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K. Michelle DISHES To "The Breakfast Club" ON Leaving "LAHH ATL", REVEALS Chad Ochocinco Bought Her A MONKEY!

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K. Michelle chatted with The Breakfast Club earlier today where she discussed "LAHH ATL", her upcoming disc, Rebellious Soul, and revealed that Chad Ochocinco bought her a pet monkey!  Watch the interview inside...

Singer K. Michelle stopped by Power 105 this morning where she talked to The Breakfast Club about her upcoming disc Rebellious Soul (July 30th) and her latest single, "VSOP" which we shared with you yesterday.  During the morning chat, which touched on her feuds with fellow "LAHH ATL" stars Kirk Frost & Rasheeda, her infamous temper, and her friendship with mentor R. Kelly, the "Fallin" singer revealed that she plans to leave "LAHH ATL". 

She also revealed that Chad Ochocinco, who's dealing with a few legal troubles of his own, purchased her a monkey!   Here are the highlights:

On leaving LHHATL:
"It's just time to go. I got some other things poppin' off. I got an album. They are actually bringing me to Love and Hip Hop New York. It doesn't matter how good I was singing, what was going on, nobody was listening to my music. All of a sudden I put out this mixtape, it got over a million downloads, all my shows are selling out, because they introduced me on this show. LHHATL was a great stepping stone for me and now coming to New York, that's basically setting up for my new show."

On fighting with Kirk & Rasheeda:
Like, Golden Girl came up in there tryna talk to me. He felt some type of way. Look, you run up-get done up. I sat still. I don’t wanna hurt (nobody), but when you fight somebody, you fight them. You not gon’ run up and yank anything from my head.

On Ochocinco and the Monkey he bought her:
You can't bring the monkey to New York, so the monkey is in Florida and I've been trying to find it a home. I've always wanted a pet monkey. Chad approached me and he tried to date me and I was like, "I don't want no shoes. Everybody wants shoes. I want a monkey." I thought it was a sweet gesture. We have not slept together. I've been through a lot with this dating thing. I talked to Chad yesterday. We are friends. That's what we need to be.

Listen to the interview here: BONUS:

As she preps for the release of Rebellious Soul, K. Michelle still makes time to give back to the community and she's partnered up with the "“Rebel Against” campaign for Saving Our Daughters. She explained her involvement in a BTS clip from a recent campaign saying,

“I teamed up with Saving Our Daughters to just empower women on different things that might make them feel inferior, whether it might be violence, racism, or anything that they might be struggling or facing from day to day.”

Watch the BTS footage and check out Rebellious Soul on July 30.




Y'all know Chad an

Y'all know Chad an opportunist and went to the most desperate and the easiest (and I do mean easiest) black girl he thought would actually give him a chance (inset K. Michelle's retched @$$ where retched Evelyn used to be). Negro still tryin to hang on to dem 15 mins....
qtpa2t's picture

i love k. michelle. she is

i love k. michelle. she is the epitome of realness. she speaks her mind & doesn't care what people say or think about her.
msarij85's picture

Ain't nothing wrong with

Ain't nothing wrong with speaking your mind and I encourage everyone to do so. Her problem is not knowing when to shut the f*ck up...I encourage everyone to learn that as well. Just cuz something is on your mind don't mean you should always open your big mouth. She needs to learn maturity. That's one reason why that b*tch is wratched...I love her too, while she singin.
qtpa2t's picture

and she gonna keep it real

and she gonna keep it real all the way into oblivion. she should stick to what she is good at which is singing and let the PR/image/publicist ppl who are good at speaking do the talking.
steezo's picture

K is so crazy I really think

K is so crazy I really think something is not right upstairs GREAT voice though needs coaching on behavior and choice of words and I hate that fake ol booty od hers looking like cement!! I know it must smells >_<
Dgabbaba_'s picture

Now THAT'S the couple I

Now THAT'S the couple I wanna' see right there - Chad and K Michelle. Hell, Yeah! That would be some more unpresidented shit!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

lol @ unpresidented. now

lol @ unpresidented. now what Obama got to do with these fools??? anyways, a fight btw K. Michelle and Evelyn would be outrageous! even a twitter beef would probably be hysterical.
steezo's picture

So you claim to have been

So you claim to have been abused by a man but you are dealing with a man that just beat his wife's ass. Really? Where they do that at?
Songstress81's picture

her and chad is like mixing

her and chad is like mixing gasoline with fire. it aint gonna end well. this is the best ive ever seen angela yee look. cute shoes, hun!
steezo's picture

That mickyficky got monkey

That mickyficky got monkey money but no child support dollarz!! Just trash!
SweetDivaT's picture

Chad thirsty a** is looking

Chad thirsty a** is looking for somebody somehow bring him back into the limelight and K Michelle is the perfect chick to that right now being a drama queen and all, cause everybody know Chad aint dating know black chick full a drama, he will date a latino one or a white one full a drama, but not know black one, K Michelle ur dumb ass betta recognize what he is upt to and dont let him use u to get back on his feet, cause if u think u bitter now, fall for his trap and u will be beyong bitter when the dust settles!!!!

Just another monkey to keep

Just another monkey to keep her porch monkey ass company.
Realist's picture

The subliminal thirst though

The subliminal thirst though lol. She's so funny. Well, the girl can sing...I hope she focuses on that 25/8 and stop wasting her time in the capitol of Thirstland. I think this pic is the first time I've seen Charlepagne smile...nice.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

So, Chad can buy monkeys but

So, Chad can buy monkeys but can't pay taxes? I can't. Typical nigga.
Sabs4Prez's picture

I don't condone domestic

I don't condone domestic violence but this chick.....somebody needs to beat her ass. She's so annoying and forever talking crazy like she can really fight. She's an expert at pushing buttons and provoking fights so I can see how a dude would go chimpanzee on her ass.

My husband said the same

My husband said the same thing! LMAO.
PacificGirl's picture

LOL exactly! Her comments

LOL exactly! Her comments make NO sense: so hood & so tough'. Is that necessary? If singing was her focus that is ALL she would talk about. She wouldn't respond to questions about drama & nonsense. But she does, because she likes it. I don't care how well she sings I will not support her ignorant arse.

I wish they would stop giving

I wish they would stop giving this chick a platform to spew her s**t!! Give a crazy person a stage or a microphone and watch them go. I hope she doesn't bring her ass to NEW YORK. Because is she comes out here talking all that crazy s**t, they may find her crazy ass on the back of a milk carton. Please tell her to keep her ratchet ass in ATL with the other looney toons.

Hold up, Hold Up, Hold up!!!!

Hold up, Hold Up, Hold up!!!! Ummm your dating a man that is a known wife beater, even though you claim that Memphitz used to abuse you. I'm not saying that your lying, because I wasn't there, BUT shouldn't you be a bit more selective with whom you date and surround yourself with given your past experiences. Chick blows my freakin mind!!!
Yenni's picture

Buying exotic animals should

Buying exotic animals should be criminal. That entire industry is dirty and the animals suffer. Another bone head move by chad <----- he belongs in a CAGE!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Waymint!! Ol' Monkey Face

Waymint!! Ol' Monkey Face Himself Chad Bought Her A Pet What? What About His Child Support? Nugga Screaming Broke But Can Buy A Damn Pet Monkey. Man I Tellya.
Keyths&#039;Girl's picture


K. Michelle = RATCHET HOODRAT WITH TALENT. checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there to
V's picture

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