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Mary J. Blige has a steep hill to climb when it comes to fixing her messy finances.  Get the deets on her $3.4 million tax lien and a recap of her other money woes inside...

Fans of Mary J. Blige may be getting a really GOOD album in the future, because the "411" is there's more "Drama" in the "Life" of "Mary".   You like that good wordage huh?

You'll recall that folks have been concerned about Mary's finances for many many years. First, we had reports that her charitable organization FFAWN (Foundation For The Advancement Of Women Now, Inc.) failed to make good on a few loans, and then we heard rumors that MJB was falling behind on her rent in NYC. Now...we're getting the full story on what she owes Uncle Sam. Here come the Growing Pains: TMZ reports that she owes for the years 2009 ($574,907.30), 2010 ($2,203,743.53) and 2011 ($647,604.60) totaling $3.4 million!

To pay off that bill, the Queen of Soul will need The Breakthrough. And don't forget, she still owes $901,769.65 in back taxes to the state of New Jersey and she allegedly defaulted on a $2.2 million bank loan! Hmm...it might be time for a new collection of Bad Boy remixes.  Lawd Mary!


The Randomness:

1.  Sinbad files for bankruptcy....again!  Story. 





sexlily's picture


sexlily's picture

I remember when she was on

I remember when she was on Oprah,saying her fans only like the music she makes when she's not happy. And? Where's your music now Mary? That MARRIED man you got with, that you claim made you sooo happy, has clearly done something, because the last thing I heard you sing was a dang song about a sandwich!

This is what happens when you

This is what happens when you hire family and friends and don't educate yourself about the business side of your brand..YOU! When will black people ever learn? Oprah told ya'll years ago to sign your own checks! Know what's coming in and definitely what's going out! I don't want to hear any comments from her blaming accountants, business managers etc. These are all people that are working for YOU! Know what the fk is going on with your money!
PacificGirl's picture

since when did Mary become

since when did Mary become the queen of soul #Ijs... get it together ybf

she's known as the queen of

she's known as the queen of "hip hop" soul but paying attention to details and appearance REALLY is NOT natasha's strong point.
steezo's picture

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xcbxcndfjetu495's picture

one way or another these

one way or another these celebs gonna learn the IRS is NO JOKE
whatev's picture

She bought a $12 million

She bought a $12 million house and she wasn't making money like rihanna. Rihanna just bought a $12 million house. this goes to show that she spending $12 million for a house on the east coast back in the day was crazy.
xedos's picture

Luv Mary but shes ghetto fab

Luv Mary but shes ghetto fab and here husband is just a leech!!!

I hope that no good husband

I hope that no good husband of her's ain't stealing from her, never ever trust a man that comes between you and your family members.
Shay's picture

Mary sell some of that hair,

Mary sell some of that hair, over the top outfits, thigh boots and the rest of that stuff girl to get out of debt. You turned into Melba Moore. Is Mary lieterate. People talk about Fantasia
lola69's picture

nevermind! too easy!

nevermind! too easy!

lol @ lieterate. hello pot,

lol @ lieterate. hello pot, meet kettle.
steezo's picture


star's picture

Mary gone end up touring 300

Mary gone end up touring 300 days a year like icons Patti & Gladys if she don't get her finances in order. That is what happen when your hire your noneducated hubby to manage you. It's funny how the celebs with the most wealth are not managed by family & lovers. I rememeber when she bought that 12 mil dollar NJ mansion a few years back that she was living above her means. That was probably her husbands dream mansion. A man that never made a million in his life
Somerknight's picture

Rule #1 <--- NEVER trust a

Rule #1 <--- NEVER trust a black man with your Money (even Jay Z has PISS POOR Credit....thats one reason Bey has to still Tour & shake her cat)..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

supposedly white republicans

supposedly white republicans are TARGETED for unfair scrutiny of their taxes, but BLACK ENTERTAINERS JUST keep on getting big bills LOL
cassandra29's picture

I was thinking the SAME

I was thinking the SAME thing. I refuse to believe that all of the celebs who owe Uncle Sam are black, and that these so-called leins or whatever are legit. Stars like MJB pay accountants good money to avoid this kinda -ish. The IRS is finding any loop hole it can & magnifying it to make $. I can't stand them. Payroll taxes sh/be enough!

obama said he is going to

obama said he is going to have the heads of anyone at the IRS who targets white conservatives, but said nothing about checking to see why all the black entertainers that supported him, are suddenly owing so many tax bills, but that is what they voted for. they said he has to do nothing for them or blacks to deserve being re-elected. bet they wont say that in the upcoming elections. hope they learned their lesson not to vote like a black rascist.
cassandra29's picture

Damn Mary, pay your bills

Damn Mary, pay your bills baby, and delivery me another classic album. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good reads and videos on there too
V's picture

These artist don't realize

These artist don't realize they're running a business. That although they're living the life it's all business and has to be treated as such. I know I was in that position owing a lot of money to the IRS I got out of it and she will too, but it took a long time.
I&#039;mThatDude's picture


peekaboo's picture

Dang Mary!!!!......what

Dang Mary!!!!......what happened to "No More Drama In My Life No One's Gonna Make Me Hurt Again"?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

the IRS is too dam greedy!!!

the IRS is too dam greedy!!! you get a dollar and here they come sending out a bill for 99 cents. i could care less about lauryn's nutty ass but i would hate for mary to be her cell mate. Sinbad may be looking bad by filing bankruptcy but at least he gets to keep his money in his pocket and not get raped by creditors.
steezo's picture

Say it ain't so...Mary):

Say it ain't so...Mary): Dammitt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U strayed from Jesus. Let Jesus come inside you..............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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