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So....This Docu-Style Video Of Kerry Rhodes & His Alleged Lover "Hollywood"...

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So...this video surfaced of NFLer Kerry Rhodes and his former "assistant" Russell "Hollywood" Simpson.  And it looks like the rough draft of some sort of docu-reality show.  But it's the ending....well actually the whole thing...that has us believing more than ever that Russell was not lying about his intimate relationship with Mr. Rhodes.


Check it inside...

In case you forgot, "Hollywood" is Kerry Rhodes' ex assistant.  And "Hollywood" claims he was also Kerry's ex-lover.  While rumors of athletes being gay aren't surprising, this one seemed a bit "concocted" with the beach pics from vacay (several of Kerry's friends went as well) where Kerry is cradling Mr. Hollywood all over the beach.  It could have just been all in fun right?


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This random video that shows how "Hollywood" lives his life as a celebrity assistant is very....interesting.  Apparently, dude is trying to get a reality show about his life that is about being friends with and an assistant to an athlete.  But there two indeed seem...close.

Toward the end, the two are laying in bed kiki'ing...with Kerry shirtless and Hollywood rubbing his arm.  They seemed to be talking about a mutual friend's soda habit and they seemed to think it was hilarious.  Guess it's one of those "inside" jokes.  Check it out for yourselves:


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I feel so sorry for Kerry.

I feel so sorry for Kerry. This has to be horrible for him. Clearly, he wasnt ready to come out! How dare someone take it upon themselves to out him?! This is so awful. Also, I'm not really sure why he's being judged. I don't ever remember him affirming he was straight. I will never understand why people are so concerned with folks defining their sexuality.
KENNEDY78's picture

I think its just a matter of

I think its just a matter of his ex being pissed that Kerry is currently engaged to a woman. In a way its like he is shoving Hollywood back in the closet by acting as if their relationship didnt exist. All is fair in love and in war.
steezo's picture

Hollywood ugly

Hollywood ugly
Silentkiller's picture

Yes. He look like

Yes. He look like Fantasia...ooops
SkeeWee's picture

They look like they had a

They look like they had a real nice fun relationship:) though "Hollywood" seems like a real "Drama Queen/Cry Baby" Fun Guy to hang around.. if any woman gets with "Kerry" is truly desperate and should be considered a (F** Hag) for the rest of her life Lol ...
REd™'s picture

Jesus you are hilarious, I

Jesus you are hilarious, I love your posts
getyourlife33's picture

Kerrys gayness is apparent at

Kerrys gayness is apparent at the 6:09 mark of the video. Also, this looks like Kerrys coming out video. Its almost as if he is saying "Hey world, Im gay". I hope he is comfortable being himself.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

whatever. i have accepted we

whatever. i have accepted we are losing our brothas to white women n booty buddies! but many kerry comfortable being around gay men and doesnt see anything wrong with it...although it is a bit suspect but nothing can be verified in viewing this. more than anything else...i was trying to figure wtf the point of this was....
ooooimTELLIN's picture


SassyFace11's picture

Who are these dumb thirsty

Who are these dumb thirsty bitches talking about it's a shame Kerry is gay? Really bitch, you so thirsty for a baller that you gotta run after a gay man where there are plenty of straight ones? Damn, be glad his ass got outed so you didn't end up catching feelings for somebody who don't want yo ass!
DesignDiva's picture

Well damn Kerry. Idc that you

Well damn Kerry. Idc that you may be gay, I just care that your taste is men is TERRIBLE!! How can a DL man get with a CLEARLY FLAMBOYANT gay dude and think it would be kept a secret. You see what happen when he got mad....
SkeeWee's picture

Ugh!!!!! So fucking

Ugh!!!!! So fucking disturbing and gross!!!! I wish all gay men would go live on fire island or something.......
sianna1's picture

Lmao at, "That's what I pay

Lmao at, "That's what I pay you for, to keep my body right so I can eat what I wanna eat." Ya'll are reaching in that last scene with him in the bed. Did you see there were other people in the bedroom with them? Kerry seemed more questionable in the beginning when he was talking by himself or maybe that was just his accent making him sound that way...
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Lol this is so funny. Just

Lol this is so funny. Just know, straight men who can tell a guy is gay will not be in a bed, shirtless, on camera having an intimate conversation about some inside joke. That's not how straight men work, not even the ones that accidentally got drunk & made out with a drag queen would do that. He's gay, & he's doing more of a disservice hiding it than saying accepting it. No one really cares, he's gay, shrugs.

How on earth would a woman

How on earth would a woman know how a man works? lol
gray skies's picture

Thank you.for the record, im

Thank you.for the record, im gay and let me say, it takes one to know one. I know a gay man when i see one and i know when a man is comfortbale with his sexuality. If this was his secret lover, why would he be layed up with him with other people in the room and his cameras rolling. I have straight friends and when I party, I mix my settings with gay, straight, men and women. I've had straight men very comfortable with being even closer than this without even the slightest thought of who I lay with or whatever. This man is comfortable with his friend. Stop being ignorant people. Down low men wouldnt dare have a gay man like this in their circle let alone interact with him so freely in front of a camera, or other people. My straight friends take care of me like a little brother. They come to me for fashion advice, hair, girls,etc and they respect my opinions because its a different perspective. Stop discriminating against things you know nothing about. Stop being ruled by ignorance, small mindedness died in 1999. Yall are late
Finessin's picture

I understand what you are

I understand what you are saying, I really do, but I dont think Mr. Rhodes is straight. not that it matters or that there's anything wrong with it but lets be real. I also dont agree that being gay gives you a keen eye on being able to tell who is or isnt gay. you probably do have better insight sometimes but I dont think anyone can tell all the time.
steezo's picture

Good point. But he still gets

Good point. But he still gets the side eye
Silentkiller's picture

I guess the 2:34 mark says it

I guess the 2:34 mark says it all. lol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Silentkiller's picture

I don't care if Kerry is gay

I don't care if Kerry is gay or not. I'm laughing at his sidekick, Hollywood, who thinks that he is fabulous with those jacked up teeth. It's ignorant to be bragging about wearing Prada and Luis V. when you need to invest in your mouth. (~_~) I don't know any straight brothers that would be wallowing around on a bed with a gay man. It's okay to have gay friends but this is blurring the boundaries.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Straight men do it all the

Straight men do it all the time. You go over their house and you will see 25 of them piled up on the couch together, drinking smoking, playing video games, working out the whole nine. If you think they dont, wake up and smell the coffee, men get closer than this, they play fight, teach each other how to f*** girls, some masturbate together. If u think they dont, wake up. Is it illegal for straight and gay men to hang out? Gay men dont try to have sex with every man on the planet, thats one misconception i'd like to kill. And what u see IS what's going on. They are hanging out havig a good time. Gay men do it amongst themselves, straight men do it amongst themselves. Oh but if they mix, they sleeping together? Do you sleep with every person you chill on the bed with? If you do you're the only person that does. Wake up stop being stupid
Finessin's picture

Please Just STFU

Please Just STFU
star's picture

Bitch u shut YOUR shit

Bitch u shut YOUR shit
Finessin's picture

Did you really type "some

Did you really type "some masturbate together"???? Ok I'm DEAD! lmaooooooooo I CAN'T!!!! HAHAHAHA you put it out there baby!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

yes, its called a circle

yes, its called a circle jerk. i had a friend in high school who said that the football team would have a race to see who would finish either first or last (i forget which). i dont know how you would define it but its certainly homo-erotic. my friend wasnt/isnt gay though. freaky maybe, but not homosexual.
steezo's picture

No single, straight man would

No single, straight man would CHOSE to have a male assistant who is not a family member, ESP one that is flamboyantly gay. Why wouldn't he hire a beautiful woman as an assistant so, at the very least, he would have something cute to look at everyday? That fact alone is enough proof for me. Signed, signed, & delivered in a pink envelope. And, of course, Kerry would be singing Cher in the video, lol.
noooooo's picture

Such a dumb ass reason to

Such a dumb ass reason to hire someone dont you think? Do you know that its against the law to discriminate. That gay man needs a job just like you. Oh but lets give it to a beautiful woman so they have something to look at everyday. DUMB AS HELL. Im laughing my a$$ off because I never read a more dumbass comment. Smh thats all i got to say. Ignorance is not bliss. Do you know how many men struggle with hiring beautiful women because it creates conflict. Do you know how many legal issues have come from sleeping with the boss? You know how many men are dating and they girl gotta problem cause his personal assistant is a beautiful woman? Do you know how many beautiful woman get jobs based on their looks but they get let go shortly after cause they aint good at the job? PLENTY. I really cant with yall comments but this one took the cake for me
Finessin's picture

ok I am convinced that you

ok I am convinced that you are Kerry himself or a member of his damage control team. no one is buying your bullshit so just stop.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Im not selling anything for

Im not selling anything for anyone to buy. Ppl can say whatever they want and so can I. Why am I even responding to someone who's headline says they suck dick? bitch you're gross, my point to state that identifying a man as gay because he hired a gay assistant is IGNORANT. I dont work for Kerry and to be honest it wouldnt make me a difference if he was but i'm attacking is the ignorance sweety. Theres too much ignorance in here thats all sweety
Finessin's picture

Here's the scariest part for

Here's the scariest part for me before all this came out my gaydar didn't even blip I just didn't see it Kerry but yeah go ahead let that freak flag fly
Mouse's picture

Are we STILL talking about

Are we STILL talking about this irrelevant bullshit?¿!! NEXT ►►
GetUrLife's picture

I don't know and so what if

I don't know and so what if he is? I just come away thinking Rhodes can do so much better, ha!
Coffy's picture

I always thought something

I always thought something was a little off with kerry though. Ever since that vibe magazine edition he did. He looked nice, but he had that in the closet gay face. I always read dudes. If I even get the slightest hint a dude is off, if he evm blink his eyes the wrong way, or turn his neck a little too fast, or if he sits a little too feminine, I consider him gay or in the closet. I dont care what he says! Protect yourself ladies. Have high standards in your man's masculinity and actions. Ijs...
Supermodel01's picture

Why wont he just come out

Why wont he just come out already??! You are exposed Kerry! Natasha and ybf crew, just a heads up there are a few typos in the postings. You can hire me, I will never post something unedited without proofreading first. Ijs
Supermodel01's picture

This is totally bullshh!

This is totally bullshh! than man is fine as hell! he coulda totally tricked me! Dayum Kerri lol what is the world coming to?

This hot flaming Cheetos need

This hot flaming Cheetos need to come out already smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good reads and videos on there too
V's picture

*DEAD* lmaoooooooo @ hot

*DEAD* lmaoooooooo @ hot flaming Cheetos hahahaha! I needed that laugh..thank you V!
MsMidwest's picture

Hmmm knock knock...*Mr.Rhodes

Hmmm knock knock...*Mr.Rhodes U can come out now, ur're no longer on the DL! Smhlol..*sips spritzer
Like Really's picture

Uuuuuhhh ooooooohhh! Kitty's

Uuuuuhhh ooooooohhh! Kitty's out the bag now.
Peace Silas's picture

Well it looks like this trend

Well it looks like this trend of WEAK black men shall continue. I'm ready for Jesus to come back personally.
cutethatsall56's picture

I wonder if there will be a

I wonder if there will be a press conference or a concert or something when he comes back
Mouse's picture

I am RIGHT THERE with you on

I am RIGHT THERE with you on that! Seriously.

How is being gay weak

How is being gay weak exactly?? Hopefully you have a thoroughly reasoned and legitimate rebuttal?

How is a bunch of men running

How is a bunch of men running around thinking and acting like women weak? I'll let you sit on that.
cutethatsall56's picture

Because particular people

Because particular people dont adhere to your narrow, dated view of what it means to be a man. It strikes me as secure to be openly gay, feminine and confident within who you are despite the backlash and judgement sure tobe received. A weaker man would have crawled under a rock and politely disappeared. Strength isnt always wrapped in testosterone and bravado.

Everybody has a story, and

Everybody has a story, and everybody has desires whether right, wrong, or indifferent. The challenge is to have self control, and self discipline. It may be narrow to you because you obviously partake in that lifestyle but in reality it doesn't support reproduction, and if the majority of males within a race are gay that subtracts from the continuation of the race. No matter how you break it down its not right. Crack feels good, and its certainly a drug lifestyle but its not right, or healthy. It is mad weak for a bunch of men to act like women, and seek other males as an equal counter part. If it were meant for males to just be with males then women wouldn't be born. Take that how you want, live how you want but it is what it is. Succoming to a desire that is not of mother nature and reproduction for human beings is weak.
cutethatsall56's picture

because of Jesus!! or some

because of Jesus!! or some such....lol. have I told you lately that I love you?
steezo's picture

Keep me outta this.....Jesus

Keep me outta this.....Jesus has no problem with Gay Guys (just don't spread AIDS to Straight Girls.....then Jesus ends up with AIDS.........smh)..........**double checks Condom supply**
Jesus H. Christ's picture

This is a SHAME cuz Kerry is

This is a SHAME cuz Kerry is FYNE. LOL--but these gay men are worse than straight women when scorned. To say that dude is putting Kerry on blast is an understatement. SMH...

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