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Somebody's Actually ENGAGED To Waka Flocka Flame--The Tattooed Engagement Photo

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-31at22801PM_zps5e8d068c.png

Waka Flocka Flame, who celebrates his birthday today, can shake his dreds in celebration....because dude is now engaged.  Check out how his new fiancee Tammy announced it on Instagram today inside...

In the wee hours of this morning, Waka's long time off-and-on girlfriend, Tammy, posted a pic of herself and the rapper getting all kissy and showing off their new tattoos of each other's names on their ring fingers.  Because actual rings are so passé...

 photo TammyandWaka_zpsf59141fe.png

Tammy said:

Happy birthday!!.. To my fiancé... Lord knows we been through it all!.. An yet our souls still manage to find each other #GodOnlyKnows

So the tattooed ring fingers seem to solidify their engagement.  The twosome have been together for a while now, even though they broke up months ago based on Tammy's tweets.  Clearly, they've gotten back together and have taken the next step.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-31at23141PM_zpscb744760.png 

His chick likes to show off her Instagram-model-style of a tiny waste and ample ass...whether it's injected or real.  And yes, that's her daughter looking on in the above pic.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-31at25617PM_zps9e39b650.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-31at22903PM_zps2e7f20fe.png  photo ScreenShot2013-05-31at22335PM_zpsd0e71707.png   photo ScreenShot2013-05-31at22058PM_zps098c04d4.png photo ScreenShot2013-05-31at22244PM_zpsb743e87e.png

Waka posted this pic of their Facetime convo several months ago, when she went by a different Instagram and Twitter name.  Tammy also posted this last month:

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-31at24234PM_zpsa512698e.png



Congrats to the couple....this will be an interesting Brick Squad wedding.  Would love to know what mama Deb thinks...


The Randomness:

1.  Video of rapper Big Boi blowing out his knee during a recent on stage accident has surfaced.  Get well soon Big Boi!  STORY


Photos: Tammy's Instagram/Waka's Instagram




Ummm...thank you Tammy for

Ummm...thank you Tammy for removing him from the sea of single men...women of all colors thank you!!

It's amazing all of these

It's amazing all of these generalizations from a particular gentleman on this site. I find it interesting that you don't realize how many black women have been standing behind their men for generations through thick and thin with barely a thank you, but you have the gall to shout out Latinas for treating their men right. You can't make a generalization because you have definitely not met every woman in the world. There are bad apples in every ethnicity, and I've read the myriad of comments you have made about black women in particular with much chagrin. If you really think that this "lady" will stop this guy from getting into trouble, watch this space. It seems like they've been together for a little while now, and if I'm not mistaken he's been arrested a couple times this year alone. I guarantee you they will have 2 kids before they make it down the aisle and will have a perpetual engagement. I also have to add that Kryptonite can KILL Superman it does not make him stronger!!! What an idiot!!
Santi114's picture

Yea black women bend standing

Yea black women bend standing behind us alrite, TO KICK US DOWN THE GODDAMN CLIFF!!!!Next to the white man smiling!!! Now sista, im going to say it like a brotha said it "If it's majority you can't help BUT GENERALIZE SISTA!!!" I mean i don't know why u black women so butt hurt you know im not talking about ALLLLLLLLL.And when addressing letsgetit PLEASE DON'T BRING UP WHAT OTHER RACES DO, THAT'S TYPICAL OF YOU BLACK WOMEN. And also I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT OTHER RACES ARE DOING I CAREEEEEEEEEE ABOUT WHAT MINES DOINGGGGGGGGG, ALRITE SISTA????
LetsGetIt's picture


Jesus H. Christ's picture

She pretty but not all that.

She pretty but not all that. LETSGETITT I kinda get what your saying but stop bashing and generalizing black girls. Not all black women act like that. Not even most. Alot do act like. But alot of white women act like that also and mexican. I mean lately I seen alot more mexican dating thugs than black girls. And also every women wears make-up and alters her hair. Not just black women, it's a girl thing. But your STOP thinking only and most black girls wear makeup and weaves because I can tell you thats not true. At the end of the day the girl is ok, her skin is brow, eyes brown, hair brown, and she a minority, its not like she has silver hair and blue eyes...she could pass a black because she darker than alot of Hispanic I know She pratically place on the same boat as black people...if not looked down worse by society since she hispanic. And she's marrying waka flacka, not barack obama. So she can have that thug. But she looks like a typical girl, regardless if shes black, white, or mexican, every girl dresses like that, What makes he so classy and soft? Iss it her tight boobs pooping out dress, her face with a lot of makeup, or her brown dull skin? Cus she looks just as ghetto as the black women you describe.

My mixed sista,

My mixed sista, listen......... BLACK WOMEN MAKE UP THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE WHEN IT COMES TO WEAVE SALES!!!9 BILLION DOLLARS A YEARRRRRRRRRRR... I don't know why you all act as if this shit isn't true,and deflect and say "other races do it too" well not like you black women. And also most black women like thugs or DYSFUNCTIONAL MEN this can be proven by the out of wedlock 75% birthrate documented by the government when it comes to black women. THIS WOMAN IS NOT FUCKING BLACK she's either mixed or Hispanic SHE DON'T LOOK BLACK TO MEEEE. I don't why black women love clinging on to mixed breed BUT SHE DOESN'T LOOK BLACK!!!I mean goddamn WHAT MAKES BLACK SPECIAL IF ANYY GODDAMN BODY CAN CLAIM ITTTTT,,,,, "AWW SHE'S MIXED LETSS JUST THROW HER TO THE NEGROS" ASIAN DON'T CALL MIXED BREED ASIANNNNNNNN, WHITES DON'T CALL MIXED BREED WHITEEEEEEEEEEE, WHY THE FUCK ARE BLACK PEOPLE SO QUICK TO CALL THESE PEOPLE BLACK, because black women hate themselves and see beauty in mixed breeds so they claim their black. WOMAN AINT BLACK!!!! And also i never said the woman isn't ghetto hahahaha, i just said i guarentee you he wont be gettin into alot of trouble with this girl by his side , because it's been proven when we as black men are with different races we don't deal with that much drama as we do when we are with black women WHOOOOOOO LOVEEE DRAMA AND TEARING DOWN BLACK MEN. Not alllllllll BUT MOST DO, IF IT AINT YOU , THEN IT DON'T APPLY
LetsGetIt's picture

You're an idiot!

You're an idiot!
cutethatsall56's picture


cutethatsall56's picture

1. i hate people who type an

1. i hate people who type an instead of and... 2. why not tat his birth name? 3. congrats to them especially if they have been together for a long time
leesh's picture

Some of these comments had me

Some of these comments had me rolling!! I always find it hillarious when BW give a flying fukakta about who a black man dates, but to see serious concern over who Waka is engaged to? Waka???
Realist's picture

… Unbelievable….Wow… My

… Unbelievable….Wow… My friend Emily has just married to a handsome wealthy black man. They met through ~~~ ~~InterràcìalFìshes.Çoм ~~ ~ ~~A Serious interracial dating for black & white single sseeking interracial relationships, friendships, dating ,love and more.. So, if you want to look for people with which you can date, you are at the right place.You can meet(lawyers,busy professionals, benefactors. models, celebrities, etc….)If you are single, perhaps you can have a try.
sergsdgxcbeshgwe437's picture

Why is everyone all worked up

Why is everyone all worked up bc waka marrying some random mixed chick?? I mean cmon guys, this issss waka flocka...lol
Supermodel01's picture

Umm...didnt some chick just

Umm...didnt some chick just come out last week tlking bout how waka gave her herpes?? O_o Her nails DONT look professional. She has a big butt. I agree, latina's do be kryptonite for poor black men. Lol, they can keep em
Supermodel01's picture

She's Spanish? Oh I could've

She's Spanish? Oh I could've swore she was a nigger until I seen that post. Your race is black hun, culture Spanish. Nothing like an uneducated black woman, but then again she's in love with a bafoon so Id rather her claim Spanish. Lol
cutethatsall56's picture

The hate is real....she's

The hate is real....she's beautiful and I wish them the best.
SHE TRIED IT.COM's picture

Pretty girl. I am sure she

Pretty girl. I am sure she looks better than most of you hating ass heffas up here. Ya'll praise ugly folks like Tamar, Tiki Sumpter and Kelly Rowland but down play those who are ACTUALLY pretty. No weaves, lashes or drag queen makeup needed.
sexe757's picture

She has fake nails (which

She has fake nails (which needs another fill pronto) How do you know in fact that she is not wearing weave nor lashes??? I need an answer. please review the pictures one more time, and stop with your foolishness. You're the one who is a hater. Bashing women who is absolutely irrelevant to Waka's fiancee. Look in the mirror before you call anyone ugly.
Tren's picture

Kelly Rowland is ugly? Oh Umm

cutethatsall56's picture

Sista in a way YOU'RE RIGHT.

Sista in a way YOU'RE RIGHT. Alot of these black women have an ARTIFICIAL LOOK!!!Because they don't like the way they NATURALLY LOOK, so they put on the extra make up, weaves, contact, gettin fake asses etc. Now kelly rowland is a beautiful woman but she has that artificial, made up ,wanna be a white woman look as well . So there it is, i mean it's strange tho black men don't walk around with other races hair in their head or walk around trying to look like justin beiber WHY DO BLACK WOMEN walk around trying to look like different races??
LetsGetIt's picture

You're a man so I don't

You're a man so I don't expect you to get this but weave has nothing to do with race. ALL women have on some kind of makeup, or have something that isn't natural straight out the bathtub. Another thing you must realize is that as an entertainer if you try to wear your natural hair everyday as their putting all the heat and dye in it, it will fall out. Tyra tried to be natural when she began modeling and by the 100th curling iron her hair hit the floor. Lastly, when the lights hit you on tv you it will wash you out if you don't wear makeup or have a weave to make it full. I knew Aaliyah and her real hair was very long and pretty but when performing Ina video it would look stringy. I know you associate this to self hate but this simply isn't the case. Most especially in the entertainment biz.
cutethatsall56's picture

Sista, you just named two

Sista, you just named two women who are mixed breeds as an example for black women.....JUST STOP REPLYING SISTA
LetsGetIt's picture

they're not mixed. In fact

they're not mixed. In fact (no dis respect to Aaliyah cause she my girl for life) but in fact she had nose and eye surgery why she may look mixed to you
Tren's picture

Aaliyah is NOT mixed! I grew

Aaliyah is NOT mixed! I grew up with her and I know both of her parents. You're an idiot! Also I'm not your sista. Lastly, if you took genetics you'd know that if you have any AFRICAN blood in you you're a nigger! I have a degree in it how about you? Nothing you say ever makes sense nor is it backed up by any educational value. I believe you're a white man trying to take value away from the black women of this site and I'm going to write a letter to request that you and a few others have your ip addresses blocked!!
cutethatsall56's picture

"If you took genetics you'd

"If you took genetics you'd know that if you have any AFRICAN blood in you you're a nigger!" Sista you make African blood seem so fucking useless if you say anybody can claim it , then to say we're a nigger afterwards just sums up what i say about you black women. NOW SISTAAAAAAAAAAAAA iffff you traveledddddddd or went to africa YOU WILL KNOW THAT THEYYYYYYY DOOOO NOT CALLLLM MIXED BREEEED AFRICAN OR BLACKKKKKKKKKKKKK THEY JUSTTTTT DON'TTTTTTTT. And having african blood when you also have asain blood or caucasian blood in you DOESN'T MAKE YOU JUST AFRICANNN. IT'S 2013 CUT THAT ONE DROP RULE SHIT OUTTTTT because they do not teach no damn one drop rule in GENETICS AND EVOLUTION!!!! If they did YOU WENT TO THE WRONG SCHOOL SISTA!!!!Goddamn it i speak with logicccccccccc you cant get mad because i tell the goddamn truth AND YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT AND NOW YOU WANT ME BLOCK.....SHAMEEEEEEEEEEE ON YOUUUU SISTAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
LetsGetIt's picture

(squints eyes while smh)

(squints eyes while smh)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Since when did a looking back

Since when did a looking back at your ass pic become the standard? Men are so simple minded... A big butt and a smile will get em everytime. By the looks of it, he should have bought this hoe a shoe rack instead of a damn tattoo.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Congrats to this brotha, NOW

Congrats to this brotha, NOW I GUARANTEE YOU , this brotha will not be getting in trouble anymore!! But if this brotha was with a black woman , we tend to act like straight up niggas and thugs and they don't say shit or want us to change for the better becase they just like racist whites they love us when we're dumb ass thugs, but don't like us when we're educated and trying to better the black community. But shout out to all the Hispanic and Latin women yall treat a brotha good. And P.S black women stop complaining about brotha dating outside their race, WHEN ALL THESE BLACK WOMEN ARE DATING THE WHITE MANNNNNN. Clean your act up , stop bringing out the worse in black men which most successful brotha see this for themselves so they want nothing to do with you, and also be more submissive, let a brotha take you on a walk in the park without you calling him lame, let a brotha open the door for you without you thinking he wack AND SHIT WILL BE ALRIGHT!!!!Successful brothas know black women love and have a thing for DYSFUNCTIONAL NIGGAHS , so why would we waste our time with yo asssssssss!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I find it funny that you

I find it funny that you congratulate this man for finding a "spanish" woman posing with the typical ass shot (that every groupie seems to know by heart) with her daughter looking on, yet you disregard this completely. But I bet if this was a BLACK woman with this SAME ghetto girl ass shot (that I've seen you call out on other post), you would have called her every name in the book. You would have said that that's all that black woman seems to have going for them, their ass. But on a spanish woman it's quite fine with you--HILARIOUS!. You claim to never disrespect black woman and that your comments are out of love, but several comments down your calling a black woman a bitch, multiple baby daddy having hoe and to get off ybf (ironic since your on it your damn self) and to do something with her life. Now, if that doesn't speak of the love that you have for black woman, I don't know what does.--Again, HILARIOUS! You contradict yourself so much in your comments multiple times that it's become hysterical. Self-hate doesn't even begin to cover what is wrong with you.
BlackDiva's picture

I don't understand how im

I don't understand how im self hating lol. I mean im just telling you whats REAL YOUNG SISTAAAA!!!I mean yeah MAYBAD im a little hard on black women, but thats because im black and plan on having a BLACK WIFE, A BLACK DAUGHTER, AND BLACK SONS ONE DAY , and its sad because i expect BETTER FROM MY BLACK WOMEN but over the years things have gotten perpetually worseeeee with black people SO YOU DAMN RIGHT IM GONE GO HARD ON BLACK WOMEN BECAUSE YALL GOTTA GET IT TOGETHER. I don't disrespect black women , i just love you enough to curse your ass out and tell you the truth SINCE THAAT'S THE ONLY THING BLACK WOMEN UNDERSTANDSSSSSSSSSS!!
LetsGetIt's picture

"I plan on having a BLACK

"I plan on having a BLACK WIFE, A BLACK DAUGHTER, AND BLACK SONS ONE DAY"--WHY? As you say, WHITE WOMAN or ANY other race of woman are better--why wouldn't YOU want the best? All BLACk woman, (oops not all, but most ) are BAD/TROUBLE for black man, then why would YOU seek one? Why would you want something that is BAD for you??? Logically, that makes absolutely no sense. And you need to stop lying about "I do not disrespect black woman", that is patently false as evident by your multiple post here. I don't care for the reasoning of why you resort to insulting or cursing or calling black woman names (that's not important right now), but the fact remains YOU DO disrespect black woman on here--daily. If you do nothing else, BE HONEST in that regard.
BlackDiva's picture

Instead of always clowning

Instead of always clowning black women, why not find one to uplift? Didn't one give birth to you? Pretty sure if you shook your family tree a whole bunch would fall on your head. Sorry if they set poor examples of what a black woman is, but there are MANY great examples out there as well. Also, I'm pretty damn sure most black women are not trying to attract men such as you, so we really don't care to hear your tips on how to land/keep a man. Men like you down black women ALL damn day, then have the NERVE to sneer when you see a black woman with anything but a black man. Sorry if we have enough self love that we'd rather bypass the sister hating black man for someone of a different race. More of us need to do that instead of sticking with men like you who don't appreciate us despite our faults, yet want the same in return. Any woman (regardless of race) who finds your mindset attractive is clearly a woman who doesn't want or deserve a good man. I also pray you don't have any daughters. Actually, I pray you don't have children, or any type of influence in ANY child's life. If you do, PLEASE let them go live with a real man. Because those little black girls (even if they're mixed, they're still half black) will grow up with so many mental complexes having you for a father.
YummiFranklin's picture

WOMP...Speak Sista.....And

WOMP...Speak Sista.....And yes having the nerve 2 sneer when they see us with a White man, yet there are many sistas who waited yrs 4 the brother to approach and he never.
star's picture

A black woman giving birth to

A black woman giving birth to me DON'T HAVE SHIT TO DO WITH THE CURRENT PLIGHT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY AND HOW THESE BLACK WOMEN ARE ACTING!!!! Im not tearing black women down at all IM JUST TELLING YOUR ASSES THE TRUTH SISTA!!!!! I DO THIS OUT OF LOVEEEEE, IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU I'D JUST BE A THUG ASS NIGGA GETTING HUNDRED OF YOU PREGNANT AND MOVING THE FUCK ON, BUT IM TRYING TO BETTER THE BLACK COMMUNITY AND WHAT BETTER way to do it then GET ON THESE DAMN BLACK WOMEN WHOOOO IS IN MY OPINION THE SOURCE OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM!! And also MIXED CHILDREN ARE NOT BLACK and i plan on having BLACK CHILDREN but most of you black women DON'T KNOW HOW TO BE FAMILY WOMEN SO IM ANGRYYYYYYYYYYYY and im going to get on your asses TILL YOU GET SOME ACT RIGHT!!!!! I work with youth already and have played a big role on these young black children lives THE SAME CHILDREN THAT BLACK WOMEN DON'T REALLY GIVE A DAMN ABOUT and would rather go to the club fuck some dusty nigguh and make another baby she's not going to give a damn about. I honestly think black women don't care about black life like that, just being real I SWEAR I DON'T FEEL THEY DO.
LetsGetIt's picture

Hush Junebug...I've had this

Hush Junebug...I've had this convo w/ u and u already know regardless if she say Different, lol bcuz around these parts she looks no different than the rest of the melting pots Of  blacks! Now what's SAD, is the  ho already showing her daughter the same road...and I guess for u that  wud make a black man happy too huh? Smhlolol...*sips wine and don't get fancy either!! 
Like Really's picture

Who the hell is junebug, that

Who the hell is junebug, that sound like a nigga that got 7 different baby mammas. Stop calling me that woman!!!NOW THIS WOMAN DOESSSSS NOT LOOK BLACKKKK, IF YOU SAYING SHE LOOK BLACK, THEN GODDAMN BLACK IS ABOUT TO BECOME EXTINCT IN A FEW YEARS. SHE LOOK LIKE THE TYPICAL LATIN CHICK.
LetsGetIt's picture

...Say what But U styling on

...Say what But U styling on blk bishes w/everything under the sun tho..hmm now that shit doesn't feel good on the receiving end huh? Not to mention you totally Dismissed the lil'  "latin" girl  in her mom's ass shot completely, which really says a lot more about u than your bark! *sigh..Go figure bcuz u totally skipped me referring to the *melting pots of cultural differences coinciding w/in a race .. Yea u know physics, so there! Stop being silly and I wudnt have to call u JuneBug...JuneBug!!  Smhlolol...
Like Really's picture

lol, You're pathetic! I used

lol, You're pathetic! I used to get offended by your IGNORANT self-hating comments, but now, I can't help but feel sorry for you! You are so ignorant, that its disgusting! What you NEED to do is, stop worrying about the black woman, and head to a BLACK barber- with that receding ass hair line. Ugh clown-ass n***as kill me, got the nerve to refer to himself as a brotha, when all he's known for is belittling, bashing, defaming, and HATING on sistas? Pathetic.
Keonta's picture

Sista why call me out my

Sista why call me out my name????lol Sista come on now, im just speaking THE TRUTH!!And my hairline is not receding RECEDING WOULD BE THE WAY ALOT OF YOU BLACK WOMEN BE WALKING AROUND BALD ON THE TOP WITH A LONG ASS WEAVE PONY TAIL HANGING OFF THAT LITTLE ASS STRING OF HAIR THAT BARELY HAVING ON YOUR GODDAMN HEAD FROM FRYING YOUR HEAD TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A WHITE WOMAN ALL THOSE YEARS!!!! Can't get mad at me cause IM STYLING ON YOU BLACK BITCHES AND TELLING YOU SOMETHING YOUR NO GOOD ASS DADDY SHOULD'VE TOLD YOU!!!Get your ass off ybf and go find the father of them 5 kids you got!!I never defamed black women i just tell it like it is , and want better for your black ass BUT YOU DON'T SEEM TO GET ITTTT
LetsGetIt's picture

And before I let you go, you

And before I let you go, you can't help me sir. I'm 20yrs old, with no kids, on the deans list for the 3rd year in a row, I have my own EVERYTHING, and I have no desire to to be the next video hoe, baller's wife but- inspire to be the next Inez Beverly Prosser. My BLACK mother and father did a fantastic job. I pray you get the medical attention you so desperately need so that someone can say that about your children in the future. #ImDONE
Keonta's picture

Are you sure you're referring

Are you sure you're referring the the correct black woman?? Because a "bitch" is something that I am not, and will never be CRACKAAHH! Furthermore I have ZERO children BTCH! lmao, I work full-time and I am currently in school full-time! I have never worn weave a day in my life. My hair is natural, soft and wavy! Can't go a day without a female asking me if its real! Smh.. and punk bitch, I can sit on theybf for hours if I please- I pay my own rent, own car note, own car insurance and own BILLS! NOW! I wouldn't have shit to say to your weak minded, self hating ass if you knew how to state your opinion with some level of intellect! If you'd say "some black women, or the black women I've seen-I promise I wouldn't have shit to say! But don't fucking say "black women" like one African American female represents all of us! Its hard enough taking it from EVERY other race damn near, its just disgusting and sometimes hurtful when it comes from within our race! I swear the white man did a great job planting the seed of self-hatred- he ain't gotta lift a finger, make one racial slur, degrade, defame, or discourage the African American race... (Niggahs) like you do it for him. SMH- Seek medical attention, seriously!
Keonta's picture

Listen up black women, im not

Listen up black women, im not going to say "some" im not going to say "women i've seen" Im goint to say "black women" because goddamnit IT'S THE MAJORITY OF YOU THAT ACTS THE EXACT WAY I DESCRIBE!!!!! And black women PLEASE STOP TRYING TO GET CREDIT off shit YOUU SUPPOSE TO BE DOING "I work full-time and I am currently in school full-time! I have never worn weave a day in my life." Kunta'eontaa you suppose to dooo thattttttt want a cookie goddamnittttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!How about you black women brag about being a good wife, a great supporter of black men, a woman that listens HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A CHANGE. And just because i get on you black women DON'T MAKE ME A SELF HATER, go looook up what self hating mean CAUSE YOUR DUMB ASS CLEARLY DOESN'T KNOW WHAT IT MEAN. You black women just say shit cause you hear other silly ass black women say it.
LetsGetIt's picture

I'm bragging by defending

I'm bragging by defending myself? You said that I should find the father of my children- I have none, then you said something about my hair being weave-I don't wear it, then you insisted that I get off theybf, as if you take care of me- no way! I don't brag, I simply used my many successes as a platform to further my statement that all black women are not the same! You're much to slow to understand that however, and I get that now. *clears throat* You wanted a definition? I went out and snagged one for you -self-hate "refers to an extreme dislike or hatred of oneself, or being angry at or even prejudiced against oneself. The term is also used to designate a dislike or hatred of a group, family, social class, mental illness, or stereotype to which one belongs and/or has. So, you're wrong again, I'm almost off work (only time log on to this site), and will be heading to the library catch up on a few things before summer classes start, so this will be my last comment- I promise! Sorry I just had to do it. :) #goodday.
Keonta's picture

Never mind.....Disregard

Never mind.....Disregard
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I know most of them do, but

I know most of them do, but isn't Waka a big time groupie doer? I'm just like why would you deal with someone like him knowing he be with all kinds of nasty women, yuck! Some women just don't care at all. Anyway, when I see those tattoos all I think of is Kenyon Martin and his Trina lips tattoo that he had to stupidly cover when they broke up.
Coffy's picture

If these are the caliber of

If these are the caliber of black men that believe Latina women are kryptonite, then I beg spanish women and white girls to please take them all. Please take these uneducated, disrespectful, temporary millionaires, non working, baby daddy, cheaters off our hands as soon as you can. I will even be a preacher and a flower girl at the same damn time at your wedding. Thank you for thinking so much of black women to do this for us!
Keys's picture

Under those nasty dreads &

Under those nasty dreads & tats Waka is actually very good looking with beautiful lips (1st thing I notice on a man). She's cute but that close up pic of her waist actually show lypo scars....SMDH
Somerknight's picture


Beautyfulones's picture

I am so sick of black men

I am so sick of black men acting like "other" women are the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Suga Bear's picture

I'm so tired of black women

I'm so tired of black women giving a phuck.
Somerknight's picture


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