where I am sitting there is way more positive about this young woman than there is negative.
kayla1010's picture

All of the major recordng

All of the major recordng artists work their butts off, Rihanna is no different or better than any of the others, some artists are more professional at it that's all.
sweetpea1989's picture

1) Rihanna didn't even

1) Rihanna didn't even graduate high school so what parent would want their child to follow in her footsteps? NONE! Rih sends a bad message by posting pics of her smoking weed and drinking. IG or not, the pictures still end up on the news or other sources of media for children to see. As a parent, you really can't shelter your children from the media unless you literally live in a cave! Plus traveling, doing commercials, and having someone make up fragrances for you isn't really "working". Rhianna works when she is touring. Everything else is just a "commitment" and trust me, that ish is NOT hard. But yah, it's pretty obvious that you have no children and when you do, I pray to God that your ideologies and rationale changes about who you let your children idolize and call a "role model".
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

Amen! I was ready to go in

Amen! I was ready to go in but you said it all! I don't deny that she may work hard but the image she puts out should not be glorified. IG or not it's everywhere. And the fact that this person thinks she is a role model says a lot. Class and morals should not be excluded just because a person works hard no matter the occupation.
Desi's picture

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