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MEMORIAL DAY FUN: Nicole Murphy FLAUNTS A STRING Bikini With Fiance Michael Strahan in Hawaii

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 photo hawm5.jpg

Nicole Murphy continues to inspire "body" envy while she and Michael Strahan bask underneath the Hawaiian sun.  Watch the hot mama break a sweat while paddle-boarding inside...

 photo NicoleMurphyenjoyingbeachduringMemorialVJ6-H_JA3x2l.jpg

Reality tv star Nicole Murphy and fiance Michael Strahan were spotted out for another day on the beach in Maui.  They're all about the beach for their Memorial Day Weekend vacay.

 photo hawm1.jpg

 photo NicoleMurphyenjoyingbeachduringMemorialUgUxS89gnBFl.jpg

We know Michael has a sexy bod underneath that t-shirt, but he let Nicole body do all the talking.  Maybe they should take a page out of Phaedra & Apollo's book and do a couples' workout DVD...

 photo NicoleMurphyenjoyingbeachduringMemorialguemIG38thxl.jpg

Nicole hopped in the water for a little paddle-boarding during their day out.


 photo hawm2.jpg

 photo hawb3.jpg

 photo NicoleMurphyenjoyingbeachduringMemorialfGELIGkA3col.jpg

Perfect like a calendar shoot. Meanwhile, on Twitter, Nicole revealed that they've wrapped filming "Hollywood Exes" and it's set to premiere on Sunday July 7th, with feature Daphne Wayans and Micka Lawrence as new castmembers.


 photo fhsrnjee.jpg


The Randomness:

1.  Chauncey Black sues Teddy Riley over the use of "Blackstreet" name.  Story.



Photos via Stewy / starsurf / Splash News / PCN


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I guess...Eddie didn't

I guess...Eddie didn't deserve her. bisexual self. Go 'head Michael. You got a perfect woman who already have kids. @Nicole Murphy keep God first and he will always works things out. God bless you both.

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cxxnxcndreru458's picture

Ladies please stop hating on

Ladies please stop hating on Nicole. She may have had surgery on her boobs, which she has admitted too after breastfeeding 5 kids but lets be real: If surgery could make you look like that, everybody would be financing and putting ish on layaway to get it done! Give her her props, she is committed to being healthy and keeping her body looking great, it's a lifesfyle choice, not a gimmick and she looks fabulous! One of the best bodies in Hollywood although they never give her props. So sick of no ass Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston getting named best bodies and most beautiful. Give me a fking break!
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peekaboo's picture

shes a bad mama jamma! i'm

shes a bad mama jamma! i'm built like her and shes making this 38 yr old go full Kanye workout plan. Today I got my Insanity workout on and did so many crunches my stomache will be nice and flat like her.

Yeah....you look like you

Yeah....you look like you could kick Jesus's Ass and punch him to death till he Shits out his BONES!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Yeah her body looks great but

Yeah her body looks great but so does Mine...She has the advantage of being Surgically altered which is obvious in many areas on her body, But what's bugging me out are her teeth. I'm not hating but she looks like an old lady when she smiles big like that. I guess it's because her teeth almost look like dentures or veneers. I only noticed because this is the 1st time I ever saw her laugh with a full smile....She seems nice, too bad she's just his Beard.
star's picture

Are U sure he's a Gay Guy???

Are U sure he's a Gay Guy??? Jesus's Gaydar doesn't go off around this guy............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Yeah he's deep in the closet,

Yeah he's deep in the closet, seriously on the Low. Yeah I know he was married and has two daughters, but here in NYC it was known that he was sneaking around with Dr. Ian Smith when Strahan was maried to the white woman(mother of his girls) and this white woman even spoke about his DL life during the divorce case..It was nasty!..Of course without rock solid evidence or getting caught like Eddie Murphy, niggas like Michael and that damn Dr. who btw is now married to some funny looking white chick(lol), will stay creeping.
star's picture

She $hit on some 20 + 30 year

She $hit on some 20 + 30 year olds.
TeaNicole's picture

So eloquently put....do u

So eloquently put....do u talk like that around Granny...Miss Potty Mouth?????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Her body is amazing!! At her

Her body is amazing!! At her age and having had 5 kids, wowzers!!
goeze's picture

Mel B, Nicole Murphy And

Mel B, Nicole Murphy And Halle Berry Women With Incredible Bodies. Smh@Bikinis Looking Like Lingerie.
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ladydiinpa's picture

Erased due to Vulgarity

Erased due to Vulgarity
Jesus H. Christ's picture

How long has this engagement

How long has this engagement been already?

I just love her and Halle's

I just love her and Halle's short hair cuts.
Purlie's picture



Haters are so unbecoming....

Haters are so unbecoming.... If I had a wife that looked like her after 5 children.... I could give two F--ks what you all think... considering most of the women who talk about other women posted on this site...look and are built more like Michael Strahan than Nicole anyway.... #ShareTheLove
Grown Man Ish's picture

LOL how corny...whenever

LOL how corny...whenever everyone doesn't agree the people who *think for themselves* are haters. Whatever. Obviously you don't have a decent looking wife cuz YOU probably look like Skeletor ya damn self. Where's YOUR gravatar, Denzel?? LMAO

LMAO..@Denzel..Im sure he's

LMAO..@Denzel..Im sure he's the latter too, since lil' man doesn't consider his post a irrelevant bash!! Tehehe.. geez Im glad ALL females who speak their own mind aint built like Michael Strahan though! Smhlol....Boi I tell ya *sips kamikazeeee
Like Really's picture

@Godiva-Diva.... apparently

@Godiva-Diva.... apparently either I know you, or you are sensitive as hell, because it seems that every time I make a comment...your sensitive ass always has to rebutt it.... I wasn't talking to you broad...I was referencing other people's comments....and I'm not married....hence why I can post 'If I had a WIFE that LOOKED like her'...If I was married, I would hope my dumb ass wouldn't post something on a public forum that talks about how I WISH my wife looked... a Grown Man doesn't do dumb *ish like that.... and I agree that Mel B is hot....anyway....let me make the comments I want to make, and you make yours...and we can be good :-) as far as a pic of me is concerned... I don't bash people's looks on this site, so there's no need to post one of me..... :-)
Grown Man Ish's picture

Ummm let's clarify something:

Ummm let's clarify something: 1st of all this is a blog so I can reply to your comment or anyone else's. I'm not uber-sensitive or giving you special attention so YOU can stop being so sensitive to the fact that I reply to your comments *occasionally*. Its all in good fun. #2-I'm not a broad, I'm a woman. #3-We're gonna 'be good' regardless cuz we don't know each other. Like you said we all have opinions; your comments are no better or no more 'right' than anyone elses' #4-FYI-you did (indirectly) talk about ppls' looks on this site by saying anyone who didn't think NM looked good was a hater. That's why I asked where your pic is. Rest-assured, everything is GOOD on my end so I'm not hating. Not everyone agrees & it annoys me when ppl start yelling 'hater' whenever someone has a different opinion. I don't care about pics either but since u put it out there...

Jesus would

Jesus would
Jesus H. Christ's picture

We already know what you look

We already know what you look like White Jesus...
Grown Man Ish's picture

Jesus is a RedBone

Jesus is a RedBone
Jesus H. Christ's picture

When I see this chick I'm not

When I see this chick I'm not as impressed as I am by Mel B. I dunno what it is: maybe its because her implants LOOK like implants & she doesn't work. She can afford to be in the gym all day, every day. I'd rather see Mike Strahan with HIS shirt off. Yassssssssss!!!!

Good Lawd, that's one sexy

Good Lawd, that's one sexy cougar, she can come and claw me any time she wants. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good reads and videos on there too
V's picture

I see Skeletor n' bubba

I see Skeletor n' bubba gettin it in!! Smhlol..Hope everyone enjoying their 3 day weekend too! *sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

OMG true, she is a butta-face

OMG true, she is a butta-face
Peace Silas's picture

OMG...she DOES have Skeletor

OMG...she DOES have Skeletor face!!!!!!! **cuts a rug & does the Jitter Bug**
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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