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FEELING IT: Kelly Rowland BARES HER SOUL During TEARFUL "Dirty Laundry" Performance In D.C.

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Kelly Rowland hit the stage for an emotional performance of "Dirty Laundry" over the weekend.  What Ms. Rowland bare her soul inside...



Kelly Rowland kicked off her summer tour with The-Dream recently and during their stop through the Washington, DC area this weekend, fans watched her rip through a heart-wrenching performance of "Dirty Laundry". 

Wrtten by The-Dream, the autobiographical track takes Kelly to a place we rarely see her as she admits to being abused, admits she was envious of Beyonce's success in a bittersweet way and admits she was doubtful of herself.

As the audience sang along, Kelly rifted through her emotions before a tearful breakdown towards the end. Pick up a copy of Talk A Good Game when it hits stores on June 18th.  Gotta love her.

Watch video of Kelly's vulnerable performance below:

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Saw her last night and she

Saw her last night and she had on the same damn outfit, she didn't cry though. I'm not a Kelly fan but she gave a pretty good performance. The Dream of course killed it.

She isn't talkin about some

She isn't talkin about some dude....she's talking about her father...Matthew. Ya'll don't understand what it's like to have a demon as your father....I hate that dude.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

llc@myself re: the extra

llc@myself re: the extra only.
Realist's picture

Was it just me that only

Was it just me that only heard only the band and the crowd that entire performance?
Realist's picture

u guys take somethin as

u guys take somethin as serious as domestic abuse and Kelly experiencing a low point in her life and make it about her hating & shading Bey! Cleary everyone on this post commenting need to go and listen to the song 1st bcuz she NEVER states shes jealous of Bey! She even states in the song she was happy for her sister success & she was infact GLAD she was in her shadow while she was expering a low point in her life! HER WORDS!!! Her bf at the time turned her against her family & Bey. The music industry have tried to do this for yeearrsss! Isn't this is what u guys r doing now! Kelly! Kelly probably felt Bey wasn't their more for her while all this was going on. While she was being abused her sister is on top of the world and is not their for her! That can make anybody mad! We r all human and being upset, angry, mad, envious or jealous is a natural emotion for everybody! I must say this song is for grown adults not kids! Kids will only pick this song apart until it means something entirely different! If anyone becomes offended by this song then ur just pitiful! People have been complaining sayin all she sings about is sex so when she opens up to the world and HER FANS and express the most vulnerable point in her life u guys take it and make it about somethin else! Its her life, her music and she should be able to express herself however she wants! Thats what music should be all about!!! POINT BLANK PERIOD! In the words of Beyonce "you low lives need to get a life"!!! lol KELLYS NEW ALBUM Talk A Good Game Available: June 18th!!!
Educateddiva's picture

Bahahahaha....Girl go sit yo

Bahahahaha....Girl go sit yo lil' tail down somewhere, ur entire post wreaks of a big ole CHILDISH temper tantrum!! Lol and BTW only famish sheep gobble n' defend these artist of today up like so because AGAIN grown folks KNOW the music being made nowadayz can't even begin to invoke a REAL azz emotion!! Now while yo sensitive self all up in ya feelings, it's best u get ur life bcuz Kelly's good and Bey nor this blog cud give a crying fux about cha lil' meltdown of a heartbreak ....POINT BLANK and the PERIOD!! Smhlol ok ...sip sip 
Like Really's picture

You just typed all of that

You just typed all of that for nothing. Don't nobody care about any of it, and our comments clearly proves that.....and btw, your name is dumb....you're trying to hard.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Jesus only looks at the Pics

Jesus only looks at the Pics & Headline.....then makes astute, well-spoken, accurate & sophisticated comments...**sips english tea**..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

That Old Cliche About Not

That Old Cliche About Not Judging A Book By Its Cover Really Applies Here. From The Outside Kelly Looks Like A Female That Has It All. But In The Inside She Is A Complete Mess. She Is Woman Who's Struggling With Alot Of Personal Issues/Demons. I Hope She Seek Professional Help.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Let Jesus take the

Let Jesus take the wheel.....she has serious issues with men. Jesus believes Matthew Knowles molested her...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

These comments are so

These comments are so childish but yet you still come to this site. WHY??????? You dumb broads.....make like a tree and leave!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

i dont understand how someone

i dont understand how someone can disband the group which helped them get to where they are, then tell the members they cant continue to perform under the Destiny Child name, and then be so low as to star in Dream Girls about the destruction of a group member, knowing full well she acted worse than Dianna Ross. At least Diana had compassion enough to let her former group members keep performing under the Supreme name. Beyonce is a MONSTER!
cassandra29's picture

Since you don't like the

Since you don't like the comments take yall punk azzes over to the other blogs then...to the b!tches beneath me! read the article and leave ho3z.
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Aww boo, don't cry =( #♥Kells

Aww boo, don't cry =( #♥Kells
Peace Silas's picture

I see right now theirs alot

I see right now theirs alot of children on this blog... artists are allowed to express themselves in their music. Thats what it is all about and should be about! She put on an amazing concert and she has grown so much as an artist and I am a proud fan! By the way I hate seeing Kelly cry....
Educateddiva's picture

Children are all that's

Children are all that's really on this blog now. If you notice there are few adult-like comments on here anymore because these children have ran the adults off. Even Necole Bitchie and Sandra Rose's posters are more mature than this.
Keys's picture

I SO AGREE!!! These kids r

I SO AGREE!!! These kids r taking something as serious as being abused and being and a dark place in life as a mockery! I know everyone has an opinion but these r nuthin but children here! How could this woman be insecure when she had the courage to express her TRUTH to the entire world knowing she will be judged by the lyrics and the honesty! Ppl act like celebrities can't cry or show emotions! Its absolutely ridiculous!
Educateddiva's picture

Agreed! The childish comments

Agreed! The childish comments are rampant on this blog. You can see it by how they express themselves (wether in jest or not). And true, Nicole Bitchie and Sandra Rose seems to be better (more mature) from the stuff I've seen on their sites. But, all and all, it's really not that serious being that this is a celebrity blog and some of the comments are hilarious. It is what it is.
BlackDiva's picture

...and Im assuming neither of

...and Im assuming neither of u are adults.. being u do post regularly!!! BAHA Why  u set urself up for that one!? Tsk tsk  Now plz  exit to the left!  Smdhlol...*sips mimosa 
Like Really's picture

A hit dog will holler.... I

A hit dog will holler.... I see you hollered first. Little girl please go play with your friends. If you learn to comprehend we stated that few adults are on here based on the rampant child like comments. You proven our point. Your probably the crazy girl with the multiple post personalities anyway, kinda easy to see that.
Keys's picture

Oh hush...Lol Chile u dumber

Oh hush...Lol Chile u dumber than what I thought! I mean definitely not smart enough to know that grown folks clown the best!! Hehehe... Ya'll  tightwad azzes can squeeze a diamond out of a piece of coal....and it ain't one found in the ruff either!!! The JEST of it all, is U Takin that tack out ur foot and learn to keep it moving,....u are on GOSSIP blog kids! Smdhlol..*sip sip 
Like Really's picture

BAHA...Bey ole narcissistic

BAHA...Bey ole narcissistic azz Prolly called and said BiSH u can't cry as good as me on stage Lolol so stop actin!!!'....smhahahaha 
Like Really's picture

She definitely trying to copy

She definitely trying to copy Batty Bey **mixes a Similac Pina Colada for the Baby Jesus**...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I cried out of no

I cried out of no where....guys will try and turn you against your family and friends if you let them...she was young, naiive and envious...it blinded her....I love Kelly.
Kia Lovesbi's picture

Not most guys. Only insecure,

Not most guys. Only insecure, uneducated Predators do that (thats why Jesus dates White Guys..........)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

lol @ these comments

lol @ these comments

Kelly been doing her thing

Kelly been doing her thing lately, all she needs is me in her life. Checkout thegrandreport, that've have some good reads and videos on there too
V's picture

I agree, Kelly just need a

I agree, Kelly just need a man. She hasn't been attached to anyone in years
Somerknight's picture

When she bent over, her wig

When she bent over, her wig was looking kind of Amanda Bynes-ish. This was so annoying!!! But she learned from the best! I can't stand when Beyonce does the singing and crying bit she does!
Mama Mia's picture


SlowNeckBecky's picture

Oh Please.

Oh Please. GTFOHWTBS!!!.......and that "oh my gaaawd" was so unnecessary at the 4:48 mark. smh
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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xcbxcbdfhrtu568's picture

She gets on my nerves......I

She gets on my nerves......I simply don't like this chick.
sianna1's picture

She needs the D <-------

She needs the D <------- women be actin' crazy after a few months
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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