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Alicia Keys Rocks MARIE CLAIRE UK Cover, Reveals What She's LEARNED From Swizz Beatz + Logan Browning HITS THE FLOOR For "KONTROL"

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 photo Alicia-Keys-1.jpg

Alicia Keys covers the July issue of MARIE CLAIRE UK where she dishes on traveling, becoming a film director and what she's learned from Swizz Beatz.  See the highlights inside and see "Hit The Floor" star Logan Browning in KONTROL magazine.   

Alicia Keys jetted to the Bahamas for the steamy July cover of Marie Claire UK magazine.  And we're absolutely loving this dress for the cover shot.

While modeling looks from Gucci, Diane von Furstenberg, Versace and Just Cavalli, the "Girl On Fire" singer opened up about her loving of traveling,

'Im really looking forward to having a really incredible time on my travels. I think that to be able to tour and travel the world at this time in my life is different than any other time, and I'm really looking forward to experiencing it in a way I never have before. I'm going to places I've never been, you know, it's a lot of growth, so I'm excited.'

Also, she talked to the magazine about asking for what she wants, becoming a film director and how she's grown to appreciate her husband and his over the top personality. Here are the highlights:

On Swizz Beatz being "over the top"...

'Swizz will have the fastest car, the biggest jewellery, the loudest jacket; everything with him is really over the top. I used to see him and think, "He is so annoying".'

On what she's learned from Swizz Beatz...

'I think we've taught each other a lot.  He's taught me to live more fully and I think I've taught him to live more deeply.'

On writing songs about her husband:

'"That's When I Knew" is definitely an ode to my husband... Honestly I didn't really like him that much. I thought he was too ostentatious.'

On becoming vocal about her feelings...

'You have to speak up. To say, 'I don't like that, it's not cool, don't do that to me', but it's not easy, especially with people you love. I think getting older has made me evolve in a lot of ways and made me more relaxed about saying how I feel, no matter what.'

On maintaining balance...

'I realise you have to have a balance - you can live life and have more experiences as well as working.'

On becoming a director...

'I fell in love with directing. Because first of all I didn't have to get up early for make-up and, second, I'm a very diplomatic individual.'


Check out the fabulous pics from Alicia's photoshoot here:

 photo Alicia-Keys-10.jpg  photo Alicia-Keys-7.jpg  photo Alicia-Keys-5.jpg


 photo Alicia-Keys-4.jpg  photo Alicia-Keys-2.jpg

YES Again.

The July issue of Marie Claire UK hits newsstands today.


Watch BTS video here:


Also on the newsstands...

 photo KontrolGirlLoganBrowningCover.jpg

Fomer child star Logan Browning (Bratz: The Movie, "Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns") turned VH1's new spicy "Hit The Floor" star posed for the beauty issue of KONTROL which features pieces on “What to Wear Now” column and segments on secrets to obtaining soft skin and luxurious hair. While opening up to KONTROL, Logan talked about making the on-screen switch from teen roles to more adult fan fare and how she hoped to be received by Hollywood and her fans. Here are the highlights:

On taking on more mature roles in Hollywood:

“I’m excited for people to see me as older because I see people online going, ‘Wow I’m sure she’s going to be really beautiful when she grows up,’ and I’m like, ‘I am grown up!’” laughs Logan. “Playing older is fun because I feel like I’ve been 16 for so long.”

On playing a bad girl:

“At first I wasn’t really keen to it I guess,” explains the actress. “I wanted to be the nice girl and play the sweet girl, but as it’s gone on, it’s been a lot of fun. I love hearing everyone’s reactions after we do takes. They’re just like, ‘God you’re evil! It’s been a challenge, but an enjoyable one.” Despite Jelena’s antagonizing ways, Logan still believes there’s something that young women can learn from her role. “I don’t know if it’s my character that I would want them to emulate, but I still think there is something about this character that people are going to look up to and respect and love.”

Not going to lie.  We're actually feeling "Hit The Floor."  It's better acting than "SIingle Ladies" at least.  Check out the Beauty issue here.


Photos via Marie CLaire/KONTROL

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Alicia looks FAB, the gold

Alicia looks FAB, the gold dress is a huge hit! Very grown and sexy....Logan Browning is gorgeous, I'm sitting here trying to figure out her role in "the Browns"....."Hit the Floor" is spicy and good! Way better than the wack "Single Ladies" anything with the non acting Lisa Raye is a far stretch from good IMO

Alicia looks gorgeous.

Alicia looks gorgeous.
Martine's picture

Hit The Floor is far better

Hit The Floor is far better than Single Ladies, IMO. Even tho its only episode two, i'm thoroughly enjoying Hit The Floor and hopes it stays strong, rating wise I actually subscribe to Marie Claire US and usually like it even tho they hardly have cover girls of color. As much as i'm not an AK fan her shots from this shoot are the best ive seen her look in a minute.

I absolutely love Alicia!

I absolutely love Alicia! She is a beautiful person & a BIG inspiration to me!
Beautyfulones's picture

what does she inspire you to

what does she inspire you to do?

U are wrong....lol

U are wrong....lol
star's picture

Mrs. Skeez looks quite nice

Mrs. Skeez looks quite nice in all the photos. The U.S. version of Marie Claire needs to step their game up.
GetUrLife's picture

These are two babydolls!

These are two babydolls! Logan definitely has a baby face and Alicia looks great...especially that last picture. Stunning!
C2C's picture

I love the photo shoot

I love the photo shoot pictures and Alicia looks so beautiful in every one of them. I agree with her about her first impressions of Swizz because I thought the same thing but he seems to have calmed down a bit. I just hope she doesn't succumb to his ways. Alicia has always seemed to be such a beautiful and humble person and that has never changed and I hope it never does. Those calling her such horrible names should be ashamed.
rosa's picture

remember this article when he

remember this article when he does you the same way he did mashonda, deeply & fully! shes a whore

What did she learn from

What did she learn from swiss?........that's it Ok to philander and have 4 kids by 4 different women, (with two that are about the same age) smh....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Well she just stated she

Well she just stated she learned to live more fully. I'd take that as meaning not working ALL the time and taking some time for herself. I hope she continues to do that.
rosa's picture

Love Alicia, Love the Photos,

Love Alicia, Love the Photos, Love her work ethic, love her timeless music. @ZenLea that is ignorant women who choose to carry other people's baggage when they have plenty of their own and on top of that the person whose baggage it is has long moved on and is living her life, that in itself speaks volumes. I believe that Alicia has made Swizz a better man and that he has made her a little more open, you can see the transistion.
kayla1010's picture

Alicia didn't make Swizz a

Alicia didn't make Swizz a better man, Swizz stepped his game up because he was courting a woman that was way more successful and had much more to offer the relationship than the wife he left. He finally became the man Mashonda wanted him to be for a woman he thought was more worthy of that treatment. Sadly, it happens all the time.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Hence my original statement,

Hence my original statement, she made him a better man, or maybe I should have said she made him WANT to be a better man, that is how you know someone is truly in it for you, when they want to do better for you, when you inspire them to do better, look at all of his accomplishments since h has been with her, his focus changed and he has become deeper, more conscious , that is what you want to do, we want to inspire the people that we are with to do better because they want to, not because they feel that they are forced to, two totally different things.
kayla1010's picture

All of that sounds good but

All of that sounds good but he should have thought about being a "better man" BEFORE he asked his FIRST wife's hand in marriage. Brothas always doing stuff ass backward.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Alicia IS more worthy of

Alicia IS more worthy of "that treatment." Mashonda is PATHETIC as hell. And, for the record (again), Swizz cheated on Mashonda their ENTIRE relationship. His first child was conceived while he was with her, as was his daughter. Everyone talking smack about Alicia is CRAZY. Swizz NEVER loved Mashonda and NEVER wanted to be with her. He felt bad for her. That is all. She got no talent, an ugly body and a weird looking face. On top of that she has no talent, no $ and she is mad needy. That's why she is STILL single 5 years later!
lalarey's picture

And you sound like the

And you sound like the "pathetic" type that sleeps with other women's husbands and then blames it on the wife.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Yes, you are correct. Alicia

Yes, you are correct. Alicia has the perfect man for her. And Mashonda will forever thank her.
Rachel's picture

Wow! Beautifully stated! And

Wow! Beautifully stated! And yes, it happens all the time.
BlackDiva's picture

Alicia is beautiful..women

Alicia is beautiful..women still envy her so much and continue to call her a home-wrecker....tsk tsk..what sad lives they must live...lol
ZenLea's picture

Get rid of that Terrorist

Get rid of that Terrorist you're with...and i'll support u again.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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