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Celebs Rock The "AFTER EARTH" NYC Premiere Red Carpet

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 photo aftere5_zpsf8550abe.jpg

The whole Smith family clan--Will, Jaden, Trey, Jada & Willow--was in full force last night to support Papa Will & son Jaden's new sci-fi flick After Earth.  Check out the fab fam, plus all heir celeb friends who came out to support inside...

It's all about the Smith boys this week as they release their newest flick together After Earth.  The premiere went down in NYC last night at Ziegfeld Theater.

 photo aftere3_zps9047a0e3.jpg  photo aftere33_zps615a0a8e.jpg

 photo ColumbiaPicturesMercedesBenzPresentRedk1BdfhgI7u2l_zpsef6fe738.jpg

Pops and son are pros at the promo gigs since thie isn't their first film together. After starring in the big film The Pursuit Of Happyness--as father and son in that one as well--the pros are back at it on the carpet for their next collabo film.

Will & Jaden chatted up the press, including AJ at "Extra".  And Jaden kept it cool in an all white look.

 photo aftere30_zpse8b16a02.jpg

 photo aftere22_zps122e777d.jpg

 photo aftere2_zps41dfefa6.jpg 

Mom Jada rocked a cute floral Blumarine dress with caged Azzedine Alaia sandals we're drooling over.  Daughter Willow look cute and age appropriate.

 photo aftere1_zps7e077a84.jpg  photo aftere34_zpsc2737af6.jpg 

Will's on-screen wife from Independence Day, Vivica Fox, came out to support her long time friend:

 photo aftere8_zpse8068f5c.jpg

 photo AfterEarthNewYorkPremiereArrivalsAVc_jVR3MRol_zpse57913f5.jpg

And Will's ex-wife Sheree Fletcher was there to offer up support as well:


 photo aftere10_zps80622cc9.jpg 

Fab look for her.

 photo aftere31_zpscda2953d.jpg

Jaden's "friend" who seems to becoming more like a boo, Kylie Jenner, was there looking....not like your typical 15-year-old.


 photo AfterEarthNewYorkPremiereArrivals2iXN_yzSW-Yl_zps5d3a2656.jpg 

Doug E. Fresh came out for the movie.

 photo aftere13_zps2e8d9670.jpg

The gorgeousness that is "Have Or Have Nots" actress Tika Sumpter was there in red:

 photo aftere15_zps4b1125e8.jpg  photo aftere17_zps61d07b8e.jpg

Perfect look for her.


 photo aftere20_zps8437aa2f.jpg

Russell Simmons and his mode boo were there on the carpet.  Y'all know his steez...

 photo aftere21_zps9dfb117b.jpg 

Star of VH1's upcoming "TLC" movie, Lil Mama, made her way to the carpet in sneakers.

It was a baby bump fest on the carpet too:

 photo ColumbiaPicturesMercedesBenzPresentRedyyYRByZFZDVl_zpsdf94e4f4.jpg

Will's on screen cousin and real life good friend Alfonso Ribeiro was there with his new wife Angela.  The couple announced earlier this month that they're expecting!

 photo ColumbiaPicturesMercedesBenzPresentRedljPIwmICTREl_zps37bb714f.jpg

And AJ Calloway was there with his pregnant fiancee Dionne Walker.


 photo ColumbiaPicturesMercedesBenzPresentRedYTFgsOHDYael_zps061ac016.jpg

Giants baller Victor Cruz hit up the carpet with his baby moms, girlfriend Elaina.


 photo ColumbiaPicturesMercedesBenzPresentRedoq02HeKgm4el_zpsb25381c7.jpg

And of course, DJ Jazzy Jeff and his wife were there to support his long time bestie the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


 photo ColumbiaPicturesMercedesBenzPresentRedDF97vjY4Tkel_zps79290f86.jpg

Wyclef brought his wife and daughter.  How cute is she!

 photo ColumbiaPicturesMercedesBenzPresentRedA2VeGMMbe-dl_zps3afda953.jpg

And Spike Lee brought his wife Tonya and their kids as well. 

Fun times!

After Earth hits theaters this Friday!

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first of all the smith family

first of all the smith family look nice for once with exception of will's choice of suit color other than that they all are appropriately dressed for once but of course hat does not change my opinion about this sexually perversed family and as for the eldest son trey he choose not to do acting he just prefer to be involved with his music instead and his mom sharee fletcher looks great moving on victor cruz and his girlfriend/baby mama (elaina) are at the wrong event they must be looking for the black soul cookout fest because that's exactly where they look like they belong "a hot unfashionable mess" and take lil mama tacky tranny ass with you rich people where is a stylist when you need it bye! now jazzy jeff & his beautiful wife along with russell simmons his classy lady,wyclef jean family as well as spike lee,family all look very nice although spike lee's wife look like a "stud dyke" but of course that could be my own personal observation i am just saying tiki sumpter, dougie fresh,alfonso ribeiro & his wife angela,all look clean/neat last but not least aj calloway and his fiancee dionne walker are a very attractive couple together the only thing is that she should have set this one out until after the baby's birth because girlfriend lok like she could go into labor any moment so she gets a pass on this one considering their unborn child is a honest excuse when it comes to being some what fashionable right i would say but other than that i wish them a beautiful healthy baby for all those haters kylie jenner is fine keep in mind she is a teen model which is obviously a typical style in her line of work as well as fashion closet bytheway please being disrespectful to the young people due the cyber bullying issues all the name calling is so uncalled for as well as immature thanks also what the hell is wrong with vivica a. foxx talking about overdosing on plastic surgery when sometimes it's not really needed her natural beauty is just amzing all be it self.

Vivica Fox's face looks like

Vivica Fox's face looks like the alien people on that Syfy show "DEFIANCE"! Grand Daddy looking ashy faced Wyclef, lil 82yr old faced lil mama, Victor Cruz's wife or baby mama has LaLa type legs! Tika looks nice! I guess Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince was not invited! HaHa!
Shay's picture

Jada looks most unhappy and

Jada looks most unhappy and should have ended this now fake marriage years ago! It must be hard to have to pretend like your marriage is perfect when the whole thing is a fraud. Jada's little subliminal tweets and rants about open marriages are a cry for help! Jada and Willow don't look happy in these photo's! Jada knows her marriage is over and poor Willow don't get the attention her brother's get from their dad
Shay's picture

So they finally helped Jaden

So they finally helped Jaden loss his virginity to a girl....lol...................Not really feeling that hair color on Jada.
star's picture

Victor Cruz and his babymama

Victor Cruz and his babymama look like they're going to a backyard BBQ not a red carpet premiere! smh
Say What Nah's picture

This is the best picture I

This is the best picture I have seen with the whole Smith family...everyone is dressed very nice! Aunt Vi....noooooooooo!
eewhipple59's picture

Willow is so cute! She will

Willow is so cute! She will definitely model....that's all I got and Tika although gorgeous, those eyebrows are over done!

Why all those big ghetto

Why all those big ghetto purses on the red carpet. Ain't nobody tryna steal your lil coins.
SkeeWee's picture

the adams family willow looks

the adams family willow looks cute what the hell happend to Vivica fox face Spike lee have a good looking family.

Carltons wife looks like an

Carltons wife looks like an addict!

Please take down that up

Please take down that up close pic of Vivica. That mess scares the hec out of me everytime I scroll down. sheesh.
CheyPie's picture

Victor's wife outfit looks

Victor's wife outfit looks like something Rihanna would wear or already worn. I agree that it looks like shit, but Rih's stans would swear that it's stylish. smh...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

The Smith family looks

The Smith family looks awesome!!...Vivica looks plastic and her usual ugly self.
Lola's picture

Tika's eyebrows are on point!

Tika's eyebrows are on point! Vivica, hell to the no boo! And Victor's girlfriend needs to be punched in the face for that outfit choice.
Suga Bear's picture

R u serious? those eyebrows

R u serious? those eyebrows are terrible and drag queen-ish.
sexe757's picture

I know....Right!.......lmao

I know....Right!.......lmao
star's picture

Kylie Jenner is not dressed

Kylie Jenner is not dressed age appropriate but then again what else would we expect with Kris Jenner pushing Kim to pose for a PlayBoy magazine a while back. What kind of parent would want their daughter to pose naked for a men's magazine just so that they can get their 15% cut of the payout? SMH. Not to mention Kris wanted her manager's cut of Kim's sex tape. With that being said, who knows what Kris Jenner will have the Kendall and Kylie doing over the next 5 years.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Get ready cause it's going to

Get ready cause it's going to be majorly irritating. I have already asked the grocery store to start a kartrashian free lane so we don't have look at their magazine covers.
chaka1's picture

Willow looks like a lady

Willow looks like a lady should look. Why don't our young adults dress up for occasions such as these more often?
Miss D's picture

Tike looks cayyuuuuuuteee.

Tike looks cayyuuuuuuteee. Willow looks GREAT!! She looks tall and svelte but she is actually tiny. Viv,,,,i wish Viv wouldn't have had so many procedures done.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Victor C. is so good looking

Victor C. is so good looking can'rt understand why is not his women on the same level as her man - WTF does she have on? smh
lifeisgood's picture

I can't stand when the man

I can't stand when the man looks waaay better than the woman. WTF is her problem? A tshirt w/a leather skirt? No ma'am. When Victor starts creeping with a fly Honey she'll be wondering what she did wrong. Look in the mirror Boo Boo!
PacificGirl's picture

I love Willow's look; it's

I love Willow's look; it's quite a departure from what she normally wears. That wiggery on her head is still a hot mess though. What in the world happened to Vivica Fox's damn face!!!!!!!! See why plastic surgery is a BAD IDEA? The Cruzes, the Wyclef Jeans, and the Spike Lee family are all adorable.
The Real Thing's picture

Tika Sumpter is GORGEOUS!

Tika Sumpter is GORGEOUS!
BlackDiva's picture

i wonder why the older son is

i wonder why the older son is never in a movie
cassandra29's picture

Jaden needs to keep his Potty

Jaden needs to keep his Potty Faucet.......outta White Women's Vagina's...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

AJ's fiance, um, no Boo Boo.

AJ's fiance, um, no Boo Boo. She look a mess! Whoever said that all pregnant women are beautiful - LIED!!!
shylibra's picture

I wish Will would leave these

I wish Will would leave these old Temptation suits @ home!¡ I'm going to need Aunt Viv to just say NO to the scalpel and injections.
GetUrLife's picture

This is the most normal I've

This is the most normal I've ever seen their black asses look in years. So disappointed that they went from being regular acting black folks from around the way to some old over Hollyweirded out weirdos. That little Willow is just too grown for me. Trey is handsome and well raised. Its good his mother kept him out that limelight as much as she could. He would have wound up as Hollyweirded out as his younger siblings if she didn't. Btw, Jazzy Jeff's wife is beautiful!
Keys's picture

Will's ex-wife Sheree

Will's ex-wife Sheree Fletcher looks beautiful I wanna snatch those damn contact lenses out of Vivica Fox's eyeballs -- YUCK!!! Kylie Jenner needs to slow her roll... she's too young to dress like that -- where's her parents?! Willow is a beautiful young lady and has soo much confidence - I love it! Will and Jaden -- father and son look so dapper in their red and white suits -- NICE!!!
Say What Nah's picture

Kylie is getting Impaled!!!!!

Kylie is getting Impaled!!!!! by Jaden
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Do not like that haircut on

Do not like that haircut on Willow it makes her look like an Avatar. Kylie looks like a slut (SHOCKER). Elaina, really Victor Cruz? SMH...Will, I love you but there's never a reason for any man to wear a red 3 piece suit! VOMIT.
PacificGirl's picture

I love everyone's attire

I love everyone's attire except Russell's! On another note every time I see pics of Wyclef I just think he such a slore! Trust me I know and not from hearsay either!
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Poor little rich kids, they

Poor little rich kids, they hate being burdened by this fame thing, so smiling is impossible. They are so above it all, such "artists" shouldn't have to do this promo crap, oh poor us. Love Will, but their youngest kids are so darn annoying. That said, I see Kylie's being groomed to be the next Kardashian attention whore.
Coffy's picture

This is the most "normal"

This is the most "normal" I've seen Willow and Jaden look in a long time... very refreshing. Victor Cruz's baby momma need to polish her look. Buying Chanel bags, Givenchy t-shirt and Louboutins heels doesn't automatically make you stylish.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Spike Lee and his entire

Spike Lee and his entire family is fugly as hell. Anyways, I cannot wait 2 see this movie.
sexe757's picture

The entire Smith Family is

The entire Smith Family is gorgeous! WOW!! Tika Sumpter looks like a damn dude with all of that tranny make up on. She wears way to much makeup b/c she has zero natural beauty. Umm, that Jenner girl looks slutty. 15 years old...so sad b/c she looks a good 25. Ummm, Victor Cruz baby mama is not only unattractive but that outfit is TERRIBLE!
sexe757's picture

Willow looks cute in her

Willow looks cute in her getup, but her "I don't give a f--k" expressions are annoying and so is Jaden's " huh...what you say" expressions. Anywho, I'm tired of all of these futuristic movies. Count me out.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Willow and Jaden always look

Willow and Jaden always look so pissed off, do they even know how to smile. Geesh!!!!! the Haves and Haves not is just okayi nothing to get excited about. Love thy neighbor is typical Tyler Perry jsut like his other shows
sweetpea1989's picture

Everyone looks amazing. Love

Everyone looks amazing. Love Willow's outfit. However, there are some obvious people in these photos who need to stay off the red carpet and put on some appropriate attire.
chaka1's picture

Aunt Viv

Aunt Viv <------------------------------------
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Jada is looking good and Lil

Jada is looking good and Lil Mamma is looking like a young man. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too
V's picture

Lil' Mama's Legs <---

Lil' Mama's Legs <--- Hahahahahaha....... Tika Sumpter thinks random people are constantly Judging her (Crazy Broad!!!!!!!!) Jada"s Outfit is HOT!!!!!! She needs to gain 10lbs
Jesus H. Christ's picture

They'll never allow Willow to

They'll never allow Willow to dress well. Elainia is pretty but that outfit is done done! Kylie Jenner in THAT dress at the ripe age if 15!...NO MA'AM!!!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

Tika and Jada look

Tika and Jada look amazing!!!!!! Loving both looks! I would have gave Lil Mama a point if she would have put some heels on with her look. Fail as always.
Desi's picture

Trey is handsome. He is a

Trey is handsome. He is a good looking kid. Poor Willow and Jaden. Plus why are they letting him date Armenian Trash and gold diggers. Those Jenner/Kardashian clan are being pimped out by their Mom.
lola69's picture

Natasha Will has 3 kids Trey

Natasha Will has 3 kids Trey was also there how the heck did you NOT mention him? RUDE!!!
JamaicanGal's picture

Did you not see his name in

Did you not see his name in the TITLE of this post with the rest of the Smiths? BLIND?
LBA1's picture

The worse two show on TV are

The worse two show on TV are Tyler Perry Haves and Have nots and Love Thy Neighbor. I am shocked that Tiki is in one of them and worse the Oprah has that garbage on her network. Over the top Nigga mess and yall love it. Embarassing
lola69's picture

Who the eff are you to judge?

Who the eff are you to judge? When you get your OWN network or put money together to produce your OWN shows, why don't you keep your useless comments to yourself. The last time I checked, you were not paying my cable bill and most of the comments you post are EMBARASSING! STFU!
LBA1's picture

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