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MAKING MENDS: Nicki Minaj & Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg SQUASH Their "Summer Jam" Beef...But She Still Clowns Him During Interview

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Nicki Minaj appeared on Hot 97 this morning where she confronted Peter Rosenberg, the on-air host whose comments about "Starship" caused YMCMB head honcho to ixnay Nicki from performing last minute at last year's Summer Jam.  Watch the video inside...

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During the summer of 2012, Hot 97 disc jockety Peter Rosenberg challenged the biggest female star in the hip hop music business (yeah it pains us to say it too), Nicki Minaj, when he dissed her for making a pop record.  Well, he said it's a BAD pop record.  Though he didn't know he was being recorded, the outspoken radio personality told thousands of New Yorkers, gathered at Summer Jam, "We about that real hip-hop, not ‘Starships.’” His rant, which would quickly go viral and piss off thousands (if not MILLIONS) of Nicki Manaj fans, put his tail between his legs this morning in his first on-air interview with the head Barb.

In what amounted to a half hour apology (Hot 97 IS pushing their upcoming Summer Jam extra hard these days so we call this "promo"), Peter explained his side of the story. Nicki, looking slight annoyed, very bluntly said, "It cool.  It's water under the bridge. It's so long ago I can't even act like I care."  Bloop.

Nicki told Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden, who stays in the mix of ish, "In hindsight I should have just done the show. I wish I would have come out . I apologize [to the fans] for not doing the show."

And to explain why she was so taken aback by Peter's comments, she told him, "I don't know your resume.  I never found you funny.  I never found you entertaining.  I never found you smart .  I just found you annoying....To me it was like, who are you?  You don't have enough of a resume to make those comments."  Bloop bloop.

After another apology from Peter, Nicki was asked if she's ever been guilty of being a diva or tough?  Nicki shot back, "Is Wayne tough?  I handle my business.  And also...I speak up for myself.  If I was not like this, so many people would have taken advantage of me....People try to make such a big deal out of when a woman stands up for herself. Why? I see people walk on egg shells around Wayne."

We gotta agree with her there.  The double standards for strong women in business period are very real.

Nicki explained that she grew up watching her abusive father take advantage of her mother and that made her decide, at a young age, that she's always going to stand up for herself and would not let men take advantage of her.



Watch the full interview here:

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F.EMA (Fuck 'EM ALL) ~ Hot 97

F.EMA (Fuck 'EM ALL) ~ Hot 97 needs some NEW DJs/FRESH talent and try another venue for Summer Jam. Even big a$$ Wendy Williams has stepped her game up from being an over the hill DJ. The morning show sucks ~ It Was better before all the extras ~ no offense K. Foxx.
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PatriciaBau17's picture

Didn't that happen 20 years

Didn't that happen 20 years ago? Sheesh. It was a hip-hop concert and Nicki knows Starships was that wack pop crap she did to cross over. Just admit it like a woman and own up to your hustle. She over-reacted and got way to defensive.
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cxxnxcndreru458's picture

I just wasted 10 minutes of

I just wasted 10 minutes of my life listening to part of this BS ass kissing interview. Rosenberg don't retract ish That song is terrible She needs to hear the truth Where was K Foxx?
Kelli99's picture

The nerve of this bitch

The nerve of this bitch talking about people's resume and this damn foul trying to get back in the good books with Young Money...pathetic.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Anybody say POWER 105.1. Boy

Anybody say POWER 105.1. Boy Not97 is getting desperate. Just stick to your wack interviews and asking "What was it like working with" or "So, what is in your ipod" or "Who do you admire in HipHop". Lamo questions. From Angie too. She can get it too.
LaFord's picture

Lol @ "I don't know your

Lol @ "I don't know your resume..." Well we all know Nicki's resume and it's filled with a lot of wack music. You don't have to be a music expert to know that Starships was not a great track. And I get her point about double standards when it comes to men and women, but it's just hard to take someone like her seriously. Maybe if she exuded more class and stopped looking like some wretched animated figure, people would give her more respect.
CheyPie's picture

i've been a loyal theybf

i've been a loyal theybf reader for years now and it has remained my fave site because it tells it like it is, seems to be somewhat credible and KEEPS ITS OWN BIASES OUT OF IT it seems. theybf clearly likes to take shots at hot 97. to say that nicki clowned rosenberg is not taking away what actually happened during this interview. i suspected that yall don't fuck with hot 97 but now im sure. gonna keep coming but i've felt this way about blogs before and it tends to go down a descending path.
tdotooo's picture

So you don't feel that by her

So you don't feel that by her saying that the reason she was unreceptive to his comments on her music because he was white and his resume was not long enough for her liking as her taking shots? What was that then?
ADP's picture

Ugh Bozos

Ugh Bozos galore....smhlol*sips n' plays bass
Like Really's picture

Jesus doesn't listen to

Jesus doesn't listen to GREEDY ASS Jews <------
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Ummm all dude said was her

Ummm all dude said was her song Starships was wack. He told the truth. Why over-react and NOt perform?!?! She should have handled it then and there. smh Glad they squashed their "beef"...............rolls eyes Oh, she looks HOT! lol
sexe757's picture

Who cares? they are both bad

Who cares? they are both bad for hip hop foreal foreal. her music sucks ...not just starships and his old privledged wyt jewish azz knows nothing about the culture. Both of you are WACK

She is still very much on the

She is still very much on the defense. Starships was whack, Rosenberg apologized for his comment on the "song" and all she could do was be mean and vengeful out the side of her mouth. When she grows up and matures as a woman, she will see all she had to say was, "I accept your apology, now let's keep it moving." This shit should've been dead last year.
And There Ya Go's picture

to answer the question, no

to answer the question, no wayne is not tough and who the fuck would walk on egg shells for his little ass? please, all you have to do is flick the lights off and on and make that nigga have another seizure. these ppl are retarded if they think anyone is shook over them. all rosenberg did was kinda sorta say what was needed to get nicki back on that hoe stroll....umm...i mean....summer jam stage.
steezo's picture

"please, all you have to do

"please, all you have to do is flick the lights off and on and make that nigga have another seizure"......(covers face with both hands while lol, hoping that God will forgive me.....smhlol)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

You know, I dd the same

You know, I dd the same thang, LOL that was just not right!!!1
LaFord's picture

Good for her reminding little

Good for her reminding little girls everywhere of a golden nugget of common sense that women should speak up for themselves - especially when it comes to business - and have high standards when it comes to how they demand to be treated. Good for him for apologizing; I know that wasn't easy lol.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

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