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REMEMBER HER? Tiffany Pollard (NEW YORK) Talks Returning To Reality TV, Hanging With Lil' Kim And FINDING LOVE

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Tiffany Pollard, who rose to fame with several hit VH1 reality shows,  is bracing for a big tv comeback. Get the deets on her upcoming reality tv project, her friendship with Lil' Kim and her revelation about finding love inside....

Tiffany Pollard, also known by her moniker "New York", is whom many folks consider to be the original "bad girl" of reality tv.  As we will never forget, she appeared on the likes of "I Love New York" and "Flavor of Love". she was a little ratchet, a little hood, but kinda lovable and entertaining.  And that mother of hers...

After a stint on LOGO's "DTLA" and a few other Hollywood credits, Tiffany revealed to Spoken Entertainment her plans to return to reality tv and she that at last....she's found love!  Here are the highlights:

On her reality tv comeback

"I've been long awaiting a hearty healthy return to reality television. And the concept would have to fit my life and where it is right now.  Fortunately, three weeks ago...I shot a pilot with a brilliant production crew.  The concept is bananas.  When you guys see this.  It's like...we couldn't have accepted her back in any other way.  It's true HBIC performance.  It's coming!

On if she's appearing on "Bad Girls Club"

No.  It's not that I'm against that...but they already got that going. Why would they need me over there?

On keeping in touch with Flavor Flav and other "FOL" co-stars

Obviously Flav and I and a lot of the other contestants are busy.  But if we see each other out somewhere...it's all love.  We all support each other. If I see somebody from the past doing their thing on television I don't throw shade.  To tell you the truth, there's only so many spotlights on television so if you can jump into one of them, I'm applauding you.

On her spirituality

I am a Christian.  But I'm not a scary Christian.  God inspires me.  His whole gospel was to give back to people and to care about mankind.  I do a lot of humanitarian work.  Of course that does not get picked up, but when you do it from your heart....you're not looking for recognition. 

On seeing Lil' Kim for Fashion Week

That was amazing. I sat with her when she was getting her hair and makeup beat...and she was such a sweetheart.  I can't say anything except positive stuff about her and her team.  If I was in New York a lot more...we'd be hanging out a lot. 

On her Mom

She's doing great.  I'm going to be with her this summer.

On her love life

Honey chile...I will say this.  There is somebody in my life. And he is a big part of it.  He influences me daily.  I keep it real private...and that's why it works.  Sometimes when you moving in certain circles people try to infiltrate that love and test it.

Listen to the interview here:


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Shouts out to this hair

Shouts out to this hair hatted hooligan - shout out TJSOTO
LaFord's picture

I miss her! I used to love me

I miss her! I used to love me some New York.
KENNEDY78's picture

You know reality tv has numb

You know reality tv has numb the brain cells of some when you see them talking bout there's been a void since this muppet left the reality show scene? She initiated the whole mess of 'acting the damn fool so you can get your own show' on FOL which other's emulated, therefore giving birth to crap like 'Real Chance of Love' & 'I love Money'
Realist's picture

I would love to see her on tv

I would love to see her on tv again...
Educateddiva's picture

Dem Some Gross Disproportion

Dem Some Gross Disproportion Looking Tiddies. Her And Wendy Williams Must Have The Same Plastic Surgeon. Tiffany...Chile Stay Seated. Please!!!
Keyths'Girl's picture

Good luck Tiffany, on your

Good luck Tiffany, on your career. AKA New York :)
Cynthia Cole's picture

She had her boobs done.

She had her boobs done.
Cynthia Cole's picture

Her face looks OK...her tits

Her face looks OK...her tits are just too big and upright. I liked New York though she was entertaining and it looks like she has grown up....somewhat lol. I'll be watching.

i really like her and sister

i really like her and sister Patterson. they are very entertaining.
cassandra29's picture

OMG!!! It's about fucking

OMG!!! It's about fucking time she's coming back! There is a huge void without her on television! She's the original Bad Girl! Love it when she started talking about the new man in her life you can tell she is really happier now. Did she get her boobs done again?
joey875's picture

I'll be cool to see her again

I'll be cool to see her again on television. Steven looks sexy and I think he's got talent!
tammy's picture

I didn't expected her to

I didn't expected her to comeback but that's awesome. I mean she's cool. The guy did a really good job interviewing her.
KayKay63's picture

Uuum that's ok, we don't want

Uuum that's ok, we don't want you returning to TV. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good reads and videos on there too
V's picture

She looks gross. Her time has

She looks gross. Her time has come gone.
Keys's picture

She's gots some DSL's though

She's gots some DSL's though (Jesus would use her face as a Plunger).........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Im almost afraid to ask, but

Im almost afraid to ask, but Im going to anyway,,,,,,what are DSL's?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Dick Sucking Lips <---- :0

Dick Sucking Lips <---- :0
Jesus H. Christ's picture

lmao!! girrrlllllaaa why u so

lmao!! girrrlllllaaa why u so cray?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Jesus has too much energy &

Jesus has too much energy & needs constant stimulation (exercise just isn't enuff....smh)..........
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xcbxcbdfhrtu568's picture

The original muppet

The original muppet
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Lololol!!...*passes u a

Lololol!!...*passes u a mimosa!!
Like Really's picture

OMG!!! She looks horrible.

OMG!!! She looks horrible. An overly big chest does not mean sexy.
cookie1971's picture

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