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SPOTTED: Willow Smith Spends The Day With Kylie Jenner In NYC

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The young Smith clan seems to have gotten tight with the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.  Willow Smith was spotted exiting her hotel today in NYC with Kylie Jenner (striped hat) after a full day of...nope, not school on this school day....shopping and lunching.


Pics inside...

Must be nice to be 12-years-old and the heiress to a Hollywood empire.  Basically, it must be nice to be Willow Smith.  She doesn't have to spend her Tuesdays (or any days for that matter) during the school year in anybody's math class.  She's chillaxin' in New York City shopping at Intermix for hours with reality heiresses like Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

 photo spl551993_007_zps6093d66b.jpg

Willow whipped her hair around Trump Soho hotel with good friend Kylie who was likely in town to do some promo with her family for their new season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."  Willow's big bro Jaden was spotted dining out with Kylie as well last week.

Forget Algebra....promoting reality shows and shopping with fellow Hollywood heirs take precedence.  And pre-teens in classrooms everywhere are probably salivating at the thought.



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Mom Jada was spotted looking cute as usual in a satin look and hot wedged sandals leaving the hotel with the girls as well.  We're told the group of friends hit up Intermix for a few hours, then grabbed some grub and chilled out at their hotel.  Must be nice...


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Lo♥e Jada's wedges

Lo♥e Jada's wedges
Peace Silas's picture

Jada & Will are really

Jada & Will are really showing their true colors through their parenting skills. Years ago a friend from Baltimore told me that Jada was nothing but a soft stud bull dyke hood rat who would only phuck a dude if the price was right. I guess she figure Will had enough money to get it so she played the female role. She could care less about education when is obviously being passed on to her offsprings. I had a family of hoes down the street from my parents home. My dad didn't want me even walking pass their home much less hanging out. Why is an 12yr old Willow hanging with teens that are damn near grown. Will so busy strung out on his side dick that the only other thing he still care about is making movies.
Somerknight's picture

Jada... Looks really cute and

Jada... Looks really cute and I think Willow wud make a gr8t child vampire on film..Ijs! *sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

You know, it's funny. They

You know, it's funny. They are not the only celebrity kids that don't go to physical school, yet people are so damn worried about whether or not the Smith children go to school. That Algebra comment was uncalled for. They are homeschooled and they also have a tutor that travels with them. Homeschooling allows the child to do other things such as travel and take up extra curricular activities. This is 2013 and now there are other schooling options for grades K-12 and there is also options for preschool. You have online courses and homeschooling options. Do your research before judging. I wonder if the admin on here graduated from HS because, their asses can't spell and it's small words at that.
Iridescent One's picture

It was not too long ago that

It was not too long ago that the Smith's claimed to be opening their own private school. I guess white folks wouldnt sign up so they had to close. I cant see these expat ghetto people opening a school for poor black kids like themselves. They need reminders that they're just kids of drug addicts and welfare project people.
cassandra29's picture

"Expat ghetto people"

"Expat ghetto people" Couldn't have said it better myself!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

We don't know these ppl to

We don't know these ppl to judge them. I think Will and Jada are good parents and if they see any danger in their kids hanging out w/ certain ppl then I'm sure they would stop it. For all we know, this could be a one time thing. And u never know what impact they would have on eachother. Kylie is young and not in the same clan as her sisters. Relax ppl. We're so busy worrying about them when we have problems right at home that are 10x worse than these kids. I worry more about what's going on with "non celeb kids" then anything else. Anywho, these girls are home schooled by the way YBF.
MsFiFi's picture

Kylie Jenner has the same

Kylie Jenner has the same mother as her trashy sisters. You can pretty much guarantee the Pimp Kris will have her sold to the highest bidder as well. Ho Roe
lola69's picture

i cosign that but these black

i cosign that but these black folks WE MADE RICH, will associate with any low class white person, rather than their own people. the fools have swelled heads now, but the economy and the IRS are bringing them down fast. throw in a few lawsuits and they'll be right back at the bottom where they came from. if she is smart she'll teach this girl how to be frugal, how to survive with LESS money, and have a marketable skill.
cassandra29's picture

Someone with common sense. I

Someone with common sense. I love it!
Iridescent One's picture

Ditto to that.

Ditto to that.
Chicknchips's picture

It saddens me to see that

It saddens me to see that Jaden and Willow have no black friends. And I don't buy that there are no other black kids on their level etc. There are plenty of other black celeb kids their age that would be way better influences that the impudent slutty Kardashians.
PacificGirl's picture


I agree. THESE NEGROES ARE ONLY ONE GENERATION OUT OF THE GHETTO. blacks are rapidly losing wealth and net worth. as the rest of us lose, we will NOT have money to go to shows, and movies. the black entertainment community will go down fast without our support. oprah learned that the hard way. that's why she has all these black shows now.
cassandra29's picture

This is the most ignorant

This is the most ignorant comment so far.
kayla1010's picture

As if you're with the Smith

As if you're with the Smith clan all the time to know what friends they have and don't have. It's a good thing children can just befriend other children without having to worry or CARE about what ethnicity they are. Gheesh your comment is both asinine and saddening.
Eden Hansom's picture

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xbxcxnerureu54's picture

I know most of you don't

I know most of you don't watch their show b/c for whatever reason ya'll hate the Kardashians but those girls just begun home schooling last year. Prior to that Bruce wanted them going to school daily and living as normal teens, but Kendall started to do poorly and blamed it on there travel and filming schedule so finally Bruce and Kris caved in. You can't pick the family you were born into so I don't know why the whole clan gets bashed for the hatred people feel for the mom and kim smh. As for Willow though she has said herself she doesn't know her math so I don't agree with her not buckling down with a book...20 years from now she is gonna wish she did when her accountant is slipping her millions out the back door and not filing her taxes.
Mizery's picture

We know Kris Jenner pimps her

We know Kris Jenner pimps her kids out so of course she is a lousy parent but Jada and Will. These kids are our future then lets get ready for a generation of self absorb, no morals, unethical brats who will kill you for their own selfish pleasure. God help us all. Wasted Generation
lola69's picture

Phylicia Rashad said it best.

Phylicia Rashad said it best. "I don't know any parents like her" (Kris Jenner). Why Will & Jada waould let them hang together is beyond my comprehension.
PacificGirl's picture

Jesus hates bullying....but

Jesus hates bullying....but home-schooled kids need to be beat-up....and their parents set on fire......smh..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

JHC - you are too funny!

JHC - you are too funny!
The Real Thing's picture

Well...parents that home

Well...parents that home school their kids are MENTAL PATIENTS............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Are you serious? I guess we

Are you serious? I guess we are starting our day off with a good laugh.....
lifeisgood's picture

To all those saying these

To all those saying these girls are getting "the best homeschooling in the world", I'm not quite sure what facts or proof you have to that effect. At any rate, "private tutoring" - which is likely what they are receiving, not "home schooling", is still primarily taught during normal school hours, except when young performers are working. It also is required by law to be a requisite number of hours per day and is to occur on a regular scheduled basis. Perhaps they are being tutored within the bounds of the law. Or perhaps their parents believe that schooling isn't all that necessary given these kids are millionaires. All I know is that Willow opted to drop out of the film production of Annie in order to "have a more normal teenage existence." Shopping and lunching all day on a Tuesday is not a normal existence for a teen. It also does not set a good example for other teens. And that wiggishness that's on Willow's head is proof enough that neither she, nor her parents are all that bright.
The Real Thing's picture

do they only target black

do they only target black people to hang out with????????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Pretty much. White people

Pretty much. White people got hip to the game since Kim used Nick Lachey to get from under Paris' shadow. Blacks are the only dummies that still act as if the Kardashians are legitimate celebrities and praise them for their antics.
PacificGirl's picture

i been done seeing them act a

i been done seeing them act a fool for a while now. i think their ratings must be dropping. that's why they came up with this desperate bid to use kanye baby
cassandra29's picture

This Ignorance!!!!!

This Ignorance!!!!!
kayla1010's picture

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Carson. I just agree... Leslie`s rep0rt is unbelievable, on monday I got a brand new Lotus Elise from having made $4871 this past five weeks and-just over, ten-grand last munth. this is definitely the most financially rewarding Ive ever done. I began this 8-months ago and almost straight away startad bringin in at least $85 per-hour. I follow this website, Bow6.com
PatriciaBau17's picture

Who ever wrote this have you

Who ever wrote this have you ever heard of home schooling? You talk as if today's schools are great anyway. Its help create one of the dumbest and laziest generations. Other countries are completely surpassing the US in education, yet you want Willow in those schools? No thank you. Take the bitter salt of being broke out your ass.
Kooop's picture

She's going through that

She's going through that awkward stage.
TeaNicole's picture

Who ever is writing these

Who ever is writing these posts lately are really annoying.
Classic87's picture

Ok, so you people know that

Ok, so you people know that these kids have the BEST homeschooling in the world, the education that they are getting compared to your kids public school education where they are being thought to a TEST is way above what your children will ever get. These children are learning from the best, Kendall and Kylie have shown their teachers who are two oriental ladies and we all know how focused they are on education, they are learning things that your children will never learn, and on top of that they are learning about different cultures and different parts of the world, that some of you and your kids will NEVER experience, so stop the crap about them not getting an education, those children are probably more rounded and educated than you are must less your children. You all need to stop this mess about the way that these people are raising their kids, they are well rounded, confident children, and that is NOT a negative., and they can be friends with whoever they chose too, while you internet ninjas sit behind your computer and make assumptions about these people they are living in the reality of knowing each other and knowing how each family really is, you see the tabloids, blogs and a 1 hour show, they see the truth. Let it go.
kayla1010's picture

Aren`t the smith kids home

Aren`t the smith kids home schooled, maybe this was a free day...
Shani1624's picture

Do they feed this young lady

Do they feed this young lady or?
cutethatsall56's picture

The fact that they don't make

The fact that they don't make education a necessity completely turns me off to them @ parents. After 16yrs old sure, but 12 and not regularly attending school. No ma'am pam.
SkeeWee's picture

You sound like a idiot, how

You sound like a idiot, how are you gonna say education is a necessity than turn around and say its not as much once someone reaches 16. See you are the type of idiot schools have created and taught. I'll trust whatever form of education they are getting, over whatever you got.
Kooop's picture

Spelman '07 BA USC '10. MA

Spelman '07 BA USC '10. MA WED '11 MRS....lololol. I got mine. Go get yours #BAM!
SkeeWee's picture


GG Boo 4 U's picture

I don't know when Jada and

I don't know when Jada and Will flipped as far as parenting goes, but they did...big time! No sane parent is gonna let their children become infected with the Kardashian pests nor let them become as hella annoying as little willow and jaden have become. Seriously.
Coffy's picture

(squints eyes)

(squints eyes) Uuuum...........uuuum..........uuuum (searching for words).....uuuum........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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