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SNEAK PEEK: Toya & Memphitz Wright's REALITY SHOW

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 photo ScreenShot2013-05-22at23930PM_zps78e7bbbc.png

Yeah, we're not surprised either.  Another reality show out of ATL is on the way. Toya Wright is back on the scene.  And this time, it's with her husband Mickey "Memphitz" Wright.  Check out their new sizzle reel inside...

No word yet on if, when or where this will be released, but it looks like the Wrights are shopping yet another reality show (in addition to that Mistresses of Atlanta foolywangery).   These folks love some reality TV and cameras don't they?  It also explains why they have been at every party known to man in Atlanta lately...and why they've been hopping around the world on umpteen trips every other day.

The cute couple (we admit, we may actually watch just for the hell of it) discuss what made them fall in love with each other.  Toya's independence and business ethic is what Memph loves.  And Toya loves how he loves his kids and handles his business as well.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-22at24545PM_zpsbf45503d.png

We just saw the sizzle reel for "Toya & Memphitz: Crazy In Love".  And it's worth mentioning that it seems very fluffy.  Somewhat along the lines of "Tiny & Toya" and "Toya: A Family Affair".  Since those lived on BET, we wouldn't be surprised if the network cops this reality show as well. 

The couple's sizzle reel is below, and you'll see them discussing having a new baby (Toya wants another, Memphitz isn't so sure), the two interviewing ladies to be Memphtiz's personal assistant, and yep...they discuss the K.Michelle drama and the allegations Memph abused her. Check it out below:

Will you be watching?



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Actually .... after viewing

Actually .... after viewing the trailer..the show is really - pretty good!! Didn't know the show was coming, but now I know I will be watching.
La-La's picture

I believe K Michelle, and its

I believe K Michelle, and its really sad that this man that is believed to have been so abusive to a woman is even somewhat celebrated, hes a nigga, niggas do shit like that( and other niggas help him lie about it). I dont give a shit how much makeup they can put on him to look better, he look like a nigga without the makeup he regular ole woman beating nigga. Will not be watching their wack ass fake ass show.

Awwwwwe so cute. I'll b

Awwwwwe so cute. I'll b watching.
ntaylor1030@gmail.com's picture

This is an attempt to do five

This is an attempt to do five things. Get a check, remain relevant, promote Toya's businesses, clear HIS name and rub their relationship in K. Michelle's face. (And not necessarily in that order). His reputation is RUINED and her accent is annoying as hell. As far as her business acumen, BOY STOP! Anybody with funding can start a business and hire the right people behind the scenes to make it a success. It's not like Toya is actually in the stores working from open to close like most new entrepreneurs. Don't get it twisted, she does not get her hands dirty. Everything that Toya has gotten has been handed to her. Hard worker my ass!
CoCo's picture

wont be watching. there's

wont be watching. there's nothing interesting about EITHER person.
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

Toya truly believes she's a

Toya truly believes she's a real celebrity! Not Even! Now she even has her daughter doing that cheesy pageant stupid side pose she does on every picture! Sorry but her and her opportunist husband are not the LEAST BIT interesting. It seem like most of the men in ATL seem to leech off their women and use them for all they can get from them! Cynthia Baily and her leech husband, Toya & her leech, Kandi and her soon to be leech, Phaedra & her leech, Rasheeda and her leech and the list goes on and on!
Shay's picture

Woo! Girl preach! I was just

Woo! Girl preach! I was just saying this the other day
nikki6's picture

She is looking a lot like

She is looking a lot like Karlie Redd. All these damn chicks get their weave for the same day place I swear!
PacificGirl's picture

If I had cable, I would not

If I had cable, I would not watch the show. I like Toya, but her husband Memphitz is an opportunist.
Miss D's picture

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xzbxbsdhrwy458's picture

Yes I will watch because I

Yes I will watch because I like Toya and Mickey.
love my black race's picture

No thanks... I'll pass

No thanks... I'll pass
Just observing's picture

Would not watch.

Would not watch.
TeaNicole's picture

Is this for real? This is the

Is this for real? This is the corniest shyt I have ever seen.
BooLuv's picture



Yeah I'll watch.

Yeah I'll watch.
Thelioness's picture

This would be a great

This would be a great show...come on BET!
C2C's picture

this'll be a bootleg version

this'll be a bootleg version of all of their friends shows. jmo.
msarij85's picture

Lol i will be watching cus

Lol i will be watching cus that man is sooo Fione!! & I love his charm he seems like good times and I love Toya accent she's down to earth..everybody have a lil ratchet in them Stop Frontin'!!! :P
Dgabbaba_'s picture

u can't watch a show just

u can't watch a show just because somebody looks good or has a accent u like.
msarij85's picture

i won't be watching. i guess

i won't be watching. i guess they feel like they need to be on the same celebrity status as tamar, vince, t.i. & tiny but toya & memphitz show will be just as ratchet as all outdoors. what are they famous for anyway other than being on reality tv? do they want to be relevant that bad? go find something else to do.
msarij85's picture

Something Is Definitely Off

Something Is Definitely Off With Toya's Face. Memphiz Looks A Lil Like Mike Vick.
Keyths'Girl's picture

TI and Tiny doing it, so it

TI and Tiny doing it, so it was just a matter of time before they did too...... hmm...if there is nothing else on at that time, i'll check it out ......

what else do these people do

what else do these people do besides reality show?

i asked the same thing

i asked the same thing
msarij85's picture

Enough already with the

Enough already with the reality shows!! ENOUGH!
LBA1's picture


msarij85's picture

Her face looks weird in pic

Her face looks weird in pic #1
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Right..!! Nose job perhaps?

Right..!! Nose job perhaps? Something is def off! Hope Mr. Hitz is keeping his hands to himself.
Keonta's picture

and that flowing mane...kinda

and that flowing mane...kinda makes her look like a horse
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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