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CANDIDS: Wendy Williams BOSOMS Her Way Through THE GROVE + Bria And Shayne Murphy LEAVING The Nail Salon

 photo howu2.jpg

Talk show host Wendy Williams was spotted at The Grove this week, where she signed copies of her latest book.  See the candids inside and see Bria and Shayne Murphy leaving the nail salon.

  photo howu1.jpg 

"HOW YOU DOING?"  Talk show maven Wendy Williams strolled through The Grove this week to sign copies of her latest book Ask Wendy and tape an interview with Mario Lopez for "EXTRA".

 photo howu3.jpg

Wendy's known for her over-the-top personality and we're sure fans, seeing her for the first time, didn't realize how over-the-top her bosom is.  Miss Wendy does look good!

 photo howu5.jpg

 photo howu8.jpg

Wendy sat for a very candid conversation with EXTRA's Mario Lopez where she dished on her book, her hit show, and her upcoming stint on Broadway in Chicago.

 photo howu4.jpg

She also signed a few copies of her book, Ask Wendy, which hit stores on May 7th.

 photo howu7.jpg

After her interview, Wendy was escorted off the set in a golf cart....giving her a break from walking around in her six-inch Christian Louboutin heels. 


Also in the LA area.....

 photo howu11.jpg

 photo howu10.jpg

Bria and Shayne Murphy, the daughters of Eddie and Nicole Murphy were seen crossing the street together after leaving Beverly Hills Nail Design in Beverly Hills.

 photo BriaShayMurphyHeadNailSalonvXdM3fqKMeil.jpg 

 photo BriaShayMurphyHeadNailSalonFlhFaHu9rqzl.jpg

We admire the sisters' street style and it looks like they both got the best of their parent's genes.  In addition to Bria's deal with Dark & Lovely, we imagine both ladies could make moves in the fashion and cosmetics industry if they wanted to. 



Photos via BUZZPAPS / Zodiac / Splash News/FAME/FLYNET





Oh, and Wendy . . . Beyonce

Oh, and Wendy . . . Beyonce called. She wants her fishnets back!!!!
The Real Thing's picture

What is up with Wendy's right

What is up with Wendy's right leg in that first photo? It looks so bizarre, like it doesn't belong with her body. Elephantitis maybe. And her rack is completely over the top; she needs to reduce her breast implants clearly given her overall weight loss. I think she's choosing clothing that will cinch in her new waistline, but this whole look is ridiculous. She looks like a poorly drawn cartoon character these days. And Wendy is too smart for that!
The Real Thing's picture

I never liked Wendy. She is a

I never liked Wendy. She is a MAN
d.g.ward's picture

I never will understand the

I never will understand the obsession that people have with BIG BREAST! I have 3 sister's we all are naturally thin with BIG INHERITED BREAST how I wished I was born more flat chested! Wendy is so pathetic at nearly 50yrs old worrying about having big breast should be the last thing on your list of wants! Big Breast are so over rated! Bria and Shayne are so cute and both have their mom's type bodies! Ooh!the fishnets make her legs look REPTILIAN looking! YUCK!
Shay's picture

rotf@those fishnets, for

rotf@those fishnets, for serious?? All I know is his back must hurt like hell.
Realist's picture

Wendy and Beyonce kill me

Wendy and Beyonce kill me with those damned stockings!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

NO boo boo! Beyonce wears

NO boo boo! Beyonce wears those stockings for the STAGE ONLY!!! A lot of performers who bare their legs in leotards wear them (see Jlo Billboard Awards). But Wendy has NO business wearing them! If she is trying to cover up cellulite or varicose veins a regular pair of Spanks pantyhose could have done the job...smh.
Cewtie's picture



uptil I looked at the bank

uptil I looked at the bank draft that said $4636, I did not believe that...my... sister woz like they say realy taking home money in their spare time at there computar.. there brothers friend had bean doing this for less than 16 months and resently paid the morgage on there cottage and bourt a new Ariel Atom. go to, ........ Fℴx85.ℂℴm
muddle101's picture

Wendy looks a hot mess!! She

Wendy looks a hot mess!! She recently lost a lot of weight and if those boobs had been real they they would have reduced too, so with her smaller frame they look ridamdiculous!!! o_O She looks like a black Jessica Rabbit, and what almost 50 year old wants to look like a cartoon character?? SMH
goeze's picture

Wendy i love you but this is

Wendy i love you but this is a BIG no no no.......are you going to be a hot topic for yourself??? you dish it , so i hope you can take it......remember you're a tall girl so being to thin is a no no you need to add a few inches back on ....to balance your HUGE boobs.... smh

I Can't....Lawwwd She Wearing

I Can't....Lawwwd She Wearing Fishnets Stockings. Un Unnnn Bye!
Keyths'Girl's picture

Thank u for un unnnn LOLOLOL

Thank u for un unnnn LOLOLOL
cococaramel's picture

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sgxzbxzbdsheru584's picture

WENDY WILLIAMS. These photos

WENDY WILLIAMS. These photos are thoroughly entertaining and priceless. Thanks for posting!
gray skies's picture

Wendy is one of the most

Wendy is one of the most unattractive women I have ever seen in my life.
Shaysaidit's picture

Cracking up

Cracking up
star's picture

I 'm not mad at you cause you

I 'm not mad at you cause you certainly did not lie!
Shay's picture

The Murphy Girls are GORGE

The Murphy Girls are GORGE just like their mama. Nice mix of her and Eddie.
diamond2012's picture

Everything about WENDELL is

Everything about WENDELL is wrong in these pics. Those legs....ew.....those fish net stocking....hell naw.....those BIG AZZ titties....uh-uh...... Is there a stylist in the United States that can help her?????????
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Why Wendy, why? looking like

Why Wendy, why? looking like a hot drag queen mess!!!!
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

I dont know how many women

I dont know how many women noticed that Wendy stepped into SHERO status this week when she spoke out on behalf of all women who have been victimized by a downlow man. I love her for that. The basketball player who came out of the closet after 8 years of being engaged to a woman prompted her to speak out for his female victim and all women.
cassandra29's picture

Booty shorts, crop top,

Booty shorts, crop top, military boots, skull cap, and a sweater..... L.A girls...smh
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lmao right! And bria

Lmao right! And bria DEFINITELY bleached her skin. Google her and see
Classic87's picture

Wendy has the worst looking

Wendy has the worst looking Knees....lol
star's picture

Especially from the back,

Especially from the back, there's something strange looking about them from the back.
Chicknchips's picture

Baha..2nd then 3rd pic yea

Baha..2nd then 3rd pic yea the lady rockin yellow pants ...lol her face says it all! *ewwww  no she didn't!! Smh..*sip sip
Like Really's picture

Bwaaahhhaa she sure is giving

Bwaaahhhaa she sure is giving her the stank eye!! :-))
goeze's picture

If only she really looked in

If only she really looked in the mirror and was honest with herself and not listen to her "entourage" - smh
lifeisgood's picture


Marketing Gimmicks's picture


wildlife's picture

Wendy never takes a good

Wendy never takes a good picture she would look a lot better if she downgraded those basketball jugs to a half way believable cup size. Here she is the mirror image of an over-the-top man in drag.
Martine's picture

Wendy got some melons on her

Wendy got some melons on her lol. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too
V's picture

That's a mess.

That's a mess.

Don't know why Wendy thinks

Don't know why Wendy thinks those tig ole' bitties flatter her. I guess when you look like a man, you have to try EXTRA hard to prove you're not.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

The Murphy women love nail

The Murphy women love nail salons..lol
Missy's picture

Bria has gotten DRASTICALLY

Bria has gotten DRASTICALLY light.
Classic87's picture

And xtra thin...Also what's

And xtra thin...Also what's up with her eyebrows...She's looking just like Eddie.....Her sister is looking kinda hungry 2
star's picture

Girl...who u tellin! Lol all

Girl...who u tellin! Lol all these girls are copy cats. Want to be extra light with long hair.
Classic87's picture

NO!!! WENDY! that dress is a

NO!!! WENDY! that dress is a bit too short and the shoes she can barely walk in them. In one pic the people looking back at her like WTF?? LOL!!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

*Lying Outside* Our Lady Of

*Lying Outside* Our Lady Of The Heart Cemetery.... Dead From Cdfu@Wendy Williams. OOOMMMGGGG!!!!!!!
Keyths'Girl's picture

CDHU @ your reaction! She

CDHU @ your reaction! She looks like a dang fool with those meat balloons stuffed in a little girl's dress. Either she enlarged them basketballs more or had more gut sucked out; either way, she looks un-proportioned and ridiculous.
Lotus Flower Bomb's picture

Jesus is being forced to be

Jesus is being forced to be honest here but....Wendy Williams <----- encompasses EVERYTHING that is wrong with our society.....smdh.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

....and your OUTRAGEOUS

....and your OUTRAGEOUS comments don't????
Classic87's picture

Here's the difference: I'm

Here's the difference: I'm being a clown and i'm completely aware of it.....she is clueless in every aspect of her life........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Lmao.....you too much :)

Lmao.....you too much :)

You know what...you're right.

You know what...you're right. And that scares me...LOL

Jesus will mark this Day down

Jesus will mark this Day down in History: 5/24/13....hey, those #'s are consecutive: 1,2,3,4,5 <--- the Stars are aligned!!!!!!!! makes perfect sense now......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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