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NEW GIGS: LeToya Luckett CAST In VH1's "Single Ladies" + Jamie Foxx DEVELOPING "Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me" For TNT

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Singer and actress LeToya Luckett has landed a recurring role on VH1's "Single Ladies".  Find out who she'll be playing inside and get the deets on Jamie Foxx's upcoming TNT project.


"She Don't" singer LeToya Luckett, who first rose to fame as one of the founding members of Destiny's Child, has just landed a plum role on the hit VH1 series "Single Ladies." LeToya, will play Felicia Price, the icy founder and Senior Partner of Price Management, one of the most power music management companies in the world. Hmm....we wonder if she'll put a little bit of Mathew Knowles into the character?

Also, funnyman Damien Wayans, who also starred in the BET series "Second Generation Wayans" has joined the cast. He'll play David Berenger, a slick manage at Price Management and a very powerful player on the Atlanta music scene.

"Single Ladies", starring LisaRaye McCoy, Charity Shea and Denise Vasi, is due to return Fall 2013 on VH1.


In other television news...  photo CorinneBishopWeinsteinCompany2013GoldennxYmKpNCiHdlk.jpg


Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx, who's currently filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, has made several notable moves behind the camera in Hollywood.  First, the funnyman inked a deal with the Syfy channel to create a five-part horror anthology. And now, TNT has revealed that Jamie is producing and developing a new series for the network titled, "Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me."

The series will be loosely based on Jamie's relationship with his 18-year-old daughter, Corinne. A TNT statement explained the show's concept saying,

"Every teenager is embarrassed by his/her parents. But what if your dad decided to descend upon your life in every way? Inspired by Jamie Foxx’s relationship with his 18-year-old daughter, this comedy explores the dynamic between a parent and a child and all the embarrassment that comes with it."

TNT has not revealed when production of "Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me" will begin, but Syfy has announced that Jamie's horror series will air in October.

Congrats to Jamie and Corinne.


1.  In a statement released earlier today, The National Basketball Association and National Basketball Players Association announced that they will contribute $1 million to support relief efforts in the Oklahoma City area. Also, The Oklahoma City Thunder and Thunder star Kevin Durant have each donated $1 million to the relief efforts as donations from other NBA teams, and current and former players continue to pour in.

Photos via David Livingston/Getty Images North America/Randi Radcliff/Getty Images North America


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his daughter looks nothing

his daughter looks nothing like him hmmmm


HOORAY THIS MADE MY DAY!!!! Glad they retained lisa, and the other 2 girls from last season. They had great chemistry together. Letoya is a great addition. WOW! cant wait to see the steamy love scenes between lisa and malcolm. Too bad they arent a real life couple. CANT WAIT! that is the best show on tv, black women at their best - no cussing, no fist fighting, handling their business and disagreements like real ladies do. I love it.
cassandra29's picture

Single Ladies is grasping for

Single Ladies is grasping for straws to stay alive since Stacy THE CREATOR OF THE SHOW left. It's not the same without her. The writing is horrible. Just let it go!
PacificGirl's picture

shut up stacy. the girl who

shut up stacy. the girl who replaced you is BETTER!
cassandra29's picture

Jamie either adopted his

Jamie either adopted his daughter or made her in a lab by himself because I dont think she has a mother.
steezo's picture

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peekaboo's picture

Much respect to Kevin Durant.

Much respect to Kevin Durant.
Username's picture

Single Ladies lost my

Single Ladies lost my interest when the cashier lady met that rich cutie Indian guy, and he was really interested in her, and she turned him down, because she didn't believe a man like that could be interested in her. Just shook my head, and vowed never to watch the show again.

u stupid LOL

u stupid LOL
cassandra29's picture

That show is still on? I

That show is still on? I mean, congratulations LeToya!
Peace Silas's picture

I'm happy Single ladies will

I'm happy Single ladies will be back!!! .......La Toya will be a nice addition :)

Had no idea Single Ladies was

Had no idea Single Ladies was coming back, but Latoya's addition to the cast can only be a plus.
Realist's picture

LaToya and that forehead is

LaToya and that forehead is at it again.
sexe757's picture

Lmaoooo....I Was Thinking The

Lmaoooo....I Was Thinking The Same Thing. Wow!!!
Keyths'Girl's picture

Good for her. I hate the show

Good for her. I hate the show though....bad writing and bad actors. Hopefully she'll bring some life to it, cause in my book it's dead.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Good for LeToya. The few

Good for LeToya. The few times I saw her on Treme she was a FAR better actress than Lisa Raye. Nice donation by the NBA--but did they do the same for Sandy victims? IJS...

its perfectly fine to pick

its perfectly fine to pick and choose which causes you want to donate to and no one has to do it all. we really have to stop counting other ppl's money.
steezo's picture

Many associations/celebrities

Many associations/celebrities donated to the Sandy Victims. I think KD's charity is being highlighted in this instance due to his connection with the city and it's not a celebrity heavy state. Some of the richest people in the US live in NYC and they were flooded with donations. Did you donate to the Sandy victims?
Username's picture

The tornado victims need the

The tornado victims need the money to rebuild. No amount of money could bring those children back. IJS...
Miss T's picture

...and Sandy victims

...and Sandy victims didn't/don't need to rebuild? And why bring up the kids that were killed (RIP)? I'm not saying one catastrophe is more deserving of help than the other. I just want to know if the NBA is supporting everyone equally.

She seems like a nice lady

She seems like a nice lady (wasn't she kicked outta Destiny's Child for being too good a singer?????)..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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