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NEW GIG! Tamera Mowry-Housley, Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon & More -- New Talk Show "The Real"

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Get ready for a dose of realness & diversity injected into daytime TV.  A few of our fave fab chicks have received the greenlight for a brand new panel talk show.


Check it inside....

YBF chicks Tamar Braxton, Tamara Mowry-Housley and comedian Loni Love have signed on for a brand new daytime talk show called "The Real." 

The ladies, joined by Adrienne Bailon & Style channel's Jeannie Mai, will make up the newest panel of 5 women giving the daily dish about what's hot, what's not, hot topics, lifestyle discussions and more. 

The show, which has been picked up by select Fox stations for a summer test run kicking off July 8th, was created by Telepictures Productions.  And it will serve as a younger (everyone's under 40), totally diverse version of daytime's biggest panel shows, "The View" and "The Talk."

With "The View" getting a big makeover due to the exits of Joy Behar & Barbara Walters in 2014, it'll be interesting to see who they fill those seats with, considering this new show that's aiming at their pedestal.

We're already loving the idea of half of our fave twin set, Tamera, chiming in with some hot topics everyday (since we never see her in that capacity).  And we're also loving the idea of Tamar bringing...her extraness and what she does best...to a table full of talkers.  Comedian Loni Love (from "Chelsea Lately") is a funny gal and Adrienne & Jeannie will possibly be the wild cards.

Interesting mix of ladies.  Maybe it's exactly the fresh face of Daytime that TV needs.

Will you be watching?

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Wow. smh at some of the

Wow. smh at some of the comments. Tamar is like most folks as all the women on the show....just trying to live and make a living, doing the best they can. We women have in the past, present and I suppose in the future, always a struggle! Stuck under the grind of men and others, period! And black women (actually, black men too) , have to not only battle to try to grt ahead, but battle to just exist. Tamar IS special, she is a special gift from God. She is a blessing. Stop hating her and watch your life change. This comment is with love. Blessings and love to all on here. Peace. And, she is not ugly.....we all can see that.
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I'll give it a view but don't

I'll give it a view but don't have high expectations. Don't know much about any of them so curious. I have one question for Blacks trying to get my attention: Do you like Tyler Perry's movies? If the answer is Yes, then I wouldn't waste my time. If no, I'll watch. And I'm Black!
jessiea's picture

Looks like it's going to be

Looks like it's going to be an interesting show. I agree the name is less than original....somebody should have thought a little bit harder.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Absolutely not. I have a

Absolutely not. I have a headache already just thinking about this panel. I do like Jeannie Mai but this group? No Ma'am!
PacificGirl's picture

I'm so sick of folks

I'm so sick of folks blatantly stealing from the true original "The View". People need to try coming up with their own new and original ideas.
chantayk's picture

Tamar is always entertaining

Tamar is always entertaining to watch. It'll be interesting to see how she interacts with a group of women who aren't her sisters...No more excuses. Check out evolvage.com to get ahead and set your life on track. Find information on free job training programs, college scholarships and applying to college, housing programs, free private and boarding schools, programs for youth, outstanding public schools, learn how to start a business, how to take charge of your finances , resources for single moms, etc. It is s all here in one spot at evolvage.com. Where can I get free training to become a chef? How do I buy my first home? How do I go about starting my own business? Where do I find a quality public school or free private school for my child? It is all here and much more at evolvage.com. Like on www.Facebook.com/Evolvage and follow @evolvage.com
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They couldn't come up with a

They couldn't come up with a better name for the show though, "The Real", wtf....Everytime a person of color has their own show or business its usually has some urban, ebonic or ghetto sounding name to it, ugh.
Naomi's picture

Love the comment on she look

Love the comment on she look like a cartoon character that was soooo funnyyyy
MissYcAT.'s picture


TAMAR I MEAN TAMOO U ALWAYS TELLING people get your life I'm wonder where is yours ...COM
MissYcAT.'s picture


MissYcAT.'s picture

thank u ALL 4 THE real talk

thank u ALL 4 THE real talk of face (oops).tarmoo
MissYcAT.'s picture

Jesus doesnt watch TV (unless

Jesus doesnt watch TV (unless its a Live Sporting Event) but i might listen to Tamar's crazy takes on things............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I wish they would give other

I wish they would give other people a chance to shine. I'm getting sick of the same celebrities and I' wont be watching. I can't take Tamar attitude and personality and she's Dumb as a bag of bricks so she's only going to act a fool. No" Thanks, All of the Neck popping and Tongue sucking. No "NO ma'am" I can stroll through the hood and see that all day and, she's not easy on the eyes at all.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

okkkk you said it exactly

okkkk you said it exactly right...
Reign's picture


star's picture

She is like watching a

She is like watching a Cartoon Character....entertaining
Jesus H. Christ's picture


MissYcAT.'s picture

Tamar needs 2 sit. down some

Tamar needs 2 sit. down some u got 2 fit in. before u can get in, believe dat and.a clown face look like yours face dont fit in u look odd by the,way I can not leave my girl Traci out she look,wayyy better then u she losing weight who look stupid now ,Traci can,say(LOOK AT ME NOW.
MissYcAT.'s picture

I would only watch for

I would only watch for Tamera. No offense to the other ladies, but I can't imagine them saying anything worth listening to. Tamar's personality is too much for me. Adrienne Bailon? What is she going to talk about, the secret life of a groupie? Hopefully they prove me wrong. I'll tune in for the first episode.
CheyPie's picture

Tamar like seriously u look

Tamar like seriously u look like hommie the clown don't mess around them famous damon waynes words and u need 2 stop trying 2 b like STUPID Beyoncé the on top stop with already gosh u r so self centered Stark treating your,sisters with respect. On the show Stopppand everywhere else u will neverrrr be like Toni she is the foundation . Of the show then u run and got your on show vince and Tamar and thats a jackup show the only reason braxton FAMILY values is on season pass because , of Toni if off I am take it off if trina get her own show I will watch that before I watch your showFALLBACK FROM THEWORDS OF my son your face look like the mask and I sure aint smokin zoom in on the picture u look like Cookie the clown and hommie the mixed together thats bad tiny Ti wife look 50 million times better then u stop wearing all that makeup u uglyyyy enough u brat.
MissYcAT.'s picture

this sounds look a great

this sounds look a great panel! my wife will love to watch

Tamar is one fugly woman.

Tamar is one fugly woman. Period. She wishes she looked as good as Tamera.
sexe757's picture

Tamara is very smart and she

Tamara is very smart and she took she a model very ,and congrads on the new baby. Well be watching your shows this fall u go gurl.
MissYcAT.'s picture

(squints eyes) Uhhhh.....

(squints eyes) Uhhhh.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I actually hope this show

I actually hope this show does well...it would be nice to see some other ybf's besides Wendy. I can't imagine why Bethenny Frankel's show got renewed as she has the most annoying voice I've ever heard and only has her snarky mouth to offer.
Santi114's picture

Tamar soooo ugly

Tamar soooo ugly
MissYcAT.'s picture

That's a very odd panel.

That's a very odd panel. Tamar mixed with Tamera? I can see Tamera now going to the producers backatage 3rd show in, on a commercial break saying in her valley girl voice....."I CAN'T TAKE THIS, EITHER SHE GOES OR I GO" and goes back on set giving Tamar the phony smile.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Some of my favorite chicks. I

Some of my favorite chicks. I love it.
SassyFace11's picture

I love Tamera.I will be

I love Tamera.I will be watching.

i will def watch this!!! but

i will def watch this!!! but I hope tamar isnt tooooo extreme and I hope tamera wont be toooo sensitive lol great mix of ladies!
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